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Dam lie – Site C is a recipe for financial, cultural and ecological disaster [EXTRACTS SELECTED BY S. McDOWALL, LINK AT END.] many eagle trees and cleared so many deer and moose By Joe Foy in, Sep. 2016 birthing areas that the damage will be un-repairable. “Here’s the thing: electricity demand in BC has been “The Prime Minister of Canada could have put an end to flat-lining since 2005. There is no rising demand for elecall this waste, destruction and human rights abuses, but tricity, and BC currently produces a massive overabunhe has chosen to allow federal permits to be issued aldance of it. Export energy prices are averaging lowing the ongoing Site C debacle to continue.” $45.10/MWh, which is much lower than the $100/MWh that Site C Dam power would cost. If Site C Dam were to Prime Minister Trudeau should get a backbone and own up to his election promises of environmental protection be built, BC would need to export its power at a staggerand First Nations reconciliation. He still has the power ing loss. It’s a recipe for financial disaster and good reato stop this damn dam and should do so now – while he son to not flood this huge, productive valley. still has a shred of honour left. “You could say, that instead of bedrock, Site C Dam The premier’s dam lie is powering billions of dollars of would be built upon Premier Clark’s lie. This is no little public money into big business bank accounts. The Site C lie. This is a big, nasty lie, which is already causing severe damage. The BC government likes to say the Site C Dam would blow a hole in BC Hydro so large it would wallow in red ink, making it all too simple to sell off the Dam would power-up more than 450,000 homes when indebted public power utility to the private sector at some completed. But the fact is it will power-up no homes in point down the road. But the dirty deed is not yet done. BC because we already have more than enough power to do that for decades, far into the foreseeable future. […] As more and more people become aware and engaged, hope grows that Premier Clark’s dam that was built on a “They have good reason to worry. Premier Clark has lie will come tumbling down. said she will get the Site C Dam project past the point of no return. What she means is she will sign so many conEver wonder what the C in Site C Dam stands for? I say tracts with construction companies and material providers it stands for crumbling. that no court would be able to overturn her dam agenda. It LINK: also means that tree clearing crews will have cut down so ***********************

The transatlantic trade deal TTIP may be dead, but something even worse is coming ISDS: Investor-state dispute settlement – A secretive super-court system both sides of the Atlantic from legislating. […] ♣ From: Richard Averett,

ISDS language has nothing to do with trade tariffs and closed markets - just giving the top 1% more power & wealth to use against the rest of us. It is the pathway to having a One World Order, The Global Oligarchy – a long held dream of our Neocons (and apparently our Corporate Democrats as well)! The Europeans just killed our other trade deal (TTIP) because of this – and more, but they are about to replace it with something similar and even possibly worse… George Monbiot in The Guardian: LINK:

“The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is ostensibly a deal between the EU and Canada…. it allows any corporation that operates (in signatory countries), wherever its headquarters might be, to sue governments before an international tribunal. It threatens to tear down laws protecting us from exploitation and prevent parliaments on 40 dialogue

AUTUMN 2016, VOL. 30, NO. 1


The Invisible Prison & Subjective Servitude By Michael Tsarion (& The Deception of The Press)

How we are all manipulated in some instances by esoteric means. No honest opinion in our media. None. We live under a secret government. Council of Foreign Relations. Psychic dictatorship. Mind manipulation. We are not free. We are not aware. We can’t take the “muggers” off the streets. “The galaxy is intelligent.” LINK (21 min): and (18 min): ♣ *******

How the TPP Special Court Crushes Domestic Laws and Plunders the Public Article by David Dayen, Huffington Post, Aug 30, 2016

When it comes to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, financiers will push lawsuits, while taxpayers foot the bill…. “the court that rules the world.” LINK: ♣

Dialogue Vol.30, No.1 digital edition  

Canada's unique volunteer-produced magazine for ideas, insights, critical thinking & radical imagination - shared in letters, essays, storie...

Dialogue Vol.30, No.1 digital edition  

Canada's unique volunteer-produced magazine for ideas, insights, critical thinking & radical imagination - shared in letters, essays, storie...