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December 2, 2013 Week 9 - Fall Quarter

Special Edition - Giving Thanks... Happy Holidays! As we celebrate the Holiday Season, we are reminded to give thanks for the people and areas of our lives for which we are truly thankful. Let us also take time to reflect, and remember to keep our co-workers, students, faculty, families, friends, and even those we do not know in our thoughts. Here’s wishing a safe and prosperous Holiday Season to ALL!

HUS, CRJ and ECE News

Baker College - Clinton Township

Volume 1, Issue 9

Congratulations to Jodi Cole, ECE Student!

Jodi Cole, a married mother of two children and full-time preschool teacher will be graduating from Baker College in December with her Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education. Jodi’s story was recently featured in the Macomb Daily. To read more about her story, visit the link below.

Giving Thanks... As this week’s Newsletter is dedicated to “Giving Thanks”, we would like to thank Ms. Claudia Webb, Disabilities Services Coordinator/Academic Advisor for delivering an informative and touching mini-workshop Wednesday, November 20th on Dating and Domestic Violence Prevention. Claudia’s workshop was a reminder to us all that ANYONE can be a victim of abuse and how very important it is to recognize the signs and take action. Thank you Claudia. To view a 15 minute snippet from Claudia’s presentation, visit the following YouTube link: yJTsru6iNlI This picture was taken following the Dating & Domestics Violence Prevention workshop. Pictured beginning from the far left is Myesha Grant, Paralegal Student, Debra Harroun, Dean of of General Education, Claudia Webb, (Presenter), Lynne Morgan, Director of Teacher Preparation Program, Janet M. Joiner, Dean of HUS, CRJ and ECE, and Anna Czubatyj, Dean of Health Sciences

“Productivity Apps of the Week” Square (Virtual wallet) “Square” is a small tool that is inserted into the microphone jack of a smart phone/tablet. When the mobile device is paired with the Square App it changes how we complete cash transactions. Many small business are already using Square to complete sales. Once the “Square” app is loaded to a smart device and the Square tool is inserted into the microphone jack, the mobile device becomes a mini cash register. Funds can be deducted directly from credit cards or subtracted from a designated account. To learn more about Square, visit: https://

Google+ As you are aware, Baker College recently adopted Google’s Gmail as its email provider. While our Baker Google accounts do not yet allow for direct “Google+” access, you can still take advantage of Google+ if you have another Google account. Google+ is a great tool because it allows individuals to actively engage in discussion forums (groups) and “Hangouts” with individuals across the world on a variety of topics and special interest areas. I love Google+ and have learned a great deal simply by “lurking” in the background of interesting groups. To learn more about Google+ visit:

Animoto Animoto is a cloud-based program that allows for the creation of short videos. If you have pictures or video stored on your cell phone, tablet or computer, you can make a quick FREE 30-second videos with music. To create longer videos you will need a paid subscription. To view an Animoto video highlighting the work of Baker CT CRJ faculty, Brian McNair, click this link:

As an Educator, you may find the link below to the article (Is Technology Changing the Way Students Write?) interesting. The article was taken from the November 2013 edition of an online magazine called, CAMPUS TECHNOLOGY. Happy reading…

Winter Quarter Faculty Dinner & Kickoff PD Topic:

Transforming Our Teaching to a More Learner-Centered Approach Curriculum Development Tier I

ALL EDU, HUS/ECE/CRJ Faculty: Tuesday, January 7, 2014 at 5:00 - 9:00 p.m. Location: Clinton Township Main Campus Student Center

Please Note:

All Faculty Professional Development (PD) events are required and full faculty attendance is expected.

Implementing Quality Teaching and Learning: Your Challenge Please read below and submit both forms to Dr. Janet M. Joiner, Dean of HUS, CRJ and ECE by the end of Week 9 (December


Our Fall Kickoff PD session focused on the process used to make purposeful decisions that foster an engaging and rigorous learning environment. At the end of the session, Dr. Treanor issued the following challenge for all faculty teaching this quarter (whether you attended the Kickoff session or not): Identify a lesson that you will be teaching this quarter that has not gone well in the past (or that you anticipate may not go well if you have not taught it before). Use the Quality Teaching Faculty Implementation Form to analyze the lesson, identify “strengths” and “limitations” (based on past experience or forethought), and plan “modifications” PRIOR to teaching the lesson this quarter. (If you participated in the Kickoff PD, this is probably done or nearly done—see that last page of your participant packet.). Implement your planned “modifications” when you teach the lesson. After you teach the lesson, use another Quality Teaching Faculty Implementation Form to document the results of the lesson—Strengths, Limitations, Modifications, Evidence, and Student Learning. Plan to submit both Quality Teaching Faculty Implementation Forms to Dr. Janet M. Joiner, Dean of HUS, CRJ and ECE by the end of Week 9 (December 6).

Thank You Brian McNair, CRJ 351 Instructor CRJ 351 - Evidence Collection & Procedures Baker College faculty are among the most dedicated and creative in post-secondary education. Recently, it came to our attention Brian McNair, CRJ 351 course instructor has taken steps above and beyond to ensure CRJ students are exposed the several of the most recent innovations in crime scene evidence collections. To view a 30-second slideshow of Instructor McNair’s students in action, please access the following Animoto video link:

CPI Training CPI Training is required of all faculty and must be completed during 2013 - 2014. Below are remaining winter 2014 and spring 2014 dates. During CPI Training attendees will learn how challenging and potentially dangerous situations develop, how our actions can influence outcomes, strategies to help maximize our safety and that of others during confrontations, as well as other important aspects of Violence Response Procedures.

Winter Quarter 2014 Saturday, January 11th – 8:00am – 12:30pm, Main Campus- Community Room Tuesday, January 21st – 5:00pm – 9:30pm, C Bldg. Community Room Thursday, February 13th – 5:00pm – 9:30pm, C Bldg. Community Room

Spring Quarter 2014 Saturday, April 5th – 8:00am – 12:30pm, Main Campus- Community Room Tuesday, April 15th – 5:00pm – 9:30pm, C Bldg. Community Room Wednesday, April 23rd – 5:00pm – 9:30pm, C Bldg. Community Room

Your attendance is required for the 2013-2014 school year, so please register early as class sizes are limited. Register by email at and provide two date preferences, your phone number and department. You will receive a confirmation e-mail; if you have questions please contact Barb Krygel at 586 790-9598.

Blackboard Upgrade Is Almost Here! In an effort to increase student engagement and provide enhanced tools to faculty, Baker College will be upgrading to Blackboard 9.1 Service Pack 13 on December 30, 2013. While there are many improvements with SP 13, two essential enhancements that will be available are:

Faculty Efficiency – Inline Grading New capabilities in SP 13 will save faculty time and effort, making it easier to focus on student engagement, feedback, and other instructional activities. Inline grading offers faculty a consistent and efficient grading experience. Instructors will be able to see student submissions, and annotate and provide feedback to assignments by using the grading tools without downloading or uploading documents.

Enhanced Discussion Board Interface SP 13 incorporates exciting new Discussion Board features that cultivate active learning and student engagement. A cleaner interface that includes improved thread organization and an option for profile photos enhances the user experience. In addition, Bb has introduced a new “post first” setting that allows faculty to specify that students must enter their own thread before viewing other threads in a forum.

Bb SP 13 What’s Better Training To introduce and assist faculty in learning about the new features in SP 13 we will be utilizing WebEx Seminars and Video Tutorials. These resources are designed to assist faculty with step-by-step directions for maneuvering through the updated platform. The Video Tutorials will be available through the “Bb SP 13 What’s Better” tab found on the Bb portal page beginning in October. In addition, faculty and academic leaders can register for WebEx seminars via the same tab. The WebEx Seminars will be recorded and available for viewing for those faculty interested but unable to attend the live sessions. The WebEx schedule is included below. In addition, to provide a preview of one of the new features we have included a “Bb SP 13 What’s Better” document to provide an initial preview regarding the new inline grading functionality.

Bb SP 13 What’s Better Transition Due to our recent transition to a Blackboard hosted environment, the time required to upgrade to an enhanced version of Blackboard is much shorter. We will be transitioning to Bb SP13 on December 30 th, 2013. The process should take only a few days, including all post transition testing. We expect Blackboard to be available on January 2, 2014, and will be sending an announcement to faculty, staff and students once Blackboard is back online.

Bb SP 13 What’s Better About Inline Grading Inline Grading offers instructors a consistent grading experience within assignments, blogs, discussions, journals, and wikis. Instructors can grade a submission, post, and entry without leaving the page. Instructors can see the student submission content on the left and be able to grade the submission by using the grading tools in sidebar on the right.

Blackboard Training Sessions



Discussion Board

December 3, 2013


Inline Grading

December 3, 2013


Global Navigation

December 3, 2013

8-9 pm

Global Navigation

December 5, 2013


Inline Grading

December 5, 2013


Important Dates 

Final Exam Week


Grades D ue by 12:00 pm 12/16/13

 Faculty Workroom Hours Monday—Thursday, 8:00am-10:00pm, Friday 8:00am- 5:00pm & Saturday 8:00am-1:00pm

Business Office: Frequently Asked Question When will I be paid for my In-Service and Professional Development Meetings? *In-Service and Professional Development meetings that take place before the quarter begins are always paid on the second pay of the quarter. Winter Quarter – February 15th pay date

Spring Quarter – April 30th pay date

For the actual pay date, please refer to the faculty pay schedule located in your faculty handbook. If you do not have a copy of the faculty handbook, you can find one on Blackboard in the “CT Communication Tool” community. *Week 5 Faculty Meetings and Professional Development meetings that take place during the quarter are generally paid within 2 pay periods of the meeting. *If you are attending a meeting and you are unsure of the pay rate or the number of hours you will be paid, please ask your Dean or the presenter.

End of Quarter Notices (Business Office) Instructors have contact with students who may not take the time to visit the Business Office or Financial Aid before exam time. In an effort to facilitate important communication with our students regarding financial matters, we send a reminder notice for instructors to distribute to the students in class. The Financial Aid and Business Offices appreciate your assistance in giving our students more time to take care of these matters. Please note that we no longer require the student to obtain an authorization form to give to the instructors to take his/her final exam. We only request that the notices be distributed to the students whose names are written on each notice. It is the student’s responsibility to take care of matters with the appropriate office. The Business Offices appreciate your efforts and thanks you for your support!

Janet M. Joiner, PhD, LMSW Dean of Human Services, Early Childhood Education, and Criminal Justice Baker College of Clinton Township Office Phone: (586)790-2814 - FAX (586) 791-6611

Wk 9 HUS, CRJ, ECE Baker CT Newsletter (December 2, 2013)  
Wk 9 HUS, CRJ, ECE Baker CT Newsletter (December 2, 2013)