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Brilliant Ideas to change the Phizog of Graphic Design What makes a very good graphic design? You might have your own opinions but over the decades the subject has evolved from simple patterns to resounding significance that can illustrate moments to inform more than what you expect. Rather than being mere blunt in presentation, the objective is to ensure stylistic manifestation incorporated with right tone of art, colour, font, size to signal implied meaning of a subject and conveying a message. Here, is a look at some brilliant ideas from the past that transformed the phizog of graphic design and brought revolution of new thoughts and ideas.

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Brilliant Ideas that revolutionised Graphic Design Concept  In 1930s, Otto Neurath and his wife the museum director and political economist of The International System of Typographic Picture Education introduced a very different idea in graphic design. He was keen on objectivity and so he started cutting silhouettes from paper by using pen and ink drawings. His objective was to introduce pictograms and some of his fine examples include the German GerdArntz, Viennesse Augustine and others through which he created simplified characteristics to convey denotations of office workers, labourers, police officers and soldiers.

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 The pointing finger concept was yet once again a mark of change in graphic design. The primary purpose was to signify direction, ‘Turn here’, ‘This way’ and ‘Detour’. Since its introduction, the Pointing finger concept has ever been used ubiquitously and frequently. Till today, this design concept still retains its benign character. You cannot overrule its significance in this digital age wherein it has taken a very new relevance as the cursor for computers.

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 To help businesses carve their existence in peoples’ minds, the essence of decorative logotypes took over. Paul Rand had said most popularly in Design, Form and Chaos in 1993, “if in the business of communication, image is king, the essence of this image the logo, is the jewel of the crown.” Today, corporate marks appear in many colours, shapes and configurations. The specialty about the most impressive logo is that the longer it stays in the mind the better impact it has.

 The introduction of metaphoric letters was instilled with symbolism and also they served as the vessel of idea. Vincent Figgins, the London foundry owner first designed “Rustic” in 1840s. The concept of Rustic was log cut outs that formed letters and were used in bills, posters and periodicals. This genre of illustrative lettering was emphatically manifested with the significance of chopstick or icicle shaped letters. Today, this very concept is used worldwide and marks as a contemporary significance of conveying messages through sleek graphic designing.  It was first conceived by Kasimir Malevich that specific impressions can be implicitly conveyed through rectangles, squares, triangles and circles. Malevich, the Russian painter was the first to have celebrated supremacy of the colour black over other colours. Till date, the colour black is perceived as the harbinger of greatest graphic effect.

 Have you heard of the ‘white space’? The concept is mostly popular in today’s advertising context wherein white spaces are used to define plenty of rooms that can be spared. Today, the layouts of magazines are designed on this concept. Idea of using white spaces is to turn a magazine less crowd to solicit for attitude.

Though the world has leaped many notches farther than what it used to be a few decades before, the old graphic ideas and concepts are very much in use though manifested in digital format. Today, a graphic designer has to be aware of what their predecessors taught and they follow in same footsteps to bring milestones of fresh ideas moulded in older concepts. So, it’s evident that a graphic designer has to do a lot of study in understanding the nuances of this innovative subject. To excel as a prima donna in this field, why not consider opting for a course in Graphic Design. While you pick hands on experience on field, we suggest you enrol for online degree in Graphic Design and become a pro in it. Source: face-of-graphic-design#1

Brilliant ideas to change the phizog of Graphic design  

The concept of graphic design was fed with brainstorming ideas in the past by brilliant men. They first blended messages and ideas with desi...