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The Astro Team

Asteroids Asteroids are round pieces rock. That travel around the sun. They are not planets Asteroids are big or little pieces of rock that float around in space. by Claire

A black hole sucks in light and everything around it. A black hole has such a strong pull of gravity that not even light can be seen inside it. by Karlee

A comet is a ball of gas that travels across the sky. It has a tale of fire Sometimes you can see a comet from here on Earth. by Paige

Docking Port Astronauts practice connecting docking ports by playing video games, so they won’t mess up in real life. A docking port is where they attach ships together to exchange supplies. by Spencer

Earth Earth is the planet that we live on.

Earth has life as we know it. by Naser

Falling Stars A Falling star is a piece of dust and rock that enters the Earths atmosphere. Today, I’m going to talk about falling stars; a falling star is a piece of rock and dust that enters the earth’s atmosphere. by Maddie

G is for Galaxy A galaxy is a body that contains stars and planets. For example, our galaxy is the Milky Way Galaxy. It has 8 planets and 1 big star called the sun. There are millions of galaxies that scientists are trying to know more about. by Alyse

Ham THe firsT cHimp To orbiT earTH, because THeir lungs are THe closesT To wHaT ours is like. Ham is a cHimp THaT was THe firsT Type of iTs species To orbiT earTH. by Davis

IO Jupiter’s moon Io is one of the most exotic places in the solar system. Io has lava rivers and lava falls instead of water falls. by Megan

Jupiter Jupiter is one of the eight planets that orbit the sun in our solar system. Jupiter has sixty three moons and is the fifth planet that orbits the sun in the Milky Way Galaxy. It’s the biggest planet. by Kaitlyn

Kuiper Belt The Kuiper belT is made of a group of frozen gas balls.

The Kuiper Belt is an asteroid belt behind Pluto. by Ben

Lunar Eclipse L stands for Lunar eclipse. A lunar eclipse is when the earth interupts light shining on the moon.

A lunar eclipse can only happen when the sun, earth and moon are lined up. by Trenton

m for moon A moon is any planet’s satellite. The moon orbits Earth, like Earth orbits the sun. by Jarett

nebula a nebula is a sTar THaT is very olD anD Has exploDeD.

wHen a sun exploDes iT creaTes HoT gases anD DusT anD is calleD a nebula. by Davis

O is for Orbit An orbit is when any kind of satellite rotates or revolves around the sun. For example the moon orbits the sun while the earth orbits around the sun. All the planets orbit the Sun and that’s how we get seasons, night and day. by Tasneem

Pluto Pluto is a tiny dwarf planet and is made of lots of pieces of ice. Pluto was one of the nine planets once, but now scientists have discovered that Pluto is not one of the nine planets. Pluto is now a dwarf planet. by Olivia

Q is for Quasar A quasar is a body that’s larger than a star but smaller than a galaxy. There are millions of quasars out there that we don’t know about. I wonder if a quasar could be a small galaxy with living creatures on a different planet. by Tasneem

Rocket Ship A rocket ship is powered and propelled by rockets. Did you know that there is a rocket ship called Rocket Ship Galileo?

by Olivia

Satellite a saTelliTe is a man maDe objecT THaT orbiTs THe earTH like THe moon. A Satellite helps us use a GPS, a cell phone and TV. by Ben

Titan Titan is one of Saturn’s moons and it is related to Earth in the fact that it has a nitrogen rich- atmosphere and water. TiTan is saTurn’s largesT moon and iT is larger Than mercury and iT is relaTed To earTh in many ways. By Joe

Uranus Uranus is 7th planet from the sun and it has 11 small rings around it that are made up of gases.

Did you know that Uranus has rings? by Spencer

Venus Venus is the second planet from the sun. It is the sixth biggest planet. It is the hottest planet. Venus is the hottest planet and the second planet from the Sun. by Alyse

World The world is made up of many atoms. Our world is named Earth. There are 8 planets in our galaxy. by Jarett

X-Ray The Chandra X-Ray is the most powerful x-ray telescope. It takes pictures of all the planets. The Chandra X-ray is a satellite launched by NASA. To take pictures of the planets. By Megan

Year 365 days is one revolution around the sun which is a year.

365 days is one whole year. by Brock

The zenith is the time during the day when the sun is directly above a specific point. The zenith can also refer to the highest point reached by a celestial object during its orbit around a certain point. by Julie

Space Alphabet Book  

Astro Team members completed mini-research projects related to space for our alphabet book.

Space Alphabet Book  

Astro Team members completed mini-research projects related to space for our alphabet book.