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Don Harrison, Secret of Canada’s Debt, contd.

to climb. At present every Canadian citizen has a share in the national debt of more than $17000.00 which obviously saddles every couple with $34000.00. This should be a worrisome fact to every citizen in Canada because the interest being drawn out of treasury amounts to 6 million dollars daily. When one does some research on world finance it becomes very clear where the financial power has been established. It is the ROTHSCHILD BANKING FAMILY that pretty well controls all of the world’s finance in every country including our Bank of Canada. If you ask any regular American citizen who owns and controls the American Federal Reserve Bank, most likely they will say the government of the United States of America and that would be a wrong answer. The American Federal Reserve Bank is a private bank controlled by Rothschild, Rockefeller and Morgan. This is a huge story in

this world and I would submit is not understood by the majority of the regular working middle class. It has recently been reported that the government of Hungary has evicted ROTHSCHILD’s influence from Hungary, and as well Switzerland has put heavy controls on the huge banks in that country. I have written E-mail messages to our finance minister about our Canadian debt as well as the Bank of Canada, but I doubt that he ever reads them. I get answers from one of the minions with pages of bafflegab. The citizens of Canada have to be aware of this problem or we will be facing the same problems Greece has been wrestling with. At least that is how I see Canada’s "MONEY" problems. ♣ *****************************************************

Rothschild Documentary – on YouTube Video tracing the history and influence of the Rothschild Dynasty (in 6 parts, 7-10 min ea.): LINK: ♣


Big Bank gouging and postal banking From Gerry Masuda, Duncan BC

Re: ‘Canada’s Big Banks are richer than you think, and they are raising your fees.’ This is the first time I have heard of any movement to set up a postal banking system in Canada. This makes great sense for those areas not conveniently served by banks/ credit unions. Setting up a postal banking system would have significant costs but the benefits of providing competition to the private banks would have financial benefits to offset the initial and continuing costs. – Gerry LINK:

"The Leap Manifesto team supports the campaign for postal banking for its potential to address economic inequality and climate change in Canada. Affordable banking, investment in local clean energy projects, and better services for rural communities and First Nations…" - Naomi, Avi, Bianca and the Leap Manifesto team [EXTRACT/LINK] The big banks have announced that they will hike their fees by over 30%. [1] We’ve just accessed their quarterly earnings reports, and guess what? The Big Banks are richer than you think -they’ve also recorded a giant surplus of almost 10 billion just this quarter alone. [2] Enough is enough! Please speak out against Big Bank price-gouging in this crucial moment. […] LINK:

If the out-of-control price-gouging wasn’t bad enough, Big Banks lobbyists are also trying to block you from 8 dialogue

AUTUMN 2016, VOL. 30, NO. 1

using a new, more affordable option: postal banking. [3] […] Read in full at LINK: Footnotes: 1. Source: 2. Source: 3. Source: 4. Please see: ♣

Innovate and expand at Canada Post Larry Kazdan, Vancouver BC Canada Post’s strategy is to shift costs onto others. Post office Management wants municipalities to pay for the additional administration of super-boxes, the extra street lighting and sidewalks required, and any damages to cables, sprinkler systems, and trees. They want citizens to pay through privacy loss, inconvenience, theft through vandalism, and potential accidents on slippery streets. And they want employees to pay through imposition of inferior pension benefits, and by loss of jobs. Many European countries have successful postal banks that provide substantial profits. Postal banking would give our well-paid Canada Post managers an opportunity to innovate and expand rather than downsize and destroy. – Larry Kazdan, – A Bank for Everyone Canada needs a postal bank. Thousands of rural towns and villages, and some Indigenous communities, don't have a bank – but many of them have a post office that could provide financial services. As well, nearly two million Canadians desperately need an alternative to …/

Dialogue Vol.30, No.1 digital edition  

Canada's unique volunteer-produced magazine for ideas, insights, critical thinking & radical imagination - shared in letters, essays, storie...

Dialogue Vol.30, No.1 digital edition  

Canada's unique volunteer-produced magazine for ideas, insights, critical thinking & radical imagination - shared in letters, essays, storie...