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Alive Active Agile Busy Animated Dynamic Energetic Forceful Lively Spirited Vivacious Potent Strong Healthy Alive Active Agile Busy Animated Dynamic Energetic Forceful Lively Spirited Vivacious Potent Strong Alive Healthy Alive Active Agile Busy Animated Dynamic

For Your Active Lifestyle

Media Kit 2011-2012

Featuring THREE Monthly Magazines Serving Oneida County



Pulse features an all inclusive comprehensive focus on what’s happening in Oneida County which is attractive to residents as well as visitors! WHO, WHAT. WHEN and WHERE “GO-TO” MAGAZINE For what to do, where to do it and when to be there! We welcome your calendar of events items from your church, organizations, groups, clubs, schools, etc. E-mail: or fax: 518-673-0021

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Vital focuses on healthy living for the active adult who is no longer part of the 20 something crowd. Its pages feature monthly sections with broad appeal to the over 40 sect covering everything from good eating and recipes, to which sports car you have to have! Vital is the perfect venue to reach the people with a bit more expendable income who are actively involved in the process of living!

Castle is a magazine for everyone who takes pride in their “castle” whether its a one bedroom apartment or a gated mansion. We all are Kings and Queens of our Castles and are looking for ways to love them improve them, protect them and simply enjoy them! Monthly topics all pertaining to the maintenance of your special Castle will make everyone want to read every single issue! Every Issue is Posted Online at NO EXTRA CHARGE which means your advertising is in the hands of the reader as well as the surfer!

Links to all 3 magazines are on our website: Published Monthly by Pulse Point Press Janet Stanley, Publisher Production office: 122 W. Skyline Drive, Palatine Bridge, NY 13428 Phone: 315-525-3582 FAX: 518-673-0021

Combination Rates Combination Rates Shown are for running your Ad in One Magazine, Two Magazines or All Three Magazines... All in the same month... All with the same copy.


4 Col. X 10.375 Inches


(7.875 x 10.375 Inches)



$700.00 $1260.00 $1785.00 • Center Fold Rate 1 Magazine $1,323.00 2 Magazines $2,499.00 ALL 3 $3,528.00 • Back Page Rate 1 Magazine $770.00 2 Magazines $1,386.00 ALL 3 $1,964.00 • For All Premium Locations: Inside Front, Inside Back, Page 3, Page 5 Add 5% to any size ad over 1/8th page for Guaranteed Placement



A. 2 Col. X 10.375 Inches (3.812 x 10.375 Inches)


B. 4 Col. X 5.092 Inches (7.875 x 5.092 Inches)




$385.00 $693.00 $982.00

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B. 4 Col. X 2.406 Inches (7.875 x 2.406 Inches)

A. 2 Col. X 5.092 Inches (3.812 x 5.092 Inches)











A. 2 Col. X 2.406 Inches (3.812 x 2.406 Inches) B.



B. 1 Col. X 5.092 Inches (1.781 x 5.092 Inches)



$99.00 $181.00 $257.00 Not shown but available:


1.781 x 2.388 Inches

$53.00 $95.00 $134.00

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About the Publisher “Why Oneida County?”

Without hesitation, Janet Stanley, Publisher answered, “There is just so much life here. Shop keepers who desperately want to keep their doors open but are frustrated with the expense of advertising especially with minimal results. The recession hit everyone so hard. When money dries up so does the ability for businesses to flourish. It’s sad that there isn’t another venue that will work for all of these wonderful businesses. I know these products will work and I intentionally made them affordable. I am not looking to get rich here, I just want to make a decent living and offer a great product to the business owners and residents of Oneida County.” “Why do you think your products fit that bill?”

“I think that with everything being so accessible to us today... On-line, print, cable, e-mail, social networking and so on, that we get overwhelmed with it all. I think traditional advertising has gotten diluted to the point its pretty ineffective. When I watch television, I choose to use my DVR so that I can totally avoid commercials. I know many of my friends do the same thing. I don’t even open mail that comes to my home that even smells of “junk mail” it goes right to

where the sales are, what restaurants have cooking, where to find music in the parks, the Octoberfests, my recycle bin. I subscribe live bands, to satellite radio for dancing, dinthe same reason... ner theaters... when I want to Well, you get listen to music... I my point. I want to listen to want it, when music, not comI want it and mercials. I don’t want to work very I used to subhard to get scribe to several it! I think we magazines but find have become now I pretty a society much grab them of instant seasonally at the gratification supermarket or addicts!! Janet Stanley, Publisher with her husband Matt. bookstore. The only subscription I still keep three magazines, PULSE, “Why 3?” up with is my LUCKY mag- VITAL and CASTLE, I azine. When creating these designed them with me Like I said, I like to focus 3 publications I examined in mind! I want quick little on things that interest me. why I have become that tidbits of information, doPULSE is the who, what, way and the answer simply it-yourself tips to keep me when and where magais... LUCKY is pretty much healthy, my home beautizine. I hope to get to the a magazine for people who point where if love shopping. It’s “I am not looking to get rich something is beone long page here, I just want to make a decent ing planned for, after page adverliving and offer a great product to the organizers tisement for what dream the business owners and residents wouldn’t I love. I have a of not sendlibrary of LUCKY of Oneida County.” ing it into the magazines in my PULSE calendar bookcase. ful, I want to know what’s of events! I see PULSE as From that little exercise I learned that one, I don’t want to pay for anything that I am only going to utilize a small percentage of and two, I am too busy to deal with getting my information piece meal. I pick up niche publications all the time, bookmark, or tear out things that I want to keep. When I want to hear the world events, I jump on line with my morning coffee and grab the highlights. I prefer

to drill down and see just what is of interest to me. I think I am pretty typical so when I created the

going on around me and I don’t want to have to search all over to find out

the “if you need it, want it, want to do something fun... You’ll find it” magazine.

1/8 Page 3.812 x 2.406 1 Magazine Edition: $99.00 2 Magazine Editions: $181.00 3 Magazine Editions: $257.00

VITAL is designed for people like me, empty nesters with a bit more expendable income that don’t feel comfortable in the 20 something crowds anymore. I am at a point in my life where my health is super important to me, staying healthy and active, planning for my future retirement, traveling to new places and all that. If you haven’t already noticed it, I intend to use type that isn’t a struggle to read for the VITAL crowd! Originally all three magazines were to premier in November of ‘11 but since my “cape” is at the dry cleaners and they moved my phone booth... CASTLE will be launched in March of ‘12!. Focusing on

the launch of PULSE and VITAL first and after a few issues bring on the third seemed a bit more realistic once I dug in! CASTLE will feature everything for the home, whether that means a one bedroom apartment or a gated mansion. My first love was interior design so decorating and maintaining my home is always at the top of my list of interests. My hubby is a do-it-yourselfer and is always looking for projects... so with him in mind, CASTLE will have lots of DIYS focuses. “So you’re not super woman?”

Laughing, Janet replies, “Nope... Can’t even pre-

tend to be a super hero, but I feel very ready for this adventure! I am the daughter of a publisher

in every single area of the business with the exception of actually printing the publications. I guess my Dad thought that “man’s work!” “Hey, when I have a Graphic design is toothache I don’t go to a specialty and that will allow me to a podiatrist...” help the business and have just recently owner create an effective retired from a 34 year ad campaign. Hey when I long career at my family’s have a tooth ache, I don’t publishing business, Lee go to a podiatrist... Why Publications out of Palatine should business people be Bridge, NY. Its focus is on expected to know how to trade publications, Business design effective advertisto Business targeted publiing plans? I take a lot of cations mostly. I was taught pressure off of the shop the power of a niche at a keeper... I have great ideas, very young age! and can turn those into I had the extreme good fantastic, eye catching ads fortune to have printer’s that will make those cash ink in my veins! I was registers sing without maktaught the business from ing their check books cry! I the ground up by working feel like my experience and

1/8 Page

HALF PAGE 1.7813 x 5.187

(7.8751xMagazine 10.875 Inches) Edition: $99.00 1 Magazine 2 Magazine Edition: $385.00 Editions: $181.12 2 Magazine 3 Magazine Editions: $693.00 Editions:$256.59 3 Magazine Editions:$982.00

love of design will quickly be recognized as a great tool for all of the Oneida County merchants. All three of the magazines will be published monthly. Will have timely special focuses and will be designed so that every ad from a 1/16th of a page to a full page ad will be noticed. Every ad is 4 color and affordable, I would love to have everyone compare the costs with other advertising alterna-

tives in the area, Unlike many, I have no desire to hide my rate structure. Why? Because I am not worried about competition seeing my rates... I am going to treat everyone fair and everyone will pay the same rates and enjoy affordable combinations for all 3 magazines. The way I see it, if you hide your rates then you’re ashamed of how much you charge. I have nothing to hide and everything to offer! n

In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer. - Albert Camus

1/2 Page Vertical 3.812 x 10.375 1 Magazine Edition: $385.00 2 Magazine Editions: $693.00 3 Magazine Editions: $982.00

1/4 Page 3.812 x 5.092 1 Magazine Edition: $193.00 2 Magazine Editions: $347.00 3 Magazine Editions: $491.00

Canine Health: Getting To the Heart of It

According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 43 million dogs are estimated to be overweight or obese, and a primary risk of excess weight, in pets, is heart disease. And, just as humans often adopt a natural diet to help support cardiac health, feeding natural foods can also benefit their canine companions.

g n i t s o e t r s e s e t t l l In tic ! u ! s s r e d A r a d ur d a yo to

When it comes to canine heart health, there are two key things for pet parents to consider: feed a balanced diet that is rich in high-quality, natural foods and encourage regular exercise to help maintain lean body condition. “The heart is an organ that benefits greatly from lean body mass,” said Dr. Al Townshend, staff veterinarian, Wellness Natural Pet Food. “Excess fat around the heart can create resistance, which makes the heart work harder for each beat.” To help dogs maintain a healthy heart, Dr. Townshend suggests a feeding regimen that includes high quality protein, fat and carbohydrates, along with essential vitamins and minerals. Wellness natural food and snacks, including the Super5Mix dry dog recipes, are made with carefully chosen, authentic ingredients, each of which has a purpose. These natural recipes include key nutrients that can help with canine heart health, such as: * Antioxidants, like beta carotene and vitamin E.

* Taurine, an amino acid that is essential for the proper functioning of the heart, regulating heartbeat and protecting the heart from calcium excess. * Omega 3 fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory properties to support healthy blood pressure and help reduce the risk of blood clots. Along with proper nutrition, pet parents should strive to provide their dogs with regular exercise in the form of walks, hikes and active play. Yearly veterinary examinations can also help maintain a pet’s heart health, as well as his or her overall well-being. For more information, visit n

1/16 Page 1.781 x 2.481

1/8 Page

1 Magazine Edition: $53.00

1.781 x 5.187

2 Magazine Editions: $95.00

1 Magazine Edition: $99.00

3 Magazine Editions: $134.00

2 Magazine Editions: $181.00

1/16 Page

3 Magazine Editions:$257.00

1.781 x 2.481

1 Magazine Edition: $53.00 2 Magazine Editions: $95.00 3 Magazine Editions: $134.00 every issue on line!!!



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• Available in 100’s of • Locations Every Add is affordable in Oneida every ad is on a four and color glossy page... • Western Now that's impact!! Herkimer Counties

Vital Magazine Media Kit  

A magazine for the active adult.