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Jubilee Street Parties


FREE to borrow! 

Promoting Play Display OPA and the Oxfordshire Family Information Service have collaborated to produce 4 double-sided, full colour, 6 feet high display banners, which groups are FREE to use to promote play around the county. Each banner promotes play using huge Oxfordshire photos along with play statistics, national play quotes and play ideas for people to try. Along with the display banners, there is also a plasma TV screen that can be used for play-related clips and DVDs, and an A-frame blackboard for messages / playing. The display was funded by Oxfordshire County Council, and can be used by any non-profit group for promoting the value and benefits of play — just contact OPA on 01865 779474 or email

By the age of 3, nearly one third of US kids have a TV in their bedrooms. newsletter is produced by Oxfordshire Play Association on behalf of the Oxfordshire Play Partnership, a group of organisations whose aim is to increase the amount and quality of play opportunities for children and young people aged approx 0-19 years across Oxfordshire. OPP creates and updates the Oxfordshire Play Strategy — this and lots of other OPP info is available on Oxfordshire Play Association’s website — see under ‘Play Resources’.

For further information about OPP, Inspiring Play or any other aspect of play and playwork, contact Oxfordshire Play Association: Tel: 01865 779474; email: 2

Calling Providers of Holiday Playschemes! It may seem early to ask this, but time flies and parents will soon be asking for information on holiday care for Easter and summer. SO … are you going to be running a holiday playscheme this Easter/summer? If you usually run one, Oxfordshire Family Information Service should be contacting you shortly for this year's details. We appreciate that some providers do not know their confirmed dates/funding until later but please let us have what information you know as soon as you can ( or 08452 262636). You can check on the information currently held on your provision's playscheme on the Internet via - search for "holiday scheme" and postcode area (FIS holds more information than shown there). We need to know: • Contact details for provider and where scheme is running, if different; • What school holidays you are running in; • What days and times; • Cost. If you are starting a new scheme that does not need to be Ofsted registered, please also let us know, as we may not be notified about this otherwise. Letting us have this information will help both parents and you as it will help you to fill your places!

Oxfordshire Play Services Catalogue DO YOU NEED TO BUY IN OR HIRE PLAY SERVICES SUCH AS ACTIVITIES, EQUIPMENT OR TRAINING? There is now a one-stop place for play services available in Oxfordshire - the Oxfordshire Play Services Catalogue. It lists items available to buy or hire that can enhance children and teenagers’ play.

Have a look at it now at 3


to tell us what you would like to have at the Oxfordshire Play Conference in 2013. It’s your chance to give your input—call Jane Gallagher on 01865 779474 or Claire Hawkes on 01865 810517.

Parktastic Oxford! Oxford City Council’s Play Area Refurbishment programme is due to be complete by the end of March 2012. Since 2009, the council has invested in excess of £2.5 million to refurbish over 69 of its play areas. Groundwork Thames Valley, an environmental regeneration charity, have managed the contract on behalf of the Council and have carried out extensive consultation with community and residents’ groups and children of all ages. Installations have included new equipment, large play features and sandpits, timber play, stone walls and boulders, zip wires, basket swings, accessible equipment and areas for older children. Fencing, seating, sculptures and planting areas have also been added. Designs have incorporated concepts within the ‘Design for Play’ guide so that we can “give children and young people the freedom to play creatively, while allowing them to experience risk, challenge and excitement”. Since the ‘Narnia’-inspired play area at Bury Knowle Park opened in 2011, the number of families visiting the park has increased dramatically and it has attracted visitors from further afield. Councillor Mark Lygo, cabinet member for sports and parks, said, “The play area has become a real hub for families to come to spend the day and enjoy themselves. I am delighted with the results.” The last few sites to be completed include Cutteslowe Park, Florence Park and Pegasus Road in Blackbird Leys. For more information visit or call 01865 252240.

Find out why OPA’s website has had over 50,000 hits in just 2 years at: www.oxon 4

12 FREE PLAYDAYS! There are TWELVE FREE PLAYDAYS running across Oxfordshire in 2012! Come along to them and try out loads of playful activities—and NO COST! Thursday 12th April Saturday 21st April Saturday 19th May Wednesday 6th June Thursday 7th June Saturday 9th June

Bicester Garrison RAF Benson RAF Brize Norton Vauxhall Barracks, Didcot Shrivenham Dalton Barracks, Abingdon

10-3pm 10-3pm 10-3pm 10-3pm 10-3pm 10-3pm

Wednesday 25th July Thursday 26th July Wednesday 1st August Wednesday 1st August Wednesday 8th August Saturday 15th September

Banbury Playday Leys Play & Activity Day West Oxfordshire Playday Bicester Activity Day Kidlington Play & Activity Day Hill End Playday

11-3pm 11-3pm 11-3pm 11-3pm 11-3pm 11-3pm


Mud pies

Fairy lights Dens


Hot chocolate

Fluorescent bands

The Community Childcare & Play team at Oxfordshire County Council gave out small grants to encourage clubs to provide more opportunities for winter play— play—helping children to get messy, get muddy— muddy—and to get out! Here are some children’s pictures of their enhanced play opportunities. 5

MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR PLAYING FIELD IN THIS OLYMPIC YEAR OXFORDSHIRE PLAYING FIELDS ASSOCIATION NETWORKING EVENT – 21st MARCH 2012 Would you like to commemorate the Olympics in your parish? Do you feel like you could

make more of your valuable playing field? Would you like to come and find out what events others have run, how they have fundraised, how they use their field in the parish? Oxfordshire Playing Fields Association will be holding an informal networking event on: 21st March at Kennington Village Hall, 7.15pm for 7.30pm – 9.30pm (opposite The Tandem public house).

Please contact: Nicole O’Donnell, Community Development Officer,

Oxfordshire Playing Fields Association; Tel: 01865 883488; Email:

Goring After School Club provides lifesaving workshop Berkshire St John Ambulance’s Schools and Community Liaison Officer Natasha BrightThomas taught the children of Goring Out of School club basic first aid through fun activities and games. Natasha visited the Club on 1 February as part of its Health Week and taught the children how to cope with common medical emergencies including bleeding and choking. The youngsters also learned how to do CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) on someone who has stopped breathing. Natasha explained: ‘Our mission at St John Ambulance is to make sure all school pupils are taught basic first aid so they can save someone’s life in an emergency. It’s something that can be done in a fun and interesting way and it’s a lesson that may just turn out to be the most important one they ever learn.’ Rachel Cox, Chair of Goring Out of School Club said: “The children at the Club were very excited about St John Ambulance workshop. They learnt through fun and one child told me, “It was brilliant!”. The four hands-on areas were particularly well received by the children. Any schools or community youth clubs interested in running first aid courses should call Natasha on 0118 933 5514 or email Goring Out of School Club is based at Goring Primary School and is run by a committee of parent volunteers. It runs both a breakfast and after school club and provides a wide range of activities for children aged four to 11. It’s not just for Goring Primary children; the Club welcomes children from other local primary schools as well. For more information on Goring Out of School Club, please contact: Rachel Cox, Club Chair on 07762 417379 or email Natasha Bright-Thomas with Grace Pratley (left) and Amelie Sims


Salute to the Volunteer By Natty Mark Samuels, Blackbird Leys CDI As you and I both know, the bedrock of many projects, especially those that are community-based, is the input provided by volunteers. So it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you one such contributor: a 17 year old community spirit named Lutece Constant. Since the age of ten, she has been a member of CDI: a youth project, based in Blackbird Leys and managed by local resident, Marsha Jackson. Alongside the fun and learning she has received, four years ago, she decided to become a volunteer; subsequently becoming a respected member of the team. This young woman, a student at Oxford and Cherwell College, is also a very talented singer/songwriter and guitarist. She was one of the outstanding highlights, at the CDI Summer Finale, held earlier this year. If we praise the project manager, then we should venerate the volunteer. Especially one so young and committed as Lutece is. She is an encouragement to other young people to contribute to their respective communities. She realises that volunteering is a wonderful way to learn the lessons of give and take. Because of young people such as Lutuce, we are assured that certain projects will always be there. That the spirit of community will continue to weave it's crucial magic.

Guideposts Join the RAF Guideposts from Abingdon spent a lovely day at RAF BENSON. We were greeted at the main gate and shown around the base. In the morning we were met by the high ropes course instructors. They gave us a talk and then we started putting on our safety equipment ready to tackle the high ropes course. The instructors were really nice and very helpful. Everyone had a go at the course and we had lots of fun. Afterwards we stopped for some lunch and then we were underway to go and see the helicopter squadron. The squadron brought a helicopter out of the hanger for us to climb in and have a look. We all had a turn sitting in the cockpit and they answered all our questions. We all had a great day out. Thank you RAF BENSON�. 7

By Annie Davy, Director of ‘The Nature Effect’ We live in an increasingly frantic world. Our heads are full of the next thing to do, or our minds are wandering around the maze of information at our Googling fingertips. Our senses are blunted by overstimulation by digitalised materials, by noise, air and light pollution, and our discernment is confused by the choices of consumerism.

learn, and corresponding expansion in unknowns about our future. However we respond to the current opportunities for globalised communication, networking, collaboration, invention and discovery, we need to keep our ‘heads screwed on,’ without getting caught up in fear and drama, or burying our heads in the sands of complacency or despondency.

Many of us have become numbed and dumbed down by our selective education and social conditioning, lulled into complacency by our lifestyles of convenience, seduced by advertising into wanting what we don’t need, and needing to work harder just to keep up! The financial service industries use our fear of our own human vulnerability to delude us into thinking we can insure ourselves and our loved ones against discomfort, harm or change in material circumstance. But no amount of investment, accumulation of wealth and any number of protection policies will change the fact that life itself is impermanent. Each personal lifespan and indeed the continuation of our species is inter-dependent with a fine web of relationships: chemical, bacterial and energetic exchanges which keep us alive.

Throughout history leading thinkers, artists, scientists and inventors have turned to nature for inspiration as well as for rest and healing. It is through staying calm and staying awake to our connection with the web of life and our interdependency with the natural word that we can take responsibility for our physical and mental wellbeing, source our best ideas, and create opportunities to survive and flourish. Each individual finds our own and different ways into connecting with the natural The Nature Effect world. ( is a new Community Interest Company with an intention of supporting people to do just that, through creativity and artistic endeavour, through contemplative

Our knowledge has expanded in terms of how to manipulate materials and forces through technology, through physical and biological engineering, but our ignorance has also expanded – we simply know even less about where such developments are leading us and the impact each new discovery will have on the planet and therefore also the human race. Will it save us or lead us into catastrophe?

When did you last listen to birds sing?

Some people find it exciting and many find it unsettling living in these times of huge expansion of what we can discover and 8

practice and through scientific observation and exploration. We want to use celebration, myths and stories, and give space for sharing ideas, skills, dreams and inspiration. We want to give space to exploring the elements with our bodies, hearts and minds, through time spent alone and in community with

whatever nature provides in the environments around us. Perhaps you might call all of this “play”, and I might too - as it is play that is often our first doorway into discovering the natural world and the impacts we can make within it. As we get older we sometimes forget how.

Some things to think about: •

When did you last really listen to the birds sing? Have you noticed how the morning chorus at dawn changes at this time of the year?

When did you last really watch fire spring out of wood in a bonfire or campfire or log burner in a house?

When did you last bury yourself in dried leaves, roll down a grassy hill or make a sandcastle?

When did you ever sit still long enough to feel the breeze and smell the scents it brings you from each direction?

You and the children you work with might not be able to do all of these things in your place of work – but you can replicate the qualities of such activities in what you do. Fires are possible anywhere with the right equipment: if you don’t have a fire pit then use a fire bowl.

Some things to do: Spring is a great time to tune into sights, sounds and sensations: •

Plant seeds—make potato heads by carving a face in a potato, chopping the top off and sprinkling with cress seeds. Watch the green hair grow over time (keep the top of the potato head damp).

Play with mud/cobb—Oxfordshire has lots of clay in its soil. Go to a local allotment site or look for where workmen are digging and ask if you can have a few buckets of clay heavy soil. You can use this for moulding creatures or making pots. If you have space, you can make an Earth Kiln or a Paper Kiln and fire them. Mix the clay with straw for a great building material.

Notice the spring even when indoors. Pick branches of hazel or chestnut and put them in a jug of water. Watch the buds open – maybe take a photo or draw them every other day so you can plot the changes and make a great exhibition.

Notice birds. Listen to the dawn chorus at sunrise. Make bird boxes or a bird table. Make a den which can act as a bird ‘hide’ to watch the birds on the table. Get binoculars. See if you can see where birds are nesting in hedges and trees. Join the RSBP for lots of information and ideas. How many bird types can you identify… can you recognise them by their song?

Annie Davy is a freelance writer and facilitator of action learning. She is currently researching Eco-literacy and is director of The Nature Effect community interest company. She is also trustee of Barracks Lane Community Garden Project and patron of Oxfordshire Play Association.


We are ‘Cool-n-Groovy’, creative community collaborators—otherwise known as Emily Cooling and Groovy Su, local environmental community artists transforming trash to treasure. We are an artistic partnership dedicated to working with Oxford and Oxfordshire to visually and publically celebrate our community. We have a studio in the ArkT Centre in Cowley, Oxford and have enjoyed creating together for the Cowley Road Carnival, and this year we designed and co-ordinated the lantern procession as part of Christmas Night Light in central Oxford, around the theme of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. We believe it is an essential part of a child’s emotional well-being that they get the opportunity to play and create. We are passionate about working with reclaimed resources and know they can help children be experimental without the fear of wasting expensive new art resources. We aim to support parents, play workers and educators to demonstrate fun, easy and engaging ways to be creative with children at low cost in a way that is environmentally sustainable and logical. 10

Cool-nGroovy show that you can create a WOW factor by transforming trash to treasure.

Our overprotective society actively discourages the messy and uncontrolled play of life which prepares us for the skills necessary for adult life. We believe being creative is an important part of being human. Creativity increases our dexterity, improves our skills, attention span, raises selfesteem, encourages co-operation, helps children focus on their other learning - and is fun! We made these giant bird lanterns (see swan above) using a willow frame and reclaimed materials. They are currently on display in the big hall at the ArkT Centre and are available for hire.

As ‘Cool-n-Groovy’ we work across the community with lots of groups, including schools, after school clubs, youth clubs, family centres and play schemes.

Cool-n-Groovy After School Art Club transforms trash to treasure with 7-11 year olds at the ArkT Centre, Crowell Road, Oxford on Thursdays from 3.30pm to 5pm during term time.

We are available for one off workshops, events and longer projects of all sorts, artistic consultations and commissions. Please contact us on 07977 227808 or go to 11


OFFICE TO LET FROM APRIL 2012 Due to the relocation of our existing tenant, we currently have an Office and Meeting Room to let from Early April 2012. First Floor Offices, Temple Cowley United Reformed Church, Oxford Road, Temple Cowley, Oxford OX4 2ES (opp Cowley Police Station)

Prime location just within the Oxford Ring Road (c.3 miles from Oxford City Centre), Ample Free Parking Directly Outside, on Main Bus Routes. Office Measures 20.2ft x 18.5ft (360 sq ft) – 6.15m x 5.62m (34.6 sq m) Meeting Room Measures 11.7ft x 8.8ft (103 sq ft) – 3.54m x 2.7m (9.5 sq m) Current Rent Contribution = £580.47 Per Month / £6,965.66 Per Annum (due to be reviewed in April 2012). Plus £65 Per Month / £780 Per Annum Cleaning Contribution and Contribution Towards Gas, Electricity and Insurance.

For more information or to arrange a viewing please contact Martin Gillett at Oxfordshire Play Association on 01865 779474 /

Weave Recycle Ltd. are offering playworkers the opportunity to explore how natural and recycled materials can encourage sustained cooperative play. You will have the opportunity to understand how easily-resourced materials inspire children’s imagination. This day is suitable for those working in breakfast clubs, after school clubs and play schemes. There is NO CHARGE for those working in registered settings in Oxfordshire. £40.00 for all other participants. Soup lunch provided.

Thursday 29th March 9.30am until 2.30pm For more details and to book please telephone 01865 861954 or email:


Oxfordshire County Council’s Fire and Rescue Service See Oxfordshire County Council’s website, Choose ‘Fire and rescue’ under ‘Council services’ for advice on fire safety. complete your own home fire risk check.)

(You can

365 Alive is an Oxfordshire Fire & Rescue Service initiative which aims to promote a safer community for everyone through safety education and fire prevention work. The 365 Alive website has lots of useful fire and road safety advice, education programmes, safety films, cartoons and games for children that can help to make Oxfordshire a safer place to live, work and travel. Go to:

Ofsted consultation Ofsted is consulting on proposed changes to the way it registers and inspects childcare providers. The changes will coincide with the revised EYFS, which the government intends to publish in September. You can respond to this consultation on the Ofsted website at: The consultation is called ‘Regulation of Providers on the Early Years Register’, ref 110152, and closes on 6 April.

B&Q Waste Donation Scheme B&Q operates a waste donation scheme through all stores, which allows donation of waste materials like slightly damaged tins of paint, off-cuts of timber, odd rolls of wallpaper and end of range materials, to community groups, charities and schools. The waste donation scheme is co-ordinated in store either by the environmental champion, duty or Warehouse manager. Before any materials are donated, the form must be signed by a representative of the group. Any waste or surplus stock donated must not be re-sold. Website: Go to:, then click on ’environment & ethics’, and you will find ’waste donation’ under ‘ethics’. Otherwise, here is a link: corporate/content/environment_ethics/ethics/community/waste_donation.jsp.

Grants and funding! The county council’s Community Childcare and Play staff subscribe to the fit4funding newsletter, produced by the Charities Information Bureau. This is an email publication, produced 10 times a year, which details a wide variety of sources of funding. We have a subscription which allows us to forward the newsletter on to other organisations. If you would like to join the mailing list, please contact Gill Bodey on 01865 323774 or email: See for more information.

Community Childcare and Play – webpages Remember there’s lots of information available to help you run your club at Check out play websites too from this page of the county council website: http:// 14

First aid procedures You may have seen recent media coverage suggesting that rescue breaths are not necessary when performing CPR. Read the current Red Cross recommendations about this on the Red Cross website:

Safeguarding training - availability All courses are run through Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children Board. See Click on ‘Training’, then ‘Booking for OSCB training courses’ and ‘View our courses’. Call 01865 815843 if you have difficulties with booking. There is no charge for attending this training. 3-hour generalist safeguarding Weekday evenings, listed under ‘Play Workers, Early Years and Childcare settings – Generalist safeguarding’: 14 and 21 March, central Oxford 22 March & 25 April, south Oxfordshire venue to be confirmed

Weekday daytimes, listed under ‘Generalist safeguarding’: 16 March, 11 May, Cowley, Oxford 30 March, 11 & 30 April, central Oxford 10 July, Witney

One-day specialist safeguarding Saturday, listed under ‘Play Workers, Early Years and Childcare settings – Specialist safeguarding’: Watch the website for the next date! Weekdays, listed under ‘Specialist safeguarding’ 26 March, 12 April, central Oxford 19 April, Crowmarsh 22 May, Banbury

Note: it’s fine to attend the ones that aren’t described as being for Play Workers, Early Years and Childcare settings! The childcare ones are promoted in this way, because they run at times/days that are generally more convenient for those working with children.

Oxfordshire County Council Leisure and Learning Grant for Carers This is a one-off payment of up to £350, and can be used to pay for childcare. It is to support and enable carers to remain in or access employment, or to undertake education, training or leisure activities, alongside their caring role. The carer must be unpaid, and be providing substantial and regular care for at least 10 hours a week. The person cared for: • can be a relative, friend or neighbour who needs support because of frailty, illness, disability or a difficulty (such as an addiction); • must be 18 years or over; • must not be receiving self-directed support from adult social care. For details, contact Carers Oxfordshire on 0845 050 7666; Email:; Website and search for ‘Grants for carers’.


The Chairs Network Evening – Oxford City & Central area City and Central area voluntary managed groups’ committee members in Oxford City and Central area enjoyed an evening for themselves on January 17th. This network was a platform for them to set out their issues and seek solutions. What a great evening! There were lively conversations and feedback on the format was good - and there is enthusiasm for the network meetings to continue. It was a chance for people to talk about the issues that they face and meet people who had already tackled similar problems. There was open conversation with a very good mix of experience. Another win was that they all realised they had the same types of demands being made of them, their committees and their settings. Positive outcomes from the evening were: • The attendees are on an email contact list and can all continue their respective conversations, or ask new questions of the group; • Sharing best practice will evolve; • Notes of the issues covered on the evening, along with responses/solutions/ideas, have been issued to each of the attendees. Finally, I would like to say a big thank you to all who attended. I hope that this brief article will encourage those who were not able to attend the network to come along to the next one, which I expect to take place in the summer. John Vidovic, Childcare Business Development Manager, Oxfordshire County Council, City and Central Area,

Finger & Thumb Theatre at Oxford City Network Meeting On Wednesday 1st February a network meeting for Oxford City/Central Playworkers was held in the Botley After School Club (BOSHC) building in Botley School. Drew and Peter from Finger and Thumb Theatre (formerly Object D'art) gave a wonderful workshop, and those who attended left inspired to go back to their settings and work on their puppetry with the children. Drew gave a short performance and we were all left wondering, “How do you get your hands and fingers to make such perfect shapes?!” Practice makes perfect is the answer, with lots of exercises for the fingers to limber them into shape. Drew and Peter also gave us lots of tips and ideas, like how to make props for shadow puppets plus some templates so that even the youngest child attending settings can cut out and make a simple puppet. Thanks to all of you who braved the cold weather and I hope the hot soup and pizza helped to warm you up?! If you would like more information on Finger and Thumb Theatre please visit their website:

Dawn Williams, Community Childcare and Play Officer, 16

From Brid Muldoon, OPA Training Officer Short Courses: There are some places available on the OPA short Courses, come along if you want to get some playful ideas or just to have some fun! See details on the OPA website. QCF Level 3 Transitional Award: Our first QCF Level 3 Transitional Award cohort successfully completed their qualification in November 2011. Many congratulations to: Rosalind Ireland, Linda Hobson, Victoria Oxley, Rachael White, Kelly Adams, Zoe Mills, Leo Hiscock, Zoe Arnold, Anna Jones, Michelle Lang & Rita Lewis They were a joy to teach as they embraced both the theory and practical components of playwork throughout the 20 weeks of knowledge based workshops. QCF Level 2 & Level 3: You can start the level 2 or level 3 Playwork qualifications at any time, as they are “roll on, roll off”. Workshops take place at OPA offices in Temple Cowley. Call us to find out more. If you would like further information on any of these courses or any training matters, please contact Brid Muldoon or visit the OPA website to view all the courses and play training we have on offer.;; Tel: 01865 779474

(Step into Training)

This is an opportunity for people who work as a Leader, e.g. Room Leader, Play Leader, Pre-school Supervisor, etc to reflect on your own management style and learn how to be an inspiring leader. This session will give you tools which you might find useful to inspire and support others. It will also give you an opportunity to look at your setting in a wider context. The session in January was oversubscribed but there should be plenty of spaces for this May session. th

Wednesday 30

Date & Venue May 7:00–9:00pm at Exeter Hall, Kidlington

To book the session visit: http:/ 1. Set up an account; 2. Access courses under ‘Step into Training’; 3. Book the course. Or if you need help with booking, ring 01865 797123.

Community Childcare & Play Team, Oxfordshire County Council Contact: 01865 323004 17

10 Ideas for Having a Playful Jubilee Street Party Are you thinking about organising a street party? Would you like some easy ideas to make it playful for the children, teenagers and adults who attend? Look no further! What about trying some of these ideas at your street party? 1. Have a tug-of-war! One end of the street versus the other end? Children versus adults? 2. Free play items. Leave lots of play items lying around that children and teenagers can play with freely (in their own way). Perhaps people with children can bring out a few robust items each – chalk, skipping ropes, play houses, hoops, toys, and so on. 3. Make a maze on the street with chalk. 4. DIY face painting! Leave out face paint kits (Snazaroo’s rainbow pallets are ideal) along with bowls, water, mirrors and brushes – and let the young people paint their own, each other’s and the adults’ faces - more playful than adults doing it! 5. Fire pit for toasting marshmallows (you can buy portable fire pits that have fold-up legs for easy use and storage). Fires need adult supervision, obviously. 6. Have a craft table. Put out sellotape, scissors, paper, card, pritt stick, stickers, felt pens and so on. It can be for freely chosen craft activities (children make whatever they want) or you could organise a craft activity linked to the Jubilee – crowns with sticky jewels? Turn a chair into a throne (team activity)? Cloaks? Sceptres? 7. Water play – provide some buckets and water sprays, and watch the fun! 8. 8Recycled play – people collect clean recycled items and bring them out on the day, along with sellotape and pens. This is a great activity for using imaginations. 9. OPA Playboxes – OPA has over 40 boxes to hire at low cost – full of inspiring play items, such as play parachutes, badgemakers, circus skills, tug-of-war ropes, and lots more! 10. Den-building – get some giant cardboard boxes from Currys, Dixons, etc (or raid their recycling bin for flattened boxes which can be remade), old sheets, clothes pegs, and other items that could be used to make dens.

Contact Oxfordshire Play Association about any aspect of play for all ages. Tel: 01865 779474; Email:; Website: 18




Next deadline is 14.5.12

Inspiring Play is produced 4 times a year by Oxfordshire Play Association on behalf of the Oxfordshire Play Partnership. Deadlines: September edition: 7th September December edition: 14th November March edition: 14th February June edition: 14th May

Inspiring Play, March 2012  

Oxfordshire Inspiring Play newsletter

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