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special because our entire entrance was filled with skulls, potions, goblets and our dreaded book of incantations. I’ve never had so many vampires, zombies, witches, goblins and princesses in one room before (that’s four of my own kids plus two stepkids). Every day was an excuse to celebrate and take your imagination to the next level. When my daughter turned 14 and thought (based on gossiping peers) that it was no longer trendy to be a virgin, I posted a long, loving birthday message in red stencil letters on my extra-large front window… with six blue letters scattered throughout, spelling V-I-R-G-I-N. Thankfully her peers on the school bus missed that hidden message, but she was so horrified when I pointed it out to her, she split a gut laughing! No matter -- our home was a happy place to be as they were growing up and magic became a part of them. They’ve since learned to weave their own spells in copious ways since with their own kids, keeping the magic alive and helping them cope with life’s numerous turns and twists with pizzazz! And, never, ever to be forgotten is the magic I have always found in nature. From climbing trees for a view from the top to picking all manner of nuts and berries; from dragging my toes in the baby-powder smoothness of the soft earth to digging up potatoes, the tiniest of which only needed a rub of the skirt before being popped into your mouth; from laying down in the middle of a wheat field to watch the clouds floating serenely by to rafting on a pond with only a stick for steering; long barefoot walks in fields, meadows and forests and through creeks; hours spent building a tree fort far enough away from home to dream in much-needed silence and solitude; studying sparrows, dragonflies, bumblebees, squirrels, gophers, lizards, skunks, foxes and ants. It’s not even necessary to really focus on noticing everything around you when you’re in nature because magically, just being in it will fill all of your senses with its beauty and wonder and refresh you in both body and spirit. Such outings, no matter what our age and though we may not even realize it, are filled with enchantments of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste that heal us from

the inside out so that once we return home, we often can’t remember why were so stressed to begin with. Try it next time you’re in a mood – you’ll see! Now, as an adult, I’m still discovering magic potions everywhere, be it treating burns with an aloe vera plant; a couple of drops of Japanese Mint Oil on my temples to immediately relieve a headache; 9 drops of Vanilla Bourbon essential oil and 3 drops of Lavender over baking soda in a pretty jar for a sweet-smelling room; Turmeric Tea to soothe the savage backache; or ingesting a teaspoon of regular mustard to quickly ease heartburn. If I wasn’t so open to magic, I likely would have never even looked for these wonderful recipes which are now a boon to me as I get older. And music, ah the beautiful sound of all kinds of music. Have you wondered how come certain songs just do it for you and others don’t? And yet at times, those “others” are the ones that speak to you? I was never so shocked as when I found myself listening to (and liking) a rap song! But it depends on your mood at the time, doesn’t it? And of course, the lyrics. I’m a bit of a mutant when it comes to music. I listen to all kinds -- from rap, hip-hop, alternative, country and rock to jazz, classical and music of the world -- depending on my mood – and never does it fail to lift me. I may not know the name of the band or even the artist sometimes, but I know what I like and what my soul responds to. A life without music would be just tragic. Add meditation to some of that soulful music and you’ve just entered a little place called heaven! Do you remember the Lovin’ Spoonfuls’ song from the 1960s -- Do You Believe in Magic? I definitely do believe. Do you? The moral of this story is that if you let it, magic will, like it did with Alice in Wonderland, Alladin, Snow White, or the Beast pining for his beauty, sculpt you into the most extraordinary being you can be. And then you’ll realize that this person was there inside you all along. What a glorious gift to give to children! And they will send you magic dust in thanks, one day -- as they live out their happily ever after. Marie Gaudet, Edmonton ♣ [See Marie’s Sunset Photo, on the back cover]


The Art of Making the Mundane Magical “We must shift our allegiances from fear to curiosity, from attachment to letting go, from control to trust, and from entitlement to humility.” – Angeles Arrien, author Quoted at article: Anne Veh: The Art of Making the Mundane Magical --by Awakin Calls, Aug 18, 2016 78 dialogue

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