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What the Encyclopedia doesn’t report is that U.S. pressure to keep Canada a Resource Colony was intense. And threats almost certainly were made and kept secret. For Alan MacEachen, minister of finance and deputy prime minister, flew to Washington to apologize and record Canada’s submission to U.S. will. And almost at the same time Jean Chretien, minister of energy, mines, and resources, flew to New York to give a speech to assembled U.S. power merchants – the theme of his speech being ‘Canada is Open For Business’. Until he left politics, Pierre Trudeau oversaw the growing dissolution of Canadian Independence. Through many of Justin Trudeau’s growing years his father was

an internationalist with contempt for independence seekers and for movements to unite Canadians around the idea of a Canadian-owned economy and culture. We may not be surprised, then, that in his book, Common Ground, Justin concentrates on the domestic father urging his son to keep in good shape and learn to paddle a canoe through the wilderness of untamed nature – away from the wilderness of untamed political sell-out, betrayal, and colonial administration. Robin Mathews, Vancouver ♣ [] See other articles by Robin online at:


My Love Affair with Justin Trudeau et al is over By Betty Krawczyk, BC RE: “Trudeau is ‘pleased’ Canada will send troops to Latvia as part of a NATO force to threaten aggression against Russia.” LINK at

Okay, so my love affair with Justin Trudeau et al. is over. I voted for him but I wouldn’t do it again, even though he has already fulfilled some of the election promises he made. Why? I turned away from the NDP in the last election because of their “balanced budget” that seemed more of the “same ole.” I did worry about Trudeau’s youth and inexperience in international matters, but I felt comforted that he had Jean Chrétien to advise him. Remember Jean Chrétien? When Prime Minster, how he was under enormous pressure from the Bush administration to join the US and Britain to help invade Iraq? And how he refused and kept us out of the horrible, disgusting illegal mess of invading Iraq? Well, I don’t know where Chrétien was when Justin just caved to US pressure and decided to imitate the role UK’s Tony Blair played in the murderous invasions and bombings of Iraq. Trudeau has become the new lap-dog

on the block by sending Canadian troops and military equipment to Latvia. Blair will forever be remembered as the lap dog of the US. And I think Trudeau seems to be taking on this role, although a damming report has just been released in the UK on Blair’s role in the deaths of so many people in Iraq. Yes, our lovely young handsome prime minister has caved to Obama’s pressure and agreed to send troops and military equipment to Latvia. Does Trudeau know that Latvia is smack on Russian’s borders? And that he has just dedicated Canadians to join in a war mongering that could very well bring on World War Three? This, at a time when countries like France, Italy and Greece are reducing their own NATO spending? They see the senselessness of threatening Russia which has few military bases outside its own country (in previous Soviet Union countries) while Republican Ron Paul in the US presidential debate (2011) said that the US military was in 130 countries and has 900 bases around the world. How did Justin Trudeau come to the decision to send Canadian troops to Latvia? Has he fallen in love with his own Hollywood image? Does he want to help play John Wayne with nuclear weapons? My God, I am disappointed in him. […] LINK: ♣


Petition: Help Canada Legislate Removal of Salmon Farms from our Oceans! Alexandra Morton, Sointula, Canada, Aug 30, 2016

Over 112,000 people have signed the petition to the provincial government of BC. Now another push is needed. Canada will be voting on a federal bill to remove salmon farms from the ocean, we need to speak louder than the Norwegian/Japanese salmon farmers. This is not easy because somehow the salmon farming industry has captured the loyalty of the Canadian government.

Please considering signing this government-sponsored petition in support of bill C-228 to amend the Fisheries Act and require all fish farms be put in closed facilities.

This is a historic bill that could restore wild salmon and herring to the west coast of Canada. Thank you, Alexandra Morton, ♣ VOL. 30, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2016

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