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enhanced as a result of human behavior.” There are many, many examples of how “primitive” cultures have been true stewards of their environment and enhanced its health and eco-diversity, but such stories are easily dismissed with a despairing shrug: This isn’t how the modern world works. Nor has eco-stewardship been the force that has brought on the Anthropocene. That has come about, rather, by a combination of extraordinary technological breakthroughs and cold indifference to their consequences: human evolution, you

might say, outside the circle of life. But here we are nonetheless. “. . . when natural forces and human forces became intertwined. . . .” It’s time to grow up. … Robert Koehler’s website: FOOTNOTES: 1. 2. The Guardian: 3. ♣



Intriguing Ideas from David Foster…

The Invisible Society… “Regulator Capture” David Foster, Port Perry ON

We need a global Gaian accounting system I’ve noticed that everything that matters that people have made happen world-wide is deliberately made invisible of its most important ingredient... the Economic System that made it happen. Not a hint from Space. It is as if we all agreed to practice invisible stealth. This, in a modern scientific awareness of what goes on at the one part per million level and smaller (yet we tell no one). Atlantic Monthly Author Ed Young’s book, ‘I Contain Multitudes... the Microbes Within Us,’ tells us what is too small to see. But the accounting systems and the public information systems act as if the knowledge doesn’t count). There is also the problem of what we choose not to see: Regulator Capture How far out is Far Enough? David and Goliath Where do Activists come from? An anti-Nuclear Activist in my part of the country suddenly discovered that ‘Regulator Capture’ is a strategy even the Environmental Protection Agencies in both the USA and Canada suffer from. The pathway to her discovery was from discussion on Autism and its phenomenal growth. A change in mass inoculations using a poison is the perceived culprit. But digging deeper, it is really Regulator Capture. Regulators being hired from the very industry they are meant to control. So of course massive corruption and massive damage occurs in the pursuit of corporate profit. (More below) Dr. Thierry Vrain convinced me that the war on our gut microbes through Glyphosate in crops was an equal culprit... there again, Regulator Capture, still allowing what we know is bad.

How far out is far enough? I was a Systems Analyst in my work career... Look at a Corporation’s problems from the point of view of profitability. Find what is loose. Tighten it. Then go away. Except I didn’t go away. I asked what else was affected, all the way out to the distant parts per million... I didn’t get paid for that part, and so there was always doubt as to how much damage I had done in trying to solve one problem by creating others from the loose ends... So I began a campaign of ONE to create a Global Gaian Accounting system... Count everything we can as a plus or minus as to how it affects Gaia, the Earth. I’m not doing too well... Each day I wake up with two goals in mind... do some good, and do no harm. And that ‘no harm’ is the tough one... Where do Activists come from? Green-Peacers getting between harpoons and whales... out where the danger is. It takes only a few, a precious few. They become heroes to generations. “David and Goliath” is a book by Malcolm Gladwell telling how the underdog finds people and strategies to upset the apparent balance. To challenge the Overlord and win. It doesn’t need God... it just needs a more complete understanding of the setting. Kurt Hahn was a teacher from the Hitler era who created a School for Activists in Scotland. It was called ‘Outward Bound.’ A tame form of it still survives, but it has been co-opted by the very fascist corporate culture it sought to free us from. So I looked for a likely successor founder for a modern School for Activists... those few who will live poor and take great risks (buoyed by an uncommon sense of humanity). Haven’t found the Founder yet. Toronto has ‘activist groups’ that teach young people the organization skills, but they have no venue …/ VOL. 30, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2016

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