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Spring Home Improvement

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April 2012 Vol. 1 No. 6

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Spring Home Improvement

Monthly CONTEST... WIN Cash Prizes!!

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April 2012 Vol. 1 No. 6


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March Contest Winners Were: Dan and Donna Dellanno of Yorkville WON a $50 Gift Card as did Connie Christian both donated by our friends at Carmella’s Cafe! Check out their back page ad on every issue of your PULSE Magazine! The $25 Gift Certificate from the Village Florals Shop in New Hartford was won by Jane Ray!! Congratulations to all of you and good luck with this months’ contest.... UMBRELLAS!!! Count them up and email your total to or call me at 315-525-3582! All correct answers will be put in a drawing and three names will be pulled out! Tell me where you picked up your copy of PULSE Magazine and double your chances of winning!!!

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U-S Cutters, Inc. Tahan Plaza, New Hartford A FREE Haircut/Style (ad page 15) The Antiques Cafe, Clinton A $35 Gift Certificate (ad page 11) The Potting Shed Antiques, Whitesboro A sterling silver bracelet (ad page 9) Good Luck to all of our PULSE readers...

Lawn Care Tips for First-Time Homeowners First-time homeowners can be overwhelmed at the responsibility that comes with home ownership. While some of those responsibilities can be stressful, others can prove therapeutic. Many homeowners find caring for their lawns to be an enjoyable hobby that helps relieve stress. Time spent outdoors in the warm sun helps improve mood, and a lush lawn and garden can instill a sense of pride in homeowners. First-time homeowners with no history of caring for a lawn can still turn their lawn into a lush oasis to be proud of. Start With the Soil Soil is the foundation for any good lawn or garden. Healthy soil will result in healthy plants and vegetables. Unfortunately, not all homeowners are lawncare enthusiasts, and first-time homeowners might discover their lawn sand gardens need lots of work. That work should

begin with a soil test. Do-ithealth. yourself soil kits are available at most major home improvement Find the Right Grass and lawn and garden centers. For those who prefer to trust a Some lawns might be an eyeprofessional, sore because the United the grass States Deis not the partment of right type of Agriculture grass for that has Cooperparticular ative Extenregion. If a sion System grass is not a offices in good fit for every state the region and U.S. terand local ritory. Such climate, it offices prolikely won’t vide valuable thrive or information will require to homeconsiderowners, and able and many even often costly provide free Maintaining a lush lawn can be a relaxing maintenance or low-cost and rewarding hobby for homeowners. to stay lush. soil tests. Bermuda These tests and tall can help fescue grasses are popular ophomeowners learn more about tions in many areas of North their soil and what, if anything, America, but it’s still best to they need to do improve its

Dave’s Landscaping 3297 Route 12B • Clinton, NY 13323

consult a lawncare professional to determine which grass is best for a given region. Learn the ins and outs of caring for the grass, including which types of seed and fertilizer are the best fit, as well as the recommended watering guidelines. Plant Properly Planting new grass might seem like a big undertaking, but it’s actually quite easy, even for first-time homeowners. Once a person has determined the correct type of grass to install, planting is much more simple that one might think. * Aerate the soil. Soil compaction is a problem for many homeowners. Heavy usage often compacts the soil, making it very difficult for the lawn to hold oxygen and water that roots need to grow and absorb valuable nutrients. Aerating increases nutrient, oxygen and water movement into the soil, improving rooting and controlling thatch buildup. Hand aerators cont. on pg. 4

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More job photos on our website PULSE APR. 2012 3

Insurance to Value: Homeowners Beware Housing values have plummeted throughout the United States. The pace of existing-home sales dropped more than 8 percent from January 2008 to January 2009, reported the National Association of Realtors. Home values declined for 76 percent of all U.S. homes during 2008, estimated and housing prices have fallen in 70

percent of all metro areas over the past several years, according to Moody’s What’s more, the rate of newhome construction is now at its lowest in 50 years, noted the U.S. Census Bureau and Department of Housing and Urban Development. Continued on page 5

the seed and make new grass growth impossible.

From page 3

might prove effective on smaller lawns, but most lawns would benefit from a core aeration machine. For first-time homeowners, it might be best to enlist the services of a professional the first time aeration is done to learn the process. * Spread seed evenly. Grass seed should be spread evenly over all tilled areas. Spreading can be done by hand or by using a seed spreader. * Add a light layer of soil over the seed. Once the seed has been spread, cover the seeded areas with a light layer of soil. Some soils are treated, and these treated soils provide nutrients that encourage growth. * Water well but don’t overdo it. The soil around the seed should be moist until the grass has grown in to its desired height. However, avoid overwatering, which can drown

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Fertilize Fertilizer is a friend to lawns, providing the nutrients a lawn needs to grow in thick. When fertilizing, use a spreader. The type of spreader is up to the homeowners, but know that drop spreaders, which drop the fertilizer directly below the spreader, tend to be more accurate but take more time, while broadcast spreaders, which drop fertilizer in a pattern away from the spreader, are less accurate but cover large areas in a much shorter period of time. Avoid fertilizing the same area twice, and be patient. Fertilizing might seem like a tedious process, but if done correctly, it should lead to a lush lawn. When fertilizing, it’s best to do so during the fall and spring. The exact time to fertilize depends on the region, but it’s generally best to fertilize between April and early June, and then in the fall between late September and early November.


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The Burns Agency also sees what’s not going down, though, is the cost of rebuilding and repairing houses. Construction costs rose by more than 4 percent between 2007 and 2008, according to a report in Best’s Review magazine citing Reed Construction Data figures. Rising reconstruction prices are contrary to the economic news of recent months. And it’s contrary to consumers’ expectations that lower home values should mean lower homeowners coverage is needed. What’s more, homeowners are already cutting back on insurance expenses. Nearly one in four households already have changed their insurance coverage in the past year to reduce costs, according to a recent survey by the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (the Big “I”) and local

Trusted Choice® member agencies. With these conflicting pressures, what should a homeowner do? The first thing: Recall what homeowners insurance is designed to do. Insurance should “make whole” the policyholder after loss or damage to the home from an unforeseen event such as a fire, lightning strike or windstorm. In the case of rebuilding a home, “making whole” means rebuilding the same or similar structure. When a home is damaged or destroyed, there are several issues that factor into its repair or replacement cost: Debris must be removed and discarded. Lumber, concrete, and other building materials are in demand on the worldwide market, even if demand is slumping in the

United States. Building materials are purchased for just one home, not on a large-scale basis as is for most housing developments. Fuel costs, a big part of construction costs, are higher than just a few years ago. Natural disasters in the United States have left a shortage of building materials and labor in certain areas.

Unfortunately, many homeowners choose exotic plants when addressing their landscape. Though these plants can be appealing and make a property stand out, if the plants are not native to the region, they could

be doing more harm than good. Instead of upgrading your property with exotic plants from a far away land, consider the following benefits of choosing native plants before addressing your landscape. * Native plants require less work. Some prospective home buyers might find a yard filled with exotic plants to be visually stunning, but they might also see a good deal of work to maintain those plants. Many exotic plants require significant work on a homeowner’s part to survive, while native plants have already

rainy days so

gardeners could get the

housework done. ~Author Unknown

Homeowners want to get back into their home as quickly as possible, and speed drives up costs. If you would like more information on The Burns Agency and how you can save money on your homeowner’s policy without jeopardizing coverage, we have a great website or call us at 315-853-5052.

The case for choosing native plants One of the best ways to improve a home’s resale value is to address the landscape. Increasing a property’s curb appeal can be done in many ways, but a well-pruned lawn and garden gives buyers the impression that the sellers truly took the time to maintain the home and the surrounding property.

God made

adapted to the local climate and will require much less care. This is often attractive to current and future homeowners alike. * Native plants might be a better investment. A native plant has evolved over the years to survive in its given area. Local insect populations and fungal infections might be able to destroy an exotic plant, but a native plant has grown resistant to such problems and likely has the ability to fight such infestations or infections on its own.

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Save money on energy bills Home is where the heart is, where families grow, and generally where the most of our leisure time is spent. Working with green technology for the best insulation will keep your house warm, welcoming, comfortable and cozy -- and will save you money, all at the same time. Insulation advancements are on the horizon at all times, experts say. Take a look at innovation by Icynene, for example. Their soft, expanding spray foam insulation and air barrier material protects homeowners from the harmful outdoor environment and from energy-robbing air leakage. Icynene pioneered the spray foam technology and now leads in industry

training. Why are homeowners turning to spray foam insulation? Experts tell us that older insulation types, such as fibreglass, will settle, compact and sag over time, decreasing their insulation properties. Spray foam insulation is energy efficient, says Icynene, and it has a high R-value due to its ability to seal and insulate at the same time. The spray foam solutions are created with water blowing agents and renewable and recycled content, which help reduce greenhouse gas emissions to support a healthier environment. Spray foam insulation can be used in new home construction or additions and insulation upgrades to existing homes (attics, crawlspaces) during remodeling projects. With spray foam insulation you can maintain healthy indoor air while reducing your HVAC equipment needs and saving on energy bills. In addition, homeowners can conserve construction materials without the need for excess sealing and still achieve optimal airtightness. Spray foam insulation doesn’t pass off gas over time, performs at peak levels for the lifetime of your home, and, because airborne moisture is controlled, the durability of the building remains unthreatened by the growth of mold and mildew.

Do-it-yourselfers “LOC-in” latest trend in hardwood floors According to experts in the hardwood flooring industry, the hot trends for this year will be wider board floor designs and easier to install options that you simply “LOC” into place. The recent innovation in the flooring industry that continues to gain momentum with designers, builders and do it yourselfers alike is the Mercier Wood Flooring “LOC” product category. It’s an engineered floor that does not require glue or mechanical fasteners to install using a locking system optimized for low cost of production and superior installation characteristics. “This product addition presents customers with a userfriendly installation product for multi-story developments, basements, and is an ideal choice for the do-it-yourself market,” explained Michel Collin, Marketing Director of Mercier Wood Flooring, one of North America’s leading hardwood flooring manufacturers. This innovative engineered wood flooring with a 2G LOC features a 2mm sawn veneer of

choices in the country allowing them to design their floor the way they want, thanks to their exclusive Design+ program. This year to answer the consumer demand for wider board designs, Mercier’s has added a 5” option to its LOC category in classic Red Oak and Hard Maple. According to designer Nancy Soccio of Dolce Design in Montreal, consumers will appreciate these classic hardwoods made available in the popular wider options. “Red oak is a classic choice. It’s a hardy, noble wood that adds soothing warmth to your home with its pink highlights. While hard maple is more pale and uniform,” she added. “It’s dense, finely grained look combines harmony and wellbeing to any decor.” There are also established trends in wood flooring fashion that will continue to forge ahead, according to Collin, and these are the movements towards pronounced colour variations and rare exotic species. “Our exclusive line of exotic species from South America, for example, is sought after by dis-

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hardwood in either red oak or hard maple bonded to an HDF core. Solid wood will expand or contract with heat and moisture, whereas engineered wood flooring, because it’s made of cross banded layers of wood, offers more dimensional stability, Collin explained. In fact, for the past several years Mercier has offered its customers the widest variety of

cerning homeowners for its stylish rich natural shades blended with the inherent hardness and durability of exotic woods.” For the dark wood floor enthusiasts, Collin said Mercier has developed beautiful new rich stains for its Heritage product line: Graphite and Macchiato for solid, engineered and LOC versions in varying widths.



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Setting up a backyard play set Outdoor play is a highlight of childhood. Being able to run, jump and swing outside is an excellent form of exercise and a way for kids to interact with their friends. One staple of youthful play is spending time on a play set in the backyard. Parents without a play set in the backyard need only look into a neighboring yard with a play set to witness these prime congregation spots for the neighborhood children. And play sets don’t just benefit kids. Parents who want to keep tabs on their children can do so much more easily with a backyard play set, and knowing they are having fun close by alleviates worries. The decision to purchase a play set is one pondered by parents all across the country. There are scores of readymade varieties available or sets that can be custom designed. The choice of which one to buy should be based on a number of factors, both in desired features and also models that offer safety. Materials The first decision parents face is which material to use for the play set. The main materials used to build play sets are plastic, metal and wood. Plastic sets tend to be very basic and may be reserved for young children’s sets. While they can go outside, they may not last more than a few years and are often best relegated to indoor toys. Metal sets are some of the most durable and strong. They

8 PULSE APR. 2012

are frequently seen at parks and playgrounds. Metal play sets are often cemented down to a foundation for stability, which doesn’t make them ideal for a temporary set that will be removed when the kids outgrow it. Also, you cannot generally add onto a metal set. Wooden sets are usually a compromise between the two. They’re good for backyards because they can be taken down when they’re no longer used. They can also be made more useful with add-on attachments, such as extra slides, rock walls and different swing variations. Safety Play sets are designed for children, so all of them should be safe, right? Not exactly. Some manufacturers cut corners or create somewhat questionable designs. Look for recessed hardware and bolts so that clothing doesn’t snag on pieces that stick out. Choose play sets that have handles for extra stability while children are climbing. Avoid ones with metal hardware that can rust and weaken over time. Woodto-wood attachments won’t rust and will be more durable. When choosing wood sets, be sure to select hardwoods that will not soften and warp. In addition, choose designs that feature rounded edges so there will be less chance for splinters or injuries from hitting blunt edges. Be sure to have plastic-covered chains on swings and other moveable parts so that fingers cannot get inside of the links and be pinched.

How to improve your landscape before selling Selling a house is seldom easy, and homeowners are often willing to do whatever it takes to make their home more attractive to prospective buyers. One of the areas sellers typically focus on is the home’s landscaping. A well-maintained lawn and garden increases a property’s curb appeal considerably, increasing the chances a buyer will have a strong first impression of the home. But homeowners don’t need to have a green thumb to ensure their lawn improves curb appeal. The following are a few tricks of the trade savvy sellers can employ to make their home an instant hit when buyers pull up to the curb. * Color the landscape. The plants outside a home shouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb, but a few splashes of color can make a home more appealing. For the cost of some annuals, which are typically inexpensive, homeowners can turn a drab flower bed into a colorful spot bound to catch a buyer’s eye. * Lay down new layers of mulch. Mulch is not only good for plants, helping them to retain moisture while inhibiting weed germination and growth, but a fresh layer of mulch also adds to a yard’s aesthetic appeal. Mulch made of wood or bark chips is also slow to decay, so apply a new batch right before the “For Sale” sign is erected and you might not have to apply another batch before selling the home. * Prune trees and shrubs. Pruning trees and shrubs is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve a landscape. Stay on top of pruning regardless of what season it is, and be sure to remove any fallen branches from the yard on a regular basis. * Clean bird baths and other water features. Water features

create a peaceful atmosphere around a property if they’re well maintained. If not, buyers won’t see the yard as a sanctuary but rather a place where mosquitoes congregate and odors emanate from algaefilled water. Remove any debris from water features, including leaves and algae, and clean the filters so water is always clear. * Invest in a power washer. Buying a power washer might be a tad over the top, but homeowners whose yards are filled with grimy surfaces might find a power washer can work wonders at restoring a home’s external

appeal. If plants are in pots that are covered in years-old dirt and grime, a power washer can restore the pot’s luster in a matter of minutes. Spray down walkways and even home siding that has fallen victim to dirt and grime over the years. * Address issues with weeds. A prevalent problem with weeds around the property is another situation that some buyers might feel is indicative of neglect. Lay mulch around flower beds and gardens to reduce weed growth, and pull any weeds from sidewalks and the driveway. Once weeds are pulled, spray areas that were infested with a weed-treatment product to ensure weeds don’t grow back. A well-maintained landscape is a great way for men and women hoping to sell their homes to make a strong first impression.

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Millions of dogs share the homes and hearts of people across the country. Dogs can provide companionship, affection and joy. But when dogs spend time outdoors and cause damage to lawns and gardens, that cute and cuddly appeal might dwindle. Although dogs are beneficial in numerous ways, their tendency to create unsightly messes in the yard have many homeowners wringing their hands in frustration. Erecting a dog run or using other strategies may help to alleviate any damage the dog causes. A dog run is essentially a fenced-in part of the yard where

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dogs can play or be trained to relieve themselves. As most pet owners know, dogs, particularly females because their urine is concentrated to one spot on the lawn, can create unsightly

for easier clean-up. It also can be hosed off and topped off when gravel is depleted. Avoid landscape fabrics or artificial turf that is not designed for pets. It may collect waste and lead to the proliferation of bacteria, which can create odor and unsanitary conditions for the dog. Many people like to camouflage dog runs from the rest of the yard. Trailing vines of ivy or other upward growing plants may suffice. Avoid planting any poisonous plants next to the run so they are not accidentally consumed. It is also best to keep sweet nectar plants away to minimize bee and wasps from flying close to the dog.

urine burns. Looking at patches of burnt, straw-like grass where a lush lawn used to be can be If you do not want to segreaggravating. The same can be gate your dog from the rest of said for finding dog “presents” all the yard, find ways to prevent over the yard. All it takes is stephim or her from getting into ping in or sliding in a pile of joy places you’d to raise blood Dogs will behave rather keep off pressure. Plus, limits. Cobble rock like dogs, so pet there’s the difficult extra work owners should learn isforoften dogs to walk of tracking the best way to on. Use it to form down such presents and enjoy the backyard barriers of 3 to 5 inches in width to having to together. prevent access to clean them certain parts of the yard. Border up. This can be time-consuming planting beds with thorny with a big yard, not to mention bushes or big rocks that don’t messy and smelly. allow traction. Containing your dog to a run Do make a dog running path will keep messes all in once by the fence where there is a place. When the dog cannot be lot of foot traffic. This way your supervised by you, a dog run will dog can run back and forth be a way to let the dog spend and watch the neighbors go time outside in a way that he by. Again, pea gravel is a good or she won’t get into trouble. choice here so that it will mask The run can be constructed of paw-trodden grass. any material you desire, whether chain-link fencing, wood slats, Dogs will behave like dogs, lattice material, or tightly spaced so pet owners should learn the shrubbery. Pea gravel is a good best way to enjoy the backyard material to use on the floor of together. Training the pooch to the dog run. Not only is pea relieve himself in one spot and gravel aesthetically appealing, creating places that are safe for but it also allows urine to run him to urinate may alleviate through into the soil below and destructive behavior. will be able to keep feces above

u q e i t s n C A a e h T & Bakery* fe

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Earth Day is a great teaching opportunity for parents Earth Day has been around for more than 40 years, and during that time, it has inspired millions of people to increase their awareness of, and their appreciation for, the environment. Since the dawn of the twenty-first century, people increasingly have adopted eco-friendly lifestyles and attitudes, and the continued embrace of environmentally friendly practices and principles has made the struggles of Earth Day pioneers, like former United States Senator Gaylord Nelson, more than worth it. Nowadays, children grow up learning about the environment in school and at home. For example, many households participate in their community’s recycling programs, and such households are raising ecoconscious children, perhaps without even recognizing they’re doing so. While a transition to a more eco-conscious lifestyle might not be seamless, it’s far easier than many might suspect and even easier for kids who have yet to develop a lifetime of habits that might not be so eco-friendly. With Earth Day on the horizon, the following are a few ways parents can get their kids involved in activities or lifestyles that benefit the environment. Address Eating Habits Over the last several years, the opportunities to eat in

an eco-friendly manner have increased dramatically. Organic foods have grown more and more popular, and parents can use this growing trend to teach their kids about the environment. When shopping for groceries, choose organic products that weren’t grown with pesticides or harmful chemicals and explain this difference to kids. Shopping locally provides another opportunity for parents to involve food when teaching kids about the environment. Explain to kids that shopping locally reduces reliance on fuel because products don’t need to be shipped, be it through the air or on the ground, to your community, minimizing fuel consumption. Teach ConservationTechniques Conservation provides another easy opportunity for parents to instill eco-friendly ideals in their children. Conservation is about reducing waste, so conservation techniques don’t involve sacrifice. Instead, they involve being more responsible when it comes to using our resources. Parents know full well the constant reminders kids need when it comes to dental hygiene. But use these daily reminders about brushing and

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flossing as an opportunity to impart a lesson about the environment. Instead of keeping the faucet running while brushing your teeth, turn the faucet off and encourage kids to do the same. When they ask why, explain that this helps conserve water, and show them how it’s just as easy and effective to clean teeth without the water running as it is when the faucet is on. This teaches kids that conservation is simple and often just requires minimal effort to make a big difference.

Mama Mia S troll

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There are additional lessons about conservation that parents can impart. For instance, when grocery shopping, always make a list before leaving the house and explain to kids that you do this so you don’t have to make two trips to the store and waste the gas that the second trip would require. In addition, encourage kids to turn the lights off when they leave a room to better conserve energy.

Purchase Recycled Products Recycling is a practice that many of today’s kids grew up with, and as a result, many of them might take it for granted, failing to fully realize the positive impact they’re making whenever they recycle. If recycling is as natural to kids as breathing, then it’s no surprise they might not recognize its impact. One way parents can address this issue is to purchase products made from recycled materials. A host of products are made from recycled materials, from the paper you put in the printer to the toys under the tree on Christmas morning. Explain to kids why you’re choosing these products, and let them know such products wouldn’t be possible without their own recycling efforts. Another way to help kids realize the value of recycling is to make crafts from recycled products. For instance, make a papier mache globe to celebrate Earth Day by using old newspapers as your primary material. Such lessons show kids their efforts make an impact and increase the likelihood they’ll continue this eco-friendly lifestyle well into adulthood.

We do the time, so you can avoid the grime!

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In my garden there is a large place for sentiment. My garden of flowers is also my garden of thoughts and dreams. The thoughts grow as freely as the flowers, and the dreams are as beautiful. ~Abram L. Urban

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Ecoscaping is a growing trend among homeowners who want to take care of their lawns and landscapes but want to do so in a way that’s environmentally friendly. Integrating both landscape architecture and spatial planning with environmental science, ecoscaping is meant to help homeowners create a sustainable and eco-friendly landscape design. It’s natural to assume that ecoscaping includes looking for ways to reduce reliance on chemical pesticides, but there are many additional ways homeowners can embrace ecoscaping. This includes removing or refusing to plant invasive plants that are difficult to control because they are from different ecosystems and can threaten local wildlife and existing plants. Instead of choosing exotic plants that aren’t native to the area, choose native plants that are accustomed to the local climate. Another way to embrace ecoscaping is to develop a planting strategy wherein plants are planted in beneficial growing conditions that can eliminate theneed for chemical fertilizers and excessive watering.

PULSE APR. 2012 15

Susan Romeo, MS, RN CNY Healing Touch Holistic Health & Wellness

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Specialties Include... Baked Lasagna • Gnocchi Veal Parmigiana Veal Cutlet Alteri’s Homemades Flowers Chicken Parmigiana Chicken Cutlet

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16 PULSE APR. 2012

Holistic Wellness Seekers: Help Your Spring Chi Flow If there is a season when our thoughts turn quite naturally toward matters of health and wellness, it surely must be this one. Even though we navigated this year’s Winter That Nearly Wasn’t rather well, spring is such a source of energetic lift. Take a moment to observe your own awareness as you read this verse of childlike innocence, or better yet read it to a child : “A small green frog On a big brown log; A black and yellow bee In a little green tree; A red and yellow snake By a blue-green lake, All sat and listened To red bird sing, “Wake up, everybody, It’s spring! It’s spring!” “ —Anonymous Some portion of you celebrated the season as you read, and smiled on the inside as well as the outside. It is hard not to. In fall and winter, our intentions direct our vital energy or “chi” deeply within, but as spring unfolds, we prepare for new growth and chi flows! And so it should. You will not have to go far to find help with your spring cleaning, decluttering your home, planning your garden, or improving your residence. In fact, you can find new ideas within the pages of your Pulse! My focus is on the lived experience of your own wellness, the “house of you” no matter where you presently are on the health continuum of ease to dis-ease. Whatever your health state physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, it is once again time to seek flow. We can blaze our own path or hitch a ride for a while with those already underway. In my opinion, winter’s January is not the time for New Year’s resolutions. Spring’s March and April is far better. I recently came across a wonderful resource for wellness seekers, an elegantly simple book by Brett Blumenthal titled 52 Small Changes: One Year to a Happier Healthier You, published by Amazon Encore in 2011. The author addresses the health resolution issue creatively, with inspiration and, most importantly, in bite-size packages. One small change per week, for fifty-two weeks! Many of us have an aspect of wellness that we naturally lean toward—commonly, food and eating or movement and exercise. These are nicely covered. Blumenthal also offers roadmaps for stress management, finances and budgeting, even locating the strength of one’s spirit. One of my favorites is week 37, Get Back to Nature. The desired change is, “Spend more time outdoors and in nature and less time plugged into technology. It is hard these days to unplug. Blumenthal writes (with references) that people over age eighteen are said to spend an amazing 8.75 hours each day in front of some form of media, with almost six of those hours in front of a television. While we are connected by the Internet to people all over the world, there are folks who live their days feeling remarkably disconnected at a human level. Strengthening one’s connection to the natural world can help. Assess your media patterns and decide how you personally can unplug for portions of the twenty-four-hour day. For those who live or work in cities, or are housebound, using technology to connect with nature is helpful, too. Listen to sound recordings of gardens or oceans, watch the Discovery channel or National Geographic, hang photo-

graphs of nature that speak to you. Finally, Blumenthal writes, find beauty in every day. Simple! So effective.

Minerals may promote a good night’s sleep It’s 3 a.m. and you’re staring at the ceiling unable to fall asleep. Or, you’ve drifted off restfully only to awaken and not be able to fall back asleep. If these scenarios sound familiar, you could be experiencing insomnia. Millions of people suffer from insomnia and wonder if there is any treatment available. Statistics by the National Sleep Foundation and Better Sleep Council indicate that anywhere from 30 to 50 percent of people experience some degree of insomnia during their lifetime. Women are more likely than men to have bouts of insomnia. Age, genetics as well mental health play a large role in the risk factors for insomnia. It is estimated that 90 percent of people who are depressed suffer from insomnia. Those experiencing bouts of insomnia lasting more than a

I write this on a day when balmy breezes waft through stiff March windows, and the chorus of songbirds rivals an outdoor operetta. The red-breasted robin hops on the lawn listening for worms. I hope as we read, it is a similar April day! Flow. Bloom. Connect. You are healthier for it.

“Unless a tree has borne blossoms in spring, you will vainly look for fruit on it in autumn.” —Charles Hare Susan Romeo is a retired nurse practitioner, Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and founder of CNY Healing Touch, and a provider of holistic health and wellness approaches in the central New York State area. Please write her with your thoughts at

few days may grow anxious and concerned about the situation -further compounding the problem. Visits with general practitioners may yield a prescription for sleeping pills for the short term. While effective, sleeping pills are not typically a long-term solution and can become physically or mentally addictive. Global sales for all sleeping pills, called hypnotics, will top $5 billion in the next several years, according to pharmaceutical estimates. You may want to consider other methods for improving sleep quality. Most people experiencing sleep disturbances understand the benefits of employing good sleep hygiene. This includes going to sleep at the same time each night and waking at the same time. Alcohol and caffeinated beverage consumption should be stopped several hours before bed time. Exercise and some exposure to the sun can reset a sleep-wake cycle. For those who need a little more help, the use of vitamins and minerals

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may be all that’s needed. Several research studies have shown certain minerals cab be effective at inducing sleep and helping people fall asleep and stay asleep through the night. Research indicates that taking the supplements magnesium and calcium can do more than just support strong bones. According to James F. Balch, M.D., author of “Prescription for Nutritional Healing,” “A lack of the nutrients calcium and magnesium will cause you to wake up after a few hours and not be able to return to sleep.” Lack of these nutrients also may prevent fast onset of sleep. Calcium and magnesium have both been referred to as natural sedatives. Calcium works best when it’s balanced in a 2-to-1 ratio with magnesium. That means for every 200 mg of calcium taken, 100 mg of magnesium should be taken as well. But not all forms of magnesium work best. It has been found that magnesium chloride has the highest absorption rate of many different kinds. Calcium lactate gluconate is also popular for its quick dissolution in water. In a study called, “The Role of Magnesium in Sleep,” magnesium was determined to be a possible method of combating insomnia. Researchers found that sleep was induced rapidly and was uninterrupted. Test subjects didn’t report any residual tiredness the next day, as is common with other sleeping pills. Also, the calming effects of the calcium caused anxiety and tension to be diminished during the day. “Calcium helps the brain use the amino acid tryptophan to manufacture the sleepinducing substance melatonin,” says William Sears, M.D. “This explains why dairy products, which contain both tryptophan and calcium, are one of the top sleep-inducing foods.” While it’s best to get nutritional content from foods, supplementation can be helpful if deficient in certain vitamins and minerals. Before adding any supplements to your diet, it is best to discuss your intentions with your doctor. He or she can determine if this course of treatment is safe or risky. PULSE APR. 2012 17

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Fats-Are they Friend or Foe? By Kim Thompson Functional Nutritionist and Owner of Healthy Transformations In the 1990’s Americans latched onto a low-fat diet in response to research that indicated reducing dietary fat would be the magic bullet we had been searching for in our quest for weight loss. What we failed to do as a society at that point was recognize the difference between saturated fat, unsaturated fat and trans fat. Instead the food companies created many low-fat or no-fat foods and hit the marketing scene hard with the message that fat is bad. In the presence of low-fat and no-fat foods, we got FAT! Currently 2/3 of American adults are overweight or obese and about 1/3 of our children follow this trend. We can partially thank the low-fat craze for contributing to this epidemic. You may also recall from last month’s article that simple carbohydrate consumption (think white foods) can actually lead to weight gain. Dr. Willet, the author of “Eat, Drink and Be Healthy”, states that our obsession with avoiding fat made us rely heavily on simple carbohydrates and we watched waistlines expand. If there is one thing to take from this article it is the following: It is not the amount of fat you consume, but rather the type of fat that is important. There are two basic sources of fats: animal and vegetable. Animal fats (butter and lard) tend to be solid and saturated. Vegetable fats, like olive oil (monounsaturated) and sesame oil (polyunsaturated) tend to be liquid. The “good” fats are derived from unprocessed food sources and play an important role in multiple bodily functions. Some of its roles include gut health, brain function and the formation of nerve cells. There are also two families of fats that are termed essential, meaning the body cannot make them and, therefore, must be consumed in the diet. They are Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids (EFAs) General Recommendations: • Most people should consume 20-30% of their daily calories from fat. For a 1500-calorie diet, this means about 35-50 grams per day.

of CNY

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SPANDEX Spandex is a generic term used to describe a family of elastomer or rubberlike fibers. It is a manufactured fiber in which the fiber-forming substance is a long-chain synthetic polymer composed of at least 64% segmented polyurethane. The DuPont Company introduced the first spandex fiber, known as fiber K, in 1958. The fiber was evaluated by the trade community for a period of time, and then in 1959 they began commercial production of the fiber under the trade name Lycra. Several other companies also introduced a new spandex fiber but, DuPont has been the most successful producer and still dominates the field.

SPANDEX Vs. RUBBER Spandex offers many advantages over rubber, including resistance to degradation by perspiration, body oils, and detergents. Spandex fibers are also resistant to abrasion, oxidation, and dry-cleaning solvents. Another advantage over runner is that spandex has a lower density and a higher modulus of elasticity, resulting in garments that are lighter n weight but still have the same amount of stretch and holding power.

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Think Delicious...Think ZabRoso When I think of spring one of my thoughts turns to being able to enjoy the beautiful outdoors more and how much Matt and I enjoy eating at restaurants that offer outdoor seating. Just wait until you see the wonderful patio seating area the newly re-modeled Zabroso’s Restaurant and Lounge will have available to you! Complete with its new face lift, Zabroso’s (formerly Charlotte’s Creekside) on Sconondoa Road in Oneida is open and ready for you. Chef and owner, Ruben Lopez, opened the doors on March 27th after completely

remodeling the new location. Ruben specializes in authentic Spanish and Latin American food. Born in Spain and raised in Puerto Rico; Ruben is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. He has developed an amazing following from his years at the Oneida Mansion House. While I sat and spoke with Ruben, the excitement seemed to bubble from his eyes as he described the menu and what he had done to get the location open. Small receptions, parties, meetings, and more will find the space at the new Zabroso’s very accommodating and comfortable! For more information see the ad in this issue of PULSE.

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Last night, there came a frost, which has done great damage to my garden.... It is sad that Nature will play such tricks on us poor mortals, inviting us with sunny smiles to confide in her, and then, when we are entirely within her power, striking us to the heart. ~Nathaniel Hawthorne, The

erry’s Ba ck s b n r

e tag

Th o

American Notebooks

Whe ! re the itsel f o nly thing better than the food, is t he show

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Italian for encore, Ancora! Is located adjacent to the historic Stanley Theatre and is the sequel in a masterpiece of Cafe CaNole Inc. culinary creations.

Featuring Mediteranean-inspiered cuisine, including a signature select Tappas menu along with their famous Paella and Crepes... Ancora! Will have you begging for more! Complete Menus and Catering Information is available on our website 24 PULSE APR. 2012

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3960 Sconondoa Rd • Oneida, NY 1.5 miles from Turning Stone For Reservations: 315-363-3360

Restaurant & Lounge

NOW OPEN in our NEW LOCATION!! Formerly known as Charlotte’s Creekside

Entertaining at Pier’s and Blake, John Kelsey and Joe Sweet!

Specializing in Paellas

(the national dish of Spain)


Rubén Lopez, Chef/Owner Proudly Serving Authentic Spanish & Latin American Foods

Beautiful Patio/Creekside Seating will be Available! Serving Lunch: Tuesday-Friday Noon-2p.m. Dinner: Tuesday-Thursday 5-9p.m.; Friday & Saturday 5-10p.m.

Watch for live entertainment! Steaks & Seafood


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FREE Comic Book Day Saturday, May 5th • 11-4pm

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Spring Art Park Camp, Rome art & Comm. Center, 336-1040, Apr 6-12

Ten Plagues of Egypt, New York Mills Public Library, April 9, 2pm

Rusty Doves, Clinton, KAC, April 6, 7:30-10pm

Louis Ramey (comedian), Utica, MVCC snack bar, April 10, 8:30pm

Farmers’ Market, Westmoreland Fire House, April 7, 9-12pm Easter Bunny Express, Utica, Adirondack Scenic Railroad, 800-819-2291, April 7

Line dancing w/Donna, Utica Eagles club, April 11, 6:30pm

Mark Zane & Friends, Utica, Tiny’s Grill, April 7, 7:30pm

Expression music & poetry Open Mic night, Utica, Headquarters lounge, April 11, 8pm

Martini Video Dance Party w/ DJ Johnny Lew, Utica, Stiefvater Martini bar, April 7, 9pm Vactrax, Rome, Delvecchio’s Restaurant, April 7, 9:30PM The C word, stand up, Little Falls, Black Box , 823-0208 April 7, 8pm The HazBinz, Westmoreland, Knuckleheads, April 7, 10pm Legendary Sat Night Rock’N Dance Party w/ DJ Sugarbear, Rome, Legends Sports bar, April 7, 9pm Farmers’ Market, Ilion, Clapsaddle Farm, April 7, 10am

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Melissa Em & The Guize, Barneveld, Jak’s Bar, April 7,10pm Kathleen Tagg (Pianist), Clinton, Hamilton College, April 7, 8-9pm Open Mic Night, Tramontane Café, Utica, April 8, 7pm I want to see my likes go way up this month... Please help me out... thanks!! 26 PULSE APR. 2012

Bingo, Utica Post 229, April 10, 6:30pm

The Academy Strikes Back (art), Utica, MVCC, April 9-May 10 Line dancing w/Donna, Clinton, KAC, April 9, 7:30pm Utica Zoomobile, Kirkland Town Library, April 9, 10:15 am

Bingo, Utica, Sons of Italy, April 11, 6:30pm Open Mic hosted by Mick Cummings, Rome, Trace’s , April 11, 8pm Open Mic Night w/ Joe Sweet and Hi T, Herkimer, April 11, 8pm Lyp Service Karaoke, Schuyler, Mr McGills, April 11, 9pm DJ/VK Karaoke w/Sound Investment DJ, Utica, Dick Smith’s tavern, April 11, 8:30pm Justice McBride, New Hartford, Piggy Pat’s, April 12, 8pm Open Mic, Rome, The Snubbing Post, April 12, 9:30pm Karaoke & Music Lounge, Utica, Headquarters, April 12, 7pm Vactrax DJ, Rome, Delvecchio’s Restaurant, April 12, 9:30pm Utica Poet’s Society, The Tramontane, April 12, 7:30pm Lyp Service Karaoke, Richfield Springs, The Park Inn, April 12, 9pm

The Hammer (Matt Hamill), Rome, MVCC, April 12,19, 6-8pm

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, Utica, MVCC, April 16-17, 7-9pm

Spring Break Superfest, Utica, AUD, 800-745-3000, April 12, 8-11pm

Moody Blues, Verona, Turning Stone Resort & Casino, April 17 8-10pm

Indoor Bluegrass Festival, Rome, Capitol Theatre, 337-8453, April 13, 7:30-9:30pm

Bingo, Post 229, April 17, 6:30pm

Average White Band, Vernon, Vernon Downs Casino & Raceway, 877-88-vernon, April 14, 7-9pm Susan Werner, Utica, MWPAI, 797-8260, April 14, 8-10pm Martini Video Dance Party W/DJ Johnny Lew, Utica, Stiefvater Room, April 14, 9pm Square Pegs, Utica, Mr. McGills, April 14, 10:30pm The Bomb, Marcy, 12 North Sports Bar, April 14, 9pm Legendary Sat Night Rock’N Dance Party W/DJ Sugarbear, Rome, legends Sports bar, April 14, 9:30pm Farmers’ Market, Ilion, Clapsaddle Farm, April 14, 10am Vactrax DJ, Rome, Delvecchio’s Restaurant, April 14, 9:30pm On The Trail of Ghosts, Utica, Oneida County Historical Soc., April 14, 1pm Polka Dance, New York Mills, Roselawn restaurant, April 15, 3pm Open Mic Night, Utica, Tramontane, April 15, 7pm Ethel Clinton, Hamilton College, April 15, 3-5pm The R.M.S. Titanic, Durham Public library, April 16, 7pm

Jamie Lissow (comedian), Utica, MVCC, April 18, 7pm Expression music & poetry open mic night, Utica, Headquarters Lounge, April 18, 8pm Bingo, Sons of Italy, April 18, 6:30pm Open Mic w/Mick Cummings, Rome, Trace’s, April 18, 8pm Oneida County Historical Society 6th annual open house, Utica, April 18, 6:30pm

What happens when two great things combine and they are even better together.... Peanut Butter and Jelly Milk and Cookies Peas and Carrots.... Well, you forever change the way you think about them when they aren’t together...

FUN BEGINS Bally’s Atlantic City, N.J.

April 29-May 1st

Prima Donna’s

$197.00 $60.00 Coin Bonus

& DeJa Vu


Together at Last!!

2 Fantastic Consignment Shops 1 Wonderful Corner in Herkimer ... Now Merged to bring you the greatest combinatin of a children’s consigmment boutique with teens and adult been there wear, household items, jewelry, collectibles, art and so much more!!

HUGE Selection of PROM DRESSES And ACCESSORIES 101-105 Mohawk St • Herkimer Monday-Friday 11-5, Sat 10-4 315.866.8600 or 315.219.5366

Jonah- World Premiere Lancaster, PA Pkg $297.00

Aug. 6-8th, 2012

includes bus, 2 nights lodging, 3 days meals. Kitchen Kettle, Rockvale Outlet, QVC Tour, Theater, Escorted. Barbara 315-797-1055 Ariene 315-736-6289

Open Mic w/ Joe Sweet & Hi T, Herkimer, Blub Blub, Hookah Hub, April 18, 8pm Open Irish Music Session, Rome, The Mill, April 18, 7:30pm Utica Poet’s Society, Utica, Tramontane, April 19, 7:30pm Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research lecture series, Utica, Uptown Theatre, April 19, 7pm Vactrax Karaoke DJ, Rome, The Snubbing Post, April 20, 9:30pm When Science is Art and Art is Science, Utica College DePerno Hall, April 20, 2:30 pm

Specializing in Ice Cream Cakes & Gourmet Chocolates

Over 24 Flavors of Hard Ice Cream Gelato • Spamoni Sherbert Italian Lemon Ice Sundaes Shakes • Old Fashions • Malts • Saranac Root Beer Floats • Coke Floats All Flavors Available in Pints!

Karaoke by Dennis Day, Schuyler, Crossroads Bar & Grill April 20, 8pm

Located in The Orchard, New Hartford 315-507-5677

Vactrax DJ, Rome, Delvecchio’s restaurant, April 20, 9:30pm

Open 7 Days! Sun-Wed til 9pm; Thurs-Sat til 10pm

Before or after dinner... Before or after a movie... Or just Because... Stroll across the parking lot for a delicious treat!!

PULSE APR. 2012 27


Audi & VW Specialists

2729 ROUTE 29 • SALISBURY CENTER • 315-429-9902

The Bomb, Verona, Joel’s Steakhouse, April 20, 9pm T.G.I.F Rock N’ Dance Party Blast w/DJ Sugarbear, Sylvan Beach, Harpoon Eddie’s, April 20, 7pm

2009 Audi A4 Premium46,000 miles, 4 cyl., 2.0L, Tan Leather, Red, 6 spd manual, AWD, AC, Bucket Seats, Moon Roof, Heated Mirrors, Heated Seats, Power Doors-MirrorsSeats-Windows, Alarm, Air Bags, Traction Control-more $24,900.

2008 Audi A6 3.2 Quattro- 51,000 miles, 6 cyl., 3.2L, Black Leather, Quartz Gray, 6 spd auto, AWD, AC, Bucket Seats, Moon Roof, Cruise, Heated Mirrors, Heated Seats, Power Doors-Mirrors-SeatsWindows, Alarm, Air Bags, Traction Control-more $28,900.

2008 Audi A6 3.2 Quattro54,000 miles, 6 cyl, 3.2L auto, Tan Leather, Dakar Brown, AWD, AC, Bucket Seats, Moon Roof, Cruise, Heated Mirrors, Heated Seats, Power Doors-MirrorsSeats-Windows, Alarm, Air Bags, Traction Control-more $28,900.

2008 Audi A4 2.0T Quattro- 57,000 miles, 4 cyl., 2.0L, Tan Leather, Deep Sea Blue, 6 spd auto, AWD, AC, Bucket Seats, Moon Roof, Cruise, Heated Mirrors, Heated Seats, Power Doors-Mirrors-SeatsWindows, Alarm, Air Bags, Traction Control-more $20,900.

2009 Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen SE-43,000 miles, 5 cyl, 2.5L, 6 spd auto, Blk Leather, White, FWD, AC, Bucket Seats, Cruise, Heated Mirrors, Heated Seats, Power Doors-MirrorsSeats-Windows, Alarm, Air Bags, Traction Control-more $17,900.

2006 Volkswagen Jetta Value Edition 99,000 miles, 5 cyl, 2.5L, 5 spd manual, Black, Black, FWD, AC, Bucket Seats, Cruise, Heated Mirrors, Heated Seats, Power DoorsMirrors- Seats -Windows, Air Bags, Day Time Running Lights, Traction Control-morel $8,900.

Cuarteto Latinoamericano (music), Herkimer, HCCC, April 20, 1pm The 1912 Revue!, Rome, Capitol Theatre, 337-6453, April 20 7-9pm Mission IMPROVable, Utica, MVCC, 792-5400, April 20, 7-9pm Galant, Tu Perds Ton Temps, Clinton, KAC, 8538871, April 20, 8-9:30pm Glen Campbell, Verona, Turning Stone Res & Cas, 7717711, April 20 8-10pm Colleen Kattau & Some Guys, Barneveld, Unity Hall, 896-4465 April 20, 8-9:30pm Walk for Autism, Utica, 798-5800, April 21

A Multi Line Dealer NEW & USED TIRES • TIRE REPAIR AUTO ACCESSORIES We are a Family Owned Business... We stand behind what we sell!!

Now Offering On the Farm Tire Service!!

Spring Fling Dinner Dance, Utica, Sons of Italy, April 21, 7pm Martini Video Dance party w/ DJ Johnny Lew, Utica, Stiefvater Room, April 21, 9pm Vactrax DJ, Rome, Delvecchio’s restaurant, April 21, 9:30pm

Call Scott at 518-673-5399

Prince Charming Ball, New Hartford, Danielle’s Banquets, April 21, 6pm

Best Quality • Best Service • Best Price

Fort Drum, the first 100 years, Utica, Oneida County Historical Society, April 21, 1pm

155 Erie Blvd., Canajoharie • M-Sat 8-5

The Bomb, Ilion Marine Corps., April 21, 8pm 28 PULSE APR. 2012

FUNTRAK model railroad, Ilion, Masonic Temple, April 2122, 11am Legendary Sat Night Rock N’ Dance Party w/DJ Sugarbear, Rome, Legends sports bar, April 21, 9:30pm Bingo, Utica, Holy Trinity Catholic Church, April 21, 6:15pm Hamilton College Arboretum Assoc. presentsSheila Wertimer registered landscape artist takes attendees through her Southern Gardens, 859-4068, April 21, Farmers’ market, Ilion, Clapsaddle Farm, April 21, 10am Sesame Street Live, Utica, The Stanley, 724-4000, April 21-22 Trout & Salmon Expo, New Hartford, 525-7198, April 21 CNY Wine & Chocolate Festival, Utica, AUD, 7380164, April 21, 3-9pm A Night to Remember, Rome, Capitol Theatre, 3376453, April 21, 7-9pm B Sharp Musical Club Concert, Clinton, KAC, April 22, 3pm Open Mic Night, Utica, Tramontane Café, April 22, 7pm Michael Malone (Comedian), Utica, MVCC, April 23, 7pm Glenn Miller Orchestra, Rome, Capitol Theatre, 3376453, April 23, 7-9pm Bingo, Post 229, April 24, 6:30pm Jim Karol (Mentalist), Utica, MVCC, April 25, 7-9pm

Utica Music and Arts Fest invites you to join us at the 5th Annual Open Mic w/Mick Cummings, Rome, Trace’s , April 25, 8pm

Rebecca St. James, Rome, Capitol Theatre, 337-6453, April 27, 7-9pm

Open Mic night w/ Joe Sweet & Hi T, Herkimer, Blub Blub Hookah Hub, April 25, 8pm

Television Vs. Reality (lecture), Rome, MVCC Plumley Complex, April 27, 4pm

Lyp Service Karaoke, Schuyler, Mr. McGills, April 25, 9pm

Vactrax Karaoke/DJ Rome, The Snubbing Post, April 27, 9:30pm

DJ/VJ/ Karaoke w/Sound Investment DJ, Utica, Dick Smith’s , April 25, 8:30pm

Dee Jay Karaoke, Barneveld, South Trenton Pub, April 27, 9pm

Justice McBride, New Hartford, Piggy Pat’s, April 26, 8pm

Square Pegs, Herkimer, Silverado, April 27, 10:30pm

Iroquois Influence on Women’s rights, Rome, MVCC Plumley complex, April 26, 6:30pm

Legendary T.G.I.F. Rock N’ Dance Party w/DJ Sugarbear, Rome, Legends sports bar, April 27, 7pm

Mohawk Valley Tattoo Expo Friday 3-midnight, Saturday noon-midnight, Sunday noon-6p.m.

MAY 18th 19th and 20th Herkimer County Fairgrounds

A fun filled weekend of stunt shows, live music, vendors, and the areas sickest artists laying down ink! We are planning on showcasing not only local tattoo artists, but ALL of the local artists such as painters, sculputers, and drawers. $10 Friday • $15 Saturday • $10 Sunday OR $35 weekend pass at the gate or $30 pre-sale weekend passes available at Tebb’s Headshop Interested artists and vendors can e-mail:

Open Mic, Rome, The Snubbing Post, April 26, 9:30pm

Martini Video dance party w/Johnny Lew, Utica, Stiefvater room, April 28

Karaoke and Music Lounge, Utica, Headquarters, April 26, 7pm

Vactrax DJ, Rome, Delvecchio’s Restaurant, April 28, 9:30pm

Michael C. Anthony (Hypnotist), Rome, Capitol Theatre, 337-6453, April 28, 7-8:30pm

DJ/VJ/ Karaoke w/Sound Investment, Utica, Piers & Blake, April 28, 9pm

Ithaca Bach Ensemble, Clinton, Hamilton College, April 28, 7-9pm

The Bomb, Little Falls, The Renaissance, April 28, 9pm

Complexions Contemporary Ballet, Utica, The Stanley, April 28, 7-10pm

Sat Night Rock N’ Dance Beach Blast w/DJ Sugarbear, Sylvan Beach, Harpoon Eddie’s, April 28, 7pm

SUNY IT 4th Annual Auto Show, Utica, April 29, 12pm

DJ/VJ/ Karaoke w/Sound Investment DJ, Washington Mills, Packy’s Pub, April 26, 8:30pm Vactrax DJ, Rome, Delvecchio’s Restaurant, April 26, 9:30pm Utica Poet’s Society, Utica, Tramontane Café, April 26, 7:30pm Building Stones Fair Trade Shoppe, Clinton, Stone Church, April 26, 10am Eve of Chocolate Infusion, Whitesboro, Hart’s Hill Inn, April 26, 6-9pm Prohibition Party, Utica , Saranac/F.X. Brewery, 765-6288, April 27, 6-9pm Racing at Vernon Downs, Vernon, 877-88-Vernon, April 27, 6:30-9:30pm

Spring Concert, Clinton, Hamilton College, 859-4011, April 27, 8-9:30pm Rome Home Show, Kennedy Arena, 339-7768, April 28-29 Racing at Vernon Downs, 877-88-vernon, April 28, 6:309:30pm Not So Silent Auction, New Hartford, Yahnundasis Golf Club, 732-6123, April 28, 7-9:30 pm

Open Mic Night, Utica, Tramontane café, April 29, 7pm Holocaust Remembrance Movie-“ “everything is illuminated”, UTICA, MVCC theater, April 30, 7pm Tall Heights, Utica, MVCC Snack Bar, May 1, Movie, Mission Imp.“Ghost protocol”, Utica, MVCC Theater, May 1-2, 7pm Craft Night, Tramontane café, May 2, 7pm

Jay Black (comedian), Utica, MVCC Theater, May 2, 7pm Racing at Vernon Downs, 877-88-Vernon, May 3, 6:309:30pm Hamilton College Jazz Ensemble, Clinton, May 3, 8-10pm Golden Field Trip, Spend an afternoon at the Golden Artist Colors Facility near New Berlin, Call KAC in Clinton for details, 853-8871, May 3, 11:45-5

Why try to explain miracles to your kids when you can just have them plant a garden. ~Robert Brault PULSE APR. 2012 29

~Decorative Home Interior Accents ~Personal Accessories ~Handmade Jewelry ~Custom Picture Framing

11 Lebanon Street • Hamilton Tues-Fri 10-5:30; Sat 10-3 (315) 824-0897

5 Madison St. Hamilton 824-8400 • Kitchen Essentials •Specialty Cookware & Tools • Gifts • Local Artisans • Custom Baskets • Bridal Registry Tues. - Sat. 10am - 5pm all clad • bonjour • cuisanart • j K adams • le creuset • microplane • rsvp • wusthof • zyliss • TAG

Live Performance: Glenn Cashman’s Nonet East, Colgate University’s Memorial Chapel, April 1, 3:30pm Community Appreciation Week, Hamilton Public Library, April 2-7, 10am -7pm (10am-1pm Sat) Volunteer Reception, Music by the Blue Parsley Boys, Hamilton Public Library, April 2, 4:45pm Children’s Story Time, Hamilton Public Library, April 3, 10:30am Public Art Reception, Hamilton Public Library, April 3, 4:15pm Gallery Talk & Reception – 15 minutes: Homage to Andy Warhol, Room 565 of Colgate’s Case Geyer Library, April 3, 4:15-6pm

John Murphy Trio, Live music, Colgate Inn, April 3, 6-9pm Local Writers Group Presentation, Hamilton Public Library, April 4, 7pm Trivia Night, Colgate Inn, April 4, 8:30pm Indie Film: Detachment, Hamilton Movie Theater, April 4-8, 5:30pm Ed Vollmer, Live music, Colgate Inn, April 6, 6-10pm Peter Karp & Sue Foley Band, Earlville Opera House, April 7, 8pm, $15-$20 Land, Water, Air-Life (Opening reception), Hamilton Center for the Arts, April 7, 5pm John Murphy Trio, Live Music, Colgate Inn, April 10, 6-9pm

You Are Here!!

Crowe’s Drug Store “Old School Pharmacy” Circa 1919

19 Lebanon Street Hamilton, NY


30 PULSE APR. 2012

Mexican Restaurant and Tapas Bar

11:30-9pm Sun. & Tues., 11:30-10pm Wed.-Sat., Bar Open until 1am Fri.-Sat. Traditional Mexican Fare~ Full Bar 10 Broad Street • Hamilton 315-824-0022

Karen’s Kuts & Kolors •Men, Women, Children•

•Cuts •Color •Highlights •Facial Waxing

•Formal Hair •Perms •Conditioning •Gift Certificates

Walk-in’s Welcome 8 Broad Street • Hamilton


•Pizza & Wings •Salads •Subs & Panini •Gyros •Italian Utica Greens •Pasta to Go •Desserts •Rice Balls Homemade Sauce & Dough WE CATER! 14 Lebanon St. Hamilton 315-824-4444 • fax 315-824-4417

JJ’s Salon & Spa

Colgate Uncorked: Food and Wine Tasting, Colgate Inn, April 14, 5pm Delivery Available

Konosioni Charity Auction Colgate Univ. Konosioni Senior Honor Society, Palace Theater, April 14, 7:30pm

Live musical Performance: “Love Songs of The Dark Lord” Palace Theater, April 10, 7pm

Habitat for Humanity Home Run, 315-228-6877, Hamilton Village Green, April 15, 9am-2pm

Indie film: A Separation, Hamilton Movie Theater, April 11-15, 5:30pm

Colgate University Orch., Colgate’s Memorial Chapel, April 15, 3:30pm

Trivia Night, Colgate inn, April 11, 8:30pm

John Murphy Trio, Live music, Colgate Inn, April 17, 6-9pm

Ed Vollmer, Live Music, Colgate Inn, April 13, 6-10pm Chris Troutman’s Art Exhibit: “Watching: U.S. & Japan”, Earlville Opera House, April 14, 12-3pm

Indie Film: Pina, Hamilton Movie Theater, April 18-22, 5:30pm

Teens Art exhibit, Earlville Opera House, April 14, 12-3pm Ted Anderson’s Photography, Earlville Opera House, April 14, 12-3pm Pieter Bruegel’s Winter Landscape with Ice Skaters unveiling, Colgate’s Picker Art Gallery, April 14, 4pm

Colgate Seniors’ Art & Art History Projects exhibit, Colgate Univ. Little Hall at Golden Audit., April 18, 6pm Luncheon Musicale, Colgate’s Memorial chapel, April 19, 12:15 Cooking with Bourbon (class sponsored by the Peppermill), Bridle Creek Bed & Breakfast, 315-824-8400, April, 19, 6:30-8:30pm, $35 Ed Vollmer, live music, Colgate Inn, April 20,6-10pm Live Family Theater: Beauty and the Beast, The Palace Theater, April 21, 2pm, $5 Writers Group Meeting, Hamilton Public Library, April 22, 1-3pm

Come see spring through the eyes of...

s• t • e • p • h boutique

• Ella Moss • Velvet • Hazel • BB Dakota • Three Dots •Minkpink

7 Lebanon St. • Hamilton, NY 13346 • 315-824-2500 • Monday - Friday 11AM - 6PM Saturday 10AM - 4PM

~Full Service~ Men & Women • Massage • Body Waxing • Tanning • Spray Tanning

824-3000 29 Lebanon Street Hamilton

Grand Opera in Cinema: Rigoletto, Hamilton Movie Theater, April 22, 2pm, $20 Spring Choral Ensembles, Colgate’s Concert choir and Women’s Ensemble, Colgate’s Memorial chapel, 3:30 John Murphy Trio, Live music, Colgate Inn, April 24, 6-9pm Indie film: We need to Talk About Kevin, Hamilton Movie Theater, April 25-29, 5:30pm Trivia Night, Colgate Inn, 8:30pm Ed Vollmer, live music, Colgate Inn, April 27,6-10pm Live Community Theatre: 12 Angry Men, The Palace Theater, April 27-28, 8pm, $8-$12 Concert Jazz Ensemble Colgate’s Memorial Chapel, April 29, 3:30

Vicks is a family-owned company founded in 1918. Vicks doesn’t try to be everything to everyone which is why Vicks focuses on their niche and have become experts at it.

Catalogs • Magazines • Text Books • Digital Print • Fulfillment & Distribution


Michael J. Notar Regional Sales Director (315) 723-1176

Offset Book Printing We have comprehensive in house manufacturing capabilities to print from 1 up to 6-color book needs. Sheetfeds 1/C through 6/C• Heatset Webs 1/C through 5/C• Saddle Stitch binding• Perfect and Layflat binding• Film Lamination and UV coating• Our number one goal is to EXCEED your expectations... Anything less... just wouldn’t be Vicks! PULSE APR. 2012 31

Pulse Magazine April Edition  

From Little Falls to Hamilton and everything in between, a monthly magazine packed with advertisements and topical articles as well as an aw...

Pulse Magazine April Edition  

From Little Falls to Hamilton and everything in between, a monthly magazine packed with advertisements and topical articles as well as an aw...