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LIKES AND DISLIKES Look Forward 1, unit 1

Likes and Dislikes

I love…

I like…

I’m mad about…

I enjoy…

I’m really into…

I don’t mind…

I’m not keen on… I don’t like…

I hate… I can’t stand… I think ___ is terrible!

EXPRESSING DISLIKES • • • • • • • • • • • •

I hate ___________________ I dislike __________________ I can’t stand ___________________ I’m tired of _______________ I’m fed up with _____________ I’m sick of _____________ I’m sick and tired of ________________ _____________ really bugs me. _____________ makes me mad. _____________ drives me crazy. _____________ pisses me off. _____________ annoys me.


He hates washing up

can’t stand

She can’t stand smelly people

sick and tired of

He’s sick and tired of working

Listening to speeches drives me crazy!

People who smoke really annoy me!


I’m fed up with doing homework

My younger brother really makes me mad

I dislike speaking in public because I get very nervous

Going to the dentist really bugs me because I feel so scared!

Likes and dislikes  

Formal and informal ways to express likes and dislikes

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