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Author: TrinkaLs

Sunshine vs. Darkside Did you ever wonder if your Sim

career oriented go getters with

would be happier in another fam-

impeccable taste in clothing. Joe

ily? Well speculate no more, be-

spends all his time working so his

cause Sim Swap sends two unsus-

family can live in the luxury that

pecting Sims to live in each other’s

they are accustomed to. Cherry

homes. The Sims will completely

plays super woman as she jug-

switch families for two weeks.

gles a successful career and man-

At the end of the two weeks, the

ages the household. Their two

two Sims who switched places

beautiful teenagers, Terry and

will meet up and tell each other

Tinsel enjoy being the most pop-

what they learned from the ex-

ular, straight A students at their

perience. If the switching Sims

school. Cherry keeps her fami-

last the entire two weeks they

ly on a tight schedule filled with

earn 20,000 simoleans for their

chores, so her children learn time

family. The catch is that the oth-

management and responsibili-

er Sim decides how the money

ty. Over on the other side of the

gets used. With so many person-

country, Naomi Darkside and her

ality conflicts, heated emotional

three kids live a very different

brawls are bound to ensue. Let’s

life. Single Mom, Naomi works

find out what will happen on this

two part time jobs, and lives in

issue of Sim Swap.

downtown Bridgeport. Teenager,

This week on Sim Swap, we will meet the Sunshine family from a small town known to many as Riverview. Joe and Cherry are two

Nina works part time at a bookstore to help her mother pay the bills. She also watches her little brother and sister, Evan and Ele-

nor. Today, the moms are going to their new homes where they will read a manual about how the families normally run their household. First, we listen to Cherry as she reads the Darkside’s manual and gives her first impressions about the Darkside homestead. “When I first got into Bridge-

wait until the end of the week and then I can get this family’s life priorities in order!” Next, Naomi goes into her new home and share her thoughts. “Dang, these port, I couldn’t believe that any-

friends with my kids. They can

one would want to live in crime

do whatever they want because

central. I would never raise my

I don’t want them to hate me. I

kids in a place like this.


tease my daughter, Nina because

the apartment they live in is so

she acts like such a “mom” all the


They must have an only

time. She pays the bills and takes

child, because I can’t imagine

care of Evan and Elenor when I’m

squeezing multiple kids in this

at work. I love my kids, but I find

two bedroom hole in the wall.”

it overwhelming to be a single

The manual reads as fol-

mother. Evan is always getting

lows: What’s up! My name’s Nao-

in trouble at school and with the

mi. I love to party and make new

law, and Elenor has reached her

friends. Normally, I am gone all

terrible twos. I hope you love my

night long working as a bartender

life as much as I do.

or partying in the hottest clubs.

Your Kid’s New Mommy,

Since I am out ‘till everything clos-


es, I sleep in during the day and

“I don’t know what to say. How

in the afternoon go to my second

can she live like this? Her daugh-

job as a cashier at a gas station/

ter is a better parent than she is.

grocery store that is down the

Oh Lord, What will happen to my

street from where I live. I am best

kids and my house? Oh, I can’t

people must be really rich! But why in the world would they want to live in a dinky little town. I miss the night life already. I mean how can anyone party in a place like this? This family is probably going to be so boring”

The manual reads as follows:

Welcome to the Sunshine family! We are happy to have you in our home. My name is Cherry and I am the overseer of this family. My husband works all the time as a scientist, so I have control over the household funds and the disciplining of our children. I also work, so we have to stay on a regimented schedule otherwise nothing will ever get accomplished. I am a proud owner of my own local bakery. I spend a lot of time there, so I count on the assistance of my kids to keep our house in the pristine shape that I desire.

We will see how this week turned

kept him on a short leash and it

of the situation. Tinsel manipu-

out when we return after a brief


Evan didn’t have the

lated Naomi into letting her stay

word from our sponsers.

chance to get into trouble with

out all night and cutting classes.

the law because when he wasn’t

Tinsel and Terry convinced Naomi

doing homework, Evan was doing

to have an unsupervised party at

chores. Nina is very happy be-

their house. The teens party got

cause for once she could pursue

out of hand and the police were

what she was passionate about.

called. Naomi ended up in tears

She is looking into art school and

yet again, “I don’t understand

has already talked to a financial

what I did wrong. I just wanted

aid office. She now knows what

everyone to be my friend. But I

she has to do to make her dream a

didn’t think they would get so out

reality. Nina explains, “I love not

of hand and take advantage of

having to be the adult in the fam-

the rules.”

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And we’re back, after a grueling second week. Let’s look back on how it went. Cherry has brought the concept

ily, but I wish that Cherry would

of drill sergeant to a whole new

let me spend some time with

extreme. The Darkside’s home

friends. She is really strict about

has never looked so good. How-

giving kids freedom.”

ever, Evan is miserable with his new mom. He pulled every prank he could think of, tried to sneak out of the house, skip school, and claim he didn’t have any homework. But Cherry didn’t fall for any of his shenanigans.


The end of the two weeks has finally arrived, and both women are looking forward to reuniting with their families. But first they

While on paper, Naomi’s ideas

must meet each other and share

were great; the result wasn’t

their experiences. Cherry walks

as fantastic as she would have

in with notes that she has pre-

hoped. Since Terry and Tinsel had

pared for this discussion. Nao-

never had any freedom in their

mi looks in her compact mirror

entire lives, they took advantage

one more time before entering

the room. They awkwardly try to shake and hug at

tionally want to hurt Cherry, even if Cherry was mea

the same time, but after that is resolved they both sit

to her.

down. Cherry starts first because she likes to be in control.

“The way you run your family is very efficient. How

ever, I feel like you are in the same boat as me. Yo

“I loved your kids. I think that with some strong disci-

husband is never around to support you in raising yo

pline and a tight leash, you can get Evan under control.

kids. You are basically a single mom already. I thin

Elenor is a beautiful toddler. And Nina has so much

its great that you found a career that you are passio

potential, but you need to let her focus on school and

ate about. But you need to take some time for you

her future. Nina is so busy doing your job, that she

self when you aren’t working or managing the hous

doesn’t have time to do her homework. She is not the

hold. I can tell that your kids are very unhappy. I trie

mother, you are. You need to get a real full-time job

to give them lots of freedom, but they took advantag

and start taking some responsibility. Do your job and

of me. I think that both our sides were wrong. I thin

be a parent!”

we both need to find a happy medium. You need

Cherry’s strong opinions have brought Naomi to tears (not that it takes much). She struggles to compose herself. In fact, she looks pretty silly with her make up running down her face and her fit of squeaky hiccups. After getting a drink of water, Naomi chooses to take the higher route and not yell at Cherry. Naomi is a good and well-meaning person. She doesn’t inten-

give your kids more freedom, but still have a clear s

of rules. I really feel like I learned a lot from livin

with your family. I hope you learned a lot from mine

Cherry gives Naomi an icy stare as they part way

Cherry is livid that anyone could find anything wron

with her perfect family. Naomi on the other han feels like this could be a new beginning.


When the families get back together, everyone Then she goes to the occasional party. However, is very happy to be back in their own lives.










ink to







When they return home, each family reads the letter from the other mother, detailing how the simoleans should be used. Cherry is angry that the simoleans will be used for a family vacation. She thinks it is pointless and wasteful. Cherry intends to keep her family’s lifes exactly the way it has always been, despite her children’s strong protests. Naomi, on the other hand, is ecstatic at the news that most of the money will go to Nina so she can start a college fund. The rest of the simoleans will be used for household expenses while Naomi looks for a full time job. Naomi decided to pursue a career as a news anchor for SimNews. She covers all the social events in the area. The income that she now makes will give her more time to focus on looking after her kids. When Naomi wants to take time for herself, she waits until the kids have gone to bed.

she doesn’t stay out all night/ every night like she used to. Nina doesn’t have to be the “mom” anymore. She can spend time with friends on weekends as long as she has her homework and scholarship essays done.

Even though

Naomi doesn’t like disciplining, she now takes a more active parenting role in her kids’ lives. She is proud to be Evan’s parent now because he isn’t getting in as much trouble anymore.

So sometimes the grass is greener on the

other side and sometimes it’s not. It’s hard to tell sometimes who is better and who is worse. Maybe no one’s life is perfect, but you can always improve your situation. You have to learn from life’s experiences. You can turn your family from the worst family to the best family all by being willing to change. Well, that’s all time we have folks. Join us next time on Sim Swap.

by Ella

Author: Annay

Good or Bad Kitchen

What makes a good kitchen? And what makes a bad kitchen?

By: Annay In the morning you hear the bacon sizzling and the eggs frying, you see the flies buzzing on the ceiling, and see the pile of dirty dishes! What? Yes, that may not be the ideal thing you want to see in the morning, but there are people out there that see that daily.

Your kitchen should be a sanctuary, a place you can call home and sit down and enjoy a meal in. Your kitchen should be a good size with plenty of room to manuver and make delicious food in. We all crave the cozy space and dream of a family. There are few people out there that want to live in a stertile space with no color, no emotion, and terrible food. Or maybe they just want to have mini fridges and microwaves until they turn 70.

Overall, a well

maintained kitchen is what makes an attractive kitchen. There may not be a “bad kitchen” but there is certainly a badly taken care of kitchen, or a kitchen that is too small. Even on the flipside, there are kitchens that are so large you can’t cook in there without hiring an army. Finding that cozy space will make your life feel “right”.

“A kitchen should be a sanctuary”

Interview with Fresh Prince Questions by: VictoriousSimmer


What does Fresh Prince say? to say I am quite proud of it be-

in other’s creations, so I aspire

cause that is what got me start-

to make my cars as realistic as

become famous creating CC?

ed in creation, and I thought it



was amazing to have a virtual


Did you ever think you could

No I didn’t. I just started off making things I would like

for myself in the Sims. I don’t consider myself to be famous, but it’s flattering, haha.


What was the first piece of CC you ever created? Are

you proud of it?


The first custom content I made was a dining room

set based off of the one I had in my house at the time. I have

version of something in real life.


Your cars are truly amazing, how do you make them so



Thank you! I spend most of the creation process doing

What programmer do you use to make CC? Just a lit-

tle tip for all of our creator readers. (;


I use a various amount of programs. For 3d modeling

and animating, I use 3ds Max

research on the cars I make. It

and Milkshape 3d. For texturing,

takes me longer to find out spe-

I also use 3ds Max in addition

cific details and find pictures of

to Photoshop. And then to pull

certain car parts than it does to

everything together and get my

technically make the car per say.

creations in game, I use TSRW

I love a close attention to detail

(The Sims Resource Workshop).


Have you ever made any CC through the sims version. =] for a group or organization? A




dream job to do what I do now

Do you ever play your game just for playing, or do you just

I’ve made a few objects for cer- play to test out CC? tain theme groups like Medie-

val and such. I have given exclusive downloads before for certain forums and magazines, but that resulted in some very complicated situations, so I don’t do that anymore, haha.

6 A




favorite piece of CC to make?

for the rest of my life. It’s just incredibly enjoyable seeing something in your head come to life.


You know, I really don’t actually play the game that

often. I’d say 99% of the time I use the game for testing. Once in a while I will decide to play the game and really enjoy it, but I feel unproductive if I play it with-


If EA asked you to work for them designing furni-

ture and cars, would you take up their offer?


Absolutely! I’ve always wanted to work with the

out making anything for it. When Sims team, that is truly my

That’s a tough one. Each piece I do play the game, I usually play dream job. Although I think I of cc has its own personal val- as myself, and then realize that I need to practice my skills a bit

ue to me, but I would have to say it should probably make more af- more. Everyone always tells is a tie between my 2012 Lamborgh- fordable cars, since I never have me that my cars are so much ini Aventador and 1997 Honda Civ- enough money to buy my custom better than EA’s, but I think the ic Coupe, both for the Sims 3. The sports cars, lol. Lamborghini is my dream car in real life, as I love its sharp styling, so I was very passionate and excited to make that for the sims. The 1997 Honda Civic Coupe is also a favorite of mine because it is my real life car, so I automatically connect my own


artists have done an excep-

Is designing things on the computer



want to do in life? Or is it what you do in life?


tional job due to the limits they have because they have to be conscious of low end computers and have to create the designs of cars themselves,

I am currently going to col- rather than using a real life car lege to study animation/3d brand.

stories of the car and my love of it modeling, and it would be be


ast but not least, are you happy with your decision to create cars? Do you maybe wish you could’ve be-

come famous creating something else?


I am definitely happy to have chosen creating cars, as I think it’s a rare and unique aspect for the sims

that I can spread my passion for cars. Although I have to say If I wasn’t a car creator, I’d probably create male fashion. I don’t think there’s as much men’s fashion as women’s, and plus, all the websites I see for the sims that clude fashion, have like

a 100 times more hits than my

site and are much more popular, haha. So, it’d be nice to be as popular as some sim fashion sites, but I definitely can’t complain with all of the people who have supported and downloaded my creations. I’m blown away from the fact that my creations ihave millions of downloads.


hank you so much for this opportunity and interview! I appreciate it! Fresh Prince

October Rock the Sims Magazine issue  

Rock the Sims issue for october. View an interview with fresh prince, and learn about how to rock your wardrobe. Sims, Sims 2, Sims 3 Rock...

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