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From YES to I DO

Bridal Guide Happy Shop LOCAL New Year Let's stay well! January 2013 Vol. 2 No. 3

Count Your Blessings... 52 ORISKANY BLVD., WHITESBORO, NY 13492 PHONE: 315-525-3582 FAX: 315-982-9808 Janet Stanley, Publisher PULSE is distributed in the following areas... Little Falls, Herkimer, Newport, Mohawk, Ilion, Frankfort, Schuyler, Utica, New Hartford, Clinton, Yorkville, New York Mills, Marcy, Washington Mills, Whitesboro, Boonville, Barneveld, Rome, Oneida,Vernon,Verona, Sherrill, and Hamilton.


The customers who have used PULSE for the past 15 months have seen results... our distribution is key to those results... personally distributed, PULSE goes to over 450 pick up points including, convenience stores, diners, donut shops, tire centers, muffler/oil change shops, colleges, chiropractor, doctor and dentist offices, physical therapy locations, grocery stores, pizza shops, fitness centers, theaters, restaurants, deli’s, nail salons, hair salons, tanning salons, and the list goes on and on. The delivery focus is obviously to leave PULSE everywhere there is great foot traffic and places where people sit and wait. The content of PULSE is light, fun and entertaining. Nothing negative or political. No local news just local events. The extensive calendar of events grows with every issue. My PASSiON is helping small business owners, locally owned and operated Mom and Pop shops, get their messages out to the thousands of readers of PULSE magazine... Shopping local is the only sure cure for economic slumps in our hamlets, villages and cities... Do your part... Think BiG... Shop SMALL Find us on Facebook: We welcome your calendar of events items from your church, organizations, groups, clubs, schools, etc. email: or fax: 315-982-9808 2 PULSE JANUARY 2013

Happy New Year, a sentiment we all heard and shared a lot in the past few weeks. The celebration of New Year’s Eve consists of two distinct parts, the first to call an end to the current year and second to welcome in the brand new year. For some, saying good bye to the current year is a welcome act... looking forward to an improvement in circumstances while for others it is a celebration of great memories with expectations for more of the same in the upcoming year. Whichever type of celebration you had, it is my hope that you wake each day with a positive thought and expect great things from 2013! I recently saw a great suggestion and thought I would share it with you. It said to take a large mason jar, (any container will do) a small tablet of paper and a pen and put them where you can get at them easily. Each time you have a celebration, a milestone, a happy moment, something to be thankful or grateful for during 2013, jot it down and put it into the mason jar. Next New Year’s Eve, when you are getting ready to usher out 2013 and welcome in 2014, take out your jar and read the slips of paper one by one... a beautiful reminder of all those wonderful times you had over the past year; an easy way to count your blessings! I intend to try this during the next 11 months and I am already looking forward to reading my slips of paper next New Year’s Eve. Matt and I are going to share a jar but will not read what each other writes until next year... I think that will make for a great celebration! Matt and I are settling in nicely in our new digs in Whitesboro. The doggies are loving it and little by little we are subtracting cardboard from our landscape!! As reported last month, PULSE is now being ran as a home based business. All part of that growth process I spoke about... maybe more appropriately put, a learning process. It is working well, actually

it fits well with my lifestyle, I get to be in my family room at a desk instead of being isolated... my dogs are laying at my feet and I can look out my window and see squirrels running around the front lawn. Ah, yes, life is good and I am thankful for all that I have been given. It feels good to be on a path that you know in your heart you are meant to be on... to know that you are doing what you love and love what you are doing! I love publishing PULSE Magazine! I recently had a great phone conversation with Sally... I won’t mention your last name but do me a favor and call me again. I thought my phone would capture your number so that I could call you back and finish our conversation but it didn’t and I feel badly. I was enjoying speaking with you and found your history very informative and enjoyable... I want to continue! I think one of my favorite things about publishing PULSE is hearing from readers! Sally was a local business owner herself and shared some of her experiences with me about when she had a shop. I LOVE that! Her taking time out of her day to call me will definitely make my jar!! I expect my jar will need to be emptied several times in the next 11 months... and what I like the most about this idea is that even if I forget some of the little blessings, I will be reminded of them on January 31, 2013 and that has to be a great way to usher in the next year! Thanks for sharing some of your day with me, I hope you enjoy this issue as much as I enjoyed producing it!


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Save-the-date card etiquette More and more couples planning to walk down the aisle are embracing save-the-date cards to give guests adequate notice that there is a party on the horizon.

Save-the-date cards do more than let guests know when you’re getting hitched. The cards are a preliminary way to keep guests informed and let them know they are, in fact, on the guest list. These cards haven’t always been

so popular, but have risen in popularity due to longer engagement periods, a growing number of destination weddings and the growing number of couples with guests from all over the country, if not the world. Considering people often plan business trips, vacations and other excursions several months in advance, savethe-date cards help secure a greater number of attendees at your wedding.

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Save-the-date announcements can vary in many ways. They may be postcards or magnets that can be attached to a refrigerator door. If you desire a cohesive theme to your wedding stationery, select the save-the-date cards at the same time you choose your wedding invitations. This way you can ensure that either the patterns, fonts, colors, or style of the cards will match. It will also help convey the tone of the wedding. Guests often take their cues regarding the level of formality of the wedding from the type of stationery couples choose. When to send out the save-thedate announcements is important as well. As a general rule of thumb, it is wise to mail out the cards 6 months in advance for a standard wedding. If the wedding requires travel or extended overnight accommodations, you may want to mail them out 8 months to a year in advance to give guests the time to investigate flight costs and hotel arrangements. A wedding also may necessitate planning a vacation or personal time off from work. Therefore, ample advanced notice is advisable. Be sure to make your guest list in advance of sending out save-the-date cards. Everyone who receives a card should also be sent an invitation prior to the wedding. Remember to include any members of your planned wedding party in the list of recipients. Just because a person has verbally confirmed attendance at your wedding doesn’t mean they should be excluded from subsequent announcements.

Guests may talk to one another and it is best to avoid hurt feelings and any added drama before the wedding by treating everyone equally.

Be sure to include the wedding date, your names and the location of the wedding on the savethe-date cards. You do not need to offer RSVP information or detailed specifics at this time. You may want to include a Web site URL on the card so guests can check it frequently for updates on wedding information. Be sure to also include that a formal invitation will follow at a later date. You do not want to cause confusion by having guests think that the save-the-date card is the actual invitation. Also, make sure you address the save-the-date cards correctly to show your intentions with respect to guest invites. For example, be clear about whether children will be invited and whether a boyfriend/girlfriend or another guest can tag along. Although save-the-date cards are not a necessity, they have become a popular part of wedding planning to eliminate confusion about invitations as well as help guests plan time off for your wedding.

The difference between a special occasion & AN Unforgetable occasion

C.M.L. Photography (315) 404-7301 4 PULSE JANUARY 2013

Our Exclusive 11 Point Wedding Gown Preservation Process 1. When your wedding gown arrives at the BridalKare plant it is checked in, registered and then thoroughly inspected for stains and repairs. 2. Your gown is then hand cleaned along the hem, neckline and underarms. We are experts at removing dirt, mud, grass-stains, asphalt parking lot oil and other stains from the hem of your dress. We also pay particular attention to removing all of the make-up, deodorant and perspiration stains as well. 3. Any other stains and spots are specifically treated to gently remove them from your gown. Our “anti-sugar” treatment removes all sugar stains (usually caused by wines, sodas, or cake frosting) and keeps them from returning and yellowing over time. 4. You wedding gown is then individually cleaned. We use a more expensive “Stoddard” solvent which is environmentally friendly and gentler on the fabrics rather than the perchloroethylene which dry-cleaners and other preservation companies use. Our exclusive cleaning process also keeps your wedding dress from yellowing. 5. A complete and thorough re-inspection then takes place. If any problems remain the gown is re-cleaned. 6. Any needed repairs are made. (minor repairs are done free- other companies will charge you extra for this service) 7. Your gown is then individually steamed and hand pressed.

8. Your gown’s bodice is shaped and put on an acidfree bust form for display so you’ll be able to see how beautiful it is - just like the day you purchased it. 9. The bodice and skirt are layered with acid free tissue paper to protect it. 10. Your gown is then carefully placed in an acid free windowed display box and completely sealed to keep the humidity constant inside and to keep insects out. It’s important to provide this sealed barrier to keep insects from getting in and nesting in your dress. 11. The windowed preservation box is placed inside a white storage box. Your wedding dress will be pampered from the moment it enters our plant - until it arrives beautifully cleaned and preserved back at your home. Preserve those cherished memories of your wedding by preserving your wedding gown. The food is gone, the guests are gone. You have beautiful photos to help you remember your special day, and now with your gown preserved you’ll also have it as a beautiful reminder. You may want to preserve your wedding gown for your own memories or for your daughter or maybe even a grand-daughter to wear in the future. No matter what your reason, our special process and lifetime guarantee means your gown will remain like new for you to enjoy.

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A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous. ~Ingrid Bergman

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Labelosrder r

with you

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Tips for writing your own wedding vows A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event for many couples, so brides and grooms wish for the event to be momentous and memorable. As such, couples are increasingly integrating personal nuances into their ceremonies and receptions to tailor weddings to their unique visions. The desire to include personalized wedding vows continues to be a popular trend. If you are considering personalized wedding vows, first realize that it may not be a simple task. That’s because you want the message conveyed to be dear to your heart, and that can be challenging when faced with the pressures and planning of the rest of the wedding. That isn’t to say that writing your own vows is impossible. Here are some guidelines for personalizing your ceremony with your own sentiments. * Schedule time for writing. Amid the bustle of dress fittings and interviews with photogra-

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phers, it can be easy to put off the important task of writing vows for another day. But as any great writer can attest, it takes writing -- and rewriting -- to achieve a finished product you can be proud of. Give the task of writing your vows your undivided attention. Mark it in on your calendar or set a reminder on your computer just as you would any other appointment. * Be aware of ceremony guidelines. It is best to check with your officiant and confirm that personalized wedding vows are allowed. During civil ceremonies it’s often acceptable to customize vows as you see fit. However, during religious ceremonies there may be lines of scripture that need to be read or certain passages required. Before you spend hours working on the task, be sure that it is allowed and that your spouse and you are on the same page. * Jot down your feelings. Answer some questions about what marriage means to you and how

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you feel about your spouse. Try to avoid trite sayings and think from your heart and personal experiences. Think about what is the most important thing you

want to promise to your future partner. These notes can serve as the starting points for the actual vows. * Read inspirational writings. Perhaps there is an author or a poet who inspires you? You can quote certain writers in your vows or let the tone of their works help shape the words of your vows. There also are suggested wedding readings and other quotes about marriage readily available at the library or with a quick search online. * Decide on a tone. Although the day is based on love and affection, you may not feel comfortable spouting words of

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adoration in front of friends and family. Feel free to tap into your unique personality. Humor can be used if it aligns with the way you normally express your affections. Be sure to weave this tone into more traditional passages to create a cohesive expression of your feelings. * Establish an outline. Put together all of the words and phrases you’ve jotted down into an outline to help you organize the flow of the vows, using these words as a blueprint for the vows and building upon them. Make sure the vows will be concise. Aim for your entire speech to be around 1 minute in length to keep everyone engaged and the ceremony moving along. * Put everything together. Draft your vows and then practice them by reading out loud. You want to avoid long sentences or anything that trips you up. Although large words may sound impressive, they could make the vows seem too academic and not necessarily heartfelt. Enlist the help of a friend or two to act as your audience to see if the vows sound good and are easily understandable. Writing your own vows can be a way to include personal expressions of love into a couple’s wedding day. Public speaking is seldom easy, nor is finding the perfect words to convey feelings about a future spouse. However, with some practice and inspiration, anyone can draft personalized vows.

Love is composed of a single soul

inhabiting two bodies. ~Aristotle

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Tips for selecting wedding day flowers What would a wedding day be without flowers? The beauty and the aroma of fresh-cut flowers can create a welcoming atmosphere and complement the beauty and the style of a wedding wardrobe. Flowers are often the first things that guests see upon arriving for the ceremony, and they may even be something guests take home at the end of the night. Flowers create an air of romance, and most couples want to make flowers -- whether fresh or silk -- an integral part of their wedding day.

As with any decision when planning a wedding, choosing the right flowers requires some research and a basic knowledge of which flowers will convey the message and the theme of your wedding. The number of colors, textures and combinations that can be created are so numerous that couples may feel the decision on the floral arrangements is best left to the florist. But it doesn’t take a lot of expertise to know

what you want, and it is important for couples to convey their feelings to the florist. Consider these tips when choosing a florist and selecting flowers.

types of flowers and arrangements and any other ideas that attract you so you will be able to present this information to the florist.

* Experts advise that a couple start looking for a florist at least six months before the wedding, especially if the wedding will take place during the peak season of May through September. Get recommendations from friends as to which florist they used or find out if your wedding planner or banquet hall manager recommends a particular florist. Some catering halls have agreements with florists, and they work together.

* Establish your flower budget prior to sitting down with the florist. You should expect to pay at least 8 percent of the total wedding cost on flowers. Get an estimate on the floral arrangement and then tweak your needs according to your budget. Many florists can modify arrangements and find a middle ground with regard to cost. Selecting flowers that are in-season will result in more affordable rates than if you desire exotic or out-of-season blooms.

* Browse magazines to get ideas of what you like. You also may be able to find a florist through an advertisement or if he or she has been featured in publications. Keep a scrapbook of the colors,

* Once you’ve hired the florist, you can come up with a wedding flower worksheet that establishes all of your needs. The florist may ask for specific information, such as photos of the bride’s gown as well as the colors and styles that the wedding party will be wear-

(315) 404-7301

C.M.L. Photography

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ing. A good florist knows that a bouquet should not overpower or detract from the beauty of the bride. The florist may want to mimic textures from the dress, such as beading, with smaller flowers or berries within the arrangement. The groom’s boutonniere is traditionally one of the flowers from the bride’s bouquet so that the look is cohesive. * Ceremony flowers may be traditional, and some houses of worship have strict guidelines as to what can and cannot be used. However, reception flowers can be where you show off your creativity and whimsy. After all, this is a party and it should be fun. You may want to give the florist more freedom of expression with regard to reception centerpieces and flowers that adorn other areas of the room.

* Because receptions tend to take place in the evening hours and are often indoor affairs, experts say that added lighting may be needed to put emphasis on the floral centerpieces and help present them in their best light. You may want to think about hiring a lighting designer to spotlight some areas of the room or at the very least incorporate candlelight into your centerpiece arrangements. * To give the impression that there are more flowers than there really are, use fragrance and filler as your tools. Fragrant flowers can fill up the room with a welcoming aroma. Look for frangipani, lilies, hyacinths, jasmine, and sweet peas for a big impact. Florists know how to stretch arrangements by using greenery and other filler to lend bulk with-

out too much extra cost. *Experienced florists will know how long it takes certain buds to open and show off their maximum beauty. Therefore, expect a florist to be working on your floral arrangements as much as a week before the wedding date -- purchasing containers, cleaning flowers and waiting for certain ones to open fully. Minimize changes close to your wedding date as most things will already be started. * It is possible to make your own centerpieces or bouquets if you so desire. Simplicity will work best for the novice. Think about grouping similar-hued calla lilies together for a bridal bouquet. Hydrangea and peonies are larger flowers that can easily fill up a vessel on a table as a centerpiece.

White flowers will coordinate with any color scheme and could be the easiest to mix and match. White blooms include sweet pea, rose, camellia, stephanotis, narcissus, gardenia, orchid, lily of the valley, jasmine, and gypsophila. Flowers are one component of the wedding that will help achieve the magic and beautiful atmosphere couples desire.

A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love. ~MaxMuller

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How to find the right banquet hall for your big day

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Planning a wedding is no small feat, as couples are faced with many decisions seemingly from the moment they get engaged right up until they walk down the aisle as man and wife. One of the biggest decisions a couple will make is where to host the reception. Couples must consider a variety of factors when looking for the right banquet hall to host their reception. The wedding is a celebration, and the banquet hall is where the couple and their guests will let their hair down and hopefully enjoy a festive and memorable night. Because the reception is typically the most lengthy portion of a couple’s wedding day, it’s important to find a place where everyone can be comfortable and enjoy themselves. The following are a few tips for couples looking to find the ideal banquet hall to host their wedding reception. * Ask around. Word-of-mouth is a great way to find the right banquet hall. Ask friends or family members who got married in the same town where your ceremony will be if they can recommend a reception site. These friends or family members can provide a behind-the-scenes look at a reception hall, from how accommodating the staff was to how flexible the banquet hall was with regard to pricing to how open the staff was to suggestions. Wedding planning isn’t easy, so if friends, family members or coworkers recommend a hassle-free banquet hall, that recommendation can remove a lot of the stress from planning a wedding.

* Consider the size of the facility. Some couples prefer an intimate affair with relatively few guests, while others will desire a large wedding party with lots of guests. Couples can find a banquet hall that’s capable of catering to small or large wedding parties, but find one that fits your party specifically. If your wedding party is small, then avoid a larger facility that will appear empty. If the party is large, make sure there’s adequate room so guests won’t feel like they’re sitting on top of one another during dinner and dessert. * Don’t downplay decor. A banquet hall with an attractive decor is not only aesthetically appealing but can appeal to a couple’s finances as well. Such a hall likely won’t need any additional decorations, while a banquet hall that’s unadorned and lacks embellishments will, and those decorations can dip into a couple’s overall wedding budget. Compare the costs of the more decorated banquet hall with the one that’s more plain in appearance, factoring in the cost to decorate the latter, and you might just realize the one with more aesthetic appeal is more affordable in the long run. * Prioritize privacy. Few couples would be open to strangers having easy access to their wedding reception. When shopping for a banquet hall, look for one that gives you and your guests all the privacy you need. Many couples have taken to hosting the entire ceremony at a hotel, which may handle the bulk of the planning and remove the hassle of transportation for outof-town guests. However, couples considering a hotel should look for one that can promise privacy from other guests at the hotel who aren’t there for the wedcont. on next page

Tradition behind tossing rice Once a couple has been married, tradition states that they be covered with tossed rice upon exiting the ceremony. The idea of throwing rice began during the Middle Ages, when rice symbolized fertility. Rice was tossed at the married couple in the hopes they would have many children and be

blessed with prosperity as a family. A false rumor spread that rice was harmful to birds who would eat the discarded rice and explode, so many people now use birdseed or rose petals as alternatives. However, rest assured that the rice myth has been debunked by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology.



MOBILE RESTROOMS A Division of Mohawk Ltd.

You’ve worked hard to plan a beautiful outdoor event, the right Luxury Mobile Restroom can make it perfect. from previous page

ding. The reception room should be secluded from the rest of the hotel so other guests walking by aren’t tempted to walk in on the festivities.

Our restrooms are outfitted with the following amenities...

The banquet hall is where couples can expect to spend most of their time on their wedding day, so couples should exercise their due diligence to ensure they find an inviting and festive facility.

• Onboard water system • Standard size electric flushing toilets • China sinks with hands free faucets

• Air conditioned/heated environment • Complete stereo system • Plus much more

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Test out wedding music vendors Music is an integral element of many of life’s special events. The score of a movie can carry a film, and a tender song can bring tears to a person’s eyes during a stage production. Many couples spend lots of time choosing a song for their first dance at their wedding. While that song is significant, couples

should devote lots of time to choosing a band or deejay for the reception as well.

they wish they spent more time and money choosing their wedding entertainment.

Statistics compiled from a variety of sources, including USA Today, and Brides magazine, point out that roughly 80 percent of guests say the thing they remember most about a wedding is the entertainment. When asked, many couples admit

Music helps make memories and gets guests on their feet. Those who enjoy themselves most at

have to crash the wedding. If a musical entertainment company is wary of letting you see players in action, it may be an indication to look elsewhere. Another good way to see for yourself if the entertainment factor is high is to pay attention to the bands and deejays used at

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the wedding are often the people who are on the dance floor. It is important to note that price shouldn’t be the deciding factor for wedding day entertainment. It is crucial to see the entertainment provider in action to judge for oneself just how good he or she is. One of the best ways to witness a deejay or band in action is to attend a wedding where they will be working. Find out if you can spend a little while peeking into a wedding and gauge guests’ responses to the music and find out how the entertainment engages the crowd. The entertainer may be able to arrange this with a couple from an upcoming wedding so that you don’t necessarily

weddings you attend. If you are planning nuptials in a year or the months to come, take the cards or information of the entertainers you come across at weddings and any special event parties. If there is someone who is doing an impeccable job, there should be no hesitation to hire that person for your own wedding. Don’t be embarrassed to ask a friend or family member for the name and number of their deejay. If you have specific music requirements, such as cultural music or certain versions of songs you prefer to be played, it is key to discuss this with the deejay or band ahead of time and confirm they can meet your needs. Certain wedding vendors may cont. on next page

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from previous page

larger companies that have many people working under one name. If you’re not careful, you may not get the same performer you had hoped for. Request specific individuals if you want to guarantee that the music will be what you heard at a previous wedding or during a trial performance.

If you like a particular band or deejay, double-check that the people you see playing are actually the ones who will be performing at your wedding. Many times performers are part of

Music can make or break a wedding reception. Invest ample time into selecting and trying out vendors to ensure fun is to be had by all.

Now Catering Banquets & Weddings at La Quinta Hotel UT-000351191_V2

promise you the world but fail to deliver. Ask the deejay for a playlist to see his or her selections for the wedding. Find out if the band has a compilation they can send to you so you can see how they sound performing some of the more popular songs typically played at wedding receptions.

8524 Fish Hatchery Road, Rome, New York, 13440

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Variety is the spice of life with wedding cuisine Weddings are a celebration wherein guests look forward to the reception as much as the actual ceremony, and the food served at the wedding is often hotly anticipated.

Wedding receptions feature a bevy of different foods to tempt the palates of those in attendance. From appetizers served during the cocktail hour to the last crumb of cake, food plays a big role in a wedding reception. Choosing foods for a reception can take a little forethought, especially when the wedding party is especially large. The following are a few suggestions to ensure most guests are happy with the menu selections. The first rule of thumb is variety. As much as budget allows, give guests the choice over what they dine on. During the cocktail hour -- if there is one -- couples can play with many different tastes and offerings. For those who want to be creative, this is the time to do so. Exotic flavors can be served alongside more traditional offerings that guests recognize. For example, offer Asian fusion appetizers that may have spice alongside more traditional items, like miniature quiches. During the main course of the meal, give guests a few options. Most catering facilities will offer suggestions in their meal packages. Couples can typically choose to offer a meat dish, a poultry and a seafood. This caters to a wide variety of diners. It is important for couples to recognize that many people have food allergies or are on restricted diets. While it may not be possible to provide for everyone’s specific requirements, it is possible to make some accommodations First, ask the catering manager how his company provides for guests who are vegetarians or vegans. Ensure that the meal will not be simply a bunch of garnishes and vegetable side dishes lumped together.


In addition, couples should recognize that many people

have now adopted gluten-free lifestyles. More and more restaurants and establishments have expanded their offerings to include gluten-free items, so it is important for the bride and groom to confirm. People who are diabetic and must limit their consumption of sugars and carbohydrates may appreciate a selection of sugarfree desserts or lower carbohydrate foods. When couples focus on meeting the needs of their guests, it shows they have put in the effort to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable at the wedding. Couples who have the environment in mind can choose to serve organic foods and look to catering facilities that purchase foods from local vendors and farms. If a banquet hall does not make such concessions, ask if specialty items that benefit organic and local food producers can be brought in. Some caterers will be happy to make the change, but it will likely affect the cost of the wedding package to do so. Food and drink will be some of the most costly portions of a wedding, and couples who are interested in keeping costs down can still offer quality foods if they make some changes. Varying the time of day that the wedding is held can enable a brunch or luncheon wedding to take place. These foods are often less expensive and labor-intensive to prepare, and therefore the cost savings are passed down to the bride and groom. Some couples opt for a cocktail and hors d’oeuvre-only reception -- which should clearly be indicated on the invitation so that guests can plan accordingly. An informal wedding may feature only a selection of desserts and specialty liquors. This may be the least expensive option. Food is an important factor at a wedding and it is in a couple’s best interest to ensure that the food served is tasty, full of variety and acceptable to the majority of the guests who will be attending the reception.

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How to help guests save on travel Weddings can be expensive affairs. Couples may be willing to go the extra mile and stretch their finances for their big day, but what about their guests? Couples ask much of their out-of-town wedding guests, who must arrange for travel and lodging and possibly even childcare if they are bringing young children. Because traveling to a wedding can be such a costly expenditure, many couples look for ways to alleviate some of the financial pressure that this travel places on their guests. * Find an airport-friendly wedding destination. Couples who can get married within a short distance of a major airport can save their guests a significant amount of money. In addition, a wedding destination that is close to an airport reduces the chance that guests will have to pay for rental cars. A cab ride to the hotel might be less expensive than a rental car, which guests may not

need aside from getting to and from the airport. * Couples know to negotiate group hotel rates for their wedding guests, but few may know it’s possible to negotiate group airline rates as well. Many airlines do, so comparison shop to find your guests the best deal. * Consider a longer engagement. A longer engagement can save your guests money on travel. Couples who choose to have a longer engagement and send save-the-date cards out early are giving their guests more time to book flights and find deals. Flights tend to be less expensive when booked well in advance, so a longer engagement gives guests more time to find a flight that’s affordable. In addition, travelers who can book early often get the first crack at the best flight times, saving themselves the nuisance of taking a red-eye flight or traveling early in the morning.

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Seating for up to 300 gueStS with the following complimentary ServiceS • Candelabra and mirror centerpieces for each guest table

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• Cut and Plate Cake Service • Elegant table linens and napkins

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Our professional wedding specialists and experienced staff will deliver the romantic and elegant experience of a lifetime for you and your guests, and our award-winning chefs will design a menu to please any palate.

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Popular love songs stand the test of time There are many different ways to convey feelings of affection. Some people pen poetry, others bestow gifts, while still others feel moved by music and lyrics. Songs have long been a popular way to convey emotions, and love songs have been performed by artists

Barbara Owens

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Clinton Real Estate

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from nearly every musical genre at some point in time. Although music is subjective, some love songs have stood out as fan favorites. Commonly featured at weddings or as the backdrop on romantic evenings, the following songs are considered some of the more popular love songs of all time. * “Love Theme From ‘A Star Is Born’” (Evergreen): This Barbara Streisand classic from the hit film helped Streisand earn both an Academy Award for Best Song from a Motion Picture and Grammy Award for Song of the Year. * “Up Where We Belong”: Few people can forget the ending scene of “An Officer and a Gentleman” when Richard Gere sweeps Debra Winger off of her

feet. The song “Up Where We Belong” by Jennifer Warnes and Joe Cocker from the movie will always be a romantic favorite. * “All My Life”: Former Jodeci members K-Ci and JoJo created an enduring romantic song with this pop hit. * “Save the Best for Last”: This song became Vanessa William’s signature song and a smash hit. * “Be With You”: Soul singer Mary J. Blige emphasizes sticking with the one you love by being loyal. * “I Do It for You”: This Bryan Adams hit was nominated for an Oscar as the theme for the 1991 film “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.” * “I’ll Make Love to You”: This Boyz II Men song was one of the longest-running No. 1 hits of all time.

* “I’ll Stand by You”: This 1994 hit from The Pretenders can be interpreted as a song of romantic devotion or a commitment to friends. * “You Are So Beautiful”: Joe Cocker makes the list again with this soulful 1975 hit. * “Have I Told You Lately”: Originally written and recorded by Van Morrison, this song gained new life and notoriety when recorded by Rod Stewart. * “My Girl”: Beloved R&B group The Temptations deliver a song about sunshine on a cloudy day in this classic. * “I Will Always Love You”: Witten and performed by Dolly Parton, this song is perhaps most known for the version performed by Whitney Houston for the soundtrack of her 1992 film “The Bodyguard.” * “Time After Time”: A song of devotion, Cyndi Lauper earned her first No. 1 single with this hit.

* “Lovesong”: The Cure’s Robert Smith penned this song as a present to his wife, Mary, in 1988.

* “Hey There, Delilah”: A simple song of young love by the Plain White T’s.

* “Sweet Love”: Anita Baker’s soulful hit helped turn her from a budding R&B singer into a household name.

* “Unchained Melody”: The Righteous Brothers delivered the best-known version of this song, which helped create movie magic between Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in the 1990 film “Ghost.”

* “Love Me Tender”: His good looks and gyrating hips helped thousands of women fall in love with Elvis Presley. However, this signature love song endeared the famed crooner to many others. * “My Heart Will Go On”: Celine Dion’s theme from “Titanic” became one of the most popular love songs of all time after the 18 PULSE JANUARY 2013

film’s 1997 debut.

* “Just the Way You Are”: Billy Joel’s classic in which he tells his beloved she is perfect as-is. * “Your Song”: A simple, eloquently written song of love from Elton John.

Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible - it cannot be seen or measured, yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any material possession could.

~Barbara de Angelis

Valentino’s Banquet Hall Your hosts and owners Maria & Charles Moriarty Since 2000, Valentino’s has been the choice of couples across NYS for their rehearsal dinners & wedding receptions.

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A Touch of Venus

Wedding Planning with the Bridal Zodiac

Whether you’re getting married for the first time, or you’ve traveled this road before, the astrological constellations are very influential in all the plans we make – including our weddings!! The information provided in this book can help you create your Dream Wedding and reduce the stress involved in the planning.

“A Touch of Venus: Wedding Planning with the Bridal Zodiac” combines the author, Cora Lee PalmaHayden’s vast knowledge of Astrology with her numerous personal experiences encountered while a Certified Bridal Consultant and Owner of The Red Palette Bridal Center, a one-stop wedding planning center. Her Unique system will guide you as you make plans for that special day!

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Tie the Knot Elegantly Make a Victorian-inspired wedding or party uniquely yours. By Lisa Miller The Victorian Era was an age of innocence and protocol when a bride’s gown was demure and left much more to the imagination than modern attire. The silk, lace, ruffles and bows all portrayed a felling of romance and femininity that is still perfect for a couple’s special day. Victorian-style weddings and theme parties are gaining popularity, and specialized vendors are finding a niche to fill. From historic Venues, like B7B’s and National Register sites, to vintage gowns and floral finery, there are many choices to help you create a day surrounded with Victoriana that you, your family and your friends will never forget. The very Victorian Cape May, New Jersey, is home to Uniquely Yours,

a modest dress shop that specialize in Victorian and Edwardian reproduction dresses and wedding gowns, where you are instantly transported to a time of elegance and romance. It’s a feeling that proprietor June Kostek thinks every woman should experience on a regular basis. “The Victorian period was all about femininity and innocence, and they dressed in a way that allowed ladies to be ladies- something that is coming back into fashion, especially for weddings,” she says. The store opened in 1991 and has dressed women from all over the world for weddings, Victorian tea dances, Victorian-themed parties and, most notably, for the “Somewhere in Time” Weekends held every year at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan, where fans gather to honor the beloved movie dressed in period clothing. “Victorian-style weddings are especially popular with middle-aged brides, in particular for sec-

ond weddings or renewals of vows,” Kostek says. “But the best part is the style works well for any woman, regardless of her age or shape.”

The Black Stallion Restaurant & Catering

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Italian ~ American Cuisine Full Service Catering for your next special occasion. Dress The Part Checklist for getting the period look *Victorian reproduction wedding gown


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Annie Evans, Head Gypsy, at your service. Inspired by tales of my Great-Great Grandmother’s life as a gypsy, I created this business around Genevieve, my hand crafted portable wood fired oven!

What to expect with a civil ceremony Many people dream of a wedding in a church or synagogue before dozens of family members and friends, while there are others who prefer to forgo the fanfare of a large wedding ceremony and are content with a civil wedding instead.

course. Rather than being required to wear a certain wardrobe or meet with the requirements of a particular church or other house of worship, couples often find flexibility with the civil route. Although some brides and grooms prefer to wear a tuxedo or suit and a wedding gown, it is

Civil ceremonies are often a choice for couples who may have different religious beliefs or do not belong to a particular religious persuasion. In lieu of being presided over by a pastor, priest or rabbi, civil ceremonies are conducted by an authorized official, such as a judge or justice of the peace. The marriage also can be performed by a licensed wedding officiant. Depending on where a couple lives, mayors or even notary publics can solemnize a marriage. Pilots and ship captains also may be able to preside over the ceremony. Some states and provinces will allow anyone to solemnize a wedding, provided they have filed for a special permit for the day. In terms of location, the most basic of civil ceremonies take place at the county courthouse, where paperwork is immediately filed. Ceremonies also occur at City Hall. Couples can choose to hire an officiant to go to another location to oversee the marriage ceremony. The latter is the more expensive option and will be based on the officiant’s schedule.

not necessary to do so. There are many couples who have tied the knot in more casual clothing or even costumes.

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The structure of a civil marriage is much more lax than those which follow the more traditional 22 PULSE JANUARY 2013

In order to participate in a civil ceremony, couples must secure a marriage license. This is usually obtained by a county registrar or another officer of records where the couple lives. Regulations will vary as to the time period in which the ceremony can be done after the mariage license is received. Some licenses may be voided if the couple does not tie the knot within a few days of securing the license. When the ceremony will take place is generally up to the couple and, if a member of the judiciary will be overseeing the wedding, the courthouse. Some courts require an appointment for the wedding, while others may have a walk-in policy. Determine these policies well in advance of the wedding day. There is often a fee collected for the wedding ceremony in addition to what was paid for the marriage license. For those hiring a private officiant, the fee will be much higher than what a clerk

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of the court will cost. The couple will need to bring the marriage license and photo identification. Two witnesses also will need to be present with their own photographic identification. These witnesses will be needed to sign the marriage certificate.

arrange where people will stand, request any clerical blessings, or include any other special elements. * Some officiants enjoy presiding over weddings, while others see it as just a part of public duty. Couples can try to find an officiant who meets with their approval and will keep with the tone that is expected of the ceremony.

Because there is no firm tradition with civil ceremonies, couples may need to be more hands-on when it comes to executing the wedding. Here are some tips to consider. * An officiant may not organize the wedding, meaning it will be up to the couple to choose vows,

* For those adding personal vows, keep them brief and tailored to the occasion. * Know how many people can attend the ceremony in ad-

A unique children’s boutique New & Consignment 3963 Oneida St., Washington Mills

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vance. Couples should recognize that space could be limited and restricted to only a few people if the wedding is taking place at the courthouse. * Arrange the venue for a party afterward. Couples may choose to record a video of the ceremony for playback at a reception to enable those who were not in attendance to be part of the special moment where the rings and vows were exchanged. Civil ceremonies are advantageous to those who have factors that may make a religious ceremony unfavorable.

We can help you out with a few things... A full Ondrea Grippe-Getz service salon specializing in owner bridal updos and wedding parties. No party too big or small. Also, ballroom dance lessons for the bride & groom, groom & mother or the bride & her dad! Contact Donna or Ondrea Today

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Packing pointers for destination weddings In a 2012 study of destination weddings conducted by The Knot Market Intelligence, a research wing of, researchers found that 350,000 destination weddings occur each year. That figure means nearly one in four couples who tied the knot in 2011 had a destination wedding, a roughly five percent increase from 2009.



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Whatever the reason behind a couple’s decision to have a destination wedding, there are things such couples must consider that others who chose a local ceremony can afford to overlook or place a smaller emphasis upon. Packing is one aspect of a wedding that’s more important to couples having a destination wedding than those getting married closer to home. Once a couple boards a plane to head off to their destination wedding, any items left behind will stay behind. So it’s important for couples getting married far away from their homes to develop a plan with respect to packing so they don’t forget or damage any important elements of the wedding.

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Destination weddings have grown in popularity for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the appeal of getting married in an exotic or unique locale. In addition, 65 percent of survey respondents said they chose a destination wedding because they wanted a more intimate affair with fewer guests.

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* Start with a checklist. Couples should develop of checklist of items they will need to bring with them. Make this list as extensive as possible, including everything that will have to be packed, such as clothing, toiletries, jewelry, reservation information, and anything else you expect to need on your trip. Check off items on this list as you pack them away, and check the list the night before you embark to make sure you have everything. * Carry on especially important items. Some items are simply to important to pack. A bride’s wedding gown and the groom’s tuxedo fall into this category. Unfortunately, checked bags can get lost, and no bride or groom wants to arrive at their destination without their gown or tux. An airline may provide brides with a garment bag to store the wedding gown, and the gown and tux can likely be hung in the plane’s closet without fear of cont on pg 26


On the Scenic Route 28 you will find the

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over 40 veNdors

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Over 24 Flavors of Hard Ice Cream Gelato • Spamoni Sherbert Italian Lemon Ice Sundaes Shakes • Old Fashions

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other passengers putting items on top of them. In addition to the wedding day attire, don’t store items like the wedding rings or family heirlooms in a checked bag. Carry these items in a purse or securely store them in a carry-on bag.

Saranac Root Beer Floats Malts • Coke Floats

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from pg 24

• Noodles • Sushi/ Sushi Rolls • Cambodian Food • Thai Food • Vietnamese Food • Chinese Food • Japanese Food • Soups • Chef Specials

* Consider mailing welcome packages after you return home. Welcome packages are nice gestures that show your guests just how much you appreciate their being there for your big day. However, when having a destination wedding, couples may discover that their premade welcome packages are too bulky or just too numerous to easily fit into luggage. Instead of taking these to your destination, mail them to your guests after you return home. The packages might

not be there to welcome guests, but the sentiment is still the same and guests will appreciate the gesture just the same. If you plan to go this route, talk to the hotel in advance to see if they can help you put together a smaller package so guests are still welcomed to the destination. * Be wary of shipping items ahead of you. Some couples ship some important items to their hotel ahead of time. While this might seem like an easy solution to packing welcome packages or other special items such as decorations, these items can easily get lost in the mail or stranded at customs. Shipping items ahead might seem like a great idea, but couples must weigh the potential risks before placing important items in someone else’s hands.

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Here’s to you Tips for a great best man toast

* Practice makes perfect. Few people are capable of standing in front of a crowd of people and speaking off the cuff. A best man should take this into account and practice his speech before the big day. * Avoid alcohol. Getting liquored up prior to your toast is a recipe for disaster. Though it may seem like a good idea to employ alcohol to calm your nerves and

* Get to the point. Men and women who have attended their fair share of wedding receptions no doubt have sat through a long-winded toast from the best man or maid of honor. Such toasts can bring a festive reception to a grinding halt, and guests will likely tune out before the best man or maid of honor gets to the point. * Spin a yarn. Share a humorous anecdote from your mutual past to illustrate the type of relationship you and the groom share with one another. * Congratulate the couple. Because nerves play such a significant part in many best man toasts, it can be easy to forget to congratulate both the bride and groom. Don’t just toast the groom at the end of your best man speech; toast his new bride as well.

Tours By Design We will Customize a Group Tour for Your Club, Business or Organization!

Or come along on one of our pre-set tours. Motorcoach Tours depart Rome and Utica (and Herkimer on eastbound trips)

A St. Patrick’s Celebration with Rattlin’ Bog March 13, 2013 Lunch at Twin Ponds Country Club followed by music. Drive on your own, no bus required; or gather a group. Call us for more info $39.00 per person without transportation

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Includes motorcoach, overnight at Eden Resort, 3 meals, theater, touring and more. $284.00 per person/double occupancy Watch for: 1000 Island Wine Trail – May 4 • Raquette Lake Lunch Cruise – June 12 Tall Ships Festival, Erie PA – Sept. 6-8 Visit our website for more details and more tours, being added all the time!!

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It’s understandable to be nervous when asked to give a best man toast, but there are a few tricks of the trade a best man can employ to calm those nerves and ensure his toast is memorable for all the right reasons.

lower your inhibitions, it’s not a good idea.

We cater all events, big or small

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Filled with sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers, broccoli, cheese, and meat sauce or substitute a topping for one of your own! 12” .......... $14.50 16” ........... $22.00

Specialty Pizzas

Chicken Parm Subs

Wraps Garlic, Wheat or Cucumber Wrap Paninis Fish Fry Desserts Italian Specialties

12” ............ $13.50 16” .............. $21.00

Lasagna, Chicken Riggies, Stuffed Shells, Ravioli, Ziti, Spaghetti, Tortellini, Italian Greens, Antipasto, Sausage Roll, Eggplant Rollettes, Garlic Bread, Garlic Bread with Mozzerella

12” ............ $13.50 16” .............. $21.00


Pot Roast Pizza: pot roast, peas, carrots, water chestnuts, mushrooms& broccoli 12” ............ $14.50 16” .............. $22.00

Veggie Pizza: mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, broccoli & black olives

12” ............ $13.50 16” .............. $21.00

Chicken Wing Pizza: chicken tenders in your favorite wing sauce

Chicken BBQ Pizza: chicken tenders with delicious BBQ sauce

Appetizers & Wings Mild, Medium, Hot, Extra-Hot, Inferno, Garlic, Sweet Chili & BBQ

10.................................$8.00 20...............................$12.00 30...............................$16.00 40...............................$19.00 50...............................$24.00 Celery & Bleu Cheese $1.00 ea

Super Bowl XLVII will kickoff at 6:30pm ET on February 3, 2013!!!!

••• We Deliver ••• We Cater ••• We Deliver ••• We Cater •••

••• We Deliver ••• We Cater ••• We Deliver ••• We Cater ••• We Deliver ••• We Cater ••• We Deliver ••• We Cater ••• We Deliver ••• We Cater •••

The best man toast can be one of the most memorable parts of a couple’s wedding. Sometimes a toast is memorable for its humor and heartfelt sense of appreciation for the groom and his bride, while other toasts are more memorable for all the wrong reasons.

We Cater ••• We Deliver ••• We Cater ••• We Deliver ••• We Cater


“Always Buying”

ApprAisAls • House sAles We are Buying your Unwanted OR Broken Jewelry Gold & Silver, Sterling Silver, Flatware, Holloware


Booking Winter & Spring estate sales!!

Check out our inventory and our House Sale Schedule on our website Don & Nancy Hartman 52 Oriskany Blvd., Whitesboro • (Next to Kinney’s)


A loving heart is the truest wisdom. ~ Charles Dickens


Easy ways to improve memory Everyone forgets things from time to time. Periodically forgetting where you left your keys is likely not indicative of a bad memory. But some people find themselves forgetting things more frequently, a troubling development for those who can’t explain their sudden loss of memory. Memory loss is often considered to go handin-hand with aging. As a person ages, conventional wisdom suggests memory will begin to fade. But sometimes memory loss has nothing to do with aging, and a lot to do with a brain that isn’t sharp because of an unhealthy lifestyle. The following are a few ways men

and women can improve their memory. * Get some sleep. Men and women who aren’t getting enough sleep can almost certainly blame that lack of shuteye for at least some of their memory loss. When you don’t get enough sleep, your brain’s ability to think critically, solve problems and even be creative is compromised considerably. In addition, research has shown that memory-enhancing activities occur during the deepest stages of sleep, further highlighting the importance of getting a full night of interruption-free rest. * Hit the gym. Exercise is another activity that can improve memory. Daily physical exercise increases the amount of oxygen that gets to your brain while reducing the risk for certain disorders, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease, both of which can lead to memory loss. * Manage stress effectively. Stress has a host of negative side effects, not the least of which is its impact on your memory. Chronic stress that goes untreated can destroy brain cells and damage the region of the brain that deals with the formation of new memories as well as the retrieval of older memories. Numerous studies have shown that men and women cite their career as their primary source of stress. Since quitting your job is likely not an option, find ways to manage your stress more effectively. This may mean finding a way to make the most of your time, be it working more efficiently,

emphasizing planning ahead or even vowing to stop procrastinating. Other ways to manage stress include making time to relax and recognizing that you have limits while seeking the help of others. * Make some dietary changes. Diet can also have an impact on memory. What you eat is fuel for both your body and your brain, and a poor diet can have a negative impact on your memory. Be sure to include omega-3 fatty acids, sources of which include salmon, tuna and other cold water fatty fish, in your diet. Research has shown that omega-3 fatty acids, which can also be found in walnuts, can boost brain power and possibly reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s disease. Foods with antioxidants, including fruits and vegetables, can also protect your brain cells from damage, which can have a positive impact on your memory. Leafy green vegetables like spinach, romaine lettuce and arugula as well as fruits like apricots, mangoes and cantaloupe are good

sources of antioxidants. A diet high in saturated fat, which is found in red meat, whole milk, butter and cheese, has been found to have a negative impact on memory. Research has shown that such a diet increases a person’s risk of developing dementia while impairing an individual’s ability to concentrate and remember things. Loss of memory is often a momentary lapse, but those who find themselves becoming more and more forgetful can take steps to improve their memory and their quality of life.

The best thing to

hold onto in life is each other.


Fashion Nails & Hair Salon

Professional Nail Care for Ladies and Gentlemen Manicure Pedicure UV Gel Silk Wrap Pink & White Acrylic Designer Tips Nail Designs Colored Gels

Waxing Services

Gift Certificates Available Salon Hours: Monday - Friday 10 am - 8 pm; Saturday 10 am - 7 pm; Sunday 11 am - 5 pm

Walk Ins Welcome 315-768-7881 or 315-768-7883 4644 Commercial Dr., New Hartford Sorry No Personal Checks PULSE JANUARY 2013 31

The Hank Brown Radio Show Your Host for

Coffee & Toast Weekday Mornings from 9 A.M. to noon

Sicilian Delight Restaurant & Pizzeria Sangertown Square Mall New Hartford, NY PH: 315-732-9999 FAX: 315-738-9463

Delicious Pizza...

Drive Time on Central New York’s Premier AM Music Stations & FM 95.5 Exclusively on Good Guys Broadcasting Co. WUSP 1550 and WRCK 1480 AM and 95.5 FM

Order Online... Ready in Minutes... See Full Menu Hank is often the voice who announces the stars... pictured here with one of his favorites, “the choir boy,” Jerry Vale!

For over 50 years, Central New York has been tuning in to the Hank Brown Radio Show. Now Hank can be heard on Good Guys Broadcasting Co. from 9 A.M. to Noon weekday mornings, Monday through Friday. Hank Brown’s name is a household word, having worked in both radio and TV with his “Twist-A-Rama” Dance Program. The same audience that watched and listened to Hank years ago are today’s homemakers and now listen to is program on the Good Guys Broadcasting Co. The Hank Brown Radio Show is perfect for reaching the household decision maker or the business people at the office. His friendly approach touches on what is happening in the community. The music is varied from the latest releases to the old standards. Hank’s interesting trivia, news features and “Sports in the Coffee Cup” pull it all together. If you are looking to reach the Heart of Central New York’s Consumer Market, then do not forget the power of the HANK BROWN RADIO SHOW, a local audience built by his over 50 years of broadcast commitment to the community. Hear the Hank Brown Radio Show Exclusively on Good Guys Broadcasting Co. on three separate stations simulcast! 32 PULSE JANUARY 2013


Specialties Include... Baked Lasagna • Gnocchi Veal Parmigiana Veal Cutlet Alteri’s Homemades Flowers Chicken Parmigiana Chicken Cutlet

7 College Street • Clinton, NY 13323 • 315-853-6363

Every day or Unexpected Stress: Some Say Your Body Doesn’t Really Know the Difference By Susan Romeo, MS, RN The holidays are hopefully a happy memory, and the snow which came suddenly and in full force is still on the ground. How was it for you when the first few flakes and the season’s hallmark weather started and then kept coming…and coming? We are a hardy bunch here in central New York, yet December could be viewed as multiple stresses landing one on top of another. One could argue that snow in December is an everyday stress, we expect it each year. We may even feel fortunate that the first snow was not on Halloween as it has been in years past. Or we may be frustrated, having missed the chance to ski or sled for months already. Heavy weather could also be viewed as an unexpected stress, taking us by surprise in its power and duration, especially with all the expectations and out of ordinary events which had otherwise filled the month. One way or another, we were pushed to adapt, and adapting to stress, be it good stress or bad stress takes its toll on us. Stress can be graded. Loss of a job, moving to a new community, or even upcoming happy events like weddings and babies are significant events requiring adaptation and adjustment. Yet initially, our bodies don’t know the difference between that and the everyday variety. Our stress response is triggered many times a day. We even become numb to stress, so accustomed to pressure and a high octane state that we think it is normal, that is until our bodies grow louder in telling us enough is enough. It is estimated that roughly eighty percent of today’s health care visits have stress as a root cause. The list is long—heart

disease, high blood pressure, stroke, immune system dysfunction, digestive disorders, insomnia, weight gain, anxiety, headaches to name a few, are all impacted greatly by stress. The Institute of HeartMath has been studying the impact of stress for over thirty years. The name HeartMath is kind of a misleading—it is not about cardiac care and it is not about calculus. It is about research into emotions and physical health, especially when it comes to handling stress. HeartMath and modern medical science tell us that a typical stress reaction begins with a cascade of 1,400 biochemical events in your body. If these reactions are left unchecked we age prematurely, our thinking is impaired, our energy is drained, and we are robbed of our effectiveness and clarity. You are not alone if you grew up believing that much of your physiology was involuntary and therefore out of your influence. The truth is that while your body responds the same way to stresses both small and large, we can retrain our physiology to bring greater peace and balance, what the HeartMath folks call coherence. Our heart, lungs, nervous system, hormones can be brought into synch, working for us like a smoothly running engine. It is best to deal with stress in the moment as it happens, and a key is the breath. Next time you feel yourself heading towards stressed out, try this: Take a comfortable full breath and imagine yourself breathing into and out of your heart area. You may even put your hand over your heart to remind

you, as if you were saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Observe any changes in your state that occur, and after a few breaths call to mind a positive experience such as being in a favorite place, a loved one’s face, a pet’s welcome home and what it feels like to connect with that positive experience. With practice, using this coherence technique brings profound improvement to life. Snow? What snow? Susan Romeo is a retired nurse practitioner and founder of CNY Healing Touch, a provider of integrated holistic health and wellness approaches in the central New York State area. Visit her at www.cnyhealingtouch and send your thoughts to susan@

Susan Romeo, MS, RN CNY Healing Touch Holistic Health & Wellness

8200 Seneca Tpk Clinton, NY 13323 315- 725- 0403 Integrated Health Therapies Supporting You In Your Regular Medical Care Healing Touch™ Energy Therapy Medical Hypnosis Heart Math™ Stress Management • Ease pain • Manage & reduce stress • Supportive wellness care in chronic and serious illness • Medical hypnosis

GIFT CERTIFICATES Thoughtful confidential care one patient at a time.

We can help you keep your New Year’s Resolution... We take the guess work out of your diet plan... with lots of healthy alternatives!! many items with Weight Watcher’s Points Plus values!!!

Serving Monday Saturday 8am-5pm

We can make most of your favorite yummy coffee’s and latte’s in a “skinnier way” too !! Our regular menu includes panini’s, wraps, quesadillas, melts, quiches, soups, salads and breakfast offerings such as sandwiches, quiche, scones, muffins and assorted pastries! Come see us soon!

1 West Park Row, Clinton 853-6656


•Comprehensive dentistry for your family, oriented to your dental needs. •Cosmetic Bonding and Veneers •Crowns and Bridgework

New Patients Welcome

46 Utica St., Clinton, NY 13323 315-853-6181

Filing Electronic Claims & Accepting Insurance Payments

•Removable Dentures and Partial Dentures •Implant and Locator Supported Dental Work •Whitening Procedures •Using Only Local, Family Dental Laboratories

Dr. Timothy DelMedico Clinic Director and Chiropractor

A few of the Many Conditions Treated: •Headaches •Disc Herniations •Sciatica •Whiplash

Chiropractic: Not Just for Back Pain By: Dr. Timothy J. DelMedico Everybody knows that Chiropractic care helps with back pain. Hundreds of studies have been published in medical journals that support this fact. I get referrals every week from medical doctors of all types who have read them. Chiropractic works. Did you know that chiropractic may also help with other health problems? More and more data is showing that in addition to the traditional back pain, neck pain, headache relief that most patients traditionally see a Chiropractor for, Chiropractic adjustments can also help with other ailments. Asthma, allergies, high blood pressure, acid reflux, earaches, sinus trouble, irritable bowel disease, and reproductive problems all may respond favorably to Chiropractic care even when medicine has failed. For example, a double-blinded medical study was just performed last year that was published in a popular peer reviewed Orthopedic journal. The study concluded that regular Chiropractic adjustments to the upper cervical spine (neck) reduced the blood pressure of the patients in the study. How cool is that? Do I have your attention now? The reason behind this is simple: Chiropractic adjustments

affect your nervous system that runs every cell, tissue and organ in your body. By delivering an impulse to your spine, a well-trained Chiropractor can remove the interference that may be blocking precious nerve flow to an organ or system. These “roadblocks” are called vertebral subluxations and they can be detrimental to your body and your overall health. Chiropractors are skilled at detecting and removing these harmful subluxations in your spine, thus restoring your body’s natural ability to heal. If there is no nervous system interference in your body, your body can function optimally. This means no sickness, no disease, and surely no pain. Patients under regular Chiropractic care frequently report more energy, less sickness, and are generally happier and more focused. This goes for children too. If you have a spine, it should be checked regularly for subluxated vertebrae by a Doctor of Chiropractic. It makes sense to take care of it because it controls your entire body and ensures that you continue to live, breathe, heal, and thrive. *Dr. DelMedico owns and operates DelMedico Chiropractic, PC at 2709 Genesee Street in South Utica. Call 797-1908 to set up an appointment.

•Limb Numbness Affordable •Failed Back Care/Payment ,Surgery Plans •Wellness Care

Services Offered at the Center: •Chiropractic •Nutrition Advice •Acupuncture •Massage Therapy •Multi-specialty Referral Network •Low Force Tech. •Physical Therapy

•Digital X-Rays •Postural Analysis •Electrodiagnostic Testing •Same Day Appointments •Relaxing Atmosphere •Off Street Parking •1,000’s Helped!!

2709 Genesee Street • Utica, NY 13501 315-797-1908 • Fax: 315-797-1193

Log into to get information on a FREE Initial Examination Including Necessary X-Rays 34 PULSE JANUARY 2013

Gift Certificates

Snow Ridge Ski Resort 4173 West Rd., Turin NY 13473

(315) 348-8456 • Nestled in the Middle of the Tug Hill Plateau Most Snow East of the Mississippi • Less than an Hour Away

22 trails, 6 lifts, Restaurant, Cafeteria, Rental Shop, Ski Shop, PSIA Certified Instructors, Children’s Programs Snomobile hill climbs Jan 5th & Feb 9th

Wed 10-4, Thurs-Fri 10-8:30, Sat-Sun 9-4 Check our Facebook page & our website for event details & conditions

$3 off all day adult lift ticket if you mention this ad!

Did you know? There are a host of ways fitness-minded folks can burn a few extra calories, even if they don’t know they’re doing it. For instance, those who can’t sit still and tend to have a nervous personality may burn more calories than a person who is calm. That’s because fidgeting can burn up to 350 calories a day. Laughing more can also burn extra calories.

Scientists estimate that laughing 100 times is equivalent to a 10-minute workout on a rowing machine. Remember to get some shut-eye as well. Research has found that dieters who get adequate sleep can more easily shed weight. For those who are feeling amorous, engaging in intimate behavior can burn up to 360 calories an hour.

Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted. ~ Denis Waitley

Get Your Vehicle Healthy for 2013... 48 Point Safety Inspection • Oil Change • Lube and Filter Tire Rotation • Car Wash & Vacuum

ONLY 26 $


Up to 5 quarts oil - synthetic extra- Reg. Passenger vehicles only. No Heavy Duty or Diesels. 3723 State Route 12B, Clinton, NY 13323

Must Present Coupon. Offer Expires 2/15/13

(315) 853-5573 PULSE JANUARY 2013 35

1/1-Skating Club of Utica / Whitestown Open House, 3

1/10-Free Poker Tournament, New Hartford, Cavallo’s, 7

1/1-DJ/Karaoke, New Hartford, DeFazio Pizza & Pasta, 8

1/10-Utica Poet’s Society, Tramontane Café, 7:30

1/1-Free Poker Tournament, New Hartford, Killabrew Saloon, 7

1/10-Justice McBride, New Hartford, Piggy Pat’s BBQ, 8

1/1-Open Yoga, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane Café, 5:30 1/2-Hockey, Utica College Men Vs. Middlebury, AUD, 3 1/2-5-Main Event Appearing at “Estate 169” (Twin Ponds), New York Mills, 6 1/2-Craft Night, The Tramontane Café, 7 1/2-Mova Poker Challenge Free Poker, Utica, Shots Sports Bar, 7 1/2-Line Dance w/Donna G., Utica Eagles, 6:30 1/2-Slow Flow Yoga, Shine Studio at Tramontane Café 1/3-Comedy Central, Yorkville, Club Monarch, 7:30 1/3-Open Auditions-Arthur Miller’s All My Sons, Playere of Utica, 724-7624, 7 1/3-Free Poker Tournaments, New Hartford, Cavallo’s, 7 1/3-Vinyasa Yoga, Shine Studio at Tramontane Café, 7 1/3-Utica poet’s Society, Tramontane Café, 7:30 1/3-Justice McBride, New Hartford, Piggy Pat’s BBQ, 8 1/3-DJ/Karaoke, Jak’s Bar & Grill, Barneveld, 9 1/4-Hockey, Utica College Men vs. Salve Regina, AUD, 7 1/4-Hatha Yoga, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane Café, 5:30 1/4-DJ Alan Mayne, Clayville, The Lanterns, 8 1/4-Video DJ Johnny Lew, Utica, Stiefvater Room, 9 1/5-Hockey- Utica College Men vs. Manhattanville, AUD, 3

1/5-CNY Roller Derby 5 Year Anniversary, Utica, Uptown Theatre, 7 1/5- Hockey- Utica College Men vs Oswego, AUD, 7 1/5-Derby Baby “Unrated” ( Free Documentary Movie), Utica, Uptown Theatre, 8 1/5-Johnson and Company, White Lake Inn, Woodgate, 9-1 1/5-Bingo, Utica, Holy Trinity School, 6:15 1/5-Free Poker Tournament, Utica, Dick Smith’s Tavern, 7 1/5-Tangled-PG (Free Movie), Utica, Uptown Theatre, 11:30am 1/5-Martini Dance Party w/ DJ Johnny Lew, Utica, Stiefvater Room, 9

1/7-The Lucky One-PG (Free Movie), Utica, Uptown Theatre, 7 1/8-9-“A Chorus Line”, The Stanley, 724-4000 1/8-The True Purpose of God Explained-Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research Free Lecture Series Utica, Uptown Theatre, 7-9 1/8-Free Poker Tournament, New Hartford, Killabrew , 7 1/8-Open Yoga, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane Café, 5:30 1/8- DJ/Karaoke, New Hartford, DeFazio Pizza & Pasta, 8 1/9-Slow Flow Yoga, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane Café, 9am 1/9-Line dancing w/Donna G., Utica Eagles, 6:30

1/5-Legendary Sat Nite Rock’N Dance party, w/DJ Sugarbear, Rome, Legends Sports Bar, 9:30

1/9-MOVA Poker Challenge free tournament, Utica, Shots Sports Bar, 7

1/5-Jimmy Wolf Band ( CD Release Party), Rome, The Snubbing Post, 9:30

1/9-DJ/Karaoke, Utica, Finger Bullet Bar, 8

1/5-Winter Farmers’ Market, Westmoreland Fire House, 9-12

1/9-DJ-VJ Karaoke Party w/ Sound Investment, Yorkville, Vista Lanes lounge, 8:30

1/6-Bridal Splendor, Holiday InnUtica, 12

1/9-LOL Comedy Club, Turning Stone Casino, 8

1/6-Bingo, Ilion, Moose Lodge, 2

1/9-Dickey Betts, Turning Stone Casino,

1/6-MOVA Poker Challenge Free Poker Tourneys, 5 1/6-Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, Utica, Shine Studio at tramontane Café, 5:30 1/6-Bingo, Utica, Sons of Italy, 6:30 1/6-Sabbath Mike’s Carnival of Chaos, Utica, tramontane Café, 9am 1/7-Free Poker Tournaments, Utica, Rick’s Place, 7


1/10-Spaghetti Dinner, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Whitesboro, 4:30 1/10-America’s greatest Heart & Run Walk news conference, , Rome, Americu Credit Union, 266-5403, 5:30 1/10-Open Yoga, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane café, 5:30 1/10-Vinyasa Yoga, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane Café, 7

1/10-DJ/Karaoke, Barneveld, Jak’s Bar, 9 1/11-Hatha Yoga, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane, 5:30 1/11-DJ/Aaron Davis, Clayville, The Lanterns, 8 1/11-John Keller, Utica, Tramontane Café, 1/12-Hockey, Utica College Men vs. Potsdam, AUD, 4 1/12-Bingo, Utica, Holy Trinity School, 6:15 1/12-Free Poker Tournament, Utica, Dick Smith’s Tavern, 7 1/12- Winter Farmers’ Market, Westmoreland Fire House, 9-12 1/12-Jimmy Wolf Band, Alder creek, Kratzy’s Bar and Grill, 8 1/12-Three Stooges-PG (Free movie), Utica, Uptown Theatre, 11:30am 1/12-The Scintas, Turning Stone Casino, 8 1/12-Martini Dance Party with Johnny Lew, Utica, Stiefvater room, 9 1/12-Legendary Sat Nite Rock’N Dance Party w/ DJ Sugarbear, Rome, Legends Sports Bar, 9:30 1/13-Bingo, Ilion, Moose Lodge, 2 1/13-Mova Poker Challenge Free Tournament, Utica, Celtic Harp, 5 1/13-Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane Café, 5:30 1/13-Bingo, Utica, Sons of Italy, 6:30 1/13-Sabbath Mike’s Carnival of Chaos, Utica, Tramontane Café, 7 1/14-Slowflow Yoga, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane café, 9

1/14-Free Poker Tournament, Utica, Rick’s Place, 7

1/24-DJ/Karaoke, Barneveld, Jak’s Bar & grill, 9

1/14-American Reunion-PG (Free Movie), Utica, Uptown Theatre, 7

1/25-Hatha Yoga, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane Café, 5:30

1/15-Herkimer Community Museum, Kids and Family, 11am

1/25-Dance Party W/Sound Investment, Poland, The Pit Stop Inn

1/15- DJ/Karaoke, New Hartford, DeFazio Pizza & Pasta, 8 1/15-Open Yoga, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane Café, 5:30 1/15-Free poker tournament, New Hartford, Killabrew , 7 1/15-Open Irish Music Session, Oriskany, Stockdales, 7:30 1/15-Irish Traditional Music Session, Herkimer, Albany Street Café, 7:30 1/16-Sesame Street Live, The Stanley, 724-4000, 10:30 & 6:30 1/16-Mova Poker Challenge Free Poker, Utica, Shots Sports Bar, 7 1/16-Open yoga, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane café, 7 1/16-DJ/karaoke, Utica, Finger Bullet Bar, 8 1/16-DJ-VJ/Karaoke Party w/ Sound Investment, Yorkville, Vista Lanes Lounge, 8:30 1/16-Slow Flow Yoga, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane café, 9am 1/17-Queen Extravaganza, Turning Stone Casino, 8 1/17-Vinyasa Yoga, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane Café, 7 1/17-Free poker Tournament, New Hartford, Cavallo’s, 7 1/17-Utica poet’s Society, The Tramontane Café, 7:30 1/17-Justice McBride, New Hartford, Piggy Pat’s BBQ, 8 1/17-DJ/Karaoke, Barneveld, Jak’s bar & Grill, 9 1/18-Hatha Yoga, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane Café, 5:30 1/18-19-Rear Window (1954 movie), Rome , Capitol Theatre, 7

1/18-DJ Spin Doctor, Clayville, The Lanterns, 8

1/20-Bridal Show, Hamilton, Colgate Inn, 11:30-3

1/18-Video DJ Johnny Lew, Utica, Stiefvater Room, 9

1/21-Slowflow Yoga, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane Café, 9am

1/18-Legendary T.G.I.F. Flashback Friday Rock’N Dance Party w/ DJ Sugarbear, Rome, Legends bar, 9:30

1/21-Free Poker Tournament, Utica, Rick’s Place, 7

1/18-HOTPLATE, Marcy, 12 North Sports Bar, 10 1/18-The Lettermen, Turning Stone, 8 1/19- Winter Farmers’ Market, Westmoreland Fire House, 9-12 1/19-Bingo, Utica, Holy Trinity School, 6:15 1/19-Princess and the Frog-G (free Movie), Utica, Uptown Theatre, 11:30am

1/21-Marley-PG13 (Free Movie), Utica, Uptown Theatre, 7 1/22-Herkimer Community Museum, Family activities, 11am 1/22-Open Yoga, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane Café, 5:30 1/22-Free Poker Tournament, New Hartford, Killabrew, 7 1/22- DJ/Karaoke, New Hartford, DeFazio Pizza & Pasta, 8 1/23-LOL Comedy Club, Turning Stone, 8 1/23-Slow Flow Yoga, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane Café, 9am

1/19- Martini Dance Party with Johnny Lew, Utica, Stiefvater room, 9

1/23-Open Yoga, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane Café, 7

1/20-Tramiversary Party-Tramontane Café’s 5th Anniversary Celebration, Utica, Uptown Theatre, 5 1/20-Mova Poker Challenge Tournament, Utica, Celtic Harp, 5 1/20-Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane Café, 5:30 1/20-Bingo, Utica, Sons of Italy, 6:30 1/20-Sabbath Mike’s Carnival of Chaos, Utica, Tramontane café, 7 1/20-33rd annual Train Show, Union Station, Utica,, 9:30-3:30 1/20-CNY Wedding Expo, Turning Stone Casino, 12

1/25-Murder Mystery Dinner (My Dead Lady), Rome, Delta Lake Inn, 6:45, 533-7710 1/25-Legendary T.G.I.F. Flashback Friday, Rome, Legends, 9:30 1/25-26-Hockey, Utica Men vs. Chatham, AUD, 4 1/26-Finding Nemo G (free movie), Utica, Uptown Theatre, 11;30am 1/26- Winter Farmers’ Market, Westmoreland Fire House, 9-12

1/19- Free Poker Tournaments, Utica, Dick Smith’s Tavern, 7

1/20-Bingo, Ilion, Moose Lodge, 2

1/25-Video DJ Johnny Lew, Utica, Stiefvater Room, 9

1/26-The Ugly Duckling & The Tortoise and the Hare, Dr. James A. Meyer Community Performing Arts Center 1/26-Bingo, Utica, Holy Trinity School, 6:15 1/26-Free Poker Tournament, Utica, Dick Smith’s Tavern, 7

1/23-Mova Poker Challenge free Poker Tournament, Utica, Shots, 7 1/23-DJ/Karaoke, Utica, Finger Bullet Bar, 8

1/26-Martini Dance Party w/ Video DJ Johnny Lew, Utica, Stiefvater Room, 9 1/26-Night Fever, Vernon Downs, 877-88-Vernon, 7-9:30

1/23-DJ/Karaoke party w/Sound Investment, Yorkville, Vista Lanes, 8:30 1/23-The Wailers, Turning Stone Casino, 8 1/24-Lonestar, Turning Stone Casino, 8 1/24-Yinyasa Yoga, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane Café, 7

1/27-WCNY’s Movie and a Cookie, Rome, Capitol Theatre, 2 1/27-Bingo, Ilion, Moose Lodge, 2 1/27-Mova Poker Challenge, Utica, Celtic Harp, 5 1/27-Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane Café, 5:30 1/27-Bingo, Utica, Sons of Italy, 6:30

1/24-Free Poker Tournament, New Hartford, Cavallo’s, 7 1/24-Utica Poet’s Society, Tramontane café, 7:30 1/24-Justice McBride, New Hartford, Piggy Pat’s BBQ, 8

1/27-Sabbath Mike’s Carnival of Chaos, Utica, Tramontane Café, 7 1/27-Movie and a Cookie: Dreamworks’ Madagascar, Rome Capitol Theatre, 2-3:30


1/27-Bridal Showcase, Utica, Radisson Hotel, 12-3, free admission, $1,000 American Express Giveaway

2/9-The Good News Center’s 7th Annual “Dance The Night Away” Fundraiser, Whitesboro, Hart’s Hill Inn, 7

1/28-Being Flynn R (Free Movie), Utica, Uptown Theatre, 7 ‘ 1/29-Live at Birdland, The Stanley, 724-4000, 7:30

2/9-Bingo, Utica, Holy Trinity School, 6:15

1/29-DJ/Karaoke, New Hartford, DeFazio Pizza & Pasta, 8 1/30-Slow Flow Yoga, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane Café, 9 1/30-Open Yoga, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane Café, 7 1/30-Mova Poker Challenge Free Tournament, Utica, Shots Sports Bar, 7 1/30-DJ/Karaoke, Utica, Finger Bullet, 8 1/30-DJ-VJ/Karaoke Party W/ Sound Investment, Yorkville, Vista Lounge, 8:30 1/31-We Came As Romans, Uptown Theatre, Utica, 7 1/31-Open Yoga, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane Café, 5:30 1/31-Yinyasa Yoga, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane Café, 7 1/31-Free Poker Tournament, New Hartford, Cavallo’s, 7 1/31-Utica Poet’s Society, Utica, Tramontane Café, 7:30 1/31-Justice McBride, New Hartford, Piggy Pat’s BBQ, 8 1/31-DJ/Karaoke, Barneveld, Jak’s Bar & Grill, 9 2/1-Hatha Yoga, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane Café, 5:30 2/1-Hockey, Utica Men vs. Hobart, AUD, 7 2/1-ABBA Mania, Turning Stone Casino, 8 2/2-Hotel Transylvania PG (Free Movie), Utica, Uptown Theatre, 11:30am 2/2- Winter Farmers’ Market, Westmoreland Fire House, 9-12

2/2-Bingo-Utica, Holy Trinity School, 6:15

2/6-Mova Poker Challenge Free Tournament, Utica, Shots, 7

2/2-Free Poker Tournament, Utica, Dick Smith’s Tavern, 7

2/6-Craft Night, Uitica, Tramontane café, 7

2/2-Martini Dance Party w/Video DJ Johnny Lew, Utica, Stiefvater Room, 9

2/6-DJ/Karaoke, Utica, Finger Bullet Bar, 8

2/2-Legendary Sat Nite Rock N’ Dance Party w/ DJ Sugarbear, Rome, legends 2/3-Hockey, Utica Men vs. Hobart, AUD, 3 2/3-Mova Poker Challenge free Poker Tournament, Utica, Celtic Harp, 5 2/3-Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane Café, 5:30

2/6- Sound Investment DJ-VJ/Karaoke, Yorkville, Vista Lanes,, 7 2/7-Open Yoga, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane Café, 5:30 2/7-Free Poker Tournament, New Hartford, Cavallo’s, 7 2/7-Vinyasa Yoga, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane Café, 7 2/7-Utica Poets Society, Tramontane Café, 7:30

2/3-Bingo, Utica, Sons of Italy, 6:30

2/7- Sound Investment DJ-VJ/Karaoke, Yorkville, Vista Lanes,, 7

2/3-Sabbath Mike’s Carnival of Chaos, Utica, Tramontane café, 7

2/7-DJ/Karaoke, Barneveld, Jak’s Bar & Grill, 9

2/4-Slowflow Yoga, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane Café, 9

2/7-10-Boonville Snow Festival, Boonville-Oneida County Fairgrounds

2/4-Free Poker Tournament, Utica, Rick’s Place, 7 2/5-Open Yoga, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane Café, 5:30 2/5-Knit2gether, Waterville, Waterville Public Library, 7 2/5-Free Poker Tournament, New Hartford, Killabrew Saloon, 7 2/5-DJ/Karaoke, DeFazio Pizza & Pasta, New Hartford, 8 2/6-Craft Night, Utica, The Tramontane café, 7 2/6-Slow Flow Yoga, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane Café, 9am 2/6-Open Yoga, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane café, 7 2/6-Sound Investment DJ-VJ/Karaoke, Yorkville, Vista Lanes,, 7


2/8-Hockey, Utica Men vs. Nazareth, AUD, 7 2/8-Hatha Yoga, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane Café, 5:30 2/8-Mark Zane & Friends, Utica, Tramontane Café, 8 2/8-Video DJ Johnny Lew, Utica, Stiefvater Room Martini Bar, 9 2/8-Aaron Lewis, Turning Stone Casino, 8 2/9- Winter Farmers’ Market, Westmoreland Fire House, 9-12 2/9-Martini Dance Party w/ Video DJ Johnny Lew, Utica, Stiefvater room, 9 2/9-Legendary Sat Nite Rock N’ Dance Party w/ DJ Sugarbear, Rome, Legends, 9:30

2/9-Free Poker Tournament, Utica, Dick Smith’s Tavern, 7 2/9-Sirsy, Utica, The Tramontane café, 8 2/10-Mova Poker Challenge free Tournament, Utica, Celtic Harp, 5 2/10-Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, Utica, Shine Studio at tramontane Café, 5:30 2/10-Bingo, Utica, Sons of Italy, 6:30 2/10-Sabbath Mike’s Carnival of Chaos, Utica, Tramontane Café, 7 2/11-Free Poker Tournament, Utica, Rick’s Place, 7 2/12-Open Yoga, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane Café, 5:30 2/12-The True Purpose of God Explained, Utica, Uptown Theatre, 7 2/12-Free Poker Tournament, New Hartford, Killabrew, 7 2/12-DJ/Karaoke, New Hartford, DeFazio Pizza & Pasta, 8 2/12-Hockey, Utica men vs. Cortland, AUD, 7 2/12-Samantha Crain, Hamilton College, Clinton, 8 2/12-13-The Adams Family, The Stanley, 724-4000 2/13-Lol Comedy Club, Turning Stone Casino, 8 2/13-Sound Investment DJ-VJ/Karaoke, Yorkville, Vista Lanes, 7 2/13-Slow Flow Yoga, Utica, Shine Studio at Tramontane Café, 9am 2/14-Jeff Mangum, Tall Firs, and The Music tapes, Hamilton College, Clinton 2/15-Shut Up Sit Down & Eat, The Stanley, 724-4000, 8

A guide to grilling with wood and smoke Slow smoked chicken, ribs, and brisket are staples of the traditional American barbecue. The deep smoky flavors and fall-offthe-bone tenderness is a hallmark of the low-and-slow -- a low temperature, cooked over a long time -- cooking technique. Originally, open pit fires were used for the slow cooking process. Luckily, with a smoker box, wood chips and a gas barbecue, backyard chefs can now taste the smoky flavor of wood and cook with the convenience of gas. Here are some helpful tips for adding smoky flavor: * Wood chips should be soaked in water for at least an hour before using. Drain them and add them to a stainless steel or cast iron smoker box. * Fill the smoker box two-thirds of the way with chips and place the box on either the heat plate above the burner or on the cooking grids. * Add wood chips five to 10 minutes before putting your meat on the grill --raw meats take on smoky flavors much better than even slightly cooked meats. Having a smoky environment to start will enhance and deepened flavors. * Smoked meats will have a deep, pink ring on the outside -- this indicates how deep the smoke has penetrated your meat. * Hickory is probably the most famous smoking hardwood. It imparts a strong hearty flavor to meats and is used mostly to smoke pork shoulders and ribs. * Mesquite is one of the most popular woods, it is sweeter and more delicate than hickory, and is a perfect complement to richly flavored meats such as beef, duck or lamb. * Apple has a sweet, mild flavor and is used mostly with pork and game, but can be used for poultry as well.

•Pizza & Wings •Salads •Subs & Panini •Gyros •Italian Utica Greens •Pasta to Go •Desserts •Rice Balls Homemade Sauce & Dough WE CATER! 14 Lebanon St. Hamilton 315-824-4444 • fax 315-824-4417 Delivery Available 1/4-Opening Reception: Community Art Show, Hamilton Center for the Arts, 5-8 1/4-Live Music: Ed Vollmer, Colgate Inn, 7-10 1/8-Children’s Story time, Hamilton Public Library, 10:30am 2/9-Flashback-Live Concert, Hamilton, The Palace Theater, 7

1/23-Colgate University’s “MLK week” Film Screening : SKIN, Hamilton Movie Theater, 7 1/24-The Colgate Coaches Show, Don Vaughan and Nicci Hays, Colgate Inn, 7

Mexican Restaurant and Tapas Bar

1/24-Live Music: Ed Vollmer, Colgate Inn, 7-10

Sun. 4-8:45, Tues.-Thurs.11:30-8:45pm Fri. & Sat. 11:30-9:30, Closed Monday • Full Bar Traditional Mexican Fare~ Full Bar 10 Broad Street • Hamilton 315-824-0022

1/24-Live Music: Crow and Bow , Colgate Inn, 8 1/25-Live Music: Ed Vollmer, Colgate Inn, 7-10

JJ’s Salon & Spa ~Full Service • Men & Women~

1/11-Live Music: Ed Vollmer, Colgate Inn, 7-10 1/12-Children’s Program: Who’s Hat is That?, Colgate Bookstore, 10am 1/13-Sensory Friendly Movie: Ice Age 4 “Continental Drift”, Hamilton Movie Theater, 12:30 1/13-Skate With The Raiders, Open Ice Skating with Colgate University’s Men’s and Women’s hockey teams, Colgate’s Starr Rink, 4 1/15-Children’s Story Time, Hamilton Public Library, 10:30am 1/16-Small Business Resource Center Seminar, Partnership for Comm. Development (11 Payne Street), 5:30 (RSVP 825-3537 1/16-Health & Wellness Program, Hamilton Public Library, 7

29 Lebanon Street • Hamilton 824-3000

•Cuts •Color •Highlights • Massage • Body Waxing • Tanning • Spray Tanning

1/27-Grand Opera in CinTheater, 5:30, Discussion to follow ema: La Boheme, Hamilton Movie at the Colgate Bookstore, Register theater, 1 at 228-6944 1/29-Children’s Story Time, Hamilton Public Library, 10:30am

1/31-The Colgate Coaches Show, Greg Fargo and Matt Langel, Colgate Inn, 7

1/31-Hamilton Book & Movie Club: The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo, Hamilton Movie

1/31-Live Music: Lauren Mettler, Colgate Inn, 8

s• t • e • p • h

1/18- Live Music: Ed Vollmer, Colgate Inn, 7-10 1/20-Bridal Show-Colgate Inn, 11:30-3 1/22-Children’s Story time, Hamilton Public Library, 10:30am


50% OFF ALL Winter Apparel!! 7 Lebanon Street, Hamilton • 315-824-2500 • M-F 11 - 6 Sat 10 - 4


PULSE Magazine January 2013 Vol. 2 No. 3  
PULSE Magazine January 2013 Vol. 2 No. 3  

This month focuses on Bridal, Wellness and Community Events... Think BIG, Shop SMALL