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Newsletter March 2017 Bill Brown is exhibiting for the full four weeks of March, celebrated as Art Month Sydney. Upstairs, works on paper from the 80s and 90s reveal an artist in his physical prime, vigorous in stroke and colour, creating sensual interactions between succulents. In Laura Fisher’s words from her 2015 essay, Bill’s evocation of cacti in the 80s and 90s ‘made it possible to create economical renditions of male and female forms, as well as seemingly androgynous bodies, which are both abstract and figurative. In many works (such as in the later Ship of Fools series) these forms become metaphors for love and lust, the indignity of unrequited love and rejection, cuckold, and so on…”

Downstairs, the artist, now in his 70s, breathes life again into these cacti: their allure softened, the colours mellowed and with memories of the past veiled behind the surface. These new works are, above all, works of tenderness. They are richly woven with emotional honesty and the sweet taste of arousal.

Patriicia Casey's Prometheus and the Eagle is winging its way to Singapore. This 2012 photograph with embroidery detail was seen by an expatriate European couple in an article about Patricia during her January exhbiition at Photo17 in Singapore. The memory lingered, and during a brief overnight visit to Sydney, they found Patricia, saw the work in the flesh and the rest is history. Patricia will be exhibiting at the gallery later this year.

I was privileged to attend the opening of Rayner Hoff: Life and Art at the National Art School and the launch by Barry Humphries of Deborah Beck’s book on Rayner Hoff. The exhibition is absorbing and beautifully curated by Deborah. This project underlines the importance of teaching institutions in the creation of our art legacy. I am halfway through Deborah’s book. It’s a terrific read. You can buy a book by going to the newsouthwalesbooks website. We look forward to Deborah’s exhibition at our gallery later this year. Koichi Ishino has joined the Sea Decade Club with his 10th appearance at Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe, this month. Mountains Air-Circles was inspired by a visit to Uluru, where the line between sky and mountain was only interrupted by the Great Rock.

March 2017 gallery newsletter  

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