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Susanne Lawson, Destruction of Old Growth, contd.

aphids, in both native plants and garden plants as well as dry soil plants like thistle becoming prominent. With the dieback of these buffer zone plants and trees, it is like a domino effect leaving the next green areas exposed and on it goes. While there are areas of increased drought and dieback, there are also areas that are sustaining themselves and some plants are doing ok in the sun. It is in the exposed areas where trees and brush are suffering. Fires are raging in Siberia where over 7 million hectares have burnt or are burning and smoke can be seen from space. Here in California and Nevada, fires are taking their toll in both grasslands and forests. In the waters, both ocean water and sweet water, warming temperatures are creating algal blooms that are poisoning marine species and affecting human water supplies over vast areas. We are living in an eggshell environment and denial or avoidance leads to more destruction. If we become numb to the destruction, we also become numb to the potential of positive living and our own potential. Our emotions pick up on the feelings of the environment and if we dumb these down, we are feeding the dark. Those that don't want to rock the boat must know that the boat is already rocking, we need to feel, speak and act on what we are experiencing in order to effect change and feel good about our lives, our home and planet and leave a legacy we can be proud of for future generations of all species. This can be done in a good way but we must tell our stories and be to respond. I have noticed increasing drying trends for over 12 years now and according to NASA, it has been getting warmer since 2001. We have an unstable environment

where so much has been altered that many balances have been eroded. It has become increasingly difficult to determine weather patterns and it seems whimsical and unpredictable. Extremes seem to be much more the norm which leaves us in doubt as to just what normal might be anymore. Like Vine Deloria Jr. said, "The future of mankind lies waiting for those who come to understand their lives and take up their responsibilities to all living things." Addendum Some thoughts on climate change (after Trudeau spent two weeks in Tofino on vacation): With the approval of Site C by Trudeau's government, a global outcry has resulted, with Amnesty International calling for a halt and people everywhere outraged. It is an appalling situation where Native people of Canada have been trampled by the Federal Government, to the point of being a treasonous act against First Nations people here who are a federal responsibility. Dams across the globe cause heat with the back up of the flow of water that is obvious when flying over the country in winter. Places where dams exist never freeze around them, they heat up like a fever in the human body where blockages occur. The hottest place in the Americas I ever experienced was around the Colorado Dam near Las Vegas, hotter than Death Valley. Approving more dams (this one is a mile long) and logging like there is no tomorrow may just might mean there may be no tomorrow. Sincerely, from Susanne, Tofino BC ♣ A Special Thank You to Susanne for her beautiful painting “Council Fire” featured on the cover.


“That’s My Take On It” – John Shadbolt

Has anyone else noticed?

From John Shadbolt, Acton ON Every summer, up ‘til now, when the lights go on in the evening all kinds of bugs are banging on the screens, trying to get in to the light. Not this year.

Every summer, ‘til now, during the hot weather we get all kinds of fruit flies. Since we eat a lot of fruit, and there is usually fruit out, I have always thought they are a nuisance, but its nature. Not this year. Every summer, ‘til now we used to get all kinds of ants in the garden. Toads used to use them for food. This year, we still have a few ants, and I have only seen one toad. So my question is, are we allowing the pesticide 62 dialogue

AUTUMN 2016, VOL. 30, NO. 1

companies and of course our government to start a mass extinction, which will soon include us? Has anyone else noticed this? I would like to find out. Here are a few of the replies I have received so far: When was the last time you were in a gas station and had to scrub the bugs off your windshield. Remember the window cleaners they used to have with the nylon webbing that you used, and scrubbed hard to remove the many crusty bugs from your car. I don't think I have had to scrub my windshield in 3 years. Some responses: • Yes, yes and yes!! I first noticed this a few years ago in Campbell River. For a number of years where …/

Dialogue Vol.30, No.1 digital edition  

Canada's unique volunteer-produced magazine for ideas, insights, critical thinking & radical imagination - shared in letters, essays, storie...

Dialogue Vol.30, No.1 digital edition  

Canada's unique volunteer-produced magazine for ideas, insights, critical thinking & radical imagination - shared in letters, essays, storie...