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Ontario Residents Losing Control over Personal Health Care Choices UPDATE FOR DIALOGUE READERS: Impact for Canadians Everywhere

Competition Bureau Response to Complaints of Pharmaceutical Anti-Competition Behavior: Tough Luck! By: G. Joubarne/C. Massey, Ottawa, Ontario Stop Psychotherapy Takeover’s (SPT) most recent initiative – in the fight to stop the elimination of holistic, traditional, energy and spiritual care treatments and practitioners in Ontario – was a new Submission, roughly 700 pages, sent by courier to the CompetiGrace Joubarne tion Bureau on July 17th, 2016. Our Submission requested a thorough investigation of Ontario’s corrupt and deadly healthcare system. It detailed how and why Ontario residents are all in grave danger on many healthcare flanks – including, (a) psychotherapy legislation that is slated for proclamation any day now, (b) a more recent initiative to eliminate thousands of holistic healthcare clinics and wellness locations, and (c) the fact that unaccountable, medical/pharmaceutical-front corporations are inappropriately dictating healthcare policy for the people of Ontario. We also sent copies of our Submission to: Ombudsman of Ontario, Canadian Constitution Foundation, Commission of Revenue, Integrity Commissioner, Fairness Commissioner of Ontario, Minister of Government and Consumer Services, Minister of Justice, and Attorney General of Canada. If you’d like a copy of this highly informative Submission document, please contact us at

You can help our efforts to preserve holistic healthcare options, not only for ourselves but for future generations, by contacting these organizations, referencing our Submission and demanding a full investigation. For contact information, please see: LINK:

We thank the Canadian Action Party (CAP) for conveying their concerns about this issue, in writing, to the federal Minister of Justice. Disappointingly, but to no great surprise, we received a resounding ‘tough luck’ from the Competition Bureau by telephone. (Hear the conversation, online at LINK: ),

followed by written confirmation that they will not be pursuing any enforcement action. It seems to us that the Competition Bureau officials 50 dialogue

AUTUMN 2016, VOL. 30, NO. 1

had not read our entire Submission. But more importantly, they stated that provincial politicians and government are not subject to any Competition Act provisions. The clear implication is that cartels are free to create monopolies in CanChristine Massey ada simply by inserting representatives into key government positions (such as Minister of Health). Interestingly, the Bureau Officers failed to comment on their ability to investigate the non-governmental front corporation called FHRCO, which you will read about further below. Are provincial governments really immune from investigation and prosecution, even when anti-competitive behavior is undertaken under the cover of invalid laws, as is the case in this healthcare scandal? Our investigation continues because according to the Competition Bureau’s own website, regulatory conduct under valid laws are not the jurisdiction of the Competition Bureau …which means the Competition Bureau acknowledges there is a distinction. Regardless, Competition Bureau staff have a creative name for this sort of anti-competition corruption: Regulatory Capture. Regulatory Capture is a form of government failure that occurs when a regulatory mechanism created to act in the public interest, instead advances the commercial or political concerns of special interest groups that dominate the industry or sector it is intended to regulate. It is the process by which regulations and agencies eventually come to be dominated by the very industries they were charged with regulating. Regulatory Capture seems to be an art form for the Wynne provincial government and we are paying a high price for not recognizing this early enough. The Competition Bureau officials indicated that they may eventually ‘advocate’ on this issue. However not only do they claim that they are unable to take enforcement action against any government, but in this case, they won’t know for quite a while if this issue will be considered important enough to ‘advocate’ about. Of all the remaining agencies that we sent our Submission to, we have received only a form letter

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