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DOODLES by jane wu


biblioteca roma


flight memorial


autodesk cultural centre


ceres galleria


markham centre


sheppard east station


111 st clair street w., parcel f, banana warehouse


a chair for philip treacy


select works




Exceptional team work and interpersonal skills, able to work individually or with a team

University of Waterloo, School of Architecture Waterloo, ON (2008 - 2013) Honours Bachelor of Architectural Studies expected October 2013, Pre-Professional Architecture (Co-operative Program)

Hard-working and a fast learner Enthusiastic, friendly, and helpful Highly skilled visual artist with over 8 years experience Fluent in English, literate in French, conversational Chinese

JANE WU Completed Honours, Bachelor of Architectural Studies University of Waterloo 72 Malamute Crescent Scarborough, ON M1T 2C7 (519) 277-2708

Manual Proficiency: Drafting Illustration Drawing, painting, hand rendering Physical modeling Technical Proficiency: AutoCAD Google SketchUp Vray Adobe Creative Suite CS4 & CS5 (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator) Microsoft Office Microstation Form Z Knowledge of Revit, 3ds Max, and Rhinoceros

Earl Haig Secondary School North York, ON (2004 - 2008) Claude Watson Visual Arts Major




Freelance Designer Self-employed Toronto, ON (September 2009 - present)

Paddler (pacer) UW Warriors, University of Waterloo Dragon Boat Club Waterloo, ON (September 2008 - present)

Queen Elizabeth Aiming for the Top Scholarship (September 2008 - 2013)

Architectural Intern Whiting Design Waterloo, ON (January - August 2012) Architectural Intern Onespace Unlimited Toronto, ON (May - August 2011) Architectural Intern SGA/IBI Group Toronto, ON (September - December 2010) Architectural Intern & Interior Design Assistant Ron Shieh Architect Toronto, ON (January - April 2010) Camp Counsellor Art Gallery of Ontario Toronto, ON (Summer 2009) Drawing and Painting Teacher Good Sheppard Summer Camp Toronto, ON (Summer 2007)

Team Manager (Hong Kong team) University of Waterloo Dragon Boat Club Waterloo, ON (February - August 2012) Dancer and Performer Chi-Ping Dance Group (Chinese Folk Dancing) Toronto, ON (January - December 2011) Secretary and Treasurer University of Waterloo WASA Waterloo, ON (May - August 2010) Orientation Leader Engineering Faculty, University of Waterloo Waterloo, ON (September 2009)

Numerous medals at various dragon boat regattas; recognized at the national and international level (2010 - 2013 seasons) Kuo Hua Scholarship for Design (April 2010) McPhie Family Architecture Scholarship (September 2008) President’s Entrance Scholarship (September 2008) Citizenship Award, Earl Haig Secondary School (June 2008)

“It was a pleasure to work with Jane on the projects we handled. Her technical/personal attributes make her contribution to a team environment a positive experience.” - Trifon Voltsinis (Onespace Unlimited) “Jane’s attitude was always upbeat and positive, she worked efficiently and with minimal supervision. Jane is a good worker, with a cheerful attitude, and good logical problem solving skills. Her graphic and rendering capabilities are a real asset.” - Graham Whiting (Whiting Design)



The project begins with a masterplan strategy connecting two urban artifacts surrounding the site through the creation of primary and secondary corridors. At the final axis, the apex of the site plan, a “bridge�, a library, connects the two. The library has a dual face and serves are a mediator between the river and street, as well as the students and the community. The placement of program, the enclosure, and the experience are designed to support and strengthen the library parti. (partnered submission) studio vii: projetto ostiense







Inspired by the slow moving phenomenon of lava, where the flow of its liquid form is calm, yet powerful in its simplicity. Surrounded by its hardened form, light from within the lava pokes out of the skin at various sized apertures creating different light qualities. This effect creates different densities and multiple layers within the skin providing a sense of depth and alluring to the force from within. This project attempts to model both the exterior form and interior spatial qualities of the lava. Intrigued by the tension of the slow roping, the layering, and the stretching, models are created to evoke effect through space, matter, and material. An exploration of unconventional architectural materials, such as nylons, and compelling forms allows for the transition into the development of a concept for an architectural form. studio vi: proteus moves - durational space and the architecture of time




autodesk cultural


The design of a large urban building at the intersection of Spadina and College, downtown Toronto explores the mergence of a series of different programs: retail, entertainment, live-work, and office space. The sidewalk of the streets is a place where Torontonians like to mingle, linger, and occupy the exterior space. Keeping to the tradition of the intersection, retail units, a restaurant and gallery entrance are placed on the ground floor and setting back the transparent skin, the program is able to animate the extension of the sidewalk. This set back welcomes people to use this space, whether they occupy the building or are just passing by. The mixer zone between the social program and the offices is the residential live-work units. The concept of perimeter animation is explored throughout the building, where the mingling space for the entertainment floor surrounds its program and the perimeter provides public gathering areas in the floors above. studio v: a large urban building hand rendering of exterior experience


the concept


perimeter animation


ground floor


college street elevation

entertainment floor

live-work units I

live-work units II


the program

public > residential > office

mechanical courtyard offices residential mechanical mechanical


courtyard courtyard




offices offices


residential residential


public public





autodesk office


office tower

spadina avenue elevation

courtyard roof detail

balcony detail

green roof detail




galleria As a master-planning tactic, the gravel pit located within the fruit belt of Markham Ontario was chosen as the site to create urban density. The majority of the quality soil is maintained for farming. Inspired by the 9-square grid, orchards are placed at the cores, serving its vicinity. A mixed-use building that provides entertainment, living space, a space for production and processing, and retail serves as a communal area for the town. studio iv: the fruit belt



The galleria, an open space that also acts as a market place, links the orchards and becomes the mixing chamber where programs integrate. In the galleria, the processing centre is the community centre, the library appears beside a winery, and multipurpose rooms are shared. The transparent lower levels draw the orchards into the community centre visually.




At Ron Shieh Architects, I predominately worked on a 3D model of Markham Centre, a town-house cross condominium complex designed to be located in Markham, Ontario. The pushing and pulling of building faces allow for large balconies and the development of conversation between faรงade to faรงade. While the complex respects pre-existing surrounding condominiums, it provides its own strong appearance through its attention to intricate details. internship i: ron shieh architects



sheppard east

station At Stevens Group Architects/IBI Group, I worked on various transportation projects in the GTA. Inspired by the oriental paintings within the Chinese Cultural Centre nearby, the structures aim for a light, buoyant look. I worked mainly on building a study model of the different levels (platform, concourse, and ground) and the aboveground architectural forms. I also created presentation images that assist in conveying the atmosphere the architects wanted to achieve.

internship ii: sga/ibi group




111 st clair

avenue w. At Onespace Unlimited, I was given the opportunity to work on various projects at different scales. 111 St Clair Avenue West is a retrofit of an existing imperial oil building to a residential complex. Working closely with the architectural technologist as well as the contract administrator, I was exposed to the various different stages of design. By preparing the SPA package and assisting with the permit packages, I was able to gain knowledge in construction details and the requirements of the specific design packages.

internship iii: onespace unlimited




Other projects I took a major role in were Parcel F (residential) as the renderer for design concepts and Chiovitti Banana Warehouse as the renderer and CAD technician. I was the assistant designer in the design development of these projects, providing ideas and critics.


chiovitti banana

warehouse Working directly with the principal architect on

these two projects, I was able to gain valuable knowledge regarding the steps required to acquire a project and then to develop it. Various techniques of presentation are explored through hand sketched images as well as rendered elevations.


a chair for

philip treacy A hat is to the head as a chair is to the body, but does

the individual wear the object or does the object wear the individual? A chair should be

designed for all occasions whether casual or extravagant. It should belong to a collection of pieces, different types of furniture, but allowing its presence to shine with its own identity. It is the piece of furniture that captivates immediate attention, as it is a place for repose; analogous to the head as the most potent part of one’s body, where one’s eyes first meet. It is to be tailored to the individual, fitting the mold of one’s body, and modified to the finest of details to capture the individual’s distinctive character. Unique to each dweller, the chair shall morph, where the dweller is worn by the chair; a dynamic decorative element. The intricacy of construction, usage of materials, layers, shapes and quality is used to form a moving piece, a performance for the viewer. The materials and finishes will express individuality, where textures are used to emphasize uniqueness. Whether it be a simple, conventional chair or a transformative piece of couture, it will endlessly maintain a beautiful, sculptural silhouette. The hidden underlying structure will preserve the chair’s stability while the form will take that of which is dynamic and in continual motion. A complex chair derived from a simple concept; let the imagination transform the chair. (partnered submission) structural design build workshop: a chair design







Hand rendering and visual arts are other methods through which I am able to convey my interpretation of my surroundings. It allows me to explore, be creative, and express my views in various different ways.




current project moving through the elements

day spa

As the elements of earth, fire, water, and air are an important aspect of health and well being, it is an interesting opportunity to explore how they would then define the experience, and the experience the architecture. The spa allows one to “move through the elements� both directly and indirectly, experiencing the various spacial qualities. Embodying the elements meant inheriting sustainable design. The spa utilizes solar heat gain, natural cooling, and ventilation, as well as provides shading in the summer. The hallways within the spa act as a large duct that allows cool air to cascade from the heavily conditioned zones resulting in a reduction of mechanical cooling. Radiant heating runs only around the perimeter of the building as the two primarily hot zones radiate heat into the surrounding spaces. studio viii: cambridge spa



skylight with insulated frame

MUD BATH WALL rough stone clad 200mm concrete wall 75mm rigid polystyrene insulation 25mm OSB 25mm concrete panels

TYP. ROOF CONSTRUCTION 50mm stone ballast roofing membrane 20 mm substrate 150mm rigid polystyrene insulation vapour barrier 25mm plywood decking structural 3ply CLT (exposed)

6mm high reflectivity membrane roofing membrane 20 mm OSB 150mm rigid polystyrene insulation 5ply structural CLT vapour barrier cedar

SAUNA WALL 25mm cedar finish vapour barrier 3 ply CLT panels 150mm rigid polystyrene insulation 25mm OSB 25mm wood finish

moisture barrier cedar finish


stone tile

mud waterproofing tiles 100mm slab on grade moisture barrier 50mm rigid insulation

R40 roof systems throughout to provide a strong thermal envelope

south face glazing allow for passive solar heat gain and takes advantage of light. concrete flooring acts as a thermal mass.

sun angle ~ 23 degrees

heating - radiant floor in conditioned zones - stormwater for the radiant floor is heated through the integration of solar thermal tubes and a biomass (wood pellet) burning boiler - operable ventilation points from heavily heated program allow for heat transfer - radiant panels placed on ceiling to heat from above in treatment room

winter solstice - solar gain shadows at 12:00

green roof delays storm water runoff pond and cistern collect stormwater for irrigation of the community garden, green roof, and surrounding plants. water also used for radiant floors. operable windows allow for passive ventilation

west wind allows for cross ventilation

sun angle ~ 46 degrees

equinox - storm water retention shadows at 12:00

green roof keeps residential units cool pond provides evaporative cooling

overhang on south, west, and east facade to reduce heat gain

cooling - air source heat pump collects air through an outdoor unit, runs it through an air handler and is releases at a low point - each space has its own thermostat for most efficient use - radiant heat panels double up as cooling panels

additional shading provided by trees at south end of site

sun angle ~ 70 degrees

summer solstice - shading shadows at 12:00


Jane Wu Architecture Portfolio 2013  

Select architectural and design work produced in the professional field as well as at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture.

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