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Friday 12th February 2010

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FAMOUS FASHION DESIGNER DIES AT FORTY the prestigious St. Martin‟s fashion college in London. His big break came in 1994 when his college collection was displayed to lots of influential fashion figures. The editor of Vogue, Isabella Blow, was so impressed with his collection that she bought all of it. In 1996 he became head of the important French fashion house Givenchy and established himself as one of the world‟s leading fashion designers. He continued to enjoy success winning British Fashion designer of the year four times as well as a CBE from the queen in 2003.

BY TROY MCGLINCHEY World-renowned fashion designer Alexander McQueen was found dead in his London home yesterday after apparently committing suicide, he was found hanged in his flat in Mayfair in Central London. His death comes just a week after the death of his mother and it is believed that McQueen took his own life as he was unable to cope with his mother‟s death. The fashion world was in mourning yesterday after losing one of its brightest stars. McQueen was born in the east end of London into a working class family. He struggled at school admitting he “learned virtually nothing” and leaving with just one GCSE in Art. However, he had a love of fashion and design and worked hard to achieve his dreams eventually being accepted into

Alexander McQueen The INDEPENDENT

FIRST LADY MOVED BY SCHOOL VISIT BY UGOCHI NWABUIKWU Last years in April Michelle Obama paid a visit to Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School in Islington, while her husband was amongst the world leaders attending the G20 summit. She paid a visit to the school during black awareness week and gave an inspirational speech to the pupils in which she said „‟There is injustice in the world and you have a responsibility as the next generation to close the gap, but you must work hard.‟‟ The First Lady was close to tears as she addressed the excited crowd at Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School. As she approached the podium to give her speech after a performance by Year 11 pupil Grace Hollowell and the

Nanah Davis, from Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School in London, will be a guest of Michelle Obama, right, at the White House

school‟s junior choir performed the Whitney Houston hit „Believe‟ she said, „‟Wow, I can‟t follow that. Let me tell you, I am just very touched and moved by all of you.‟‟The school takes some of the most destitute youngsters but has a record for improving results and teaching that they can achieve „‟without limits‟‟. According to the head deputy of

the school Sarah Beagley the speech was „‟incredibly moving and inspirational...and it was perfect‟‟. Mrs Obama who was filled up by the girl‟s appreciation still has a picture of that memorable day on her desk. Michelle Obama has also given out invitations to the White House to 10 children from Islington 6 girls and 4 boys. Nanah Davis who was among the audience during Michelle Obama‟s visit is enthusiastic and happy to be going to the White House to meet her idol. Nanah who won a competition on Black History could not believe she won „‟When I entered the competition I wanted to learn about black UK history, but I didn‟t think I would win. This is the start of everything for me. I

want to achieve. I want to be successful and this shows I can do it.‟‟ „I remember Mrs Obama saying.‟ Only you can control your own destiny.‟ Some people say you can‟t do it because of your skin colour, but that‟s not true. If you really want something, you must grab it and try your hardest. ‟‟The visit will take place this Saturday and Nanah will be heading to the White House with nine other winners. This just goes to show that with hard work and ambition anything is possible, no matter your family background or your parents not having a proper education you can do it!! Just believe in yourself and you will be surprised by how far you‟ll get.

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Despite working with celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss and Lady GaGa McQueen stayed down to earth and never let fame go to his head. He was very close to his family and always knew that there were more important things in life than fashion saying once “It‟s only clothes at the end of the day, isn‟t it.”.He came from a basic background but this didn‟t stop him from achieving his dream.

The Trinity NUSA Tribune News

Friday February 12th,October 2010 3rd 2007 Wednesday

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Nottingham University Samworth The Trinity School Academy

The News Page PAGE NAME NEWS IN BRIEF ANOTHER SOLDIER KILLED IN AFGHANISTAN Another soldier has died in Afghanistan yesterday, he was on foot patrol when an explosion went off and he was killed instantly. Next of kin have been informed. The number of soldiers dead because of the conflicts has risen to 257 since 2001.

YOUR CHILD IS NOT A BARBIE BY PHOEBE DOYLE Recently at just three years old Katie Holmes‟ daughter has already gathered a collection of lip-sticks for every occasion.

HISTORY IN ONE UNBROKEN CYCLE. Owen Hook currently working as a school caretaker is riding on a £18 bike he bought back from 1953 to and from the school. The bike still has it’s original steel frame, wheels, seat, gears, brake cables and mud guards. HOON TO STAND DOWN AT THE NEXT ELECTION Geoof Hoon Labour MP for Ashfield in Nottinghamshire has announced he will give up his seat at the election this year. He led the ministry of defence during the Iraq war. Suri Cruise wearing make up, from The Daily Mail HUNTING FOR RARE GEESE There are fears for the rare geese arrived in a small number of four thousand when there are meant to be around about six thousand. Their usual number is about six thousand.

This week Suri Cruise was allowed to wear red shiny lip-

gloss on a trip to the theatre. She might have been seen picking up some new make-up at a cosmetics store. Her love of make-up and high heels has brought criticism that her mother Katie Holmes and her father Tom Cruise are encouraging her to grow up too early. Suri has been seen tottering around in several different pairs of heels, dangly clip-on earrings, and carrying a collection of handbags that a grownup girl would envy. Miss Holmes, 31 recently said it was up to Suri to decide what she wanted to wear. Her father Tom Cruise said „She‟s just like her mother; she will not wear trousers only dresses‟ I think it‟s horrible. The same story goes for Katie Price‟s daughter „Princess Tiaamii‟ Katie Price took time out from her honeymoon to post a picture Of her two-year-

old daughter Princess to a social networking site. Everyone is upset with Katie Price because the picture shown Princess wearing lip-gloss, eye shadow and a pair of what it looks like Katie‟s fake eyelashes. Little girls always want to play with their mother‟s make-up and shoes it‟s no big deal. And a children‟s rights group lost a legal brave challenge to prevent a girl aged 7 from going to a Brazilian annual carnival. Julia Lira, left was chosen to lead the carnival but her clothes were too small and showing off and she‟s only 7 years old. Hiram Araujo said „This is a good break from the queen as sex symbol. Her role is to present the orchestras‟ To all the mum‟s and dad‟s out there I think really you should let your child wear make-up at the age of 13 and up because

TRACY BEAKER CREATOR IS MOST LOANED AUTHOR Jacqueline Wilson, after being named most borrowed author of the decade, is a loan star. Her books include, The Illustrated Mum, Bad Girls, Vicky Angel and her best seller The story of Tracy Beaker. According to figures from the public lending right sixteen million copies of her book has been lent out in ten years.

FRONT LINE POWER STRUGGLE GETS EASIER An electricity-conducting uniform which allows soldiers to shed the 60 AA batteries and reams of cables they carry into battle is being developed.Silver threads in the uniform will be linked a battery powered by fuel cell technology. The wearer will be able to touch a torch, GPS system or night vision goggles, to a magnetic pad connected to the battery or drop an appliance into a pocket to charge it.

you never know who is out there watching them.


POISONED CURRY WOMAN JAILED FOR LIFE A woman poisoned her former lover with a curry and she was jailed for life yesterday. The judge told her she would be nearly seventy before she was going to get released

Julia Lira posing, taken from The Independent

Google hopes that their new program Buzz will be a real hit, to create a social suicide for Facebook creators. Google has had a masses of new programs since they launched Google Chrome expanding the limit of what a search engine can do, putting search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Msn to shame hiding behind the dust that Google has been leaving. Google has pulled out of China leaving China without a useful search engine because government hackers have been hacking into the Google Mail accounts, which Is a violation of privacy. British Airways has suspended 15 of their flight attendants because they have been posting on Facebook about a strike that should not have happened. Facebook have also caused a lot awkward issues

because as well as the British Airways incident Facebook have let prisoners send death treats to non convicts, endangering the lives of the community and the citizens, This situation is not entirely Facebooks

fault because the prison guards should have been monitoring the prisoners. Problems are not totally from Facebook, Twitter have also got issues, whereas a man has been arrested under the act of terrorism, the man

threatened to blow up Doncaster Airport. The man who had posted the message saying that he was going to blow up Doncaster Airport reported that it was a joke when bad weather threatened his travelling plans. He will appear before JPs soon accused of sending “a grossly offensive message”. A government initiative on esafety has been teaching children how to keep safe on the internet. All children at school, primary and secondary, are receiving advice on how to safe on the internet. This includes avoiding chat room predators like paedophiles, also avoiding giving out vital information like a name and a home address. Make sure that you receive your advice soon.

KIDS FIGHT FOR LIFE AS DAD DRIVESTHEM INTO ICY RIVER BY LELIANE DA ROCHA Chris Grady, 38, was arrested on suspicious of attempted murder. It is understood he stormed out of the house after an argument with his ex-wife. He put his two children, Ryan, six and Gabrielle, five on the back seat of the car and drove off “like a wild man” at around 9.20am. According to neighbours he deliberately aimed for the icy River Avon. Chris Grandy was able to get out of his car when it began to sink in the frozen river taking his six-year-old son out with him and to the shore, leaving the five-year-old daughter trapped inside the car under the water. The little fiveyearold girl spent

Searching for bodies, taken from The Mirror

nearly two hours in the freezing water, probably surviving due to an air pocket in the car before being rescued by the police and ambulance and actually resuscitated. Both children were critically ill in hospital last

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night. “The driver looked like a wild man, the children were screaming,” said one of the witnesses. “The car hit the water and I saw two children on the back screaming and banging on the windows to get out,” said one of the nearby neighbours. Another tragic parents story is that of Satpal Singh, 44 who force-fed bleach to her 12-year -old son, Ajit Singh. The mother has been charged with murder and will appear at Barking magistrates court this morning. She had been warned, two years ago that Ajit the 12-year-old boy and his brother would be taken to care after they raised concerns

about the children‟s safety. On Tuesday, the 12-year-old boy died in hospital after an “ingestion of caustic liquid”. Her other son, 11, who has not been named, was not harmed by his mother, or anyone else, but has been taken into care. Steve Woodhead, 59, said he told police two years ago that he was concerned about the children‟s safety and was assured that they would be put into care. He said: “We are not surprised at all. When I saw the police out there I knew straight away what had happened. David Kirby, 63, and his wife Carol, 64, lived next door to Singh but moved away after suffering constant abuse and an attack on their carp pond.

The NUSA News

Friday February 12th, 2010

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Nottingham University Samworth Academy




A picture of ‘The Traditional Sweet Shop’ located in Windermere.



Recently, it has been noticed that there are some bizarre things happening in the Lake District town of Windermere. For instance, a significant amount of people have been experiencing problems with key fobs as they‟re not communicating properly with cars in order to open and lock them. As well as that, Traffic lights have-

n‟t been working correctly. This problem could easily cause accidents whilst travelling by car or on any road transport. On a similar matter, citizens of this town have reported issues with pedestrian crossings; however, there was no evidence of any electrical faults. Currently, town‟s people are claiming it‟s a spirit or ghost by the name Albert causing these problems. However, Scientist has come

up with an explanation to the possible reasons why this is happening. Some scientists are saying that chip and PIN machines are interfering with signals of other mechanical machines. An amateur radio enthusiast who might be using the same frequency could also be causing the problem. Hopefully this problem won‟t keep the tourists away this half -term!


Rhubarb smothered in a thick luscious sauce.

BY LAYLA REAP NEW FINDINGS REVEAL MORE ABOUT OUR FOOD. Eating rhubarb could be the mystery of solving cancer. When it‟s baked for 20 minutes the amount of cancerous chemicals decreases. Scientists have said that cancer affects every one in three individuals so it‟s important to find a cure. Rhubarb has proven to be one of these cures. Rhubarb can kill a ton of cancer cells to reduce chances of cancer. “Current treatments are not effective in all cancer and resistant is a common problem” said Dr Nikki of Sheffield‟s Hallam University. But now scientists have proved rhubarb is a cure, the only problem is that we will have to get people to like it.

NOW PEOPLE HAVE A REASON FOR EATING CHOCOLATE. We all know how much most people enjoy chocolate and that there will always be one excuse to eat it. Now there is one more excuse to add to the list. Scientists have done some research and they have found that just one piece of chocolate will reduce the chances of getting strokes. One of the studies they did was that they got 45,000 men and women. They found out that when you eat even a small bar of chocolate can lower the risk of stroke by 22% compared to those who eat no chocolate at all. Though more research is needed to prove that chocolate truly does shrink the risk of strokes.


Flowers for sale, photo taken from The Express

BY JADE CARLISLE-BROWN. An estimated of nine million roses will be handed out to loved ones this weekend. This will mean that £50 million will be spent on flowers and plants. Sending valentine card and flowers has been very popular since the 17th century. However, increasingly men are reluctant to send cards. They prefer to use email and text. This year Valentine‟s Day falls on a Sunday so there won‟t be a post delivery to surprise lovers around the country. If you will be without a card, perhaps reading a novel will get you in the romantic mood.

This is an excerpt from “For better, for worst a light hearted guide to a wedding bliss.” By Jane Fearnley –Whittingstall. The first woman I kissed after making my vows was not my bride but her bridesmaid. It was when I was waiting to sign the forms and I was getting really nervous it’s seemed like a sensible thing to do at the time. It seems as though romance might be dying as weddings have hit their lowest level since the Victorian age. Women are now 3 times less likely to get married as they would have been in their mother generation. Fewer than one in 50

women in Wales and England went though a wedding in 2008 .Women are now also waiting longer before they get married. David Cameron is pledged to give tax breaks to married couples to try to rebuild stable families and cut disastrous rates of break-ups and disruption. Yesterday figures provoked fresh debates about why couples are not getting married. A great majority of young people want to marry but can‟t because their put off that they can‟t afford it. Most young people want certain thing in place before they get married.

The biggest crab ever seen in Britain is leaving its viewers astonished. With a gigantic body the size of a basketball and measuring a fantastic 10ft from claw to claw. The Japanese spider crab is nicknamed Crabzilla as it is enormous and greater than any other crab. It was named after the fiction monster Godzilla. Zoologists say the Japanese crab will grow to be up to 15ft, which will leave its visitors speechless and delighted by its amazing yet impossible size. The „Crabzilla‟ was caught by some fishermen in the Pacific Ocean and has gone on display on at the incredible National Sea Life Centre right at Birmingham. It will still be on display until the end of March, so anyone can enjoy the 10legged Japanese Crab up close.

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Currently the worlds largest Crab.

Curator Derek Scales was not at all afraid to hold the colossal crab.”He‟s not aggressive, so the other crabs in the tank should have nothing to worry about,” he said.

The Trinity NUSA Tribune News

Friday February 12th,October 2010 3rd 2007 Wednesday

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Nottingham University Samworth The Trinity School Academy



JAN 19 -FEB 20 Your year will start off to a good beginning as a surprise is just around the corner.

FEB 20 –MAR 20 Your friends may have bad news for you, but don‟t try to think about it too much as it could get in the way of other important things in your life.

MAR 20 – APR 19 You‟re a great leader. Try to use this skill for projects at work or at school. You could find it will help you in the future.

rest of the year will be better.

OCT 23 – 21 NOV AUG 23 – SEP 22 Your future ahead of you will be bright as the spot light will be shining on you.

APR 20 –MAY 20 Your brave, adventurous nature will be useful as an opportunity comes for you to show you have nothing to fear.

MAY 21 –JUNE 21 Your hard work will pay off as a special person will be there

PICK A PAIR Ben has socks in five different colours: two pairs of blue socks, two pairs of black, three pairs of brown, four pairs of green, and four pairs of white. Ben, who is not very neat, doesn't bother to pair up his socks when he puts them away. He just throws them in the drawer. Now Ben is packing to go away for the weekend, but there's been a power failure and he can't see the socks in his drawer. How many socks does he have to take out of his drawer to be sure he has at least two that will make a pair? The answer is six socks. If Ben takes out five socks, he could have one of each colour, with no two matching colours. But if he takes out six socks, two have to be the same colour, since there are only five colours. (Sorry we tricked you with all that unnecessary information!) Will you forget me in a day? No Will you forget me in a year? No Will you forget me in 2 years ?

watching you work. Don‟t worry about it too much or it could get in the way of your personal life.

Knock,Knock Who‟s there ? You‟ve already forgotten me

JUNE 22–JULY 22 Keep on going with your kind attitude as you will find that something good will happen when you do a nice thing for someone else.

JUL 23 – AUG 22 Try to be a bit calmer this year as you will find that the

Don‟t be afraid to do what your heart desires.

NOV 22-DEC 21 You will find that all of your dreams are ahead of you. SEP 23 – 22 OCT You will find a vital letter has arrived telling you something very important. The rest of your life depends on it. Though maybe one of your dreams will become reality.

CRISS CROSS PUZZLE Across 2. number of Clifton bus 4. famous local outlaw 7. another theatre in Nottingham 8. theatre in Nottingham 9. the world's greatest city

FILL IN THE MISSING NUMBERS Use the numbers 1 through 4 to complete the equations. Each number is only used once. Each row is a math equation. Each column is a math equation. Remember that multiplication and division are performed before addition and subtraction.

Q: What did the princess say when her photos didn‟t arrive? A: One day my prints will come :)

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The NUSA News

Friday February 12th, 2010

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Nottingham University Samworth Academy



Jade, Phoebe, Woody, Ugo, Bethany, Troy, Diquan, Laura, Layla, Leliane


On Friday 12 February, ten NUSA students from years 8 and 9 visited the E-Learning centre in Clifton. The challenge: to create the first edition of The NUSA news in one day. After a crash course in how a newspaper is

put together and some journalism lingo, the students got to work researching the day‟s stories and writing their own articles. Troy McGlinchey and Ugo Nwabuikwu took on the task of the front page while Diquan Kerr focussed on the possibilities for Google‟s new social networking site.

The lighter side of the news was supplied by Jade CarlisleBrown, Phoebe Doyle and Woody Carlisle-Brown with their articles on Valentines Day, celebrity children and a strange village in the Lake District where ghostly events are occurring! Back page sports news was provided by Bethany

MACMILLAN COFFEE MORNING On Thursday 17th December 2009, the Nottingham University Samworth Academy in Bilborough held their first char-

ity event, a Community Coffee Morning, in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support. The event was a huge success, managing to raise an impressive £612.70 for an incredible cause. The morning was enjoyed by all; NUSA students, staff and parents, along with members of the local community, who hailed it as a “lovely, lively and touching occasion.” Year 10 NUSA student Connor Boultby explained that students had a “sense of pride” when managing all stalls including Cupcake Corner, the Raffle and Tombola. There were also festive and celebratory contributions

from the NUSA choir and drama students. Reverend Amanda Cartwright of All Saints Church, Strelley, commented “it was so friendly and cheerful and nice for us to be there and be looked after.” P.C Richard Naylor Neighbourhood

Police Beat Manager for Bilborough thought that the event was “very positive and the refreshments were welcomed on a cold and rainy day.” Helena Curtis, Fundraising Manager for Macmillan Cancer Support in Nottinghamshire said, “I was impressed to hear that the coffee morning had raised a superb £612.70. It was great to be able to attend on the day and see everyone getting involved and enjoying the opportunity to stop and chat and participate in raffle. There was a super atmosphere and

Cresswell and Laura Richardson. Time was tight and breaks were short as the team raced to meet their deadline, just like a real newsroom. The afternoon brought new challenges with Layla Recap and Leliane da Rocha producing a podcast featuring some of

the paper‟s most important news items. „Today has been good,‟ said Year 9 student Bethany Cresswell, „It‟s a whole new experience and shows you what it might be like to do this when you‟re older. I think I‟d like to be an editor.‟


the hard work was evident in the number of people in attendance along with the prizes which had been donated. This donation will make a significant difference to those affected by cancer and their family. We are most grateful for everyone‟s generosity and support.” Macmillan Cancer Support is the chosen charity of Curie House at the Academy and

holds a special relevance for many people, as NUSA Community Co-ordinator, Claire McFarlane explains: „Cancer affects so many lives, so many families, so many communities. Macmillan provide 24 hour care for a variety of patients– I know many people who have benefitted.”

On Tuesday 12th January, a group of twelve Gifted & Talented pupils from Nottingham University Samworth Academy (years 7 and 8) went on an interesting trip to the E-learning Centre at Top Valley School, Nottingham. During the day they learnt to use the Google package “SketchUp”. The course included instructional videos and small tasks,

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plus some competitions – students were tasked with creating 3D objects, including robots with a specific purpose. Pupils then had to vote for the creators of the best objects to win educational prizes. In doing so, the pupils got to know each other better and learnt how to work in teams .

The NUSA News

Friday February 12th, 2010

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Nottingham University Samworth Academy


Sven’s gone again: Sven proud of Nott’s County before he left. The Times Newspaper

BY BETHANY CRESSWELL Sven Goran Erikson has dashed the hopes of thousands

of devoted Nott‟s County fans by leaving the club after it was sold for just £1. The club is

worth more but was sold cheap as the new owners will also have to pay the £600,000 tax bill, Fans and locals believed it all started to go downhill after arsenal defender Sol Campbell quit after just one game last September, it seemed to only get worse from there when ex manager Ian Mcparland was sacked and was replaced by Hans Backe just a month after the Sol Campbell incident, Hans Backe only lasted seven weeks though and Munto Finance passed the shares to Peter Trembling, news came out yesterday that Erikson and Trembling both quit and ex Lincoln-city chairman Ray Trew is set to take over the club, Erik-


Bridge that if he doesn‟t end the rift between him and John Terry then it could end his inAf t er As h l e y ternational career. He has also Cole‟s injury on been told that if he doesn‟t Wednesday 10th turn up to the Egypt friendly February it now next month then it could leaves Fabio end his career. Capello and the If Bridge turns down the England Football opportunity to play for team in turmoil as it England because of now seems that John the alleged affair Terry has to play then Capello‟s alo ngs id e W a yn e other option is to Bridge. This has left go with Aston the England team in Villa‟s Stephen mayhem as last Warnock. Some week it was reoptions that he vealed that John could have chosen Terry had had an but can‟t because of alleged affair with injuries are LiverWayne Bridge‟s former girlpool‟s Glen Johnson, friend Vanessa Perroncel. knee injury, England‟s Ashley Cole has been told that new skipper Rio Ferdihe could be out for three nand, Gary Cahill, blood months with a fracture to his clot, David James, maleft ankle. This injury happened jority of injuries. during the match of Chelsea Chelsea‟s manager and Everton where Chelsea Carlo Ancelotti lalost 2-1. belled John Terry as Capello Injured: Ashley Cole clutches „Captain Perfect‟ now has his ankle as he struggles off after he showed a the pitch. The Daily Express t o l d good display after W a y n e being dropped as

the England captain. He was also said to have looked human again this week as two slips let in Louis Saha as the Blues were beaten by Everton. The president of FIFA, Sepp Blatter, has said that Terry would have been applauded in Latin countries and not stripped of his captaincy over his alleged affair. He reckons that if this was France, Italy or Spain Terry‟s alleged affair would have been considered as not an offence. He also believes that a Latin country would have applauded him.

son is said to be going to county‟s F.A Cup tie at Fulham tomorrow and has accepted the role of honouree president. Sven‟s not the only manager in trouble as Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp and exPortsmouth chairman Milan Mandaric have been accused of avoiding tax and national insurance for a sum of more than twelve million while managing Pompey. They were seen yesterday arriving at court to face a judge, Westminster Magistrates have been adjourned until April 14. Premier league teams are reportedly going to give Pompey the life

line they need as Richard Scudamore,the chief executive will make amends with the nineteen other premiere teams and will ask if they object to Pompey‟s parachute payment of 11 million but was changed to 12.1 million because it was unpaid. Let‟s hope the debt is done and dusted with and the club gets their act together in time for the F.A Cup, as they have been tipped to win it this year.

NOTTINGHAM PROUDLY SENDS TWO ICE DANCERS TO THE WINTER OLYMPICS! BY LAURA RICHARDSON The ice dancers from Nottingham are the first couple, from Nottingham, to be sent to the Winter Olympics since Torvill and Dean when they qualified for the Winter Olympics in 1994. Nick Buckland and Penny Coomes came second to the Scottish brother and sister dancers John and Sinead Kerr at the British Figure Skating Championships in Sheffield. The two ice dancers are both students from Nottingham Trent University and they have been skating for four years. Their government funding has been cut so they have had to

fund themselves. They have been training at the National Ice centre by Neil Chilcott and Liz Coates. Penny Coomes has been dancing since the age of 8 and she trains 6 times a week maybe 3 times a day. Nick Buckland started skating at the age of 3 and his grandfather was a British speed skating champion. The ice couple said that they were concentrating more on the current competitions but with the opening ceremony starting today I bet they are really looking forward to it.

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)

In 1864, Lincoln stood for re-

Abraham Lincoln was born on 12 February 1809 near Hodgenville,




brought up in Kentucky, Indi-

election and won. In his second inaugural address, he was conciliatory towards the southern states.

Charles Darwin (1809-1882) Charles Robert Darwin was born on 12 February 1809 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire into a wealthy



ana and Illinois. His parents

On 9 April 1865, the Confeder-

family. His maternal grandfa-

were poor pioneers and Lincoln

ate general Robert E Lee sur-

ther was china manufacturer

was largely self-educated. In

rendered, effectively ending the

Josiah Wedgwood, while his

1836, he qualified as a lawyer

war. It had lasted for more than

paternal grandfather was Eras-

and went to work in a law prac-

four years and 600,000 Ameri-

mus Darwin, one of the leading

tice in Springfield, Illinois. He

cans had died. Less than a

intellectuals of 18th century

sat in the state legislature from

week later, Lincoln was shot

England.on the survey ship

1834 to 1842 and in 1846 was

while attending a performance

HMS Beagle.

elected to Congress, repre-

at Ford's Theatre in Washing-

senting the Whig Party for a

ton DC and died the next morn-

term. In 1856, he joined the

ing, 15 April 1865. His assas-

new Republican Party and in

sin, John Wilkes Booth, was a

1860 he was asked to run as

strong supporter of the Confed-

their presidential candidate.


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On his return to England in 1836, he proposed a theory of evolution occurring by the process of natural selection.

The NUSA News  

A school newspaper created by Year 7 students

The NUSA News  

A school newspaper created by Year 7 students