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Volume 1, No. 2 / Spring 2014

Volume 1, No. 2 / Spring 2014

Dr. John Hogan hired as next NPCC President 17th Annual Bill Ogden Memorial Golf Scramble NPCC Employee Recognition and Awards Program

National Park Community College

From the Editor


President Dr. Sally Carder Director of Development Sara Brown 501.760.4129 Editor Jane Yamauchi 501.760.6582

Production Linda Ferrell Susan Kelly Cover Photo Christi Zumwalt

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I am excited to bring you this second edition of the Connect magazine. It is my hope to provide a closer look at National Park Community College, its students, staff and faculty, alumni and the community through connecting past events with present activities to build strong relationships for a bright future. In this issue, you will hear some parting thoughts from Dr. Sally Carder who has been a warrior, a cheerleader, and a friend to her NPCC family during her nine-year tenure. We all look forward to her continued support of the College in her retirement. I am pleased to announce our fourth President will be Dr. John Hogan. Hogan has many years of experience in community college work. He has Arkansas ties and is ready to roll his sleeves up and get to work. Three wonderful events organized through the College are the Van Davis Memorial 5K Run/Walk, the Bill Ogden Memorial Golf Tournament, and the SGA political candidates open forum. NPCC’s Employee Recognition and Awards Program was a wonderful 60’s party that recognized employee tenure and achievements. We also recognized some very special individuals who are retiring after many years of service. This year promises a lot of growth for the College as we partner with Henderson State University in opening the Downtown HSU/NPCC Education Center in the Landmark Building to bring a new location for students and to provide students an avenue to earn a bachelor or master degree without leaving Hot Springs. NPCC’s partnership with the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, through the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Preparation Program allows us to offer an Associate of Science with emphasis in Engineering. The collaboration provides for science, engineering and math classes to be taught online by U. of A. professors with lab classes held on the NPCC campus with tuition paid at the NPCC rate. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students. (See page 23) It is also my pleasure to introduce NPCC’s 2014 Outstanding Alumnus, Mike Dugan. Dugan has a long history with NPCC dating back to 1974. Dugan says he is proud to have worn the honor of “letterman, grad, employee and alumni.” I would love to hear your NPCC, QTI, or GCCC story. Email me at Let’s get to know each other.

Jane Yamauchi

Contents Features 4

Dr. Sally Carder: Parting Thoughts


National Park Technical Center


Dr. John Hogan Named NPCC Fourth President

Events 8

The 17th Annual Bill Ogden Memorial Golf Tournament

10 The 2nd Annual Van Davis Memorial 5K Walk/Run 10 SGA Hosts Political Forum: Dr. Carder Honored 10 Employee Recognition and Awards Program


NPCC Foundation Board of Governors Forrest Spicher, Chair Larry Bailey Dr. Sally Carder Ted Ericson Don Munro Bryan Smith Gary Troutman John Vines Emeritus Audrey Ann Atherton Barbara Garlough

Les Warren, Vice Chair Wallace Ballentine Conway Carrigan Ann Hair Jim Olmedo Dennis Smith Steve Trusty Raymond Wright Cecil Cupp, Jr.

Bill Creason, Treasurer Caroline Campbell Brenda Cox Bob Megahan Dr. Lance Porter Dr. Tom Spencer

16 Alumni 20 Students, Clubs & Organizations 23 Academic

Dr. Martin Eisele


Photos by Sheri Craig

Dr. Sally Carder: Parting Thoughts “God provided me with great mentors and role models, beginning at an early age, people who believed in me and encouraged me all along the way. What wonderful life-long friendships I’ve made through the years. I have been blessed beyond measure.” Dr. Sally Carder, the third President of National Park Community College, announced her retirement at the beginning of the 2013-14 school year. When asked about why she is retiring, Carder said, “I’ve had the privilege of working in a professional field that I’ve loved and enjoyed for forty years...the field of education. But, I’m tired. I’m ready to retire.” Looking back over her life, Carder said, “My own education was the key to a better life and a rewarding career that gave me an opportunity to travel, meet, and work with some of the greatest and most interesting people in the world. It also provided me with an opportunity for a life of service to others.” Carder said she never intended to apply for the job of NPCC President, but when she met and spoke with applicants, she realized they did not have the commitment and love for the students and the College that she had. “It was an aha moment,” she said. “Being named as President of National Park Community College surpassed all my dreams,” said Carder.

“As I look back,” she said, “I know without hesitation that all of my education, employment opportunities, and life experiences...both good and bad...was to prepare me for this job. This has been the most rewarding and, at the same time, most challenging position I’ve ever held.” Reflecting over her time at NPCC, Carder said, “I’ve had the privilege to work and live in a great community. I’ve seen many changes occur on our campus. One of the most impressive was the building of the Frederick M. Dierks Center for Nursing and Health Sciences, largely funded by the first capital campaign embarked upon by the College. Fred Dierks, our largest benefactor, was a person who grew to be my friend and become one of NPCC’s greatest fans.” Carder said one of the most exciting events during her Presidency was when the Higher Learning Commission Accreditation visited the campus. “I was blown away by the results,” said Carder. The Commission stated that they had never experienced anything like this on

any other campus and gave us a glowing evaluation that had no findings or suggestions for improvement of existing programs.“ Carder’s biggest heartbreak occurred when last year’s requested millage did not pass. “I was devastated that it didn’t happen.” Carder said. “We so needed it to expand our facilities and keep abreast of rapidly changing technology and technical training equipment.” When the issue of a millage is raised again, said Carder, “I will be in the mix fighting for my community, the College, and the students that I love.” The pinnacle of Carder’s job occurs each May during graduation. “As I look over this group each year and recognize faces and recall their personal stories,” Carder said, “I celebrate with them. There is a hope for their future that swells in my heart and with it, hope for us all. They are our future...our leaders, our legislators, our bankers, our CEO’s, our workers, and our teachers.

They will become mentors and role models for other kids who need a chance in life.” Carder said she had no doubt that her appointment as NPCC President was by divine intervention. “I will always remember this College, these people, this community, these wonderful years with great affection. I thank you for your encouragement, your friendship, and your love. It has been my honor to serve you as President of National Park Community College. I’m anxious to see what the next chapter in my life will bring.

Sally Carder Technical Program Fund “I am so passionate about the need for new equipment for the technical programs, that I have asked our Office of Development to establish a fund to assist in raising money for this need. I am the first donor and they are calling it the “Sally Carder Technical Programs Fund.”’ Sara Brown, NPCC Director of Development, announced the creation of the Sally Carder Technical Programs Fund at a recent Board of Trustees meeting. Brown said the fund was created at the request of Dr. Carder who made the first donation to the fund. “The fund will be used to purchase needed equipment and supplies for the technical programs,” said Brown. The fund will not be an endowed fund and will not be used for scholarships. Carder said the College was able to update much of its welding equipment through a Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training Grant Program (TAACCCT). Carder said there is still a financial

need in bringing the College’s tech programs up to the standard needed to equip students. Brown said Carder has asked those wishing to honor her retirement make a donation to the fund. Checks should be made out to NPCC Foundation and mailed to: NPCC Foundation Sally Carder Technical Programs Fund 101 College Drive Hot Springs, Arkansas 71913 For other types of donations including payroll deduction, direct deposit and electronic transfer, please contact Brown at 501-760-4129.


The National Park Technology Center (NPTC) offers high school juniors and seniors an opportunity to explore potential career fields and earn college credits while in high school according to David Hughes, associate vice president of technical education. Students who complete the twoyear technology program also receive a one-half tuition waiver scholarship to attend National Park Community College (NPCC). “Overall, the programs acclimate students to the NPCC campus and make them feel like they’re a part of it,” said Hughes. A secondary education division of NPCC, the technology center is located on the College campus and offers high school students seven courses of study: Advertising and Graphic Design, Automotive Service Technology, Criminal Justice, Machine Tool Technology, Medical Professions, Pre-Engineering, and Wood Working Technology. Not only do students earn credits towards high school graduation, they can earn college credits as well. “We also have some national certifications that they can earn,” says Hughes. “Students can walk out of here with credentials.” Students representing all seven school districts in Garland County enroll in classes provided through the technology center. Centerpoint High School in Pike County is a participant as well, and in the fall of 2014, Caddo Hills in Montgomery County will join the program. “We offer great programs and quality instruction,” says Hughes, noting that more than 500 students are currently enrolled in the tech-

nology center. “We average a nine percent growth per year,” he stated. Hughes attributed some of the growth to trend data that shows students who complete a program of study in a career and technical field perform better in college than those who do not. Students may enroll at the beginning of each semester by contacting their high school counselor or principal and by completing an enrollment application. Students attend the center in two-hour blocks, spending the remaining hours at their high schools. “A lot of students that don’t do well on their high school campus will come out here because it’s something that sparks their interest,” said Hughes. Two-thirds of the students who complete the program go on to enroll at NPCC noted Hughes. NPTC has been recognized nationally for three consecutive years by the Southern Region Education Board (SREB) as one of the top centers in the nation. It was the only technology center in Arkansas to earn the Outstanding Technology Center Award and the Platinum High Achievement Award, making it one of seven and one of four centers respectively in the nation to be acknowledged with these honors. NPTC has also received the Gold Readiness Award, an award based on the progress of the schools’ leaders and teachers in improving their practices and raising student performance levels. To learn more about National Park Technology Center, log on to their website at Or, students may enroll now for the 2014 fall semester by contacting their high school counselor.

Dr. John Hogan Named NPCC Fourth President

Dr. John Hogan was selected to be the fourth President of National Park Community College during a special called meeting of the NPCC Executive Board of Directors on May 2. Hogan currently serves as the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs at Ivy Tech Community College System in Indiana. NPCC had previously held an open forum on its campus for the top four presidential candidates to allow the faculty and staff an opportunity to get to know the candidates. Hogan introduced himself saying his personal priorities are God first, family second and work third. “That doesn’t mean I haven’t worked hard,” said Hogan. “In terms of profession, I have been in community college for a quarter of a century.” Hogan said he began working at a community college thinking he could get some good experience and then move on to something better. “What I found out,” said Hogan, “was that we were really making a difference. I got infected with community college work, ran into some folks that also believed in that mission and thought I had some things to offer.” Hogan earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Higher Education Administration from Indiana State University, a Master of Arts in Education in College Student Personnel Administration from Western Kentucky University, and a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration from Western Kentucky University. He previously served as the Chancellor of the Columbus/Franklin Region Campus before being promoted to the System Office. “I wake up every morning and think about the campus and it’s people and whether it is succeeding or what we can do to get better,” said Hogan. “Or, how we

can raise money or how we can get something started is just part of what I do.” Hogan said he is looking for the next challenge and that he wants to be somewhere where likeminded people, smart people, want to work together and get things done. Hogan said he was glad to see that NPCC was motivated to make things better for someone else. When asked how he would assure the College and its programs received adequate funding, Hogan replied, “I think the funding question is going to be the challenge. Telling the story is the way to meet that challenge. We have got to beat a path to Little Rock and to the State house to talk about our student success stories, talk about the value added that we have in the community, and not just trigger the facts of how this will spur economic development, but we have to trigger the heartstrings as well. We have to make that case to private donors, community leaders, workforce partners, other higher education partners, and K12 folks. And, one of the best ways to do that is to tell the story through alumni and through the students that are here and folks that have lived that.” In a prepared press release, Dr. Sally Carder said she was very excited about Hogan’s appointment as President. “I believe,” said Carder, “that he is a perfect fit for our College and community. With his education, experience, and talent, I have no doubt that he will build on our successes and take this College to the next level.” Hogan said he knows Carder’s legacy of leadership will not be easy to follow. “I am very anxious to get to Hot Springs,” said Hogan, “and get to work.”



The 17th Annual Bill Ogden Memorial Golf Tournament

Ron Chesser, NPCC Director of Counseling, has organized the Bill Ogden Memorial Golf Tournament for the past 17 years. “Bill was the Director of Counseling and taught golf,” said Chesser. “And, something a lot of people don’t know is that Bill also made golf clubs.” Ogden served as a counselor and as a professor at Garland County Community College for two decades before succumbing to cancer. Chesser said Ogden understood that students were always in financial need. Chesser said he and Ogden organized the first tournament to help raise money for scholarships with the help of then golf coach Roger Rogers. “We first held the tournament at the Glenwood golf course before moving it to Belvedere,“ said Chesser. “This year, we are holding it at the Hot Springs Country Club.” Ogden is described in 1978-79 The Laker yearbook as a farmer, construction worker, basketball coach, golf coach, and teacher of math, mechanical drawing, speech and health. Publishers of The Laker also wrote this about Ogden, “He help[ed] many students everyday find their way through the rough spots of college life. He is also irreplaceable.” “He [Ogden] spent his life helping students,” said Chesser. “This golf tournament honors his memory and continues to support students through the money it raises for scholarships.”

(Above) Golfers wait for the 2013 Bill Ogden Memorial Golf Tournament to begin.

Dr. Bill Ogden, Director of Counseling, and Ron Chesser, Counselor, as pictured in the 1978-79 “The Laker” yearbook.

The GCCC golf team, L to R, Bill Jackson, Robert Fleming, Mike Adams, Scott Heller, Randy Hart, and kneeling front, Coach Roger Rogers as pictured in 1978-79 “The Laker” yearbook.

“The GCCC golf team opened the season with a third place ranking in the OBU

Tournament on March 6. All home matches were played at the Belvedere Country Club. Robert Fleming and Scott Heller led the team in scoring averages with Scott Heller taking the number one position both years at GCCC.”

Tournament Winners First Flight 1st place with 15 under 54 Everett Vincent Eddie Hopkins Billy Neal Bret Taunton 2nd place with 12 under 60 Don Martin ‘Gary Martin Richard Counts Millard Smith 3rd place with12 under 60 Marshall Watson Terry Pyle Chris Porter Scott Smith Second Flight 1st place with 6 under 66 Ron Chesser George Foshee Hugh Cheek Carl Hughes 2nd place with 4 under 68 Brian Hill Tim Wilson Robbie Cox Ron Jerrell 3rd place with 4 under 68 Paul Cook James Dixon Randy McCaslin Austin Wilson

Tournament organizers, left to right, Sara Brown, Ron Chesser, Diane Meredith, Bunny Everett, Robin Britt, John Tucker and Suzanne Hendricks.

Special Thanks to Corporate Sponsors Jon Frey at Mountain Vending and SWBC Corporation Mortgage

Hole Sponsors Allen Tillery Chevrolet Buick GMC, Inc. Arkansas Best Insurance Corporation Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa Bancorp South Duncan Messersmith & Associates Hot Springs Country Club Irwin Tax and Advising Group Representative John Vines Jordan, Woosley, Crone & Keaton Ltd. Levi Hospital Regions Bank Simmons First Bank of Hot Springs Daniel Johnson at Smokin’ In Style Special Touch Catering Superior Senior Care The Sentinel-Record The Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company Don Martin with Valic Wilson’s Home Improvement Company Windows USA Special “Thanks” to our kilt-wearing team from NPCC Computer Services (left to right) Colin Page, Will Picking and Eric Boardway for putting a little excitement into the game on a windy day.


The 2nd Annual Van Davis Memorial 5K

Photo by BW Studios

The 2nd Annual Van Davis Memorial 5K Run/Walk held in February was a great success with over 366 registrants and 30 sponsors. The event was organized to honor the memory of Dr. Van Davis who was an instructor at NPCC from 1974 to 2012 when he lost his fight with cancer. Davis was an avid runner and was regularly seen running the streets of Hot Springs. Jim Olmedo, runner and longtime friend of Davis, was instrumental in creating the run and chaired the Van Davis Memorial 5K committee. This year’s race also included a “Get Your Beard On” beard contest and children’s fun run. The overall winner of the race was Noah Eskew, 14, of Jessieville, with a chip time of 17:04.60. Second place overall was Bror Thirion, 18, of Hot Springs, with a chip time of 17:13.98. Top female winner was Josie Carson, 14, of Royal, who placed 12th overall with a chip time of 21:36.63. Proceeds from the race benefit the Van Davis Memorial Fund and will be used for scholarships at National Park Community College.

1. Runners take off at the start line 2. Van Davis 5K committee members and organizers. 3. Clay medals presented to winners were created by NPCC pottery students 4. Wyatt Christian-Carpenter wins the Abe Lincoln category of the beard contest 5. Dr. Van Davis from a 1978 photo 6. Don Harris and the SGA organized this 1978 GCCC marathon

SGA Hosts Political Forum: Dr. Carder Honored NPCC’s Student Government Association (SGA) partnered with Garland County Farm Bureau to host a State and Local Candidate Forum on April 22, Representatives held in the Frederick M. Dierks Center for Nursing and Vines and Cozart Health Sciences Martin Eisele Auditorium. present Dr. Sally SGA President, Matthew Chaput, said, “We beCarder with a legislative lieve it is important to educate our students in areas of citation. citizenship issues. This event is an opportunity to meet our mission while serving our community. We are not aware of another event that facilitates this discussion concerning issues important to voters in our area. We are prod to open our campus to serve both our students and our community.” Garland County Farm Bureau President Tommy Sorrells stated, “This will be a great opportunity for the U.S. Congress District 4 Candidates prevoters of Garland County to meet the candidates and sent were James Lee Witt, Tommy Moll, Janis Percefull, ask questions that are important to them concerning Representative Bruce Westerman and Ken Hamilton. the upcoming election. We at Farm Bureau are excited During the forum, Representatives John Vines to partner with NPCC to make this event available to and Bruce Cozart, both running unopposed, spoke of the the public.” wonderful relationship they have had with NPCC PresiDick Antoine, KZNG-AM Host of “Talk of the dent Dr. Sally Carder. Vines said he believed education Town” was master of ceremony for the event that inand economic development went hand-n-hand and he cluded Arkansas Governor candidates Dr. Lynette was very excited to see the partnership between NPCC Bryant, Joshua Drake and Frank Gilbert with video and HSU in bringing educational opportunities to downmessages from Mike Ross, Asa Hutchinson and Curtis town Hot Springs. Coleman. Vines and Cozart thanked Dr. Carder for her Candidates attending the forum and given three years of service and her friendship and presented her minutes to give their “campaign” speech included Clay with a Citation from the Arkansas House of RepresentaHerrmann and Judge Rick Davis, candidates for Garland tives. The Citation reads “Whereas, Arkansas is blessed County Judge; Scotty Dodd, Rodney Neighbors, Mike with an abundance of citizens whose life experiences McCormick, Ronnie Dunn, Fred Hawthorne and Tom provide a wealth of wisdom that serves to guide and inHickox candidates for Garland County Sheriff. fluence our state on the road of continual progress,” and Arkansas State House District candidates pre“Whereas, Dr. Sally Carder, who has been President of sent were for District 21, Marcus Richmond; District 22, National Park Community College since 2005 and Vice Donald Laymon and Justice Mickey Gares; District 24, President for Technical Education at the College since Representative Bruce Cozart; District 25, Representative 2003, now retires after a career in education that began John Vines; and District 26, Representative David Kizzia in 1974 at Poyen Public School District as a Physical Eduand Laurie Rushing. cation Instructor and Coach;… on the occasion of her Arkansas State Senate District 14 candidates retirement and wishes her well.” present were Senator Bill Sample, George Pritchett and Jerry Neal.


Employees recognized at groovy 60’s party Faculty and staff of NPCC were recognized for years of service, degrees earned and retiring at the 60’s themed Employee Recognition Awards Program organized by the NPCC Professional Development Committee. Dr. Carder and Dr. Watts started the festivity dressed in tie dye shirts and adorned with flowers and speaking from behind a podi- Dr. Sally Carder and Dr. um covered in pink and love Gordon Watts. and peace signs. Those recognized were:

40-Year Employees

25-Year Employees Left to right, Tamara Abernathy, Melba Lancaster and Janetta Ritter.

20-Year Employees Left to right, Juanita Brewer, Dr. Brad Moody and Rebecca White.

15-Year Employees

Left to right, Joan Henry, Thad Flenniken, Barbara Briscoe, Jim Castaldi, Ron Chesser and Ken Cook.

30-Year Employees Employees with 30 years of service are Dr. Susan Aldridge, Linda Castaldi and Marsha Derrick. Linda Castaldi

Left to right, Dr. Sally Carder, Linda Ferrell, Holly Garrett, Lisa Hopper, Richard Beason and (not pictured) Rick Lee.

Special Thanks! Professional Development Committee: Sue Burris, Janet Brewer, Juanita Brewer, Denise Edds, Bunny Everett, Susan Gaither, Janice Ivers, Don Mori, Carol Stonecipher and Dr. Gordon Watts.

Photos bg Kathy Benoit

10-Year Employees

Left to right, Kristin Quintanilla, Eric Boardway, Gail Carmon, Luke Henson, Paul Scrivner, Jeff Looper, Ann Wilson and Caroline Mitchell. Not pictured: Cathy High and Pat Longinotti.

Employees Retiring

5-Year Employees

Left to right, (front) Blanca Rodriquez, Kathy McCon, Cathy Muse, Christy Zumwalt (middle) Brian Charles, Cathy Heilman, Susan Lewis, Sara Seaman, Allison Divine, (back) Jane Yamauchi, Arthur Wilson, John Ragland, Caleb Grisham, Brian Theroux, and Danah Wright. Not pictured: Don Compton, Barbarea Mori and Tenille Wray.

Left to right, (front) Jim Castaldi (seated) Linda Castaldi, Rose Dunn, Melba Lancaster and Ruth Wood (standing) Pam Herrington, Paul Scrivner, Ann Wilson, Thad Flenniken, Luke Henson, Debora Henson, Dana Lambert, Jill Johnson, Marilyn Lambert, Dr. Sally Carder and Barbara Briscoe. Not pictured: Don Compton, Marsha Derrick and Patty Smykowski.



Recognition for Degrees Earned

Barbara Briscoe - Communication / Arts Division Faculty, taught 40 years at the College.

Rob Chastain - Associate of Science in Nursing from College of the Ouachitas.

Dr. Sally Carder - NPCC President, served the College for 15 years with a total of 40 years in education.

Valerie Claar - Master of Science in Nursing from the University of Central Arkansas.

Jim Castaldi - Communication / Arts Division Faculty, taught 40 years at the College.

Todd Cragg - Associate of Applied Science in Accounting from National Park Community College

Linda Castaldi - Nursing Division Chair, taught 30 years at the College.

Robert Feighl - Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Western Governors University.

Don Compton– Technical and Professional Division Faculty, taught welding at the College for 5 years.

Debby Hunt - Master of Science in Healthcare Informatics from Arkansas Tech University.

Marsha Derrick - Student Accounts Manager, served the College for 30 years.

Colin Page - Associate of Arts in Teaching from National Park Community College.

Rose Dunn - Administrative Specialist II, has served the College for over 17 years.

Misty Pennington - Associate of Applied Science in Accounting from National Park Community College.

Thad Flenniken - Communication / Arts Division Faculty, has taught at the College for 40 years.

Connie Poteet - Master of Education in Human Resource and Workforce Development from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.

Debora Henson - Administrative Specialist II, has worked at the College for 26 years. Luke Henson - Maintenance Assistant, has worked at the College for 11 years.

Pam Herrington - High School Medical Professions Faculty, has taught at the College for 13 years. Jill Johnson - Director of Community Services, has worked at the College for 18 years. Dana Lambert - Health Science Division Chair, has served the College for 12 years. Marilyn Lambert - Assistant Registrar, has worked at the College for 32 years.

Melissa Smith - Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of Arkansas, Fort Smith. Danah Wright - Master of Science in Education in Adult and Lifelong Learning Specialization from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. Jane Yamauchi - Master of Education in Human Resource and Workforce Development from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. Christi Zumwalt - Graduate Certification in Student Affairs Higher Education from Colorado State University.

Melba Lancaster - Administrative Specialist III, has worked at the College for 24 years.

Paul Scrivner - Technical and Professional Division Faculty, has taught at the College for 9 years. Patty Smykowski - Administrative Specialist II, has worked at the College for nine years. Ann Wilson - Institutional Program Coordinator, has worked at the College for 10 years. Ruth Wood - Director of Administrative Support Services, has worked at the College for 27 years.

Left to right, (seated), Melissa Smith, Connie Poteet, Misty Pennington, (standing) Valerie Claar, Jane Yamauchi, Rob Chastain, Todd Cragg, Debby Hunt, Danah Wright, Christi Zumwalt, Robert Feighl and Colin Page.

Spicher Recognized for Service

NPCC 2014 Outstanding Alumni

Benny Baker, Alumni and Friends Advisory (AFA) Counsel Chair, recognized Forrest Spicher, the outgoing AFA Chair, for his dedication and years of service to the College. Baker said he does not know anyone who has worked harder than Spicher to help promote the College. Spicher was a mem- Benny Baker and Forrest Spicher. ber of the AFA development committee and has served as the AFA Advisory Counsel Chair since 2009. Spicher also serves as Chair of the NPCC Foundation Board of Governors.

Forrest Spicher announced Mike Dugan as the NPCC 2014 Outstanding Alumni. Spicher said he had played tennis when the College was GCCC and Dugan was the tennis coach. Spicher recited Dugan’s many accomplishments before adding he could not think of a better perMike Dugan and Don Harris. son to receive the

Service Learning Volunteers NPCC Employees serve the Hot Springs community through volunteering with charitable organizations and serving on civic boards. Mary Kay Wurm, Director of Career Services, announced at the Recognition Luncheon that employees had served a total of 5,261 hours. Debbie Ugbade was recognized for serving 711 hours, Wanda Holden for 288 hours and Ann Wilson for serving 126 hours.

Left to right, (sitting) Terry Espino-Bright, Christi Zumwalt, Kristin Quintanilla, (standing) Ulonda Frazier, David Hughes, Jill Johnson, Linda Franklin, John Tucker, Linda Nooner, Chris Coble, Carol Spargo, Rob Chastain, Ann Wilson, Wanda Holden and Debbie Ugbade.

award. (see story on page 16). Dugan said he would not have achieved the success he has without the encouragement from Don Harris and Ronnie Garner.

NPCC 2014 Outstanding Faculty and Staff NPCC employees gave Nannette Crane-Post a standing ovation as she was announced the Outstanding Faculty awardee. Crane-Post teaches English Composition I & II, and Creative Writing. She is also an advisor for the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Janet Brewer, Director of Human Resources, was named Outstanding Staff. Brewer initiated the Van Davis Memorial 5K, a Biggest Loser program, and is very involved in the Hot Springs community. Brewer is also an adjunct speech instructor for NPCC.

Special music from Soundwaves (left to right) Kristin Harmon, Taylor McClard, Emilly McDow, Sarah Isaacs, Zach Mercer and Bridgette Blowers



Mike Dugan: Outstanding Alumni

Mike Dugan was the Head Tennis Professional at Hot Springs Country Club in 1974. Garland County Community College had just been in operation for one year. Don Harris, Dean of Community Affairs, approached Dugan about teaching some tennis classes out at the College. “I taught two tennis classes each week for GCCC,” says Dugan. “Then, I helped create a tennis program which I participated in both as a player and coach.” Dugan had attended Arkansas Tech University from 1972 to 1974 before leaving school to play tennis. Ron Garner, Dean of Students, helped Dugan enroll at GCCC to finish his associate degree. “Ron Garner approached me about moving into a mobile home on the new campus,” Dugan said. “I was the only person living in the area as Mid-America Park had just started construction.”

Dugan remembers 1978 as being a very busy year: he finished his associates, the GCCC Laker’s tennis team had a perfect 10-0 season, he began to commute to Arkadelphia to attend Henderson State University and he got married. Dugan married Susan Kay Bell, a 1976 graduate of GCCC and a 1978 graduate of HSU. Laughing, Dugan said they had to first hose out the trailer Garner had purchased, before fixing it up and moving in his new wife. While living on campus, Dugan taught classes, coached the team and locked up the campus each night. During the summer months, he also mowed the grass and polished floors. “At that time,” said Dugan, “the GCCC basketball team played

then hurry back down town to help pick up the court. Dugan earned a BS Degree in Business Administration from HSU and was promptly hired by them to work in their athletic department. In 1987, Dugan was elected as the first President of the Staff Senate at HSU and served a two-year term. In 2006, Dugan received the “H” Award from the HSU Alumni Association for Meritorious Service to the University. Dugan was again recognized in 2010 with the Kathy Muse Award for Meritorious Service to Reddie Athletics. Dugan has been a member of the Greater Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce for the past 17 years and hosted the Chamber Communique, a

Mike Dugan, (circled), and members of the Lakers Tennis Team as pictured in the 1978-79 Laker Year Book. Dugan was both a player and a coach.

their games downtown at the Convention Center. Along with biology teacher Bill Randel and my brother-in-law, Tommy Hill, we put down and took up the portable court and goals for each game and ran the concession stand.” Dugan said he would go set up the basketball court, drive back to the campus to lock up (which, at the time, included gates at all entrances) and

weekly television show, from 1995 to 2006. Dugan left HSU to serve as personal assistant to Don Munro at Munro Shoes. However, it wasn’t long before he joined his best friend, Sam Stathakis, at Merritt Wholesale Distributors where he has served as Vice President and General Manager.

Alumni & Friends Association 2014-15 Advisory Council Chair—Benny Baker is originally from Morrilton , Arkansas. He earned a B.A. in Mass Communications from the University of Central Arkansas and a M.Ed. in Instructional Technology from Arkansas Tech University. Baker has received specialized training in Conference Center Management, Functions and Operations from Cornell University and is a Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA). Baker previously lived in Hot Springs from 1978 to 1980 while attending Garland County Community College on a tennis scholarship. In May of 2011, Baker joined The Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa as Director of Sales. Prior to joining the Arlington, Baker served as Conference Center Manager of the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute and Executive Director of Ozark Camp and Conference Center. Baker was elected to the NPCC AFA Advisory Council in 2012. Vice Chair—Denice Davis is a native of Garland County, a graduate of Lake Hamilton High School, received an Associate of Science degree in Nursing from GCCC, a B.S.N. from Henderson State University and a M.S.N. with a clinical specialty in mental health from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Davis is a past GCCC Outstanding Alumni and served as a nursing program accreditation site visitor and chair for the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission. Davis is a past recipient of the UAMS College of Nursing Future Leader Award. She retired from NPCC after 26 years of service where she taught nursing and was the director of the associate degree nursing program before her retirement in 2011. Davis serves on numerous community boards and organizations and is a founding member of NPCC Alumni and Friends Association. Secretary—Connie Poteet has worked for NPCC for the past eight years and currently serves as the Concurrent Credit Coordinator. Poteet began her career as Administrative Specialist for the Practical Nursing and Health Science Programs. She has since earned her Associates of Science from NPCC, her B.S. in Human Resources and Workforce Development and her M.Ed. in Human Resources and Workforce Development from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. Poteet also serves as adjunct instructor for NPCC’s Health Science Division and is a new member of the AFA Advisory Council.

Treasurer—Forrest Spicher is a native of Garland County, a graduate of Lake Hamilton High School and attended GCCC on a tennis scholarship and also played on the golf team. He received his associates from GCCC in 1980 and a B.A. in public administration and economics from the University of Arkansas in 1983. Spicher has worked in the banking industry for 25 years and is currently the Market Executive for BancorpSouth. Spicher was honored as the 2009 NPCC Outstanding Alumni and the Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce’s Man of the Year. Spicher is a founding member of the Alumni and Friends Association and previously held the position of AFA Chair. Spicher also serves as the NPCC Foundation Board of Governors Chair.


AFA Advisory Council - continued Student Representative—Matthew Chaput represents the NPCC student body on the AFA Advisory Council as part of his role as NPCC Student Government President. Chaput will graduate from NPCC in May with an Associate of Science in Business. While attending NPCC, Chaput has served on the Academic Appeals Board, been a tutor for American Government and serves on the Student/Faculty Inquiry Team. Chaput has maintained a 3.48 GPA and plans to continue his education through the masters level to fulfill his career goal of becoming an instructor in an institution of higher education.

Sara Brown is a native of Hot Springs and a graduate of Hot Springs High School. She earned an Associate of Liberal Studies from GCCC, a B.B.A. in Accounting and a M.B.A. from Henderson State University. Brown is now enrolled in the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Leadership program at the University of Central Arkansas. Brown was hired by NPCC in 2006 as Assistant Director of Admissions, Recruitment, and Scholarships. She promoted to Assistant Director of Financial Aid in 2010 and was named Director of Development in 2013. Brown serves with the Oaklawn Foundation Educational Committee, St. John’s Catholic School, and Leadership Hot Springs Class XXIV.

Robert Feighl serves as Webmaster and Faculty for NPCC. Feighl is a Certified IT Professional and Instructor for CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+ courses; Microsoft Certified Professional and Instructor for Microsoft certification courses for Server 2008/2012; Social Media Coordinator and administrator for OU Campus Content Management System. Feighl spent 25 years working in mechanical engineering in various offices in California, New York, and Arkansas in design of primary, secondary, and higher education institutions. He received his AAS in CIS at NPCC and his BS IT from WGU. As the NPCC Webmaster, Feighl was tasked with two complete redesigns of the website, implementation of a content management system, development of database web applications (employee directory and course catalog), and other technical support of video and marketing projects as well as directing efforts to market with Social Media. Susan Holsomback is a 33-year employee of NPCC and serves as the Controller. She earned an Associate of Science in Accounting from GCCC in 1979 and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with Accounting Emphasis from Henderson State University in 1981 graduating magna cum laude. Holsomback has been involved in numerous organizations including the National Association of Governmental Accountants, Hot Springs Business and Professional Women, Beta Sigma Phi, and Friends of the Garland County Library. She currently serves on both the state and national level of the National Association of College and University Business Officers. Holsomback is a founding member of the AFA.

Mary Kelley worked 27 years for a Hot Springs manufacturing company before taking the opportunity to further her education. Kelley attended Quapaw Technical Institute where she studied business and office support technology education. Upon completion of her program degree in 1999, Kelley was hired at QTI to work as support staff to the administration. Kelley has been with the College for 14 years and currently serves as assistant to the Director of High School and Technical Programs. Kelley received the honor of Outstanding Administrative Staff from QTI and was recognized by the Arkansas Department of Workforce Education for her dedication and service. Kelley is a founding member of the Alumni & Friends Association. Marilyn Ridge works in Career Services at NPCC as Coordinator of CareerLink, a virtual career center. Although a native of Texas, Ridge has lived in Garland County for the past 22 years. Ridge’s work history includes positions in advertising, federal and international corporations and as owner and operator of a typesetting and retail business. Ridge is an NPCC graduated and is a Certified Professional Resume Writer. She has attended numerous professional classes and seminars and has completed the Dale Carnegie Course in Effective Speaking and Human Relations. Ridge serves on the Garland County Quorum Court as the elected Justice of the Peace for District #3, and is a member of First Presbyterian Church of Hot Springs. Ridge began her three-year term on the AFA Advisory Council in 2012. Raymond Wright is a native of Hot Springs. He is the owner and agent of the Raymond Wright State Farm Insurance Agency Inc. Wright attended GCCC and received his BA in Vocational Education from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. Wright has 21 years in the banking industry serving as a vice president and commercial loan officer. He is actively involved in the community serving on the Executive Committee of the NPCC Foundation Board of Governors, Ouchita Childrens Center Board and Finance Committee, Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors and Treasurer of the Garland County 4H Foundation Board. Wright is also a member of the Board of Directors for the Buckstaff Bath House. Wright began his three-year term on the AFA Advisory Council in 2014. Jane Yamauchi began her career with NPCC in 2009 in the Department of Human Resources before being named Alumni and Special Events Coordinator in 2012. Yamauchi is from Northwest Arkansas and a Rogers High School graduate. She has called Hot Springs home since 1996. Yamauchi earned a BA in Journalism and then a M.Ed. in Human Resources and Workforce Development from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. Her prior work experience includes positions in journalism, banking, and real estate. She is has served with the Charitable Christian Medical Clinic, United Way, and is an elected board member of the Arkansas Association of Two-Year Colleges.


Students, Clubs & Organizations

TRiO Hall of Fame: Benita Pearce Benita Pearce was chosen from among 215 students to NPCC’s 2014 TRiO Hall of Fame based on her participation in the program and her GPA. Pearce has been on the Dean’s List every semester and is currently enrolled in 17 hours. “Pearce stands out because she meets the performance criteria while being a nontraditional student as the mother of three young children,” says Suzanne Hendrix, SSS Transfer and Academic Advisor.

Her Story I am from Hot Springs, Arkansas, and will graduating in May from National Park Community College with an Associate of Arts Degree. I plan to either transfer to University of Arkansas at Little Rock to pursue a Bachelor of Social Work, or to Henderson State University to pursue a Bachelor of Human Services. Both would offer me the degree and experience I need for a career in social work. There are many people who go to college only to find it extremely challenging and difficult to find a support system within the college. The TRiO program at National Park Community College provided me with the support system that I needed. As a twenty-seven-year-old mother of three, going to college was an immensely scary thought. Without the support from the staff in the TRiO program, I am not sure I would have been able to succeed. I owe much of my success at NPCC to the TRiO program. My first semester, I had problems with some of my classes and considered dropping them. With the help of the TRiO program, I was able to complete my classes without dropping any during my first semester. The staff directed me to the right people and offered tutoring in courses that I was having problems understanding. Also, the TRiO program has helped me determine the colleges that offer a degree in my field. The staff has helped me to research these colleges and narrow down my choices to two colleges that are a great match for me. This semester, the TRiO staff will take me on transfer trips so that I can talk with members of both colleges and finalize my choice. Two years after starting college, I am looking forward to the challenges that face me as I transfer to a four-year university.

NPTC Medical Professions Students Medal at HOSA National Park Technology Center medical professions students attended the Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA) annual conference at the Hot Springs Convention Center. Students from across the state competed in skills learned in the Medical Professions Education classes. NPTC had 29 students compete at the Conference with 13 winning medals. Gold Medal winners were: Dylan Patton –Transcultural Health Care Matt Lim—Sports Medicine Savanna Abbot—Human Growth and Development Silver Medal winners were: Alexis Price and Katelyn Singleton—Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Samantha McConnell– Medical Terminology Clayton Harrell– Sports Medicine Bronze Medal winners were: Te’airra Blanchard—Prepared Speaking Alisha Khan– Medical Math Morgan Brown—Physical Therapy Terissa Peterson-Extemporaneous Health Care Poster Emily Dunn and Christine Nguyen—Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).

Student Induction Into Beta Lambda Chapter of the Alpha Delta Nu National Honor Society for Associate Degree Nursing

Fifteen senior NPCC nursing students were officially inducted into the Beta Lambda Chapter of the Alpha Delta Nu National Honor Society for Associate Degree Nursing during a recent ceremony at the College. The NPCC RN Program became a chartered member of the prestigious honor society in July of 2013 with students working to fulfill membership requirements. The honor society was originally founded in the state of Illinois and, with the support of the National Organization for Associate Degree Nursing (NOADN) Executive Board, it recently became a national society. Janice Ivers, RN Program Director and Honor Society Faculty Advisor, said, "It is without hesitation that I support and facilitate this chapter for our nursing students at National Park Community College. These students are among a distinguished group of nursing students who have met or exceeded rigorous standards and have demonstrated the ideal qualities of a scholar." One requirement for full membership into the

Society is to sponsor one educational or recruitment project during the provisional membership period prior to the induction ceremony. Ivers said she was very proud of the fifteen students who completed the project, and by maintaining the academic requirements, and now members of the honor society. Ivers stated, "This event was to honor the students as new members of the Alpha Delta Nu and to support them as they begin their journey of continued nursing excellence, the pursuit of advanced degrees in the profession of nursing, and the commitment to continuing education as a life-long professional responsibility." She said the students were challenged to frame this induction as a beginning – a beginning of thinking differently about themselves, their impact, and their contribution to the profession and to health care worldwide. During the event, the students were awarded with a certificate, an Alpha Delta Nu Honor Society Pin, and peach honors cords.

Pre-Engineering Students

Test Automated Vehicle High school juniors in Brad Bassett’s PreEngineering concurrent credit class created automated vehicles. Pictured left, the team of Frederick Kolp, Spencer Minton, Alan Hamrick and (not pictured) Jeremy Miller test their robotic vehicle. The class project required students to build a vehicle that could self-navigate a wooden course. The vehicles were created with basic computer programed functions and sensors that de-


Students, Clubs & Organizations

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Members of National Park Community College's Honor Society, Phi Theta Kappa, recently traveled to Oklahoma City to attend the Oklahoma/Arkansas Regional Convention. Tina Donoho, president for NPCC's chapter, Alpha Beta Psi, served as the voting delegate in regional officer elections there and all members participated in the general assemblies and awards banquet. From left to right are Caleb Grisham, advisor; Lacy Floyd, member; Tina Donoho, president; Nannette Crane-Post, advisor; April Barret, treasurer; and Fabiola Naranjo, alumnus.

Congratulations! 2014Phi Theta Kappa Members Ables, Barbi

Diaz, Luis

Hardin, Tiffany

McCollum, Yolanda

Scheer, Corey

Bader, Louis

Diehl, Angela

Hatley, Olivia

McCracken, Sarah

Scheer, Josie

Batchelor, Kelsey

Diggs, Alyssa

Hennessee, Ashley

McKenzie, Eliza

Scheer, Nikki

Beavers, Kenneth

Drake, Alexandrea

Hill, Elizabeth

McLain , Jacquelyn

Simon, Jovon

Becerra, Sheila

Dwyer, Christine

Hunt, Datona

McLain, Matthew

Smitha, Jerry

Billingsley, Lynley

Edmondson, Tracy

Johns, Carri

Miller, Ashley

Speers, Candace

Boisdrenghien, Monique

Ellis, Steve

Jones, MeChelle

Mogovan, Daniel

Stanley , Christopher

Brezae, Adeline

Erickson, Justin

Kelley, Leanne

Moore, Sean

Starkey, Steven

Briner, James

Felton, Hank

Kling, Brandi


Summers, Breck

Brown, Vernon

Ford, April

Kunkel, Nicole


Tollett, Brandon

Brumwell, Summer

Gaston, Destanie

Lopez, Brandy

Payne, Christi

Trieschmann, Ashley

Churchwell, Angela

Gatliff, Michael

Lua-Montano, Celeste

Pelley, Henry

Varney, Aaron

Clark, Darlene

Gibson, Laney

Lucas, Seth

Preston, Andie

Westbrook, Lakyn

Cole, Jordan

Grant, Paula

Mackey, Rayna

Rodriguez, Ana

Wolven, Sarah

Coleman, Thomas

Gutierrez, Vashti

Martinez, Michaela

Russell, Devon

Bridge Program Offers Bright Future High school seniors participating in the Bridge Program at NPCC Technology Center find “our future is so bright, we have to wear shades!� Participating students have indicated they intend to enroll at NPCC after graduating from high school. The Bridge Program provides the freshman orientation experience in monthly meetings so that by high school graduation the students will be enrolled in college and have their financial aid and scholarships in place.




Associate of Science with

Emphasis in Engineering

National Park Community College and the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville have partnered to offer an Associate of Science with emphasis in Engineering. The new emphasis is part of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Preparation Program designed to increase access to STEM classes for students at two-year colleges in Arkansas. The collaboration between NPCC and the University of Arkansas offers science, engineering and math classes online with lab classes held at NPCC. Classes are taught by University of Arkansas professors at the NPCC tuition rate. Darlene Gentles, NPCC Math and Sciences Division Chair, said the partnership is a win-win for both NPCC and the University of Arkansas. Gentles said the University’s statistics show that only 25% of incoming freshmen enrolled in an engineering degree program complete while 76% of students who transfer from two-year colleges finish. Gentles said the STEM Preparation Program allows students to take classes that may have been previously unavailable at the community college level and at a lower tuition rate. Students also have time to gain some college experience and a little mentoring at the two-year level before transferring to a fouryear school. New classes to be offered for the engineering emphasis are Calculus I, II, and III; Differential Equations; Introduction to Engineering; and University Physics I and II. Classes offered this Fall at NPCC are Calculus I and II, University Physics I and Introduction to Engineering. To start the application process for the Associate of Science with emphasis in Engineering, visit with an NPCC Counselor or apply online at Classes offered through the STEM Preparation Program

will count toward an associate’s degree at a two-year college and count toward an engineering, science or math degree at the University of Arkansas. The classes can also transfer to other colleges and universities inside or outside the state of Arkansas. Students considering these classes must complete the University of Arkansas online application as a visiting student, submit official transcripts demonstrating good standing or a letter of good standing from the student’s home institution’s registrars office. Applicants must satisfy at least one of the following requirements to enroll in Calculus I:  score at least an 80% on each of the three U of A’s Math Placement exams,  score at least a 30 on the MATH portion of the ACT or 680 on SAT MATH,  score at least a “C” or better on Plane Trigonometry or Pre-Calculus at a community college,  Score a 3 or better on the Calculus AB Advanced Placement Exam, Students must score at least a “C” or better in Calculus I to advance to Calculus II or University Physics.


Non Profit Organization U.S. Postage Paid PERMIT No. 61 Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901

National Park Community College 101 College Drive Hot Springs, AR 71913





National Park Community College and Henderson State University have partnered to offer the new Downtown HSU/NPCC Education Center to be located in the Landmark Building. HSU will hold classes on the NPCC campus until renovation of the Landmark Building is complete. The goal is to open the new HSU/NPCC Education Center for the fall semester.

The SUMMER AND FALL class schedules are now available at National Park Community College.   

Counseling Center: 501-760-4232 Admissions Office: 501-760-4363 Apply online at

HSU offers the following degrees in Hot Springs:     

Bachelor of Business Administration /Accounting Bachelor of Business Administration / Management Bachelor of Science / Elementary Education Bachelor of Science / Middle Level Education Master of Business Administration

Contact Christi Batts, Director of Henderson State University at Hot Springs, to register or for information, 501-617-0032 or

Connect magazine spring 2014  

Connect magazine is published twice a year by National Park Community College Development Office and Alumni and Friends Association.

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