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ProямБle ........................................................................................................................................... 11 Network Map ............................................................................................................................... 12 Identity ......................................................................................................................................... 13 Portfolio ...................................................................................................................................... 26



Design Service ............................................................................................................................. 43 Fee Structure ............................................................................................................................... 44 CDP Map ...................................................................................................................................... 47 Codes of Conducts ...................................................................................................................... 49



Legislation ................................................................................................................................... 52 Construction ............................................................................................................................... 56 Projectageme Management ........................................................................................................ 61 Codes of Conducts ...................................................................................................................... 49


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INTRODUCTION This is my manifesto for interior architecture and design projects, within this booklet presents the proďŹ le, brand identity design briefs, and legislation, etc. This approach is to concentrate and assist me to improve my digital and promotional packs, produce case studies and generate a report and presentation describing my own design inspirations. On achievement of this manifesto, I had an acumen into where my personal practice suits into the broader environment of the world at work. I was also able to approach the working world with the courage, clarity, and power required to gain accomplishment in the Interior Architecture and Design Industry.

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Hampshire, UK Solidworks internship at Morgan Morgan is offering an internship in Solidworks in Hampshire, UK. We design and manufacture timber furniture for the hospitality, cruise and workplace markets and are looking for an intern or graduate within our design team, Morgan Studio. This is a fantastic six to twelve month internship or graduate opportunity from a candidate from a furniture design or engineering background to join a design-led manufacturer of furniture near Chichester to work on Solidworks modelling and production drawings. During this time period, you will learn and develop in a highly skilled manufacturing environment and understand the importance of technical drawings and accuracy of information shared between design and production. The role will ultimately include:

• to produce highly accurate 3D models and Solidworks drawings against an agreed priority list • to learn how to convert these drawings in to programmable CNC files • to work closely with the design and engineering teams • to understand construction methods of contract furniture and the importance of these standards • to follow a drawing control procedure

The ideal candidate will have a furniture design or engineering background with a very high competency level of Solidworks modelling. Salary is to be agreed and dependent upon level of experience. Please apply with your CV and portfolio to the design manager, Erin Johnson.

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jobsuitability... PERSONAL RESPONSE Morgan was established over 70 years ago. It has been owned and run by Rodney and Katerina for the last 25 years. The job role of Morgan gives the graduate with a six to twelve months of traineeship in different areas of the business. This helps the Graduate trainees an opportunity to get engaged with multiple projects and relevant practical work experience to develop my professional design history. As Interior Design is my interest, what interested me to this role was the structure training and assistance provided to fresh graduates. Through this, it provides me a chance to learn and improve in a highly skilled manufacturing environment and learn the value of technical drawings and accuracy of information shared between design and production. The application is very clear and simple leaving opportunity for me to include my own personal touch and showcase my design talents within my portfolio. The outline of the roles is a natural way to see what role is expected to learn and the center programmes that is required to visualize rendered drawings. Overall this role is one that I would be extremely likely to apply for. It does not look too daunting for a student with limited or no practical design experience of operating in a studio. My enthusiasm to study is advantageous and my determination to try different challenges would guide and help me.

Interests: Interested in providing quality interior solutions, care, experience,as well as an unfaltering dedication to quality. Also, an International team and access to projects and studio collaboration is engaging and has been my desire to be a member of an international design company.

Key skills and Experiences: • BA Hons Interior Architecture and design degree • Intermediate proficiency in MAYA • Proficient Adobe Creative suite • Can work under pressure and cna complete project on time • Good eye for detail. • Skilled in Physical Model making • Skilled in drawing/sketches

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evaluation careerexperience... Are you a professional in another Capacity? My fathers whos an graphic designer has inspired me and because of this I was draw into different interests such as photography, videographer, graphic design and painting. IDI foundation also introuduced me to different skills. As I continue to develop and work on my skills, I intend to use this skills to progress onto designing bespoke interiors. Working part time, i have been privilaged to be a part of various experience, such as photogrpher/videographer in fashion event, exhibition etc. A design company which create invitation, brochures, leaflet and more. Currently I got an access to a online Freelance which gave me the opportunity to practice interior architecture design while studying. This opportunity gave me a better understanding of the need for building quality relationships and nurturing client needs.

What are your expectations for Professional Design? I am still studying to expand my professional design experience. My knowledge of professional design is to develop different methods such as kinaesthetic practices. This will help me to be physically part of the design experience in both 3D Forms or censorial interactions through touch and sight. I was also fascinated at how materiality can be utilized in such a form to modify the function of the area whether it is within light or sound. Another professional design is working on different projects which have various requirements and create a place in a way that draws individuals to my profession and designs. Satisfy the people I will serve in the future and make the most of my abilities. Through formal education, I am able to gather skills that can be practiced in the area of interior architecture and design. • Use of Computer-aided design such as Vectorworks, Maya, and Intermediate proficiency in AutoCAD • Proficient use of Adobe Creative Suites for Visualisation and presentation methods • Use of spatial planning and existing site investigation made on geographical features of the location • Exposure to critical design thinking through investigations and analysis of Historical design practice and contemporary design technology.

What Opportunities are you looking for in your future design Career? I am looking for career opportunities in interiors and Architecture that give me an opportunity to offers excellent training opportunities, exciting roles, stable career improvement as well as great job satisfaction. As well as serve the organization, the society, and environmental issues in the world using materials and technology that is available to us. I enjoy projects that enable me to engage personally in the planning and build features of the design. With the support of methodologies that contain prototyping and Problem-solving, I'll be able to explore plenty of natural forms to apply in furniture design, model making etc.

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I am a native of Batangas City, Philippines and has lived in Muscat, Oman since 2007. I started to developed my interest in art at the age of 14 because of my father who is a graphic designer, a habit I expressed with keen enthusiasm. I grew up with tools such as paint brushes, Adobe Creative suites, and Maya. Much later I went on to complete a foundation programme in IDI and then went on to study Interior architecture and design Program at Hertfordshire University. I’m currently working as a freelancer in Oman and online websites.


EMPLOYMENT EXPERIENCE I spent years working in the various job, I’ve gathered a range of business experiences including, graphic design, photography, video editor and more.

FREELANCE DESIGNER Video Editor | Interior & Graphic Designer SULTAN QABOOS UNIVERSITY [Graphic Designer [Part Time -

2016,17 & 18

I have the ability to perform well in situations even under preassure, whilst working to strict deadlines. My interpersonal skills and the ability to work in team enable me to build a good relationship with the other people

CREATIVE DIMENSION Designer for corporate branding [materials [Part-time Annual Report Corporate Brochure -








INTERACTIVE DESIGN INSTITUTE BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design INTERACTIVE DESIGN INSTITUTE Foundation Diploma in Art Design and Media HIGH SCHOOL Bangladesh School Muscat

I am backed by a foundation diploma from Interactive Design Institute in 2015. I recently earned a Diploma Interior Architecture and Design from the University of Hertfordshire and looking to graduate with a BA (Hons) in 2019.







DESIGN AMBITIONS I started painting at the age of 14 and used Adobe creative suite at the age of 16. I always wanted to become a graphic designer like my father and my family is really supportive of it. During the IDI foundation programme, I was able to explore different courses and because of this, I decided to enroll in the BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture and Design Programme. I delivered well to excellent grades so far and has expert abilities in sketching, model making, Adobe Creative Suite, Vectorworks as well as Maya. For me, producing a structure or space that "works" is not just about functionality, it is also about the comfort and safety of its utilizer. I believe in my vision, character and professional skills which will be an impressive augmentation to any design studio. My years of employment experience in various companies and clients would also come in beneficial and would enable me to collect more duties and work individually.

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Business Card [FATHER] John Lopez

Anwar Kess

Project Manager

Dr. Abdullah M. Al-Sadi

Ahmed El-Bouri

Professor of Civil Engineering

- Dean -

Family [MOTHER] MIchele Lopez

Dr Ali Al Harty Professor of Civil Engineering

Edward Wallin

-business man-

Sultan Qaboos University




facebook Behance

Social Networks


-Business Woman-

Emma Deguzman


-Real Estate Agent-

Tipu Dhar

Noorhan Diab -Engineer-

Employment People per hour

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-Graphic Designer-

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Friends and Connections




Samia Sultana -business admin-

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Mike Miodrag Design Team Leader

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Caroline Walsh Adam Reed

Founder and Project manager

Javaria Saleem

Dawn Correia

Brian Proudfoot

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-Texttile Designer-


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Interactive Design Institute

Interactive Design Institute


Current Peers


Vita Katiniene

Revit Class

Artlantis Class

Former Peers

Dareen Jaamour


Anna Escamilla

Eva Kindler

Carley Burge

Martina Salomone -student-

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With compliments




1925 Al Khalili Height

+968 97138836

Madinat Qaboos



Muscat Oman 123

24 837553

e'dsio e k y m stu

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For successful design we go through process in order to make sure that the design is the best it can be. Below shows the five various stages of interior architecture and design work.





WEEK 1-2

time charges





The starting stage of the process where the client and designer meet and go through what is needed. This is the stage where the designer and client come to an agreement. The architect will use various tools such as mind map, bubble diagram and more to help understand the potential design requirements. Also site visit and understand the time scale and case studies are very important for supporting this project.

In this stage, architect/designers creates various design ideas to present to client using various techniques such as mood boardsand initial sketches to make a revision on the basis of the clients input.




Objectives, Outcomes, Initial Brief, Feasibility, Site Information, Project Budget



In this phase, designers produce detailed technical drawings for designs and refine it so it is ready to be realised and carefully selected suppliers and contractors. Approved designs are transformed into working drawings that are easy to follow to bring designers creation to life. Production Detail, Specification, Specialists, Mandatory Approvals


Concept Design, Cost Information, Project Strategy, Design Programme, Final Brief


This is the stage where your ideas come to life. After everything has been approved and signed off in the previous stage, the job goes live and development begins. Once the work has been done, architects/de-


Design Development, Cost Information, Project Strategy, Design Programme



The final stage where appropriate files are delivered to the client. There may be a few stages of revision and concept presentation leading upto this stage. Offsite and Onsite Construction, Design Queries, Handover, Project Information

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feestrcuture... Details of the sample project brief: Client: SKO – The Nordic Shoe Company Location:London, City, West Project: Retail Store, 200sqm


Construction Budget: £200,000 Timescale: Design Phase 24 Weeks, Construction 12 weeks


BRIEF This stage consist of: SETTING OBJECTIVES






Accomplishing this area identified, it will be important to consult with the customer the goals, issues, and results expected and composing an initial brief report in which would be agreed on by both parties. After accomplishing this, examining the site suitability can be conducted, finding and assessing initial site information and distinguishing design selections based on the project funds.



On this phase it is based on a time charges concept. It was recommended that zero percent of the time should be allotted to the brief segment. Though some funds would have to be provided. Although the primary cost may be covered by expenses, it is expected to provide any allocation. In the SKO project, 7% has been approved.

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On this design phase, it involves brainstorming design solutions and concept statement. This supported by schematic drawings - including outline proposals for structural design, building services systems through exploratory freehand drawings, Conceptual model making, experimental image creation, and creative collage construction to produce significant design direction suitable for the concept design. After this, outlining specification and preliminary Cost Information along with appropriate project strategies in accordance with the Design Programme. After achieving the steps there might be some changes with brief and designers need to issue a Final Project Brief.


This stage also includes organized and renewed proposals for structural design, building services systems, outline specifications, Cost Information, and Project Strategies in accordance with Design Programme. The design development phase is again shown to the client for evaluation, correction as well as final approval.


After final approval of concept design, the architect/designer develops and revised in response to additional consideration of the detailed spatial requirements. Within a process of development and refinement, plan drawings evolve with developing scale and accuracy till cleared clarifications are achieved. This can be achieved within the method of 3D Modelling and CAD Software to represent the interior and exterior spaces. Shades and finishes are improved, fittings, fabrics, and equipment are chosen as well as cost information are developed.

After final approval of the development stage, particular aspects of the work to be completed are documented. These details involve technical drawings (floor plans, sections, elevations, perspective drawings, etc.), finish selections such as flooring and paint, lighting plans and fixture selection, and electrical layouts. It is important to combine drawing notes for the construction and installation of the design


This is the final step where things are created and installed. The designer will make frequent site visits to coordinate progress, examine the quality of workmanship and assure objects are taken in great condition, established accurately, and that documents have been followed correctly.


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feecharge... This is the calculation of the design fees to be charged in SKO. In this the construction budget is propsed at £200K. The designer fee rateis set at 7% of the proposed construction budget.

Fee Total

7% of £2000,000


Below shows the design fee allocated against each stage o the design process:


Below shows the detailed fees schedule Item





Objectives, Outcomes, Initial Brief, Feasibility, Site Information, Project Budget (Calculated at 80 hours)

35 per hour



Concept Design, Cost Information, Project Strategy,Design Programme, Final Brief (Calculated at 20% of CB)

Time Charges














Week 3-10



Week 1-2





Design Development, Cost Information, Project Strategy, Design Programme (Calculated at 20% of CB) Production Detail, Specification, Specialists, Mandatory Approvals (Calculated at 40% of CB) Offsite and Onsite Construction, Design Queries, Handover, Project Information (Calculated at 20% of CB)





Week 20-24

Week 11-20





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CDP MAP The term CPD or Continuing Professional Development or CDP is commonly used as a map or portfolio documenting individual development as a professional. It is also a method of tracking and documenting the abilities, knowledge, and experience that an indiviual obtain both formally and informally

understand trends marketing campaigns





ethical control






quick turnaround

support clients

sustainability foundation diploma


materials, methods & application


acredited skills graduate level

creative suites


s s ' ' e e e mykssttuuddioio




graphic design interior design

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CDP MAP Whilst there is always a door for improvements in each field, these are the main domains considered to be the main strengths and important skills within the system of Interior Architecture.

TECHNOLOGY/SOFTWARE Further understanding of new technology and how we as a designer can apply this to create an aesthetic and innovative design.


I have strong CAD rendering abilities, however, further, development is required to accomplish a more realistic style to present to future clients. This can be achieved through research and practice of new CAD rendering software.

TECHNICAL DRAWINGS Basic knowledge has been obtained, however, this is one of the most important drawings to show the clients. To accomplish this field it is great to invest in this by undertaking classes and additional improvement through practice will be needed.




Knowledge obtained on a wide variety of materials commonly used in interior environments. This can achieve by further deepen and broaden the state of knowledge of materials in relation to the main scenarios of technological evolution in the sector. Develop autonomous capacities of investigation, testing, and implementation of a wide range of materials in the project




SUSTAINABILITY In Critical and Cultural Studies Design, analysis of different methods has been succeeded. However, extra research to be carried on a for each project foundation. Develop and further understanding of sustainable criteria like Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) to be obtained through individual learning goals.

This is one of the essential tools in interior architecture and great understanding has been gained but additional research needs to be undertaken to gain further understanding of the documents used on a regular basis within the industry. It will convey our ideas, observations, preparations, and proposals in a more rational and professional way.

Even though that sketching is one of my best skills, further development still required, To achieve this it needs to invest time to practice in order to identify the best ideas, reflect user flow, display functionality, show anything that needs human interaction and solutions to a design problem.


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codesofconduct... To carry design practice in a system that will strengthen the admiration of clients, fellow designers, the general public and other industry. It is the responsibility of every Member of the interior design Community to remain by this professional Code of Conduct, the Bylaws and all other policies of the Community. A. Responsibility to the Client Republic of the Philippines suggest: A-1 Designer should notify/determine from the Client at the very beginning of their business relationship with the precise scope of services and the corresponding professional charges. A-2 Designer should examine the needs and requirements of his Client and the outcomes of designers work upon the life and well-being of the public and the community as a whole, and to attempt to engage the aesthetic and functional demands of the project corresponding with the Client’s budget. A-3 Designer shall be paid for his/her duties completely through a designer expert fee charged directly to the Client. The designer should not receive nor ask for any additional returns in whatever form from any interested source other than the Client. This code of conduct is important in my work as a design professional. I should aim to be as ethical as possible in all my dealings. It will help secure my place as a reliable and professional designer. Clients will know what to expect and, in turn, relationships will be smoother. This can support me ascertain what clients to take and will accommodate clients to determine if they want to work with you. B. Responsibility to Colleagues and Subordinates

B-3 Designer shall not intentionally harm wrongly or maliciously, the professional reputation, views or practice of other Designers. A practice of respect and dignity in the workplace guarantees a healthy working environment. This code of conduct will help me build and manage environments and relationships that encourage productive work and satisfy professional obligations. C. Responsibility to Manufacturers, Contractors, and Suppliers Republic of the Philippines suggest: "Designer should provide the manufacturer all right support to allow them to completely know the terms of the agreement by providing precise, accurate and consistent data in all relevant reports to dodge random errors which may include additional charges to the manufacturer or contractor" The responsibility to manufacturers, wholesalers, and suppliers are essential in my work as a design professional because designers rely on them for material and resale goods, etc. Though Manufacturers, Contractors, and Suppliers beneďŹ t from the proďŹ t it makes by selling to me but trusted relationships with them also give value to me and my company. Thus, acting responsibly in Manufacturers, Contractors, and Suppliers relationships are important to my success.

Republic of the Philippines suggest: B-1 Designer should not clash with other designers on the basis of the variation of professional charges. B-2 Designers should not seek commission already known to him as previously provided to another Designer whether such funding has been agreed upon or still in the process of negotiation.

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D. Responsibility to the Architect Republic of the Philippines suggest: D-1 Designer shall not, without the prior permission of the Architect, when an architect is required, make any structural modiďŹ cations in plans or in blueprints. D-2 Designer shall not perform hateful analyses of the construction or designs of the Architect. D-3 Designer should work in collaboration with the Architect to guarantee the completion of the project. D-4 Designers should not make any architectural plans for any building or project to be approved by any licensed architect but moved on as the work of an Interior Designer’s company, except she/he also is an accredited architect. E. Responsibility to the People Republic of the Philippines suggest: "Designers should utilize the best of her/his profession, promote the safety, strengthen health and well-being of the people and the community as well as the improvement, rehabilitation or maintenance of the common facilities and other examples of the important traditional and architectural heritage of the country" This code of conduct is one of the important in my work as a design professional. It will help me build not only aesthetic design but also help and improve the people as well as the community by applying sustainability to my designs. Such as renovation space, reusing and recycling materials, etc. (n/a) Professional Regulation Commission [Online] Available at: search/node/code%20of%20ethic (Accessed at 30 April 2019)

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Design legislation will be investigated throughout this activity using an earlier design as an example. The delegated project is a Retail shop, the main aims of the project are described below: Swedish shoe company, FIELLFOTTER, intends to establish a series of unique retail environments in the UK. With currently only one small workshop outlet in Scandinavia. Their product range centres around urban footwear for men and women with a focus on natural form, tactile material and construction detail. The aims and objectives of the projects are: To develop inventive and appropriate approaches to the transformation of existing built spaces at the scale of 1:1.

Figure Mountains Source:, n a

Engage with materials and construction, and introduced important issues of sustainability, maintenance and resource-effectiveness, so as to examine the possibilities and limitations of detailed specification.

Figure Hiking Source:, n a

This module is concerned with investigating the impact of a new identity upon an existing space, at the level of detailed design. You will be provided with a specific material setting to respond to, and into which you will insert a small scale but detailed retail design. The store should reflect the client's ethos, from interior and exterior of the store. And must aim to provide the clients needs. Targert Audience Target audience are Men, Women and Kids. Figure Hiking Source:, n a



Figure Forest Source:, n a

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designlegislation... Site Context FIELFOTTER site is located in the area of London. The area has various bustling shopping place as well as passing foot traffic which can lead to higher sale. Existing Materials The existing materials are concrete, metal, and simple ornaments. Protect our natural environment Accordingto 1997 "Environment Protection" legislation:

Fig. 5 Brand Book [Source: IDI website,n/a

"Protects the environment from pollution and its effects. The Act provides the regulatory framework to help reduce and eliminate the discharge of pollutants into the air, land and water" [, n/a]

There are many factors that protect our natural environment. These factors include the reusing the building located in London for FIELFOTTER will encourage environment by reusing and redeveloping our urban spaces and buildings which will narrow the consumption of our natural environment as well as preserve environmentally sensitive areas of our scenery and countryside. Reuse contributes an extraordinary, environmentally-preferred alternative to waste management systems. It diminishes air, land and water contamination, narrows the demand for new natural resources, such as timber, petroleum, fibers, as well as various materials. [, n/a] There is some necessary modification to the facade construction of the FIELFOTTER building. The primary legislation for the exterior of the FIELFOTTER building requires is building administration approval.

Fig. 6 Brand Book [Source: IDI website,n/a

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designlegislation... Promote sustainable design and materials Accordingto 2010 "Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)" legislation: "aims to both reduce the amount of Electrical and Electronic waste being produced and encourage everyone to reuse, recycle and recover it." (, n/a)

Sustainability is important to the well-being of our planet, continued growth of a society, and human development. Reuse and recycling an existing building materials contributes to regeneration and sustainability at many levels. It is cost effective, creates an exciting spaces as well as reduces consumption of materials. The design solutions for FIEFOTTER used of sustainable materials like wood and concrete creates which creates a positive contribution to improved well-being and social outcomes.

Fig. 7 FIELFOTTER [Source: Jane Mykee Lopez

Fielfotter Exterior

The proposed design for FIELFOTTER has a lot of sustainable lighting which reduce energy use. Natural light is a free renewable resource and has a lot of health advantages. Accurate structural design is needed to maximize natural light in space while sustaining indoor temperature regulation and diminishing direct light brightness. The important arrangement of windows, atriums, and transparent boards is compatibility with other structure elements, such that light is displayed constantly throughout interior spaces. During the evening, another feature that promotes FIELFOTTER is the use of LED light bulbs which are notably power efďŹ cient and long-lasting. According to Matulka, R. (n/a) "LED bulb can decrease power waste by over 80% when compared to traditional light bulbs and can last up to 25% longer."

Fig. 8 FIELFOTTER [Source: Jane Mykee Lopez

Fielfotter interior

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Limit commercial impact upon visual landscape/Advertising According to 2015 "Health and Safety Executive" legislation: "Designers should avoid using too many signs which may cause confusion" (, 2015)

Creating simple signage for FIELFOTTER and limiting the display of advertising can narrow the commercial impact in the visual landscape. Using too much of business graphic imagery can decrease the aesthetic value of our established environment. It can also cover the present features of historic spaces. Contamination is a growing matter and can affect immediately against the status of living spaces. Safety signs and signals are required where, despite putting in place all other relevant measures, a significant risk to the health and safety of employees and others remains. According to 2015 "CDM" legislation: "When preparing or modifying a design the designer must take into account the general principles of prevention and any pre-construction information to eliminate, so far as is reasonably practicable, foreseeable risks to the health or safety of any person" (,n/a)

It would be required to designate a CDM expert because of the scale of the project, but, it would still be appropriate as the designer to guarantee the clients were knowledgeable of their duties in respect to health and safety concerns. This would include: Omit or decrease safety and health hazards to constructors, users, maintainers, repairers, commissioners, etc. when making the design. Guarantee that any designers or contractors that are involved in the scheme are sufficient and sufficiently resourced. Assure that the client is knowledgeable of the client's obligations prior to starting any design task.

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construction... While preparing various facilities, it is vital to recognize the connection between design and construction code. Design is a method of forming the variety of a new facility, normally served by specific plans and specifications; Building regulations are standards guidance for building work, whether it will be on a major new development or an expansion or changes to any space or building. It incorporates all features of planning, including foundations, damp-proofing, the overall resistance of the building, insulation, ventilation, heating, fire protection as well as exits in case of fire. It also guarantees that adequate amenities for individuals with disabilities are provided in distinct types of structure. Hence, construction codes are the implementation of safe and accessible as well as limit waste and environmental damage. ECOWORKS is a new company that pro- vides contemporary and unique co-working spaces for individual and hot-desking, with 24/7/365 access, located at the city centre location. ETHOS: Our ethos is to provide healthy and harmonious workplace environments that respond to flexible and mobile working. The brief is to creating and designing the ECOWORKS workspace environ- ment. The ECOWORKS team are energetic and innovative, and they have a strong interest in sustainable design and digital technology. It should be functional, flexible, sustainable and healthy. The aims and objectives of the projects are: Functional, Flexible, Sustainable and healthy environment. a reception desk and seating for two An individual office for two Multiple co-working desk spaces A meeting space for eight, a mall kitchen and some suitable storage.

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The existing building of ECOWORKS is located in the inner city of London. It is covered with old bricks and its surrounded by an urban environment. = Challenges


Figure 2: Existing Site Source: IDI,n a

Figure 1 : Existing Site Source: IDI,n a

Figure 3 : Existing Site Source: IDI,n a

Space should re ect the ECOWORKS ethos and must aim to provide its needs. It should be functional and exible. It should be easy to construct and easy to adjust. The environment should be sustainable and healthy. There are a number of existing window and door openings in the building. To create spaces that balance the different needs of ECOWORKS. To provide a good space for the working area To provide the best use of daylight. Create space for meeting area, kitchen, storage, reception, of ce, co-working desks The storage display should be at various heights, which can be easily accessed by people of various heights without strain. Ergonomics for the work space: Key issues to look out for in terms of the work space. We have to create a work space where the user can move effortlessly

Figure 4 : Existing Site Source: IDI,n a

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ECOWORKS also provide a hot desking. It means a system which involves multiple workers using a single physical work station or surface during different time periods.

As we all know we start our work by drinking coffee. Caffeinated coffee keeps people awake and helps keep them productive throughout the day.

h access h access

In ECOWRORKS, Co-worker have their own desk table with equipment such as computer which they can focus on the task and work independently


ECOWORKS have storage for stationary, equipment, and other materials. They can also access this anytime

There is an area where co-workers can work together and focus on their task. This will also include with equipment which they can use to accomplish the activities together

This area can be used as a collaboration and can discuss the announcement, important information and issues with others. This meeting area is for people.

Having coffee breaks allow co-workers to be together and can demonstrate an overall improvement in their productivity. It creates a forum within which they can share both personal and work-related experiences.

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constructioncodes... As an interior architect, it is an important perspective of our job are to produce structures or space that satisfy the specifications of construction codes or building regulations. We are committed to producing these rules within buildings. Although some conditions are evident, other regulations are not instantly recognizable or knew which may result in undesirable dangers to the building's users The requirements of Construction Codes has a huge impact upon the design process of ECOWROKS in various way such as: STRUCTURE: The floor plans, drawings and specifications to help make sure that ECOWORKS building are accessible to everyone regardless of age or abilities. Accessibility features include: 1. Ramps 2. Lifts and announcements in lifts 3. Wide and automatic doors 4. Accessible rooms and toilets FIRE & SAFETY: Building regulation affects the design process through the planning of a floor plan. The floor plan of ECOWORKS ensures that user has travel distance to the nearest exit, the capacity of an exit and its components (corridors, doors, and stairs), the required fire ratings, the specifications for fire rated and emergency hardware, and identification of exits and safety zones are necessary for proper danger decrease. Additionally, the building’s has two exits which is easy to access. They are all designed to cater for security and fast emergency exit from the structure whenever required and under all situations. MATERIALS & WORKMANSHIP: Another impact of building regulations on the design process of ECOWROKS, it protects and enhance the environment and advocates sustainable development. Designers check features that play a part in this, like solar boards, insulation, and lighting efficiency comply with the standards. As well as use of materials such as bamboo, wood and recyle and use of existing materials.

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constructioncodes... Sanitation, hot water safety, and water efficiency: The interior layout of the ECOWORKS has 1 w/c which can also be accessed by people who has a disability. It is parted from the kitchen area to accommodate sanitary amenities for washing etc. VENTILATION: ECOWORKS has various ventilation like wind ventilation and heat recovery ventilator. They are the best and most dependable ventilation for working area. Heat recovery ventilator achieves two important responsibilities: it retains fresh incoming air and stale outgoing air 100 % departed so the 2 air streams would not stir, and it normally balances indoor air’s moisture levels based on the season. Heat recovery ventilator serves as an additional layer of air filtration, eliminating unwelcome airborne visitors before they can ever reach the interior areas of ECOWORKS. RESISTANCE TO SOUND: The designed wall interior for ECOWROKS has acoustic boards and tiles. The acoustic panels and tiles are designed and constructed in such a method that they implement moderate protection to sound from other parts of the same building and from adjoining buildings. ECOWORKS has also a double-panel window and door that can help block out sound from the road. In conclusion, designers just need some small changes in their design process by applying the construction code which helps in redesigning the system and create a more transparent and consistent interior space. It is evident that many things in ECOWORKS have followed and contribute drastically in the building regulation, as they allow for safer conditions for their visitors/customers.

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projectmanagement... Designers have the imaginative sight, creative ability, in-depth perception of materials, and finishes and the training and expertise to plan, schedule, produce and oversee the scheme from start to finish. The designer will organize and interpret designs with builders, manage project programs, analyze pricing, give on-site examinations throughout construction and maintain files of all activity to be achieved. The brief is about creating and designing a space that balances the live-work environment of the selected client. The design brief is to come up with an innovative and creative solution that will reflect the needs and characteristic of the client. The aims and objectives of the projects are: The Live-work space should reflect Lara's ethos and must aim to provide the her needs. Both live and work space should be well designed. The display of the ceramic should be displayed at various heights, which can be easily accessed by people of various heights without strain. Decide the best place for client works studio, workshop, meeting and storage. Decide the best place for client relaxing, cooking, eating and sleeping area. Identify the colors, materials, and texture which will suit on each interior spaces. Research materials, texture, flooring and some design companies.

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projectschedule... Target

Week 22

Week 21

Week 20

Week 19

Week 18

Week 17

Week 16

Week 15

Week 14

Week 13

Week 12

Week 11

Week 10

Week 09

Week 08

Week 07

Week 06

Week 05

Week 04

Week 03

Week 02

Week 02

Work Stage / Timescale

Week 01

Timeline | Milestones | Targets Below shows a Gantt Chart format example of 22 Week construction schedule with itemised work stages.

001 Site Preparation 002 Demolition/Structural Repair 003 Set Out 004 Exterior Construction 005 Complete exterior bricks & siding 006 Wall installation 1st & 2nd floor 007 Paint Exterior siding & trim work 008 Paint1st floor 009 Paint 2nd floor 010 Interior Finishes 011 Electrical Fittings 012 Communication 013 Lighting 014 Flooring 015 Furniture 016 Others 017 FInal Inspection 018 Complete 019 Handover 020 Target week


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projectspeciďŹ cation... Materials| Finish | Product

Figure Slate Roof Tile

Figure Concrete Source:

Figure Wood Source:

Figure Slate Roof Tile Source:

Figure Stone Source:

Figure Wood Source:

Figure Metal

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projectspeciďŹ cation... Materials| Finish | Product

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projectspecification... Materials| Finish | Product Image




ROOFING Levendale Blue Black Slate

Dimensions: 500x250mm Grades: Prime – 7mm Nominal Thickness Manufacturer/Supplier:UK Slate

£85 per sqm

EXTERIOR WALL Traditional Brick & Stone Facing Brick Grantchester Blend Traditional Brick & Stone Facing

Dimensions: 100-400mm and varying heights between 50-150mm Manufacturer/Supplier: Travis Perkins

£500 per pack


Dimensions: 400 sqm Materials/Finish: Polished Top, 40mm thickness Manufacturer/Supplier: CARRcrete

£112 per sqm


Dimensions: 146 x 21mm Materials/Finish: Rustic Manufacturer/Supplier: Seven Trust

£26 per sqm

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INTERIOR WALL Levendale Blue Black Slate

Dimensions: 113-290mm Thickness 18mm Manufacturer/Supplier:Havwoods International

£35 per sqm

PAINT FINISH Interior Wall

Materials/Finish: Monument Grey Manufacturer/Supplier: Dulux

£20 per 10sqm

PAINT FINISH Interior Wall

Materials/Finish: Rich Black Manufacturer/Supplier: Dulux

£25 per 10sqm

PAINT FINISH Interior Wall

Materials/Finish: Porcelain Doll Manufacturer/Supplier: Dulux

£26 per sqm

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Custom Cabinets & shelves Materials : £350-£900 per linear foot. Labor: carpenters charge an average of £50 an hour. (This project might take three to five days to construct) Glass Cost: 12mm toughened glass £82.90 LED Light Cost: £6

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Dining table: Burdock Dining Table by Borough Wharf Cost: £350 Manufacturer/Supplier:

Pendant Light: Edison Light Cost: £200 Manufacturer/Supplier:

Dining Chair: Belaire Dining Chair by Bay Isle Home Cost: £22 Manufacturer/Supplier: Chandelier: Edison Light Cost: £400 Manufacturer/Supplier:

Bar Stool : Belaire Dining Chair by Bay Isle Home Cost: £108 Manufacturer/Supplier: Custom Cabinets & shelves Materials : £350-£900 per linear foot. Labor: carpenters charge an average of £50 an hour. (This project might take three to five days to construct)

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Figure Fabric Source:

SOFA: Bonetti Corner Sofa Cost: £1,679.99 Manufacturer/Supplier: Floor Lamp :Rousse 183cm Arched Floor Lamp by MiniSun Cost: £65 Manufacturer/Supplier: Square Cushion: Gillespie Cotton Cushion Cost: £10 Manufacturer/Supplier: Figure Pillow Source:

Figure Pillow Source:

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