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Is it Really Inexpensive to earn an MBA Degree? Electricity bill, telephone bill, medical expenses and daily food – have you ever added these up and found how much you are paying altogether out of your present salary on a monthly basis? On top of it, if you have plans for higher studies like pursuing an MBA programme, you might have to burn holes against your pocket out of compulsion, isn’t it? Now, you need to be a bit wiser in accomplishing your career objectives within your means. Well, it’s easy and you don’t need to quit your present job for that. Just have a look at the following tips to proceed: • Go online and enrol – Who said full-time courses are only accredited? The relevance of learning online is rather increasing with time. A huge percentage of working professionals and international students enrol in online MBA courses under top-notch universities every year. So, you can do the same from anywhere you wish. • Look for universities in UK – We all know the interrelationship between the two words ‘business’ and ‘UK’, isn’t it? United Kingdom has always been the dream destination for all those willing to prosper in the world of business. Well, you don’t need to travel all the way to a UK university; instead, you can now grab the opportunity to enrol online from your home. Doing so, you can save over thousands of pounds which you would have otherwise in travelling.

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• Opt for the instalment schemes – What can be more convenient than breaking down your course fee and paying it in instalments? Some of the UK universities offering MBA courses online are giving students the opportunity to pay their course fees in easy instalments instead of paying a lump sum at a time.

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• No need to buy books – Since you are going online, you don’t need to get your pocket emptied for buying books. Instead, you can make extensive use of the internet to gather endless information from the websites. In fact, you can download all your study materials from your concerned online university at anytime of the day you wish. • Save your tuition fees – It’s undeniably true that the course fees for fulltime programmes are way too high. So, why sit in a brick and mortar classroom and pay exorbitant tuition fees, whereas you can continue working and pursue an MBA programme from home? So, if you think that you are running out of time, whereas you need to polish your managerial knowledge and skills for handling multiple projects in your company and that too within your means, why don’t you enrol in an online MBA in Project Management and complete it by following the tips mentioned above? Believe it or not, you are sure to gain both financially and professionally.

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