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Sage Remote Hosting: Ingenious Way To Have Multiple Users Work Together In Your Business!! The efficiency of a business can be intensified when there is participation of multiple users who works in a real-time manner. Sage provides one of the most popular software solutions for database and account management, no matter the size of your business. It is the UK's second largest technology company and is the world's third-largest supplier of enterprise resource planning software (behind Oracle and SAP), the largest supplier to small businesses, and has 6.1 million customers worldwide. Sage on Cloud is a blessing for SMBs (Small and Medium sized businesses). With Sage Remote Hosting on Cloud comes ample amount of benefits. Most important is the cost reduction of IT equipment and maintenance, hence increasing the productivity of your business. Access Data & Work On Sage From Anywhere Sage Remote Hosting offers an ingenious way to businesses which facilitates ease of accessing & controlling data from anywhere remotely. All you need is a device, internet connection and your login id and password. Your data is securely integrated on the cloud with the software. This eliminates the need of installing the program on each device, and the required data files are also synced on the cloud. Multi-User Collaboration When you’re running Sage on a Virtual Desktop hosted in the cloud everyone is working remotely, even the guys in the office. This means you can work as effectively from home, hotel, customer site or Wi-Fi enabled coffee shop as you can from the office. If you have multiple branches everyone gets the same experience. This reduces the confusion of email and updating files for everyone. Thus, all employees are working on latest updated data. Data Backup & Protection Updating data in a timely manner is a hard & hectic task. Also, there is always a danger of data loss at the time of disasters. But with Sage Remote Hosting you have all your data backed up routinely on cloud. So there is no chance of losing your precious data. Host providers have secure servers so you need not worry about data security. Allow access to a limited number of users and let your provider do the rest. Stability and Performance

With a hosting type solution both the Sage client used by all of the users, and the database they share, sit on the same box; a virtual server hosted by a service provider. Problems with poor internet bandwidth or intermittent internet connection, whilst annoying, will not cause data corruptions. Minimum Expenses On IT Infrastructure Running your own IT infrastructure is expensive. It requires a large capital outlay, not just for the equipment and licences, but also the specialist skills to set it up. There are then the ongoing costs to support it. On premise IT is also inflexible, you don’t get any cash back for downsizing, nor for trading in your old server for a new one when you expand. The reduction of physical infrastructure and maintenance cost will make user to concentrate on core functionalities of the business rather than focusing upon the technical issues.

About us SageNext Infotech is an Intuit’s trusted premier reseller and authorized commercial host that frequently deals in Sage applications to provide hosting services to businesses. Not all Sage applications can be hosted over Sage remote platform but majority of these programs can be hosted. The Sage softwares that can be put on the cloud to unleash their benefits are - Sage 50 Premium Accounting, Sage 50 Quantum Accounting, Sage 50 Complete Accounting, Sage 100, Sage 300, Sage 500, Sage ERP and many more.

Sage remote hosting  
Sage remote hosting  

Sage provides one of the most popular software solutions for database and account management, no matter the size of your business.