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​America’s Monuments,

Memorials, and Historical Places. 

Image Taken From Village of Clayton    


By, Jane Patterson   

​A ​is for American Memorial Park.  

Image Taken From Pacific Historic Parks.       

American Memorial Park can be found in Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands. It was created as a  living memorial honoring the sacrifices made in the  Marianas Campaign of World War Two.        

B ​is for the Bunker Hill Monument.    

Image taken from Trolley Tours.Com        

The Bunker Hill monument can be found in Charlestown, Massachusetts. This monument  honors the famous Revolutionary War battle that  happened on Breed's Hill .   

C ​is for the Castle Clinton Monument.    

Image taken from TripAdvisor.  

The Castle Clinton Monument can be found in Battery Park, New York, New York.   Saved from demolition in 1946, the Castle was  restored to its original design by the National Park  Service.    

D ​is for the Dismal Swamp Canal.  

This image was taken from Dismal Swamp. Net    

The Dismal Swamp Canal can be found in South Mills, North Carolina. The Dismal Swamp Canal is  believed to be the oldest existing excavacated  waterway in America.              

E ​is for Elfreth’s Alley

This image was taken from Wikipedia.      

Elfreth’s Alley is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It wasn't in the original plans for the  city of Philadelphia, PA.          

F ​is for the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial.    

This image was taken from Thinglink. Com 

This memorial is located in Washington, D.C. On the  plaque at this memorial it says” Unless the peace  that follows recognizes that the whole world is one  neighborhood and does justice to the whole human  race, the germs of another world war will remain as  a constant threat to mankind.”  

G ​is for the Gateway Arch.      

This Image was taken from History.  

The Gateway Arch is located in St. Louis, Missouri.  The Gateway Arch remains the tallest man-made  monument in the United States of America.      

H ​is for the Honus Wagner Memorial.    

This image was taken from Wikipedia.    

This memorial is located at the PNC Park, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This memorial is to honor  Honus Wagner, the famous shortstop for the  Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team.       

I ​is for the Iran Rescue Mission Monument.    

This image was taken from Arlington National Cemetery.       

This monument is located in Fort Myer, Virginia. The people who died in the mission are three  Marines including; John D. Harvey, George N.  Holmes Jr., Dewey L. Johnson, and U.S Airmen  including; Richard L. Bakke, Harold L. Lewis JR., Joel  C. Mayo, Lyn D. Mcintosh, and Charles T. Mcmillan. 

J ​is for the James Buchanan Memorial.  

Image Taken From C-span. Com    

This memorial can be found in Washington, DC. It was designed by William Gorden Beecher, and  sculpted by Maryland artist Hans Schuler.              

K ​is for Knife River Indian Villages.

This Image was taken from Rocky Top Ramblers.  

The Knife River Indian Villages can be found in  Stanton, North Dakota. This site was a major Indian  trade center for hundreds of years prior to  becoming an important marketplace for fur traders  after 1750.    

L ​is for the Lincoln Memorial.  

Image taken from Just Fun Facts 

The Lincoln Memorial is located in Washington, DC.  This memorial was created in honor of America’s  16th president, Abraham Lincoln.    

M ​is for the Mount. Rushmore Monument.

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Mount Rushmore can be found Keystone, South Dakota. There are four sculptures out of stone in  Mount. Rushmore; George Washington, Abraham  Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt.                

N ​is for the National Memorial Arch

This image was taken from WHYY   

The National Memorial Arch can be found in Valley Forge ,Chester County, Pennsylvania. This  monument celebrates the arrival of George  Washington and the Continental Army at Valley  Forge.      

O ​is for the Oregon Trail.

Image taken from Legends of America.    

The Oregon Trail starts in Independence, Missouri, and ends in Oregon. The trail is 2,170 miles long.           

P ​is for the Peace Candle.

Image taken from Easton Main Street intuitive..    

The Peace Candle is located in Easton, Pennsylvania. The Peace Candle is 106 feet tall.       

Q ​is for the Queen Creek Bridge.  

This image was found at   

The Queen Creek Bridge can be found in Pinal County, Arizona. The remains of an earlier highway  wind up the canyon underneath the bridge.                

R ​is for Raton Pass.    

Image found at Wikipedia     

Raton Pass is located on the border of Colorado and New Mexico. Raton Pass celebrates the development  American trade, cultural interaction, and westward  expansion.                  

S ​is for the Spanish American War Nurses Memorial.  

Image taken from Arlington National Cemetery   

The Spanish American War Nurses Memorial can be  found in Arlington, Virginia. Graves of the nurses  who died in the war surround the memorial.  

T ​is for the Titanic Memorial.

Image taken from Atlas Obscura   

The Titanic Memorial can be found in Washington, D.C. This waterfront memorial to the men of the  Titanic was erected by the “ Women of America.”        

U ​is for the United States Air Force Memorial

Image Taken From Zenos Frudakis      

The United States Air Force Memorial is located Arlington, Virginia. It honors the service and  heritage of the men and women of the United States  Air Force.    

V ​is for the Vietnam Women's Memorial.

Image Taken From City Walking Guide.     

The Vietnam Women’s Memorial can be found in Washington, D.C. This memorial honors the 265,000  women who volunteered to go do what was needed  and when it was needed during the war.        

W ​is for the Washington Monument.

Image taken from Washington D.C.   

The Washington Monument is located in Washington, D.C. ​Construction of the monument  began in 1848, and was stopped from 1854 to 1877  due to a lack of funds. It was eventually completed  in 1884.    

X ​is for Saint Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church.  

Image taken from Wikimedia Commons.   

This historical church can be found in Mobile County, Alabama. This church was established in  1868. This church is 150 years old.        

Y​ ​is for the Young Men’s Institute Building   

Image taken from Wikipedia.

The Young Men’s Institute building is located in  Asheville, North Carolina. George Vanderbilt built  the YMI in 1893 to serve as the equivalent of the  YMCA for black men and boys who helped construct  his palatial house during the 1890s.       

Z ​is for the Zion, Walter, and Anna Homestead.  

Image taken from Historic Colorado     

This historical homestead can be found in Yuma County, Colorado. The Zion, Walter, and Anna  Homestead dates back to 1910. 


Book Summary This book A-Z book has every letter of the alphabet  paired with historical monuments, memorials, and  buildings. As you read this book you will see that  there is a fact along with a picture, and the location  of the historical place. These historical places are  located all over America. Some of them represent  important things that happened in the history of  America and some of them are historical places that  were built in history.  

America's Monuments, Memorial, and Historical Places.  

This book A-Z book has every letter of the alphabet paired with historical monuments, memorials, and buildings. As you read this book you w...

America's Monuments, Memorial, and Historical Places.  

This book A-Z book has every letter of the alphabet paired with historical monuments, memorials, and buildings. As you read this book you w...