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Visual Explanation Illustration Best Date Spots in Seattle Janet Yang


This project is going to show the visual elements and explanation illustration to audiences. Best Date Spots in Seattle is an interactive map to show where couples can visit in Seattle area. So, I researched five places I have been to then added information to project.

Target audience

My target audiences are adult couples from outside of Seattle or another states.

Objectives I want my target audiences know what attractions they can visit in Seattle.

Obstacles So, my target audiences is going to know what attractions of Seattle area, but also they will know the fee of tickets or parking.

Key Benefit So, if you have low budgets for your date, you may choose to go beach. Otherwise, you have high budgets for your date, you can enjoy your dinner at Space Needle.

Tone Light tone for illustration.

Creative Considerations It can be designed for app.




Visual explantation illustration project  

best date spots in seattle

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