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By: Janet Garcia "Why Social Media is a Must"

Why Social Media is a Must I know you have heard all about Facebook, probably Twitter and LinkedIn as well. You know that social media platforms are the new word of mouth right? Those members seek and make recommendations for products, services, and experiences for friends and followers. Did you know the fastest growing demographic among Facebook users is 35 to 65 year-old women? Whether you know it or not, your prospects & customers are using social media. You need to get out there, get found and get engaged. Get them to follow you on Twitter, friend you on Facebook or subscribe to your YouTube channel. Then start offering more insightful information, expert perspective, recommendations, news, coupons, membership privileges‌

Social Engagement When you get engaged, you build relationships with your client base. By engaging with your friends and followers, you are letting them know that they are important to your company. Continual, reliable exposure will help you to gain their trust as they come to see you as an expert in your field and this leads to you earning their business. Don’t stop at the sale, though. Continue to engage and make sure that everyone is happy with the overall experience. There are some guidelines to follow within the social platforms. If you’re not sure about what to do, take a few courses, grab a book or hire a consultant. Each platform has its own nuances so be sure to use the proper etiquette. I recommend starting with one platform at a time and once you have that one down then go ahead and move on to another.

Please, do not ignore how important social media is to your business. Google now takes note of your social media presence when they rank your website. It can be tough getting started trying to figure out what to put out there, how often and how to grow your friends, followers and fans. Just get started. The main thing to remember is do NOT to just sell, sell, sell. You really want to build relationships first. If you begin everything with guns blazing, you won’t even be able to build up a large enough following for your social media efforts to be worth it. Let’s engage, visit my Fan Page.

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Why Social Media is a Must  

Social Media plays an important role for your online business success. Google now takes note of your social media presence when they rank yo...

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