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How Distance Learning is Bridging Gap between Village Students and Educational Institutions? It is a highly advanced and sophisticated world where people have access to almost everything. Modern Science has positive effects on the society that has given birth, too many technological endowments. No doubt, the legacy of computer and internet, one of the biggest gifts of Science that had started a few decades ago continues to reign. It has not just brought the world at fingertip but is helping immensely to educate people from all corners who cannot have access to traditional learning institutions. As you know, education is the pillar of success and development of society, the online medium is making it possible by propagating the concept of ‘distance learning’.

Image source: How the Online Medium bringing Education to all? The internet age is affecting almost everyone living in any part of the globe and even in global villages. Though people of remote areas cannot have access to traditional brick and motor institutions their dream of becoming established professionals through access of University study materials cannot be ignored. While it is envisioned that though village students can still have access to elementary education, they cannot dream of higher studies, since villages do not have large Universities or colleges. Not to worry, renowned Universities and Colleges located in

cities bring education into home through online mode. So, to put it in simpler words, distance learning is conveniently bridging the gap between village students and educational institutions. Here, is a Lucid Explanation of How Online/Distance Learning is bridging the gap? With a beacon of hope to create a technological platform to establish connection between students in villages and educational institutions in cities, the intellectuals

Image source: from renowned Universities are creating ways of delivering online courses. The idea is to provide a strategic network of digitally inspired high-tech TeleClassrooms in global villages. These are conceptualised as traditional classrooms, equipped with LCD screens, audio and allied accessories. However, in this regard it can be said that Teleclassrooms is not the sole concept as promoted by Universities through online. Renowned Universities offer other Means of Technical Endowments for Distance Study Purposes to Students in Villages Students now have access to different modes of technological tools as offered by Universities to access studies. Sitting in your village home, you just need a computer and internet connection. As, you log into the respective sites you are open to a number of options for accessing courses that are in plethora. Some offer networking sites where you can connect with other students and exchange information on courses, while some offer video conferencing options with aids of chatting and mailing options.

Many Universities offer a major platform where you log in with respective passwords to know about courses, have interaction with online teachers, solve queries, and learn about assignments and others things. Thus, with exposure to so many learning tools students in villages tend to divert to Universities for mostly higher degree online options, since they cannot attend brick and motor Universities at far distance. In this regard, it is seen many students in villages applying for UK University higher degree courses. These online distance learning courses in UK University are offered through more advanced technical tools, so that they do not feel the gap of learning as catered through traditional mode. The courses are innumerable in number in any preferred subject area with immense scopes for students to enhance knowledge and get qualified without feeling the barrier of distance.

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Indeed, several Universities are playing a major role in this respect in offering online mode of. Thus, the gap that existed in knowledge a few centuries ago has eventually become a tacit concept today.

How distance learning can bridge the gap  
How distance learning can bridge the gap  

Technological advancements are bringing education to home and so students in villages can now enhance their career without feeling the barri...