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J. S. Porter, Introducing Thomas Merton, contd.

Merton word-dance. Her gesture to include me in a new book on Merton seemed extraordinarily generous. How could I say no? Susan was particularly interested in Merton’s engagement with the feminine, the feminine around him and in him. My interest lay in his Zorba-like nature of immense vitality and energy. We’ve decided to call our book Thomas Merton Superabundantly Alive. In the middle of the book, Susan and I dialogue on the feminine in all its natural and spiritual manifestations. Susan is a joy to work with. Under her guidance, we’ve produced a poetic meditation with verve and playfulness, befitting – we hope – the verve and playfulness of our subject.

All we need now is a publisher. Postscript: Ready for a journey – with Merton? Begin with Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander and move eventually to Emblems of a Season of Fury (his poems and translations of Latin American poets), Opening the Bible (for Merton, a book of provocation rather than reassurance) and The Asian Journal (his dialogue with the East and Eastern thinkers, including the Dalai Lama). A handy little book to have at your side is The Unquiet Monk: Thomas Merton’s Questing Faith by Canadian scholar Michael W. Higgins. J. S. Porter,

* Michael W. Higgins, The Unquiet Monk: Thomas Merton’s Questing Faith (Toronto: Novalis, 2015) p.68. ♣


What is meant by the SHIFT? From: Anna Christine Doehring [Email: ]

December 2015 I wrote: “Our planet needs every single one of us to be happy, calm and centered during this time of the Shift.”Some people are wondering what is meant by the Shift and I promised to explain. 21.12.2012 was never about the end of the world. It was according to the Mayas about the beginning of the Golden Age – a new time-period of 26.000 years. The SHIFT began 1987 ... it is a time-period in which our consciousness is evolving and we are vibrating on a higher and higher frequency until we reached spiritual awakening. We move slowly away from duality (good/bad, love/fear, peace/war) into neutrality and eventually into a state of love for all of creation – the planet, humans, animals and plants. The ones who move faster ahead with the evolution of their consciousness will eventually reach Christ consciousness (unconditional love, wisdom, compassion) and will become 5th dimensional beings. They will still be physical beings on the planet but their lives will always flow harmoniously. Duality with its wars will, over time, disappear... Corruption is and will be exposed and removed. Manmade illnesses will become a thing of the past because the reasons for those illnesses will be removed. Solar flares and Particles from the universe are assisting us in our evolution. Even NASA confirmed their effect on our emotions. The lower we are on the emotional scale (pride, anger, fear, worry, guilt, grief, and shame) the more we are affected by these high frequencies. Our bodies have to adjust. Many wonder whether they have a medical problem, others find 74 dialogue

AUTUMN 2016, VOL. 30, NO. 1

their experiences even traumatic. We can help our body by removing everything that is negative from our lives. For many this will be difficult because we became so accustomed to it. Therefore I do not have TV and listen less and less to the radio. 2016 and 2017 are supposed to be the years with many changes. When we are in a state of inner peace that is enabling us to be the observer, it will be easier to get through this time. This is the reason I am practising Reconnective Healing® which is seen as the leader of the new field of Energy Healthcare. Healing is more than the elimination of a symptom. It is a return to balance and wholeness, mental clarity, youthfulness, stronger relationships, physical endurance, improved libido, and human evolution. When you have any questions please call me. Anna Christine Doehring, RHFP, RCP Energy All Around Therapies, Tel. 250-756-2235 (PST) ************

The Nanaimo Metaphysical Network is now meeting at Unity Spiritual Centre, 2325 East Wellington Rd, Nanaimo, on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at 7 PM (attendance by donation). Information about the speakers is available at On November 6th, 2016: Anna Christine Doehring, from Energy All Around Therapies will speak about “Reconnective Healing®” & “What is The Reconnection® connecting us to?” Her talk will include: Dr. Eric Pearl, the significant 6 sentences, benefits, and much more; and with a Q&A. See you there! ♣

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