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I mean it alchemy literally between minutes even do that and now senior it was like all the stuff that I've in there it's just got FL complete louts we are here for the final race I don't care what it says I feel like amusing sounds K fits with that said a ready for the final and hand see the first started when you're going you’re 323 pounds ultimately we're any field is the two percent the original boodle one year so if we do the numbers right that’s 100 work step on the scale said stuff coming up after the final way see where Ashley is today my has changed so much you won't believe what I'm doing class a special medical visit from doctor Jan Ashton over here to remind her why she could never go back where she works tell ready for the final and you know the drill series of you have to tell me I action good tax rights here we go near value 323 mean for you to lose fifty percent of the original box so that's been the 164 go okays way you're done in Original Garcinia Cambogia one year 256pounds lost that song now I have one more surprise my friends at Wal-Mart they heard about your story and they want to help you continue to live better check it out I guess on the fetuses cell maintain your healthy lifestyle it doesn’t have to be hard XK Wal-Mart is completely restocking your refrigerator your whole kitchen with fresh produce everything that you need he's to maintain your new lifestyle starting from scratch session you got your own place it can be challenging and all too often it's easy to fall back into old patterns solo wall-mart wants to help you continue your lifestyle now the only thing is I know that your kitchen it's not the only room that needs to be completely stock sell omega here's a fifty thousand dollar gift card though why oh yeah through Wal-Mart gift card is to have huge impact in my life for Best cast was so needed. Your life know what are we doing here are making such a party by so wonderful watching you grow up great literally before my eyes when I met you I miss I have only one chrome since Karadzic UK enemies container but beyond that Eastland time Ospreys 10 have an phone issue man intense hunger meant to make you cry on from him right now cuts sky good thank you for being where are you I'm as F few months since my family and life it's been amazing it over the task yeah I decided that I wanted to be a personal trainer yeah Street okay yeah words so honored to have her here with our training team to justice so much hope she just inspires everybody every time she walks into the gym got well going out ha-ha has been crazy K NDD here in the hay I same there's Jonathan scares change there's a Josh in there there's a will goes by fast I don't know his name Picasa K every day there's you guy crazy I need to get for 60 case I have not told any of these guys that I use two-way 323 pounds its ninth friend he him now that you wanted okay used to be effort is today and many are in a meeting with doctor Aston from the revolution cash hack a

ration is to you their transformations have been so incredible that they're not over yet and I don't want them to be over part iv. They've come but also realizing why they can never go back to the I'm gonna bring you some stack go do you have a huge readers now you lost159 counts right yeah my in town come over here I'm going home to spend and eyeliner start scooping out what you think is a pound a fat knowing I F this is so disgusting skycap minds as anything is a pound self year and a half a pound fib selling let's get to one count because Inane show you this was in my body how much we noticed acid other antivirus this is so you're just at about account now lost a hundred and 59 that is save a seat on the scale it back just reminds me I'm 18 did and how hard I work I came here I C strong that chests points get out and yourself I am Ashley and now ire an amazing healthy lifestyle that I never thought I could live and looking back pages I can't believe that was me and I I'm so lucky and happy that I changed my life at the time that I did hotel accommodations provided by Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village Caliph Ashley's taking her independence to the next level from ABC dot com with where are they noon the next extreme makeover: oxidation supplied with a young woman paralyzed bay past I've never seen my father I would not know him if he was standing two feet in front of me I B Day Greece will have to resort to extraordinary measures.

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