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Are there ways to classify mobile banking services? Financial institutions turn their attention to banking software solutions to tap the potential of mobile devices in their quest to enhance overall business. In the present scenario, when mobile devices have become a way of life, banks are keener to use this platform to afford suitable services to earn customer appreciation and romp in more customers in the process. Moreover, financial institutions go all out to afford mobile banking services that encompass a great variety to enable easy banking service in the process. At a time when mobile banking service has become the in thing, customers perform various banking transactions through such services without having to spend extra time and energy to accomplish such tasks. There are various types of mobile services that have been built to cater to specific needs of customers. More importantly, these services can be differentiated as they get classified and fall under specific categories. Are there ways to classify mobile banking services? While banking software solutions introduces mobile services to customers, the services get classified depending on the type of needs that prompt such services. By taking such needs into account, mobile services from financial institutions can be classified under three important service heads. Push services One of the prime head of mobile services gets recognized as push services. This type of service arises out of a financial institution’s need to send specific information to customers by tapping the potential of the mobile device. Moreover, such information that is sent through mobile services are based on specific set of rules, where financial institutions are prompted to send alerts to various customers to announce some important message to customers. The alert could take several forms, as that of check book alert, check bounce alert, and channel alerts among other alerts that get sent to customers. Pull services Another significant category pertaining to mobile services rendered by financial institutions allude to pull services. In this type of service, a customer initiates the action where the customer is keen to extract information or service from banks. Pull services encompass a wide variety that includes the need to make balance enquiry, carry out fund transfer, obtain bank statement, and gather information on the past bank transactions among other needs. Request services Needless to say, request services happen to be another important category pertaining to mobile services. In this type of service, banks render services to cater to several requests made by customers. Request from customers include various forms, where customers place a request for check books and account statement among other requests.

Are there ways to classify mobile banking services