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hero kitchen pieces / get the irish country house look / china with character



Spring 2012

2.20 (N.I. £2.20) JULY 2011

What’s thE occasion?


Luxe retreat

worth €2,000


What to pack and how to wear it


Katie SuMMer 2010


CHRISTMAS 2011 €2.99



Forget socks.

InsIde Features:

» GettInG MotIvated » HavInG a LauGH » GoLF and GadGets » HeaLtH and Motors » LeIsure and traveL

The alternative pension plan

POWER PLAY Talking odds with Ireland’s


CHOICE How to do dress down Friday

MAd Men AppeAl: My life So Far

the don draper effect



SucceSS StorieS 2010 the playerS to watch

PLUs ARChitECtuRE Food and Wine SpoRt

PersPective fouR buSiNESSMEN do it thEiR WAy

07/05/2012 15:42

Get the IrIsh Country house Look



pregnancy & baby OH MAMA


RETIRE RICH! most famous bookie

MoMENtS iN hiStoRy dEfiNEd by fAShioN


Here’s what we really want for Christmas


Fresh style

6/8/11 7:17:12 PM


The politiCS of sTyle

fRoM My oWN

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World Cup


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Magaz i n e

A dAtE With A dEStiNAtioN





Merlin star and Ireland’s next big thing on sword fighting, LA and working with Madonna 07/10/2010 22:02

Olympic bOdies

PLaces to be, Watches to Wear, shoes to Pack

Sonya Lennon Charlene McKenna Bláithnaid Ní Chofaigh Karen Koster get the YSL treatment


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An Architect’s View

Magic Touché

2011 winners revealed!

/ / and many more

Trends now hammam chic design & decoraTion

A royal fashion gala


Bruce Arnold, Aidan Dunne and Robert O’Byrne on Seamus Heaney on / Dorothy Cross on Roy Foster on / John Kelly on

ANd WhAt to WEAR


the world’s top ski resorts

High fashion for expectant mums




The best new baby products on the market


“I ran into Bono, he told me lots of cool places I should check out.”

The realities of having a baby when you’re forty (it’s not all bad news)



Hollywood’s leading man has big plans for his trip to Ireland!

We look at the top brands for your little one





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April 2011 IRISH TATLER 115

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ONLY 2.20




ONLY 2.20


2.20 (N.I. £2.20) JULY 2011

hero kitchen pieces / get the irish country house look / china with character




Spring 2012


2.20 (N.I. £2.20) JULY 2011

What’s thE occasion?


Luxe retreat Luxe retreat

worth €2,000


What to pack and how to wear it


What to pack and how to wear it

worth €2,000 THE QUEEN & IRIsH TATLER

Trends now hammam chic design & decoraTion

A royal

fashion gala EXCLUSIVE! Magic Touché Sonya Lennon




07/10/2010 22:02

fRoM My oWN


fouR buSiNESSMEN harmonIa PublIcaTIons do it thEiR WAy PLUs


A royal fashion gala

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Fresh style GI_COVERSNew.indd 1

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Magic TATLERMAN Touché


2.99 (N.I. £2.99) Volume 1, No 4

Magaz i n e

2011 winners revealed!

CHRISTMAS 2011 €2.99


Christmas! Forget socks.

Katie InsIde Features:

» GettInG MotIvated » HavInG a LauGH » GoLF and GadGets » HeaLtH and Motors » LeIsure and traveL


The alternative pension plan

POWER PLAY Talking odds with Ireland’s most famous bookie




How to do dress down Friday

MAd Men AppeAl: My life So Far

the don draper effect


SucceSS StorieS 2010 the playerS to watch

Sonya Lennon THE ASIA MARKET Charlene McKenna Bláithnaid Ní Chofaigh ON THEKoster PISTE Karen the world’s top treatment ski resorts get the YSL


High fashion for expectant mums




The best new baby products on the market



IRISH TATLER BY Hollywood’s leading manGOLF “I ran into Bono, he told me lots of cool places I should check out.”

The realities of having a baby when you’re forty (it’s not all bad news)



has big plans for his trip to Ireland!

We look at the top brands for your little one





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Irish Tatler Man Cover FINAL.ind1 1

April 2011 IRISH TATLER 115

11/3/11 6:20:09 PM

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JULY cover.indd 1


pregnancy & baby

World Cup Merlin star and Ireland’s next big thing on sword fighting, LA and working with Madonna EFM COVER FINALFINAL.indd 1

Get the IrIsh Country house Look


ARChitECtuRE Food and Wine SpoRt

07/05/2012 15:42


Here’s what we really want for Christmas


MoMENtS iN hiStoRy dEfiNEd by fAShioN

IrIsh TaTler PersPective

Charlene McKenna Bláithnaid Ní Chofaigh Karen Koster get the YSL treatment

Merlin star and Ireland’s next big thing on sword fighting, LA and working with Madonna

/ / and many more

Covers.indd 1

The politiCS of sTyle


Bruce Arnold, Aidan Dunne and Robert O’Byrne on Seamus Heaney on / Dorothy Cross on Roy Foster on / John Kelly on


bOdies An CAN thE AvERAgE JoE ASpiRE? Architect’s A dAtE With WomensView Fashion A dEStiNAtioN & LiFestyLe PLaces to be, Watches to Wear, shoes to Pack


2011 winners revealed!

Katie SuMMer 2010

ANd WhAt to WEAR


3/10/11 7:41:29 PM

t: 087 920 22 88 e: w: 6/8/11 7:17:12 PM

headerhere coverstar

be witch ed Jessie Collins meets the star of BBC’s Merlin and one of ireland’s hottest young acting talents to talk lucky breaks, sword fights and working with Madonna

Mauve sash dress (€375) by

photography by Barry McCall. Styling by Shivvy Roche Halston Heritage @ Brown Thomas; Gobstopper necklace, photography by Barry McCall. Styling by Shivvy Roche (€6,500) and bracelet (€5,800) by Annoushka @ Brown Thomas

Red knot-front jersey gown (€1,245) by Alexander McQueen @ Brown Thomas

24 IRISH TATLER April 2011


000_ITJULY_Cover Story KatyTC.in24 24

6/9/11 7:37:41 PM

000_ITJULY_Cover Story KatyTC.in25 25

6/9/11 7:37:45 PM


ICON MUSE The notoriously shy Lebanese designer Elie Saab speaks exclusively to Irish designer Ciarán Sweeney for IRISH TATLER on his latest collection, the creative process and style muses.

“I came upon a vintage from that decade which reminded me of the of glamour and women of the the time: the hair, the clothes, the idea that was eternal.”



ntering the world of Saab is quite intimidating for anyone who has followed his career; against a lot of odds, Saab has gone from fashion designer in Lebanon to one of the leading figures in the industry. This Paris headquarters off the Champs Elysées are as impressive as one would expect, with simple elegant displays and robes sitting in exquisite wardrobes. I asked what had inspired his latest collection. “Mainly the 70s. I came upon a vintage Polaroid from that decade which reminded me of the glamour and elegance of the iconic women of the time: the hair, the clothes, the idea that youth was eternal. It led me to start thinking about jumpsuits, fine pleats and jewelled belts. Materials such as suede and crocodile, colours like absinthe and olive green, dove grey and peach, all of which are featured in the collection. Each decade has marked my career and personal life in its own way, although I have fond memories of the 70s as that was when I started observing women and their styles.” What prompted a career in design? “I was born with a passion to create and make dresses and was always surrounded by beautiful women, from sisters to neighbours, so the desire to dress them and make them look elegant and stylish was my inspiration. My passion developed into a career of custom-making highend dresses which I love doing.” As couturier to Hollywood’s brightest stars, the collection showcases an array of glamorous, elegant dresses. “I associate glamour with femininity, as they complete each other. I try to develop the concept of glamour into my designs by working on the cut in order to embellish women’s bodies. Every celebrity that we dress is a great representative of the brand.

elegance iconic





itMAR-FASHIONElieSaab-JM.indd 62

Clockwise from bottom left: The designer at work; the spring collection; applying finishing touches; the Paris headquarters; sketches from the spring line; an embellished clutch, part of the new collection; Bianca and Mick Jagger; Lauren Bacall.

2/10/11 9:19:24 PM

itMAR-FASHIONElieSaab-JM.indd 63

2/10/11 9:21:45 PM


Mini Trend Alert

Jil Sander



Emiilio Pucci

The mix of soft feminine layering and tougher, more raw elements was seen at many of the London shows including Paul Costelloe, who combined cropped biker jackets with full-length evening dresses. Alexander McQueen went for chunky adornment in buckles and deconstructed leather. Armani kept it sleek while Balmain and Burberry added in paint splashes and acid washed jeans.

Holly Fulton


Dior Alexander McQueen

Nectar top (€115) by Hobbs @ Brown Thomas

Paul Costelloe



Louis Vuitton


Burberry Prorsum

Dries Van Noten


Emilio Pucci


Silk-crepe ruffle dress (€651.04) by Easton Pearson @ Net-a-porter. com

Fashion is experiencing a riot of colour and it is all about neon shades. Wear it blocked together as at Missoni and Jil Sander or go for one big bold statement as seen at Lanvin. The easiest way to get in on this trend is through accessories so look for a splash of neon in heels or bright, electric coloured clutches.

Basketweave silk-gazar dress (€2,052) by Oscar de la Renta @

jacket (595) by Joanne Hynes @ Style-tonic. com

Skull necklace (€859) by Erickson Beamon @

Bacall boot in black (1,063) by Alexander McQueen @ Harvey Nichols

Biker chic is still a key look and one of the best takes on this is this Joanne Hynes biker jacket. Studded, embellished boots will see you through to next season too.

BLUE SCREEN Cobalt blue was the big new shade to come through, worked in to prints as at Holly Fulton or in simple shift dresses as at Burberry Prorsum.


itMAR-FASHIONCatwalk-TC.indd 33

2/10/11 10:54:12 PM

Jil Sander @ net-a-porter. com

AISLING FARINELLA, STYLIST “The key word for spring this year is ‘optimism’. How could we not be happy surrounded by all the amazing pop colours which dominated the catwalks? Colour clashing features with every shape and style across all of the season’s trends, so forget old rules, as literally anything goes. Block brights are always an investment and will forever make a statement, so my star buy would be anything from the amazing Jil Sander.”

Jil Sander

Burberry Prorsum


Holly Fulton

Slim leg pants (€430) by


MICHELLE JONES, FOUNDER AND MANAGING DIRECTOR, STYLE-TONIC.COM. “Rock chic is always a hit as we all have a bit of a bad girl in us waiting to get out! Worn the right way, rock chic can be one of this season’s sexiest trends. I adore Burberry’s leather skirt with side panels and would team it with a loose tucked in jersey basic and ankle boots for an edgy, but not over-the-top take on the look – accessorised with tusselled hair and attitude! For a more subtle take on the trend, add a statement piece to basic separates, like this Erickson Beamon skull necklace.”

Vivienne Westwood

Burberry Prorsum


Magenta dress (€390) by Diane von Furstenburg @ Brown Thomas

Bright yellow clutch (€99.95) @ Zara


itMAR-FASHIONCatwalk-TC.indd 31

2/10/11 10:50:13 PM


bridalrings Tanzanite ring in a diamond and platinum setting (€POA) by Tiffany @ Brown Thomas

White gold ring 1.21 carat (main stone) diamond ring (€6,950) by Christian Stockert @

Ashoka diamond ring, 4.05 carat set in platinum (from €5,000) @ Boodles

Celebration Rings from top; Metro diamond ring in 18 karat yellow gold, Novo diamond ring in 18 karat rose gold, Bezet diamond ring in 18 karat rose gold and platinum, from (€1,270) by Tiffany @ Brown Thomas

Jason LLoyd-Evans BackstagE at ELiE saaB


4.59 carat light yellow diamond flanked by two trilliant cut diamonds (€POA) @ Cobwebs, Galway

For that special sparkle....

18 karat white gold wedding band (€950) by Annoushka @ Brown Thomas Platinum diamond engagement and wedding rings, 1.1 carat F colour (€7,900) by Henrich & Denzel @

Decadence diamond set engagement ring .50 carat main stone (€5,720) and eternity band with 8 princess cut diamonds (€2,450) by Andrew Geoghegan @

Josephine ring, oval cut pink diamond, 2.37 carats with baguette cut diamonds set in white gold (€POA) @

Emerald cut diamond ring set in platinum, centre stone 1.10 carat (€11,250) @ Keanes Jewellers

Vintage ring, a brilliant cut yellow diamond, .26 carat with white diamonds, .26 carat, set in platinum (€6,500) @ Boodles

· I do...Differently The compleTe bouTIque weddIng guIde · shoe me The InvesTmenT fooTwear · scenTs of love The ulTImaTe perfume maTches · where To wed 8 of The besT nuptial venues · one rIng The new season jewels · The reGister The names you need To know

1 carat brilliant solitaire, set in 18 karat gold (€5,625) @ Keanes Jewellers

Platinum gold ring with .50 carat diamond ring, G colour (€6,550) by Paul Spurgeon @

April 2011 IRISH TATLER 61

61_IT_WeddingCover_JM.indd 61


3/10/11 3:26:59 PM

Diva ring, pear shaped yellow diamond, 8.17 carats, and pear shaped white diamond, 3.03 carats set in yellow gold and diamonds (€POA) @

66 IRISH TATLER April 2011

66_IT_WEDrings_JM.indd 66

3/10/11 3:41:31 PM


eyeshadow can be particularly fickle, creasing and disappearing in a matter of hours, but using an eye base primer and a few application tricks can keep it in place and looking as fresh as when it was first applied. Mac Senior artist Lesley Keane explains, “By layering product and blending with brushes you get a really long-lasting effect. things like eye-primers are great too. definitely avoid anything like an eye kohl or concealer underneath the product. If you put something like concealer underneath eyeshadow [to make it stick], it will crease because there’s a certain amount of emollient in it. Just lightly buff over it with an invisible powder; that will take off the excess oils and you can top that up during the day.”

blushing bride Brenda McCormick gives us the how-to guide for natural bridal makeup that will last the day.


t’s going to be one of the best days of your life, and one of the longest! As well as making you look your most beautiful, your makeup needs to work overtime on your wedding day. It has to last for hours, and look great through innumerable photographs and all those teary moments. But, the real difficulty is you want to look naturally gorgeous, not caked in makeup and looking entirely unlike ‘you’ as a result. The key to perfect, won’t-budge makeup is the product and the prep, in other words primers, powders and quality products.

RIGHT Cutie Eye palette (€47.50) by MAC (available from April) BELOW Eye Base Essentials (€30) by Trish McEvoy

Rouge Coco in Peregrina (€25.50) by Chanel

Pinch Your Cheeks (€18.50) by Origins

CountEr IntELLIgEnCE If you’re looking for makeup ideas for your big day, Chanel counters offer a complimentary service. You and one of your bridal party can partake in two consultations with a Chanel beauty pro who will provide advice on skincare, personalised makeup looks and help you select a fragrance for your big day. You’ll also receive personalised product samples and can pop back to the counter for tips and advice. Chanel For Brides is at Chanel counters around the country.

Perfect Pout

“Neutral and pale lip colours look washed out in photographs,” explains makeup guru Bobbi Brown. “choose a lipstick that’s one to two shades brighter than you normally wear. Pinks, roses, and plums are great choices for brides.” to make your lip colour last longer, line and fill in lips with a lip pencil that matches your chosen colour. Blot with a tissue and then apply your lipstick or gloss.

Max Effect Lip Gloss in Pink Romantic (€6.99) by Max Factor

water worKS

opt for a waterproof eye liner or to really ensure your liner doesn’t budge, use an eye pencil to line eyes and then, with a damp eyeliner brush, apply shadow in the same colour on top. don’t forget the waterproof mascara, to make sure it survives any tears! Hypnôse Waterproof Custom-wear Volume Mascara (€25.50) by Lancôme

roLL wIth It

FIrsT BAse

A good primer is the key to having foundation that lasts all day. It also offers the dual benefit of making skin look great, as it helps to minimise fine lines and pores, letting foundation glide on more easily and giving a smooth finish. Light-diffusing foundations can make skin glow but beware of extremely shimmery products, as they can reflect light in photographs, making you look shiny. Make sure to cover any redness (around the nose, mouth etc) with a good concealer and to avoid the ‘reverse panda eye’ look that so often plagues celebrities in paparazzi shots, use a skin-toned concealer on top of your brightening concealer and make sure to blend well. A final step, and one of the most important is loose powder. It’s essential for setting your base and keeping it in place; a dusting of sheer loose powder over foundation will minimise shine too, ensuring your skin looks matt in photographs.

, Lit ecay in Sin Urban D ncil y w Pe ch) b hado (€19 ea On S y owbo Glide 24/7 idnight C M and

Stay-Put Shadow


Model Laura Bailey has designed two hair accessories for Aveda, created by Fairtrade jewellers MADE. Here, Bea Watson has used them on Laura to create a simple, elegant style that’s perfect for a less conventional wedding look.


Apply a small amount of styling product, and blow dry hair sleek and straight. Comb the hair using your fingers, for a more more natural looking finish, away from the face and towards the back of the head.


Start twisting and rolling the hair back in on itself. Make sure you twist enough so you start to see a little height at the crown, but the sides are pulled close to the head. If you have shorter hair or shorter layers, use hair spray to get some light hold.


As you keep twisting, making sure your shape is as you want it, place the accessory into the hair. Push it through the hair all the way down to its base, through the whole twist or roll of hair.


Here, one hair accessory secures the shape from the top and one at the bottom. Take a small section of hair from behind the ponytail and wrap it around the ponytail, securing it with the hair accessory. To refine the look, tease the ponytail into a backcombed texture using your fingers.

Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturiser SPF 15 (€28) by Clinique

Tinted Glow Enhancer (€17.95) by The Body Shop

For the month of April, e6 from the sale of Laura’s recycled brass hair accessories (Jua, e30 and Meno e18) will be given to WaterAid, which works to improve access to safe water and sanitation in Asia and Africa.

Studio Secrets Primer (€19.99) by L’Oreal April 2011 IRISH TATLER 75

74 IRISH TATLER April 2011

74_IT_WEDBeauty-JM.indd 74

3/10/11 4:09:12 PM

74_IT_WEDBeauty-JM.indd 75

3/10/11 4:10:45 PM


Heavy Metal

John Galliano

Marc Jacobs

Silver, bronze, pewter, gold: metallics were all over the spring catwalks. At Prada, Max Factor’s Pat McGrath swept molten silver right up to the (heavy) brow, while at Louis Vuitton gold merged with metallic plums and reds to create an opulent finish. Rodarte models sported liquid gold lips and lashes; at Galliano dramatic eyes featured silver highlights in the inner corner and a dot of silver emphasised the Cupid’s bow on the mouth. While metals were futuristic or bold on the catwalk, this is one trend that easily translates to real life, with a ‘less is more’ approach.

, a d a r P , e t r a d Seen at: Raocobs, Valentino Marc J

Spring/Summer 2011



2/10/11 7:53:15 PM


1 Ombres Perlées de Chanel (e50) by Chanel 2 Liquid Metal in Solstice (e17) by Illamasqua 3 Twin Gloss in Lead (e15) by Make Up Store 4 5 Couleurs Palette in Gris Gris (e53) by Christian Dior 5 Double Wear Stay In Place Lip Duo in Rich Burgundy (e23) by Estée Lauder

Rodarte MARCH 2011 IRISH TATLER xxx

itMAR-BEAUTYCatwalk-JM.indd 91


Shop the look


ust how do you wear gold lips? The most striking thing about the new spring season is how distinct its key trends are. Some years, the looks are hard to pin down; for spring/summer 2011 they are strong in every sense. Bold use of colour, metallics and powerful lips are just some of the stand-out makeup trends for the first half of the year. Hair sees plenty of adornment with chains, clips and headscarves, and statement nails come to the forefront too, with a significant presence on the catwalk. BRENDA MCCORMICK gives us the rundown on the key new beauty trends and how to wear them.

Try a sweep of metallic shimmer on the centre of eyelids, a dot of golden gloss in the centre of the lips or a dusting of gold or bronze on the tops of cheekbones to create a gilded effect.




itMAR-BEAUTYCatwalk-JM.indd 78

2/10/11 7:56:10 PM







Metal Works


Lemon & Lime Spring is simply bursting with block colour on the catwalks, and so too is the colour trend rocking homewares. Particularly seasonal are zingy citrus shades, best used as accents in kitchen accessories, fabric blinds or in artwork itself. Best suited to minimal, white interiors, bolder types may opt for a feature piece in an otherwise muted room or a statement wall with a lemon or lime twist.




Metallic accents throughout your home are a strong trend for 2011. Leaders in domestic paints Crown has three new high fashion metallic shades in its range (not yet available in Ireland), while dulled metallic paintwork on homewares, brushed bronzes and even sequinned cushions make an appearance this spring. Whether it’s a rusted, rustic look, an industrial warehouse theme or a polished chrome, make metalware a feature in your home.


1. Lime green Bodum Ibis Toaster (e59) @ Anvil; 2. This Morning green oil and vinegar set (e30) by Prestige @ Shaws Department Stores; 3. Round Cushion (e30) @ House of Fraser; 4. Jefferson leather chair (e459) @ Marks & Spencer Home stores, Dundrum, Mary St, Dublin 1, Liffey Valley and Cork; 5. Ananda floral runner (e150) by Rocha.John Rocha @ Debenhams; 6. When Life Gives You Lemons print (e190 framed) @ Industry Design; 7. Various jars (from e28) @ Bo Concept; 8. R1 Mk II DAB Radio from Vita Audio in Yellow (e249) @ Sevenoaks Sound and Vision and The Conran Shop, Arnotts.



itMAR-INTERIORS Trend-JM.indd 2




9. Platinum rug by David Rockwell for The Rug Company (£4,210) @; 10. Georgian bedside chest in Silver Leaf (£1,290) @ And So To Bed, Belfast; 11. Salviati Gold/Bronze Hand Crafted Vase, (e895) @ Louise Kennedy Boutique; 12. SORGLOS vase (e13.99) @ IKEA; 13. ‘Home’ metal wall art (e74) @ Littlewoods Ireland; 14. Hippo salt and pepper shakers (e385.21) by Patrick Mavros @ patrickmavros. com; 15. Metallic Sequin Cusion, (e45) by Rocha.John Rocha @ Debenhams; 16. Mirror (e268) by Katie Bleu @ Drum Lighting and Home.



2/10/11 9:47:41 PM

itMAR-INTERIORS Trend-JM.indd 3

2/10/11 9:49:45 PM



2.99 (N.I. £2.99) Volume 1, No 4

CHRISTMAS 2011 €2.99



Christmas! Forget socks.


Here’s what we really want for Christmas



The alternative pension plan

POWER PLAY Talking odds with Ireland’s most famous bookie


CHOICE How to do dress down Friday


the world’s top ski resorts



“I ran into Bono, he told me lots of cool places I should check out.”

BY GEORGE Hollywood’s leading man has big plans for his trip to Ireland!





Irish Tatler Man Cover FINAL.ind1 1

11/3/11 6:20:09 PM

mens Fashion & LiFestyLe

TaTler man harmonIa PublIcaTIons

1 theedit

THE EDIT THE mEn’s room

All THAT’s Hip, HoT And HAppEning in THE mEn’s ArEnA

GO WEST Laurent Billiet, one of Ireland’s most renowned designers has recently opened the doors of his new interior design boutique in Galway city centre. Located on Abbeygate Street, La Maison Chic is home to some of Billiet’s favourite pieces making it a genuine go-to destination for all that’s covetable. Prices are multifarious while stock includes everything from cushions and accessories to paints, fabrics and wallpapers. Also included is a selection of men’s fragrances and, on a more practical note, parenting books for the expectant father. For details online at


Planning on penning your own best-seller but need a creative kick-start this winter? Renowned scribe Yvonne Cullen’s Writing Train courses could prove a prudent investment. Running throughout the winter months, these range from a one-day intensive course (₏90) to longer writing holidays (₏230) in Connemara. Whatever the duration and the location, all courses benefit from Cullen’s 18 years’ experience of teaching writing in Ireland. Click online at www. for further details.


Jimmy Carr’s humour tends to incite Marmite-like reactions: you either love it or hate. If it’s the former, watch out for the fun slinger’s ninth solo show, Laughter Therapy, which has dates in Dublin (1-2 December) and Cork (4 December). Tickets are priced from ₏33.60. Further details on and www.



5)&#*-- $-*/50/5&45 When does the fun stop and the cheating begin?







Business suits for savvy blokes

Ireland’s foxiest females


45:-& 1*5$)




NQC>U›O 50..: #08& SA=NO





H=6NC:  6G9 L WIN A â‚Ź500+


The X Factor icon on his Irish roots

Exclusive interview

The Script frontman DANNY O’DONOGHUE

speaks about fame and fortune in a rock’n’ roll band









Simple cures for

a hard problem



things to teach your son


A luxury weekend away at one of Ireland’s most exclusive hotels

Irish Tatler Man Cover FINAL.ind1 1

3/18/11 3:03:19 PM






"%3&/"-*/1"$,&% -"%4Âą8&&,&/%4


“Bastards and shits are usually the most interesting characters. That’s why I end up playing them.� Sharp choices for a wardrobe staple

Irish Tatler Man Cover FINAL.ind1 1

6/16/11 3:49:05 PM

CHRISTMAS 2011 â‚Ź2.99


Christmas! Forget socks. Here’s what we really want for Christmas


1  08&31-": Talking odds with Ireland’s most famous bookie

"$"46"- $)0*$& $)0*$& How to do dress down Friday





The alternative pension plan

From The Wire to portraying Fred West



your essential

networking guide


AUTUMN 2011â‚Ź2.99

%2.99 (N.I. ÂŁ2.99) Volume 1, No 4


SUMMER 2011 â‚Ź2.99


%2.99 (N.I. ÂŁ2.99) Volume 1, No 3



%2.99 (N.I. ÂŁ2.99) Volume 1, No 2



5)&#&45$)3*45."4 8*/&4ÂŹ8)"5&7&3 :063#6%(&5

â&#x20AC;&#x153;I ran into Bono, he told me lots of cool places I should check out.â&#x20AC;?

7N <:DG<: <:DG<: Hollywoodâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leading man has big plans for his trip to Ireland!




MOTOR SHOW Irish Tatler Man Cover FINAL.ind1 1




Why not take out a subscription to Irish Tatler Man? Priced just â&#x201A;Ź11.96, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll receive all four issues for 2012 hot off the press. As an added incentive, the first 50 subscribers will receive a FREE Schwarzkopf hamper of grooming goodies worth â&#x201A;Ź50. To take out a subscription simply call 01-240 5392 or email Alternatively, click online at

While technology has meant that the oldfashioned thank you note or invitation is becoming as rare as henâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s teeth, sending or receiving a stylish hand-written card makes a far more memorable impression than, say, a text or e-invite. Newly launched Irish company The Invite Inn has some of the finest designs on the market, with everything from cards to mark a special occasion to invitations for kidsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; birthday bashes and stag parties. Prices start at â&#x201A;Ź3.60 per pack of 6-8 invitations while specialist cards and announcements are available from â&#x201A;Ź2.50. Click online at for further details.

Getting Around ... SMOOTH OPERATORS

Feel like a rug crop at a concert? Fancy a half-time hot towel shave? Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all possible thanks to Beiersdorf Ireland and The Grafton Barber who have teamed up for a unique sponsorship of a branded mobile barbershop. The fully equipped mobile unit will travel to concerts, festivals and sporting events all over Ireland as a sampling unit for the complete range of Nivea For Men products and a shaving and grooming mobile shop. Now thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no excuse for not looking your best.


Munster Rugby has turned to Brown Thomas Cork and Limerick for its unique formalwear needs in a tie-up that will ensure the champions present a powerful line-up both on and off the pitch. The department storeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s buying team have selected an elegant line up of navy blazers, charcoal trousers, white shirts and bespoke ties for the players who will be making appearances at both stores in the coming months.


Set to be one of the highlights in TG4â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s winter schedule when it returns in January 2012 for its second season, Ă&#x201C; Tholg go Tolg follows two Irish cailĂ­ns, presenter BlĂĄthnaid Tracey and her intrepid camerawoman Laura Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Connell, who travel across Europe, relying only on the hospitality of hosts sourced online and, in the process, discovering new places, customs and traditions, not from a clichĂŠd guide book but from the duoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Couch Surfing hosts and their friends.

Astrophysicist Jason Steffen has become a star in his own right, after unveiling the fastest way to board an aeroplane for a new TV show. Almost twice as quick as the traditional process of boarding in blocks of rows, the Steffen Method â&#x20AC;&#x201C; which involves sending in successive waves of passengers whose seats are two rows apart, starting with window seats and moving toward the aisle - allows 72 volunteers to board a plane in 3 minutes 36 seconds. Speaking exclusively to Irish Tatler Man, Steffen said the basic idea is â&#x20AC;&#x153;to spread the passengers out along the entire length of the aeroplane, so a lot of people can put their luggage away at the same time.â&#x20AC;?

I had been thInkIng about thIs problem for two or three years and decIded that I needed to eIther satIsfy my curIosIty or forget about It.â&#x20AC;?

11/3/11 6:20:09 PM


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How To Retire

RICH Whether it’s dreams of a sun-soaked Caribbean retreat or aspirations a slower pace and a greater quality of life, it’s never to start planning for your retirement. Gareth Naughton looks at the various options available.


et’s face it, there is nothing particularly sexy about planning for old age. Equally, it’s no fun getting to retirement having spent two-thirds of your life slaving away at a job you probably grew to hate, only to find yourself struggling to make ends meet on a state pension – if a state pension even exists at that stage, of course. Before the Government smashed open the National Pensions Fund piggy bank to cover the losses of Anglo and friends, there was much focus on an impending pensions crisis. It hasn’t gone away. Some 37 per cent of Irish people have no pension coverage and half of those will rely on the State pension (€230.30 with full contributions) on retirement. Some sobering statistics, indeed. According to Justyna Strzeszynska of Clear Financial, men will have to have a pension fund worth €350,000 when they leave the workforce if they want to top up their retirement income by just €1,000 per month. “The earlier you start saving for retirement the better. This will give you more time to make contributions and more time for your fund to grow in value. Of course, you have to balance this with other financial needs like buying a home and providing for your children’s future,” Strzeszynska advises. “If you don’t start a pension fund until your 40’s, you will have less time to build up your fund - you will have to put more money in to give you the same pension you would have had if you started saving in your 20’s or 30’s.” Pensions are notoriously difficult to decipher – deliberately so – and the last four years have not been kind but they make sound financial sense over the longterm, especially when you factor in tax breaks. Irish Life have the biggest chunk of the domestic market but a broker should give you access to a wide variety of funds. For independent information on pensions, click online at or look at



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stylefile PREVENTION The dreaded hangover: the headaches, the queasy stomach, the dry mouth and that utterly drained feeling. You swear you’ll never do it again, right? Well, just in case that steely determination lets you down at the last minute, there is, mercifully, plenty you can do to make a real difference to how you feel the following morning.

Proving that less is often more, a plain shirt is a smart option that can be dressed up or down.

Water The biggest problem M&S, €54

River Island, €40

Blundel Blue by Ted Baker, €69

D&G, €150, Harvey Nichols

from alcohol is dehydration or lack of water in body cells. This is responsible for the dry mouth, headaches and drained feeling. Drink plenty of water before you go out (2 to 3 pints spread over 3 hours) and, once out, break up your drinking with a few glasses of water to reduce the hangover potential.

Toxins A major factor in The fashionista’s shirt of choice in recent times, denim is a trend that shown no sign of abating.

River Island, €47

Ardens by Ted Baker, €65

Levi’s, €100

Tom Tailor, €49.95

Hackett, €80, Kildare Village

TK Maxx, €26.99

Thomas Pink, €49, Kildare Village

DKNY, €110, Arnotts

Shirty LOOKS

the mainstay of a man’s wardrobe, shirts are crucial, encapsulating the values of good dressing: fine detail, subtle nuance and a personally honed stance that’s largely unaffected by fads. And as this season embraces a fresh mood of finery in men’s style, shirts are firmly in the spotlight.

Dietician and fitness trainer David McDonagh reveals the best tips that really make a difference for preventing and recovering quickly from a hangover. CURE Ok, despite all your best efforts, you wake with that pounding headache and spinning-room effect. You just want to roll over and hibernate but you can’t, you’ve got to snap out of it and make that crucial work meeting and look your best. Here’s what to do:

hangovers is alcohol body toxins (aka congeners), which, believe it or not, actually give the taste, aroma and flavour to the drink! The greater the quantity of alcohol, the more congeners you are putting in your system, while the darker the drink’s colour, the more congeners it contains. Try to avoid, then, brandy, whiskey and red wine, which have high amounts. Instead, aim to stick to clearer drinks such as white wine, gin and vodka.

Water Again the most important thing is

Soakage Drinking on an

Recovery Food Honey on toast is a great recovery food as it provides the simple sugars needed to help quickly boost blood sugar levels. Fruit is equally beneficial while sports drinks such as Gatorade can also help by replacing other vital salts and minerals flushed out during your many visits to the loo.

empty stomach is lethal as it will ensure that rate of alcohol absorption soars. Eating a good meal before you knock back the drinks will help slow down the absorption and protect your stomach lining from the irritating effects of alcohol. Foods high in fat, such as red meat, avocado and cheese, provide the best soakage. While you’re out, meanwhile, nibble on some pretzels or nuts to keep the process going.

Let check be your mate this winter.

green after 10 bottles?

water. Quickly reach for that pint (of water!) and start to re-hydrate. Drinking water consistently over the next few hours will greatly speed up your recovery.

Nutrients Alcohol severely depletes vital body nutrients which dramatically affect how you feel. The best way to counteract this is actually in supplement form, so taking a good vitamin B supplement with 1000mg of vitamin C really helps. Add to this a multi-mineral supplement and you have a powerful recovery package.

Wash & Walk Finally, a long hot shower and some gentle exercise (even a brisk one-mile walk) will greatly help by removing toxins much faster from your body and help bring that feeling of normally back somewhat, while you swear (yet again) that you will never, ever do it again! ITM

Slow Down The body metabolises alcohol at the rate of about V oz per hour – or the equivalent of V pint – which should give you an idea of how to pace your drinking. So sip, rather than gulp, and if you are doing rounds don’t be afraid to pass up on some drinks being bought by others.

For a chance to win a Casa Moda shirt and sweater worth over €125, see competion on P.84 (opposite).

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efm SuMMer 2010

Magaz i n e


InsIde Features:

» GettInG MotIvated » HavInG a LauGH » GoLF and GadGets » HeaLtH and Motors » LeIsure and traveL

mens Fashion & LiFestyLe

eFm maGaZIne IrIsh TImes

MAd Men AppeAl: My life So Far

the don draper effect

World Cup


SucceSS StorieS 2010 the playerS to watch 01/06/2010 16:14




Finally understanding the appeal of an evening spent in the company of like-minded tokers, Harry Leech joins a cigar club.


here’s a thick cloud of fragrant, purple-tinged smoke floating over the Port House in Dundrum and at a glance it looks like the popular tapas restaurant has gone up in flames. Thankfully the explanation is less dramatic – in the garden a group of about 40 men and half a dozen women are happily puffing away on cigars of all shapes and sizes, from petit-coronas to double-coronas, at an occasion that’s become a monthly event at various bars and restaurants around Dublin. It’s fair to say that cigars still have a somewhat elitist association – think stuffy old bankers chomping down on cigars the size of your arm. Like most stereotypes it’s well wide of the mark and the aficionados present are from all walks of life, from social workers to computer programmers and at least two carpenters. It’s an eclectic group – while the majority are Irish there is a strong international influence, with members from Singapore to Baltimore (Maryland, not Cork), ranging in age from early twenties to late sixties. The event is the brainchild of Yiorgos Manesis, a Greek with a distinctive Balbriggan accent and a love of all things Cuban. He set up the online blog five years ago with friend Mark Finn as he didn’t know anyone else in Ireland who was as interested in cigars as he was. As it turns out there were plenty. “There were a lot of people really interested in everything to do with cigars and with Cuba, but we just didn’t know one another. The events have been a slow burn – making people aware that we were here and that everyone was welcome took time, as did finding cigar-friendly locations.” There were also some less obvious hurdles to overcome. One of the women present told me that when her husband first told

her that he was “going out to smoke a few cigars with a guy I met on the internet”, she was a little worried that “it might be a gay thing. But thankfully it turns out they actually are just smoking cigars.” According to Manesis, despite the poor economic climate, bad weather and the omnipresent smoking ban, 2011 has been the club’s best year yet. “We’ve had 40-50 people at most of the recent events, with some people travelling from Belfast, others from Cork as well as the members in Dublin. We’ve also had people visiting us from Norway, Australia and the US when they’re here on holiday.” Part of the reason for the cigar boom is a change in

“Over the years it’s gone from a few people buying a lot of cigars to a lot of people smoking a few cigars.”

perceptions. According to David McGrane, who manages the James Fox cigar shop on Grafton Street in Dublin, cigars are rapidly losing their elitist reputation. “When I began working in Fox’s in 1971 the customers were a combination of wealthy lawyers, politicians and businessmen, not to mention some slightly eccentric aristocrats.” A model of discretion, he declines to name names. “But over the years it’s gone from a few people buying a lot of cigars to a lot of people smoking a few cigars and nowadays our customers are as likely to be bus drivers as they are barristers.” The other reason is a desire to take some time out from the pressures of the world. One of the members tells me that with two children under three, a cigar night once a month is the only time he gets a night out with the lads. “It’s cheaper than a psychiatrist.” It’s a common sentiment and, as Andy Ryan, one of the longtime members tells me, the events are as much about the people as they are about the cigars. “If you have a cigar, it’s an hour or two a week where you’re forced to relax because there’s nothing else you can do while you’re smoking the cigar other than having a chat with your friends, often people you never would have met were it not for cigars.” Or as Yiorgos puts it succinctly, “a great cigar is always more enjoyable in good company.” ^ The next cigar event will be in Dublin on October 12 – check out for more details.

famous and prestigious brands are still Cuban. Every cigar is handmade by highly skilled rollers who can roll up to 200 cigars by hand each day. Famous brand names such as Romeo y Julieta and Montecristo originate from a practice still used in Cuba today. In every factory a lector reads out loud to rollers as they work. As well as the classics, romance novels and newspaper reports are very popular. Following concerns over the provenance of his cigars and CIA attempts against his life, one of Fidel Castro’s advisors created a brand solely for his use in 1966. For the first decade and a half the only way to get a Cohiba cigar was to be gifted a box from Fidel himself. Cohiba was released to the general public in 1982 and quickly became the world’s most prestigious cigar brand. The Cohiba Behike 56 is the most expensive cigar generally available in the world, costing a whopping €50 per cigar.

getty images

CIGARS - THE LOWDOWN While cigars are made in a number of countries around the word, the most

AUTUMN 2011 EFM 29

28 EFM AUTUMN 2011

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PROFILE | Obsession

“I’ll throw in a few extra pinstripes.”


same again, please

Aoife O’Brien is struck by a consumer phenomenon which pertains only to men: she calls it “replenishment shopping.”


ome back!” , I yelled after my husband, “this jacket is lovely,” but he was gone leaving me standing in the middle of the shop holding the lovely piece of deconstructed linen Italian tailoring in my outstretched hand. Under the sympathetic gaze of the assistant, I skulked over to put it back on the rail. Exploding with indignation, I followed him out, it wasn’t even for me it was for him. Should’ve known better, he had done four and a half minutes, during which time he had selected and paid for what he needed. That’s it, never again will I be seen yomping through Menswear like some kind of retail dominatrix followed by a man looking for at best a chair, at worst the exit. The modern man, we are assured, has unashamedly assumed the habits that would have made our fathers cringe. Metrosexuals buy moisturisers as well as aftershave and there definitely aren’t as many monobrows around these days … hmmmm. So why, when it comes to their wardrobes, are they so unadventurous? Simple, they regard it as replenishment, a concept alien to most women. With almost Amish austerity, many men wait until their socks have holes and their shirt collars frayed before they can bear to force themselves to go shopping. I can’t remember the last time I bought an item of clothing solely because the one I had was worn out. Yes, I’ll have those Louboutins because my previous pair is taking in rainwater … I don’t think so! We’d much rather throw a couple of hundred euros on a new pair of prefaded ripped jeans despite having ten pairs already which haven’t even been worn in. When buying on-line men also go for the tame options, and half a dozen of everything. “Extraordinary,” says the director of a leading men’s fashion website, “with everything on offer, most of our sales are of plain T-shirts, underwear and socks.” What is the allergy most men, including the fashionable ones, develop when it comes to spending anything but the bare minimum of time shopping, even for themselves? Why on earth do they buy industrial quantities of “same ole, same ole” year after year, stocking up with the seasonal regularity of hibernating animals. “It’s not that we don’t care how we look,” offers another friend, “we just don’t want to go through the pain.” Most of my male friends gravitate annually, like homing pigeons, to stock up on the items they decided suited

them 20 years ago, considering it the height of flamboyance to buy the polo in purple after years of beiges. Are they afraid of looking like they care too much? Even Samuel Beckett, by all accounts a snappy dresser, wasn’t afraid to carry a linen satchel to match his khaki pants. “I want to be in and out in ten to 15 minutes,” says a male friend when asked about his shopping habits. Funny he should think of it in terms of minutes rather than what he buys. Ask the same of a woman and she’ll go through her favourite shops/designers from A to Z. I wouldn’t have a clue how many minutes a year I spend choosing clothes, but it’s got to be in the thousands. We women don’t seem to get the cabin fever that grips a man after ten minutes in a clothes shop. Let me loose in a good one and I’m only getting going after ten minutes. Eyeing my friends rather trendy looking bias-cut polo shirt, I point out that he looks quite fashionable for one who spends a nanosecond purchasing his wardrobe. “Hilfiger,” he replies, “discovered these years ago and buy ten every time.” Yes, it’s a completely different approach, you wouldn’t catch me buying ten frilly blouses at a pop. “It’s


about comfort,” he says. Ye Gods, if I shopped for comfort clothes alone I’d open an account with a tracksuit supplier, maybe throw in a couple of large anoraks and clogs. Walking past a department store after lunch with an old friend the other day he asked if I had a few minutes to shop with him. Flattered that this sophisticated man of the world would rely on my sartorial advice I leapt at the opportunity. Out of his wallet he pulls a list of exactly what he needed and I didn’t get a look in. “How about a new suit?” I suggested. “I’ll wait for the next wedding or funeral,” says he. “But don’t the knees and the backside get shiny?” “Yes but I always order two pairs of trousers.” Now where’s the fun in that? It strikes me that the male approach to shopping is not far off school term lists. September approaching, it used to be into Cash’s on Patrick Street in Cork for ten new warm vests, ten knickers, five school shirts, five pairs of long socks and five short. The school uniform and winter coat took care of the rest and were replaced every two years ... rather like a man’s suit. Or am I just jealous? Do I secretly feel that the hours I’ve spent experimenting with clothes could have been put to better use. Isn’t it quite a relief not to fret over what to wear every day? Perish the thought but maybe men have got it right after all. their


Pat Whelan, Butcher eing a butcher is part of my DNA. It goes back five generations on my mother’s side. My mother was a butcher and she taught my father. We lived above the shop. There is a sense of belonging to it. You could say I eat, sleep and drink the business of meat. I can tell how good a piece of beef is just by looking at the animal. It should have perfectly rounded hind quarters and a level back. Aberdeen Angus and Hereford are the most flavoursome breeds. It is the fat within their muscle, the marbling and they way it melts during cooking that makes for a great steak or rib of beef. I’m now bringing in the first Wagyu cattle into Ireland. The genetic level of marbling in Wagyu is higher than in other breeds. It’s considered the foie gras of beef. I even went to Kobe in Japan to see the cattle first hand. Contrary to popular belief, they’re not fed beer – rather the spent hops from making sake. They are massaged but this is because there is a lack of room to manoeuvre. In Ireland the rolling fields of Co Tipperary will provide my cattle with a natural massage. I find eating meat very fulfilling. I eat it twice a day. They say the best things in life are illegal, immoral or fattening. Mindful of the so-called health hazards, my wife got me a medical MOT for my last birthday. I’m 45 and have cholesterol of four and my heart is in great order. I put this down to loving what I do to the point of obsession. For me, the animal husbandry is as important as the processing and the dry ageing. My wife Lina is Lithuanian. They have no beef culture. She came to work for us as an accountant. I can’t say I wooed her with my beef but we now have three children, two boys and a girl: Tom, aged five; Ben, four, and Isobel, three. Already Tom is interested in the meat hanging in the cold room. In beef circles the greatest compliment you can pay an animal is to say she is beef to the heels like a Mullingar heifer. It means a well-finished animal. I’m not sure my wife would appreciate the same compliment.


decisiveness in what suits them and where to get it is pretty sharp after all.

There’s a lot to be said for a great suit given a different twist by the shirt and shoes, and most importantly it smacks of confidence and self-assuredness. Surely a certain timelessness is the most stylish approach. A great pair of jeans and a well-cut jacket speak volumes for men and women alike. Don’t we all want to find the one right look for ourselves? Maybe we women shouldn’t need to try out quite so many different personalities through our clothes. Maybe it’s worth a try? I can still do a lot of damage in ten minutes though.n

Alanna Gallagher

An Irish Butcher Shop by Pat Whelan is published by Collins Press;

PhotograPh by john d woods

style | shopping

18 EFM WINTER 2010

24 EFM autumn 2011

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Spring 2012

What’s thE occasion?

mens Fashion & LiFestyLe

ANd WhAt to WEAR

Olympic bOdies

CAN thE AvERAgE JoE ASpiRE? A dAtE With A dEStiNAtioN

PLaces to be, Watches to Wear, shoes to Pack

brown Thomas Gloss PublIcaTIons

The politiCS of sTyle MoMENtS iN hiStoRy dEfiNEd by fAShioN

fRoM My oWN

PLUs ARChitECtuRE Food and Wine SpoRt

PersPective fouR buSiNESSMEN do it thEiR WAy


????????? Has typecasting screwed up His career? “no, it’s tHe only reason people Have Heard of me. it’s only been a Huge, Huge, very fortunate bonus.”



APPROPRIATE ADULT . NEXT, HE’S PLAYING IAGO. now become a lecturer, who has been sharing his office and flat, is leaving him for the suave, soigné, Leeds-born other man, unbecomingly named Reg Nuttall and becomingly played by McGann. Butley’s crazed aim in the play’s climax is to provoke Reg into thumping him by mocking his Yorkshire accent and his homosexuality. But any (deserved) beating he gets will be doubly painful since the sexuality Butley mocks is also his own. Harold Pinter, who directed Butley in 1971, said, “The extraordinary thing about Butley, it still seems to me, is that the play gives us a character who hurls himself towards destruction while living, in the fever of his intellectual hell, with a vitality and brilliance known to few of us. He courts death by remaining ruthlessly – even dementedly – alive.” What actor – even if he had played Jimmy McNulty in The Wire – could resist the role? Not West: “It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever been near. When he’s doing his Ecky Thump routine with Reg. He’s half a bottle of whiskey down by then and had a few pints at lunchtime so he’s a total joy to do. He’s so articulate and so acerbic. It’s an extraordinary kamikaze suicide note. It’s the expression of jaded selfloathing that gives the comedy, which is constant, such weight.”

IS SOM EONE TRYING TO TELL HIM SOMETHING? STUA RT JE F FRIES TR IES TO FIND OUT. Is comedy a stretch for him? “No,” replies West with pardonable sarcasm, “I’ve always been marvellous at it.” Butley is also steeped in repressed homosexuality. It was first performed in 1971 with Alan Bates in the title role, four years after homosexuality was decriminalised in England and Wales. Surely as a result Butley is a period curio, irrelevant to us? Don’t we live in more tolerant times? “I remember the first thing I said to Lindsay [Posner, Butley’s director] was: ‘They’re shagging obviously. Why’s that never mentioned?’ He said: ‘They’re not shagging’ and that seems weird. I thought maybe that’s a bit dated now – a man wouldn’t be so unaware of his sexuality. But obviously that’s not dated at all. I know several people who are like that. People who are not aware of their sexuality. People who unwittingly agonise over it. And it’s not really talked about.” West waves away the waiter who wants to remove his plate. “I did a film once about Judas Priest [the 2001 film Rock Star in which he played opposite Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Aniston]. You watch footage of the concert and

Actor Dominic West claims his favourite item of clothing is a bespoke velvet suit. “It’s brown and I wear it as often as possible, usually at night, when everyone else is in bed.” West, 41, was the youngest of six children born into an Irish Catholic family in Sheffield. He was educated at Eton before studying English Literature at Trinity College Dublin. He is married to Catherine FitzGerald, daughter of the Knight of Glin. They have three children and West has a daughter from a former relationship.

it’s the gayest concert you’ve ever seen in your life. He’s leather-capped and leather-everythinged, strutting around. And then he was outed and they fired him for being gay. But looking at that footage it’s so steeped in gay iconography you think: ‘How did they miss the fact that he was gay?’” Ah, Rock Star. It’s strange now to think of West playing a bit part in a risible Wahlberg-Aniston flick sporting a frankly demeaning Brian May-ish wig for the mini-role of rhythm guitarist Kirk Cuddy in a daft band called Steel Dragon. West, now so feted, now so widely regarded as the thinking woman’s (and man’s) crumpet, could have been such a bit-part player for ever – an actor who never quite made it beyond minor turns in the Spice Girls movie or a prison guard in Star Wars: Episode 1 – the Phantom Menace. But a year after Rock Star scarcely troubled the box office, West got a role that shot him into a thespian stratosphere: hard-bitten, drink-addled Baltimore detective McNulty in the show routinely hailed as the greatest

Dean Chalkley/Camera Press

“COME ON THEN, ‘it me if yer think yer ‘ard enough, yer big queer, yer big fruit,” shouts Dominic West unpleasantly from his seat on a banquette in one of Ealing’s leading eateries. I look in the mirror above West’s head: diners are definitely staring at our table now, perhaps looking forward to coffee while watching a splendid homoerotic brawl. As when Alan Bates and Oliver Reed went nude mano-a-mano in Ken Russell’s Women in Love, for instance. More likely, they are thinking that the 41-year-old actor who starred in The Wire until 2008 still looks gorgeous, but why is he having a lovers’ tiff in public? The old Etonian and Trinity College Dublin graduate is satirising one of those awful, oikish regional accents, possibly mine. Oh dear, and we’d been having such a lovely lunch. But West isn’t having a pop at me. He’s limbering up for an afternoon taunting Paul McGann during rehearsals at Ealing Studios for a rare revival of Simon Gray’s scabrous play Butley, which finished its run last month. West played the eponymous English lecturer who is having a day from hell: his wife has just left him for another man – and so has his boyfriend. It is the boyfriend’s departure he can’t bear: Joey, the former star pupil who has

04 AUTUMN 2011 000 DominicWest.indd 30


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t’s a staple in most wardrobes but just how good are yours? Because a good white shirt or two, carefully laundered and ironed each time they’re worn, can be the items which glue together all parts of your wardrobe. “I call it a basic luxury,” says Richard Gibson from Smyth & GibSon, the Derry-based world-class shirtmaker (now employing 60) whose clients include Michael Fassbender, Gary Barlow and James Corden and several high-end fashion labels and commissions from Savile Row, of which he is rightly proud. Gibson’s business, which he started 17 years ago and runs with his wife, is used to making made-to measure shirts for clients and has had several events at Brown Thomas. A Smyth & Gibson Made-to-Measure shirt specification includes collar and cuff options, body shape and body length, and pocket options. It was in the course of one of these events at Brown Thomas that The White Shirt Collection was conceived when the very well-dressed menswear Buying Director Paul O’Connor, who was having some shirts made, wondered if it was possible to bring a full collection of white shirts to Brown Thomas clients. While they wouldn’t be made-to-measure, having ten styles would ensure there would be a body shape and collar style (the main difference, along with the cloth, between the shirts) to suit most men. And so the idea was born. “Collar styles and body shapes range from classic to edgy,” says Gibson, “and all the cloth is milled in Italy.” From a basic white shirt (€105) to the Marcella bibbed dress shirt (€145), there should be something to suit you. “You may not want a shirt quite as slim-fitting as the collar-bar one worn by Michael Fassbender on the cover of GQ,” laughs Gibson, (you wish!) “but there will be a style with your name on it.” The White Shirt Collection, available now at Brown Thomas Dublin. A Made-to-Measure shirt event with Smyth & Gibson will take place on Friday March 30 and Saturday 31. To book your personal appointment, please call Brown Thomas Dublin menswear on 01 617 1159.


The Button Down

The Classic

The Cutaway

The Dress

The Eton

The Micro Penny

Penny Square

two-button cuff with gauntlet button, classic fit, in cotton oxford

two-button cuff, classic cut, in cotton poplin

double-cuff, classic cut, in cotton twill

double-cuff, classic cut with bib, in cotton poplin

one-button cuff, classic cut, in vertical weave cotton

one-button cuff, super-slim, in textured cotton

one-button cuff, super-slim, in cotton poplin


here, really. The sum of my ambition is to play 2,000-seaters

and see a poster that said,

in the UK. I would love to. But it’s

‘Tonight, Bob Geldof ’, people

the old thing of getting past all the

wouldn’t recoil from that. Then

stuff, to [people] accepting that

ten yards up the road they’d go,

maybe he does music – that’s a

‘Doing what?’ They’ve forgotten

hard ask for an audience to swallow,

that music is what I do.

I guess.”

Everything else is peripheral.

On grieF: “I’ve been around

The spine of my life is entirely

a lot of death, in Africa and

music. I think in terms of it,

personally, seen too much

frame my references to the

dying. All of that stuff, your

world through it, articulate

mum, when you’re a kid, it just

myself through it.”

happens, you get on with it. I

On being heard: “You

don’t remember grief for my

know the John Lennon song,

mum, or bewilderment, so that

Julia: ‘When I cannot sing

surged out with all the Paula

my heart, I can only speak

stuff. Bereavement, absolutely

human being back together again,

of money, it made sure those

hard as you can to get Gleneagles

my mind’? Well, I have every

unbound. It was overwhelming, this

by doing something to its soul. And

people were cared for. Obviously

[Make Poverty History promises]

opportunity to speak my

amorphous mass of loss and pain.”

so at the very late age of 58 and a

each of the sides in the civil war

implemented. The G8 has done

mind. If I want to write about

On LOsing his sister,

half I discovered that John Lennon

used it to their own ends, there’s

maybe 60 per cent, maybe less,

economics, I can write for the

ChLOe: “That was the worst.

probably did get it right – love is

no question about that, that would

of what was promised. We’re still

FT or the Telegraph. I have done!

Because your siblings are rivals,

probably all you need.”

have happened anyway. It’s a little

chasing it. Meanwhile, there’s

If I want to make a speech

you support each other, they are

On Do They Know IT’s

record, that’s all.”

another Africa opening up that’s

about debt reduction, I can

the ones who tell you ruthlessly to

ChrIsTmas?: “When I hear

On grOwth in aFriCa:

entirely part of the new world, and

make a speech to world leaders.

your face who and what you are.

it now, at Morrisons when I’m

“In the 1980s you dealt with the

we’d better fucking get hip to it.

If I want to get on Newsnight

Then that unit is no more, so your

getting my turkey, I’m not really

symptoms of a single, empirical

And the best way I can do it is to

and talk about global poverty,

mortality is really made tangible.

embarrassed. I was – I didn’t

financial problem, called poverty.

illustrate what I mean, and that’s by

I’ll be on. What I’m not allowed

That shocked me.”s

think it was a very good song. I’m

The symptoms are hunger, lack

funnelling huge amounts of money

to do is sing my heart. And

On his partner Jeanne

a musician, and from that point

of health, lack of education. The

into investing in dignity and lives

that’s something everyone needs

Marine: “She insisted upon

of view, ‘Oh, God,’ you know?

structures are, as ever, political

and jobs so that they can construct


loving me. And that insistence

It stopped millions dying. No

and economic. That took 20 years,

their own countries. So that’s the

On tOuring: “I tour, but

ultimately gets reciprocated – it

question. It galvanised politicians to

from Live Aid to Live 8. And then

next and possibly last step that I can

overseas. I can’t get arrested

can’t not. And so you stitch a

stop it. It generated huge volumes

you move on – you have to try as

contribute to.” n

18 SPRING 2012


On what he dOes: “If you’re walking down the road

“At the very late age of 58 and a half I discovered that John Lennon probably did get it right –

love is probably all you need. ”

There’s been a growing fondness for the casual Italian look and Slowear has become the brand to turn to. Founded in 1951, the Italian fashion group delivers unique, innovative design across four different labels (they bought the brand leader in every area they were interested in) with Incotex now considered the go-to label for chinos. Constantly experimenting with new fabrics and treatments, they make high quality timeless garments with an urban twist. what is the smart guy snapping up? Flatfront straight-leg cotton chinos in washed-out colours – blues and cream are particularly cool – and slim-fit linen and cotton blend shorts, both under the Incotex label. what else? Linen and cotton slim-fit cotton shirts in chalky colours, under the Glanshirt label. Chinos, €225; shorts, €180; shirts, €180.

a.P.C. is a french ready-to-wear brand specialising in minimalist designs with good fit, typified by simple patterns and clean lines. The raw-denim selvage jeans have developed an almost obsessional following from the fashion pack around the world. why are they so popular? They are fashionable, comfortable and perfectly mould to your body shape. how to get the look? Channel your inner Frenchman by wearing a striped T-shirt under a denim jacket, teamed with the selvage (clean-edge) jeans. Stores are popping up everywhere: Tokyo, London, New York, Hong Kong – but you can find A.P.C. at Brown Thomas. Jeans, €140

tiGer of Sweden, aimed at a young customer with the confidence to carve out their own unique style, adds a smart modern twist to classic pieces. their signature look? White shirt with skinny tie, a fitted blazer and perfectlycut trousers with a tapered leg – or a softly-cut bomber with slouchy fine-knit sweater. what’s a good buy? Knitwear is classic and wearable, and at around €150 for a cardigan, very affordable. Jackets, €370; trousers, €149; knits, €129. Blue cotton shirt, €89.

Gant, one of Brown Thomas’ stalwart labels, has changed the way it thinks about chinos and has spent the last season quietly perfecting their newly slim-fit trousers. what is it about the Soho chinos? Everything. From the weight of the twill to the shape of the legs, this chino style ticks all the fashionableyet-classic boxes. the sweetener? They come in great colours like rust and stone, or less obvious ones like sky-blue and pink. True prepster style never grows old, it just reinvents itself. Soho slim-fit chinos, €150.

☛Caroline Street Style

Sweater, €99.

Navy T-shirt, €39.

At Brown Thomas Cork, a fresh focus on tailoring is drawing clients to the store where inside the Caroline Street entrance, formalwear, business suits and contemporary tailoring by Hugo Boss, Paul Smith, Armani, Canali is paired with great accessories by Duchamp and shoes by Paul Smith, Gucci, Prada, Oliver Sweeney, Prada, Hugo Boss, Barker and Grenson.

spring 2012 31

hero kitchen pieces / get the irish country house look / china with character


interiors Trends now hammam chic design & decoraTion

An Architectâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s View

Fresh style GI_COVERSNew.indd 1

Get the IrIsh Country house Look

07/05/2012 15:42

Gloss InTerIors Gloss PublIcaTIons


Dealer’s ChoiCe In a new book, The IrIsh aT home, To be publIshed laTer ThIs year, peTer and naTasha Johnson’s dublIn house Is a beauTIful mIx of arT, anTIques and modern desIgn obJecTs

PhotograPhs by Luke White


eter and Natasha Johnson’s house in the heart of Dublin’s south city, built in 1838, is arranged over two levels, and approached by a flight of granite steps to the first floor. When the Johnsons bought it in 1994, they set about getting the terrace listed, and persuaded the neighbours – at the time the Gascoigne nursing home – to sell their property so they could extend laterally. Since then, the Gascoigne has relocated and a developer has built a decent apartment block and five houses beside them but the juxtaposition of new and old highlights the prettiness of the old brick terrace. The couple completely rebuilt the front garden using Wicklow granite slabs, adding curved railings, raised beds and five exoticlooking “Moroccan pineapple” trees and a bronze sculpture by Tim Morris, Natasha’s brother. The stylish exterior hints at something interesting within – and the interior does not disappoint. For Natasha, aBoVe: in the living room, the last 16 years in the house, raising three children and a sculpture by Dick Joynt and paintings by irish seeing them move on to pastures new, have been very artists. riGhT: The mirror happy. “I just cannot believe our good fortune in having is irish regency; the papier such an absolutely gorgeous house. Each time I open the maché table was bought front door, I get this incredible feeling of joy.” at the auction of sybil Connolly’s collection; the Not surprisingly for a house owned by two artistic “Poet” sofa is by Finn people – Peter is an interior designer and furniture Juhl; the chest is French collector and Natasha, a daughter of painter Camille reproduction.

T h e G l o s s interiors | Autumn 2011 | 5

4 | Autumn 2011 | T h e G l o s s interiors

GI_PeterJohnNEW.indd 36

27/09/2011 09:40

GI_PeterJohnNEW.indd 37

26/09/2011 14:44

Trend left A sumptuous velvet can counter the power of a deep blue. for a selection of velvet upholstery, see the Hepburn collection from Warwick at Kevin Kelly Interiors, 105 Morehampton Road, Donnybrook, Dublin 4. RIgHt faceted glass vases; €24 and €17.95, Article, Powerscourt townhouse Centre, Dublin 2.

the lived-in look There is greaT joy and individualiTy To be found in houses ThaT hinT of home TruThs and reveal a liTTle informaliTy, personaliTy and imperfecTion

fROM tOP At £300 a roll, Chic Blotch wallpaper, by timorous Beasties, may be expensive, but it’s sensational. think of it as a work of art; Jasper Conran’s Chinoiserie plate is a design classic; €48.50, Wedgwood,to order, at Arnotts. Wave vase; €34, Industry, Cow’s lane, temple Bar, Dublin 2.

A POteNt MIx ABOVe Abstract painter Howard Hodgkin has always been known for his use of intense colour. His Paint fabric for Designers guild is extraordinary; €115 a metre, from Charles Newhaven, garter farm, Castledermot, Co Kildare. BelOW first antlers, now stuffed birds: decorating with antique taxidermy is a treand spotted at Maison et Objet in Paris. Antimodernist statement or dark nostalgia, it can add interest to a collection of objects.

combine blue and green to powerful effect A kitchen designed by Abigail Ahern illustrates how bold you can be with an intense blue. Paint cupboard doors with Colortrend’s Peacock Blue from the Historic Collection; €26.99 for one litre; see www. for stockists. Acid green elevates the blue, giving it a modern, urban edge.

“Blue and green should never be seen” goes the saying, but this season, ignoring received wisdom makes design sense, as peacock colours come to the fore. Using a bold blue as your main colour, choose a complementary green which can stand up to the blue. Think shades of precious stones – malachite, emerald and turquoise or the acid greens of chartreuse and lichen. Accessorise with shiny black, or highlight with blue’s best friend – brilliant white – to keep the look crisply contemporary. Graphic black and white elements like a zebra skin rug or a checkerboard floor will strengthen the impact.

Remarkably there is no sewing or upholstery involved in the Peacock Chair designed by New York company Dror for Cappellini – just three layers of felt clipped on to a metal frame; from €6,000 at Minima, Hanover Quay, Dublin 2.

8 | Spring 2012 | T h e G l o s s interiors

GI_Trend_peacock.indd 36


Hyacinth vases; €12.50, Industry, Cow’s lane, temple Bar, Dublin 2.

nyone can live beautifully and comfortably if they want to, if it matters to them. The most compelling and attractive rooms clearly reflect the individual — or the family — at home. Lived-in houses reveal something of the private lives of those who inhabit them. They are reflections of personal histories and family life, not grand gestures of presentation. In houses like these, it’s possible to understand the spirit and the rhythms of the lives lived within, day after day. In lived-in houses, there’s always someone home. The lived-in home speaks volumes about the people who live there: it reveals home truths rather than, like so many interiors, constructing domestic fictions about unrealistic lifestyles. These interiors evoke personality, emotion and mood. They conjure atmosphere, but don’t pontificate about style. They express sensibility and character, without belabouring status or class. They are as different from one lived-in homes another as we human beings evolve over time – are, yet they have in common the polar opposite to quick-fix a certain type of backdrop that decorating. how embraces wildly disparate else would a red elements: Georgian sideboards, toile de Jouy japanned corner cupboards, wallpaper co-exist with boldebonised armchairs, wicker striped cushions, a sofas, Indian ikats, or painted Morroccan screen cottage dressers. These rooms and a quirky pendant light fitting. happily reconcile high and low,

T h e G l o s s interiors | Autumn 2011 | 13

07/05/2012 15:44

GI_LivedIn.indd 61

27/09/2011 13:29


autumn 2011

The World aT her FeeT Donna Karanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s home


Setting the Mood

Fashion house

FaBuLousLy FestIVe

DVF Does homewares

Smart Kitchens

caterING to type: GLamorous, proFessIoNaL, FamILy

Lasting Luxury PLUS DecoratING wIth Books, eLeGaNt Bar esseNtIaLs



Gloss publicaTions producTion

27/09/2011 09:47

brown Thomas

Gloss PublIcaTIons



left to right... Renaissance milk jug, €63, Michael Graves mocha cup, €95 for pair, set by Alessi; Navy Fringe espresso cup, €25, Navy Fringe saucer, €19, both by Jasper Conran for Wedgwood.



fired up

The Dining Room Revival

In the last ten years, we all rushed to eliminate our dining rooms in favour of creating bigger open-plan living spaces. But now the revival of the dining room is underway. We have missed the sheer pleasure of setting a more formal table with fine china, beautiful crystal, silverware and candlesticks. But it is not all about the formal and traditional: it’s about shopping for table settings that suit your lifestyle; about mixing it up – fine WeDgWooD, bold patterns and pops of strong colour on plates and chargers.

White is all right but pattern makes perfect

left to right ... Chinoiserie espresso cup, €29, Chinoiserie saucer, €24, Chinoiserie side plate, €27, all by Jasper Conran for Wedgwood; Macaroons, from a selection at Ladurée; Embossed white plate, €18, Kelim espresso cup set, €65 for set of two, both by Jasper Conran for Wedgwood.

left to right ... Kelim espresso cup set, €65 for set of two, Mosaic side plate, €18; both by Jasper Conran for Wedgwood; Lace side plate, €24, Lace espresso cup, €20, Lace saucer, €16, all by Vera Wang for Wedgwood; Coffee spoon, from €2, by Stellar; Platinum espresso cup, €23, Platinum saucer, €20, both by Jasper Conran for Wedgwood.

Gold wood tray, €125, by DVF.

having a momeNT at any given time there are trends that seem just right, a direction you feel like following, a vibe that seems spot on. for Kathy Murray, Buying director, Living & interiors at Brown thomas, getting a sense of what’s hot is all in a day’s work


one of a Kind

Everyone wants to affirm their freedom of choice, especially in matters of taste and lifestyle. We travel so much now, we have all developed our own sense of style based on our experiences. We want to translate those experiences into our homes, whether it be the feel of a Manhattan townhouse or the vibrancy of an Italian city rich in colour and texture ... Finding something unique is a quest we all enjoy. How often that one carefully-chosen piece makes the rest of the things you own knit together even better. The new Donna Karan Home collection, with its artisan feel, is timeless and beautiful.

left to right ... Mosaic espresso cup, €18, Mosaic saucer, €15; both by Jasper Conran for Wedgwood; Navy Fringe side plate, €22, by Jasper Conran for Wedgwood; Chocolates, from a selection, Valrhona; Gold sugar bowl, €35, Chinoiserie side plate, €29, both by Jasper Conran for Wedgwood. All at Brown Thomas


All Things Woody Inspired by the woods and forest, there’s a lot of gorgeous wood about with interesting grains and veneers and textures as well as the scent of pine, bark and leather ...


BUying irish when you can is very important but, when it means you get absolutely unique products with brilliant quality, then you know you are doing the right thing. This year, Brown Thomas is expanding its range of special hotel-quality food for Christmas with Irish-made offerings from three teams of chefs from Ireland’s best-known hotels. In Dublin, THe merrion is supplying delicious Christmas puddings (made with the best ingredients to a recipe by executive chef Ed Cooney), cranberry sauce, brandy butter and nothing-but-the-best mulled wine. In the Limerick store, Doonbeg brings its five-star finesse to tasty puddings, mulled wine and gingerbread men – all ideal hostess gifts. For customers of Brown Thomas Cork, HayfielD manor, the city’s top hotel, has created a range of puddings, mulled wine and brownies and other goodies. If you like Christmas dinner at home, but long for someone else to do some of the work, stock up with some of these delicious staples. In store this month.

40 Brown Thomas Living 2011

8 Brown Thomas Living 2011 BT_Still Life.indd 12

We know now that quality means longevity – and we love the idea of things being around for a very long time before they are passed on to the next generation. I hold off buying something until I am completely satisfied: it took me two years to find my antique hall chairs but I love them and they complete the space perfectly. I find I part with less and less because I have invested in things I know I will love forever, like my French candelabras by Pitou or the Art Deco knife rests I found in an antique store in Second Avenue in New York.

Vera Wang Lace, from €28 for a dinner plate, by Wedgwood.



26/09/2011 13:56

BT_Having a mome.indd 40

27/09/2011 09:38


Kitchens: Choose your style

the daily Grind

Some of us gaze out the kitchen window while the Alessi pot gurgles and bubbles on the electric hob. Others hop out of bed to the delicious aroma of freshly-ground coffee in their ''bean-to-cup" machine. Whatever the method, we're all dedicated to the pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee

Clark Gable said:

The PerfecT IrISh cOffee

“I never laugh until I’ve had my coffee."

IngredIenTS 1 Nespresso Fortissio Lungo capsule 1tbsp sugar cane syrup 5tbsp whiskey 2tbsp whipped cream

MeThOd: Heat the whiskey with the syrup in a bowl over a saucepan containing boiling water. Pour into a glass. Make the Fortissio Lungo using the Nespresso machine and add to the glass. Add whipped cream.

Adi Alessi ‘Moka’ by Alessandro Mendini

How do You Like Yours?

☛French Press There certainly is a sense of ceremony about making coffee in a cafetière, and they do look lovely on a dinner table. Bodum's latest is a refinement of their traditional silver cafetière. Remember a press allows more sediment into the cup which gives the distinctive flavour. From €25.

❈ Anya Hindmarch, designer (above) How do I like my coffee? I like it! Soya latte when feeling naughty. Espresso if feeling holy … ❈ Cindy Gallop, web entrepreneur The joy of my life is the built-in bean-to-cup machine I have in my

kitchen – all I have to do is switch it on, put a mug under the spout and press the button! French Roast coffee beans and skimmed milk, no sugar. ❈ Amelia Stein, photographer A single hit of Lavazza from my Bialetti stovetop pot, half a spoon of sugar. Warm milk …

❈ Frederique Thoummany, marketing director, Chanel I like my morning Nespresso black, no sugar. I love the Pure Origin range: Dulsao, Indriya and Rosabaya. ❈ Renato Ghiazza, photographer It's our first drink in the morning, a rite for every Italian. We use a traditional and unusual coffee machine, a Napoletana. ❈ Tim Magee, travel writer I love spiced Turkish coffee, an expert espresso with a crema like a pint of Guinness, but a proper French press with all the prep of grinding and brewing is best of all. ❈ Jamie Taylor, head of retail at Nespresso Ireland Capriccio is my own favourite, a Grand Cru coffee. I love its blend of acidity and sweetness.

WhAT IS nIcer ThAn chOcOlATe WITh cOffee? Nothing, in our book. So imagine an encyclopedia of chocolate: more than a recipe book, Valrhona's Cooking with Chocolate, Essential Recipes and Techniques (Flammarion, €35) is an easy-to-use step-bystep guide to professional techniques for working with chocolate, with a foreword by the undisputed king of patisserie, Pierre Hermé. A delicious reference book for anyone who is serious about chocolate … or take a short-cut and pick up the Valrhona Coffret Panache, a mixed box of eight grand cru bars, exclusive to Brown Thomas.

the family Ve ry to g et h e r KitChen

Our in-store coffee machine experts are happy to help you find the perfect coffee maker for you.

☛ Traditional filter

☛ Compact The

☛ Capsules Everyone's

☛ Traditional

☛ Bean to Cup For the

Limitless cups of coffee with zero fuss. The Kenwood kMix comes in cream, red, yellow, orange, blue and burgundy and is blessedly simple to operate, with a built-in permanent filter, and a perfectly plain price tag to match. €100.

Nespresso Magimix Pixie (€150) is perfect for small city kitchens. Shortly Nespresso will launch an in-store recycling facility in Brown Thomas Dublin and Cork, allowing Club Members to drop off their used capsules when picking up their next order.

cottoning on to the capsule as a method of coffee delivery, though Nespresso maintains Irish customers like their coffee in a milky form – as latte or cappuccino. Test drive the Lavazza a Moda Mio (from €120) or Nespresso Lattissima (from €279) in store.

espresso A little work to master but great results. The DeLonghi Icona has a traditional 'arm' into which you tamp your ground coffee, and an automatic milk steamer, for authentic espresso with a flourish. €200.

ultimate, luxury route to delicious coffee, experience the DeLonghi PrimaDonna Deluxe (€1,300). Pop your beans into the grinder, select the strength of coffee you like, and press the button for one cup or two. An automatic milk steamer and hot plate (for heating cups) add a professional touch.

24 10 Brown Thomas Living 2011

4 Brown Thomas Living 2011 BT_Coffee.indd 44

on ShelveS (left to right) ... Noodle bowls, €9 each, by Typhoon; Pale blue shallow casserole dish, €180, pale blue oven dish, €42, both by Le Creuset; Naturals medium bowl, €37, Naturals soup bowl, €10, both by Vera Wang for Wedgwood; Blue storage jar, €10; Red storage jar, €12, Blue garlic storage jar, €10, all from Typhoon; Selection of bakeware, from €16, by Anolon; Pale blue casserole dish, €180, by Le Creuset; Naturals large pitcher, €51, by Vera Wang for Wedgwood; Noodle bowls, as before. Naturals dinner plates, €11 each; Naturals side plates, €10 each, by Vera Wang for Wedgwood; Blue dinner plates, €11 each, Blue side plates, €10 each, by Jasper Conran for Wedgwood. hanging behind Sink (left to right) ... Elevate coloured utensil set, €63, by Joseph Joseph; Selection of utensils, from €10, by Rosle; Selection of utensils, from €10, by Microplane; Pale blue utensils, from €11.50, by Le Creuset; Bistro electric orange juicer, €60, by Bodum. on worktop at oven (left to right) ... Blue cup and saucer, €8, by Jasper Conran for Wedgwood; Pixie green Nespresso coffee machine, €150, by Magimix; Pale blue oven mitts, from a selection, €21, by Le Creuset; Pale blue kettle, €57, by Le Creuset; Oil and vinegar set, €18, by Typhoon; Fan, €279.99, by Dyson. on iSland (left to right) ... Small mixing bowl, €27, by Rosle; kMix Kaleidoscope mixer, €349, Kenwood; Pale blue ramekin, €16.50 for two, by Le Creuset; Blue cereal bowl, €9, by Jasper Conran for Wedgwood; Whisk, €28, by Rosle; Nova cream kitchen scales, €38, by Typhoon.

26/09/2011 13:20

BT_Kitchen.indd 10

26/09/2011 13:49


a year aT avoca avoca


{spring happenings

Pancake Tuesday

Time for Spuds

We always know that the back of winter has been broken when Lent comes around and its time to make those longedfor and delicious pancakes.

There is nothing quite like digging up a few homegrown potatoes just in time for lunch or dinner. Lashings of butter, salt and pepper. For best results, remember to chit the seed potatoes before planting.


makes a

Eggs Galore What could be more fun than playing with chocolate and making beautiful edible treats? Buy the basic egg and stick Smarties and Buttons and multicoloured jellies all over it.

Home to Roost Keeping chickens is so easy: it’s magic for children to collect the eggs and a wonderful alternative to shopbought eggs.

St Patrick’s Day

Hibernation is Over

Enjoy the parade wherever you are. Make sure to visit one of the wonderful Avoca stores to celebrate this national holiday with traditional bacon and cabbage.

The weather is nally getting warmer, the evenings longer and it’s time to pull on the hiking boots and enjoy the wonders of the Irish countryside.


addition to PANCAKES

MAKE DO and mend

OR TRY traditional sugar & LEMONS 8 A YEAR AT AVOCA

So many



Try MAKING easy TABLE decorations with BLOSSOM & paper BIRDS

WHAT could be MORE evocative of SPRING than a SWATHE of URBAN



Spring LAMBS


{spring Recipe Index


Soup & Starters *

* * * * *

Haricot soup with watercress cream & pancetta crisps Spring chicken and orzo soup Burren smokehouse Trout pot with Guinness and treacle bread Citrus cured carpaccio of organic salmon, wasabi crème fraiche Galway bay mussels Grilled Houlimi cheese with a Lime & Caper-berry relish

p.12 Salads * Avoca Arthur Street Crunchy Rice Salad * * *

Baby spinach, carrot & date salad with blood orange dressing & soft goats curd Gold river orzo salad Lebanese couscous with pomegranate & mint

p.16 Meat & Fish * * * * *

Avoca’s Beef bourguignon Char-grilled Leg of Spring Lamb steak with minted potato crush, glazed baby carrots Giorgio’s roast chicken breast with Tuscan cream sauce Loin Bacon, Savoy cabbage, parsley sauce, creamy mash Yvonne’s Low Fat Chicken & Ginger Curry

p.22 Vegetarian * Charred Pepper Stew with grilled goats crottin * * *

Potato, chickpea and baby spinach curry Purple sprouting broccoli and brioche bake Risotto Primavera

p.32 Puddings * * * *

Blood orange and lemon tart with caramelised oranges Classic Vanilla Creme Brulee Flourless Chocolate Cake Pauline’s Twice Baked Rhubarb Crumble


Lebanese Couscous Salad with pomegranate and mint

This salad was created in The Sugar Tree Cafe in Kilmacanogue. The spice infusion and the fresh herbs impart great avour and the pomegranate seeds add texture and crunch. Serve this serve with a fragrant lamb dish such as Avoca’s Morroccan Lamb. INGREDIENTS serves 4 200g couscous 1 bunch mint, roughly chopped 1 bunch spring onion, thinly sliced Seeds of 4 whole pomegranates or 4 tbsp seeds Pomegranate molasses (optional) For the spice infusion


veryone needs a proper cous cous salad recipe in their repertoire even if you might be tempted to wing it occasionally and combine whatever vegetables you have to hand with this nutty no-cook grain, a glug of olive oil, some sea salt and freshly-ground black paper. The infusion of spices makes this extra special and the pomegranate seeds give a pinkly- jewelled effect. In our part of the world pomegranates are available from just before Christmas until about March. Keep an eye out for pomegranate seeds in sealed tubs in good greengrocers as an alternative to squeezing the seeds out of the fruit. Pomegranate molasses is a thick syrupy sauce which can be used in salads and or meat dishes in the same way as balsamic vinegar. It’s generally available in specialised Middle Eastern delis and supermarkets. It’s not vital but it adds an interesting intensity to the taste if you do get your hands on it.

Olive oil 2 tsp ground coriander 1 tsp cumin Sea salt Freshly-ground pepper

To make In a deep bowl, coat the couscous in a couple of tablespoons of olive oil before adding boiling water to barely cover it. Keep mixing the cooked grains with either a fork or your hands as it cools to stop it sticking: you are aiming for lovely light uffy grains. As the couscous is cooling, place the spices in a small pot with a couple tablespoons of olive oil and warm gently on a low heat for a minute or until the fragrance of spices is released, then add the warm spices and the oil into the couscous. Season well with salt and pepper and mix. Allow to cool then add the chopped mint, spring onions, pomegranate seeds and pomegranate molasses if using. Taste and adjust the seasoning, adding a little extra olive oil if necessary.


This is what we always say to rookie chefs: always add a little olive oil to dry grains before you cook them and keep ufng up the grains by mixing with a couple of forks. Be very generous with the seasoning - couscous will taste bland without lots of it. A YEAR AT AVOCA 27


ysl Touche eclaT


eyeshave To celebrate the 20th anniversary of YSL’s iconic Touché Éclat, the luxury beauty brand comissioned this special shoot of Irish wonder women. With six brand new shades to play with, all eyes were on the perfect complexions of our beautiful subjects.



046_ITJULY_YSLTC.indd 46

6/9/11 1:39:04 PM

IrIsh TaTler



Karen Koster (THIS PAGE) Satin dress (€380) by D&G @ Brown Thomas; satin drape front jacket (€320) @ Ted Baker TOUCHÉ ÉCLAT No 3 & No 1

Charlene McKenna (OPPOSITE PAGE) Black ruched jersey strapless corset dress (€565) by D&G @ Brown Thomas; sleeveless blazer (€995) by Alexander McQueen @ Brown Thomas TOUCHÉ ÉCLAT No 1.5

Sonya Lennon Black crepe de chine puff shoulder wrap dress (€995) by Balenciaga @ Brown Thomas; black tuxedo jacket (€1,150) by Stella McCartney @ Brown Thomas TOUCHÉ ÉCLAT No 1 & No 1.5



046_ITJULY_YSLTC.indd 48

6/9/11 1:39:20 PM

046_ITJULY_YSLTC.indd 47

6/9/11 1:39:14 PM



Gloss InTerIors promotion

2 Size matterS

aBstRaKt high-gloss white and RUBRiK/ aBstRaKt high-gloss green kitchen

Know in advance your budget! Make a list of everything you would love in your kitchen and then sort as a must-have or a nice-to-have. Think about your lifestyle and how you will use the space. If measuring is not your cup of tea, that’s not a problem, we will do it for you correctly and at a low cost. You can go to Kitchens to read about IKEA’s interest free credit on kitchens and installation.

All Allkitchen kitchenprices pricesinclude includecAbinets, cAbinets,fronts, fronts,worktops, worktops,interior interiorfittings, fittings,hinges, hinges,cover coverpAnels, pAnels,plinths plinthsAnd Andlegs. legs. AppliAnces, AppliAnces,deco decostrips/moulding, strips/moulding,sinks, sinks,tAps, tAps,knobs knobsAnd AndhAndles hAndlesAnd Andlighting lightingAre Arenot notincluded includedin inthe theprices. prices.


5 steps to your dream kitchen

We Want to help you save time and money and make your life easier: ikea kitchens – a step by step guide – from Johanne Murphy, ikea kitchen services expert

1 Get inspired

Johanne’s tips n Visit the roomsets in-store so you can touch and get a feel for what you want n Check out thekitchen for clever style and design tips n Know in advance what you are willing to spend. n think about your lifestyle and how the space is going to be used.

GI_IKEA2.indd 40

soFieLUnD/aBstRaKt kitchen with FaKtUM frame


Visit our roomsets in store to browse among our kitchen solutions and discover all the functions. Check out thekitchen to pick up lots of clever style and design tips. Create the look of your dream kitchen by combining worktops, appliances, handles and fronts. You’ll find even more inspiration in our kitchen brochure or on

27/09/2011 12:31

sign up for ... the Kitchen Design Masterclass at where you can view movies and get planning tips and advice

3 DeSiGn online

You can go solo by using the free 3D home planning tool at You can save all your ideas on the IKEA website and go through them with in-store experts to double check your plans before placing your order for your dream kitchen.

Johanne’s tips n if you need help measuring, just contact your local IKEA store and they’ll help you get the measuring done correctly, at low cost.

ringsKÄr single-lever kitchen mixer tap with aerator to save water


aBstraKt high-gloss yellowwhite kitchen with faKtuM frame


4 Stay Green

It’s time for some finishing touches; wall organisers and trolleys add both function and style. And don’t forget your lighting to make your kitchen look good and work well. IKEA can also help you live greener, look out for the RATIONELL pull-out waste sorting station. Designed to seamlessly slot into one of your kitchen cupboards to make recycling a part of the everyday routine.

GI_IKEA2.indd 41

Johanne’s tips

rationeLL waste sorting bin €9.99 3 pack

iKea offers 15 kitchens which you can ‘take home today’. n all iKea kitchens are flat packed for easier transport, so your own car may be adequate. n You can also use the IKEA home delivery service. n iKea kitchens come with a 25 year guarantee, a three-year guarantee on any installation work carried out and a three-year guarantee on appliances so you trust they are built to last.

5 Diy or hanDy man

IKEA kitchens are designed to be easily assembled and installed with a self installation booklet available in store. Alternatively, a professional kitchen installation service can save you valuable time by fitting and plumbing the kitchen, especially when it comes to trickier tasks such as installing worktops, appliances, sinks and taps. IKEA kitchen installation comes complete with the FIRA Gold Installation Certification.

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sPoKen For aOd quam aut et eOSSedicabO. itatuS

HeADLine Here

P0WER BEauty Soul Aston MArtin MAgAzine | Spring 2012

aOd quam aut et eOSSedicabO. itatuS

HeADLine Here

Concept Magazine

aOd quam aut et eOSSedicabO. itatuS

Aston Martin

Time Travel

ehende mOS atuS. ellOrpOri ipSament dOlum


Aston MArtin/Spring 2012


HUgH grAnt

ProFiLe: OwnerS

actor, owner of v12vanquish

every man makes His Own wOrld emerSOn

ehende mOS atuS. ellOrpOri ipSament dOlum quOdi dOlupta tectaeSteceS debi wwS magnihiciae labOratium earit, Si ra pOrem eSt, aSpit vOleSte niment iuS aut labO reS reSti ut lit, quiate ex


Aston MArtin/Spring 2012

rALPH WALDo eMerson (May 25, 1803 – April 27, 1882) was an American essayist, lecturer, and poet, who led the Transcendentalist movement of the mid-19th century. He was seen as a champion of individualism and a critic of the countervailing pressures of society


Aston MArtin/Spring 2012


Soul inDiviDUALity: beSpOke

POken FOr

ehende mOS atuS. ellOrpOri ipSament dOlum quOdi dOlupta tectaeSt eceS deb wwS magnih iciae labOratium earit, Si ra pOrem eSt, aSpit vOleSte niment iuS


m as audi ium qui delis eost, eratest lia doluptatem dolecus ius atio. Nam illabo. Otatur, utem harcimus aborisc imusae que eata con conet, tem quis re autemporepe post, adis alit et volorem porerna tianda quo volorem quiatque prate ditio este expeliatur, ommost, qui ditibus rem et dest as essum vendio quam as eatur magnihit mo magnit molorent ero il incidus non et audior sum fuga. Iciant atur, am ut enis et vel magnit que dis quiam, net et estrum re volores aut aut volum iditinv ellest, ereror suntia pedit volorion cus volorro con non eos in cum debis si abo. Iction con con placcus apelign atempor estrum eumquas pellupt atisti dolorest quae consequatem solorrum eossedi odictem. Ellorpor sim num que dis quo mi, qui con praerores solorrumdi odictem. Ellornum que dis quo mi, qui con praerores solorrum eossedi odictem. Ellorpor sim num que dis quo mi, qui con praerores solorrum eossedi odictepor sim num que dis quo mi, qui con praerores non consenet Um as audi ium qui delis eost, eratest lia doluptatem dolecus ius atio. Nam illabo. Otatur, utem harcimus aborisc imusae que eata con conet, tem quis re autemporepe post, adis alit et volorem porerna tianda quo volorem quiatque prate ditio este expeliatur, ommost, qui ditibus rem et dest as essum vendio quam as eatur magnihit mo magnit molorent ero il incidus non et audior Um as audi ium qui delis eost, eratest lia doluptatem dolecus ius atio. Nam illabo. Otatur, utem harcimus aborisc imusae que eata con conet, tem quis re autemporepe post, adis alit et volorem porerna tianda quo volorem quiatque prate ditio este expeliatur, ommost, qui ditibus rem et dest as essum vendio quam as eatur magnihit mo magnit molorent ero il incidus non et audior sum fuga. Iciant atur, am ut enis et vel magnit que dis quiam, net et estrum re volores aut aut volum iditinv ellest, ereror suntia pedit volorion cus volorro con non eos in cum debis si abo. Iction con con solorrum ★ 14

Aston MArtin/Spring 2012

sAviLe roW The term “bespoke” is understood to have originated in Savile row when cloth for a suit was said to “be spoken for” by individual customers.[1] The short street is termed the “golden mile of tailoring”,[2] where customers have included Winston Churchill, Lord nelson and napoleon iii. Savile row was built between 1731 and 1735 as part of the development of the Burlington Estate, and is named after Lady Dorothy Savile, wife of the 3rd Earl of Burlington. initially, the street was occupied by military officers and their wives; William

15 ★

Aston MArtin/Spring 2012




spring/summer 2013

Food Magazine

FEAST A Dinner Journal

Firehouse Bakery

Firehouse Bakery

BREAD firehouse


Heir island Co. Cork



Firehouse Bakery

Firehouse Bakery


n obsession with detail has got a bit of a bad rap in recent years, yet it is the deep knowledge of the details of a craft which ensure the very best quality. That’s what you’ll find at the Firehouse Bakery on Heir Island where Patrick Ryan and partner Laura Moore have created a bakery school of unparalleled excellence. Patrick is the star of BBC2’s the Big Bread Experiment, which

charted a social experiment in reuniting a community through bread. He is also the co author of Bread Revolution. He wrote this book with Duncan Glendinning who hails from Bath, where Patrick spent four years as head baker at Duncan’s Thoughtful Bread Company, an award wining artisan bakery. The Firehouse Bakery is located on a picturesque island off the West Cork coast. A ferry takes you across the sea to their world of baking, where all aspects of their craft are taught from bread and scones to sour dough. Once you’ve finished pummelling and proving, the baking is done in the wood burning clay oven, the only oven they use. Time spent at the school is an opportunity not just to learn bread making but to gain a life skill that was previously such an important part of daily Irish life. The work at Firehouse Bakery acts as an ark of ancient skills where hands are still intimately involved in the bread making process. Machines that make soulless bread have no place at Firehouse Bakery where the human touch has been woven back into this most ancient of foods. Alongside Patrick you’ll find his ever supportive partner Laura Moore. They have quickly developed a highly successful business, and are kept busy with bookings which already stretch into the summer. The pair have also just launched a bakery in Delgany, Co. Wicklow, which is now up and running. In an age of mass bread production this thriving artisan business is a lesson in the fine art of integrity and quality. They’ve shared with us their rosemary and olive oil sourdough bread as well as a bit of a masterclass in giving life to your very own sourdough starter. Bread revolution, here we come. Firehouse Bakery, Heir Island, Skibbereen, Co. Cork, Ireland, Tel: +353 85 1561984.

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT Patrick and his partner Laura run the bakery together on Heir island; Boatman Richie Pyburn in oilskins at the helm as he drives the ferry on the short trip from the mainland to Heir Island; Patrick sprinkles his toasted seed bread with sesame seeds before they bake off in a wood fired oven; Bread bubbling with air being punched down to create Patrick’s classic sourdough loaves.



Firehouse Bakery

Firehouse Bakery

Set like a tiny jewel in the many jem-like islands of Roaringwater Bay, Heir Island has a tranquility and peacefulness to match the easy-going folk on the island.

Heir Island casts its spell on all who visit and all that’s made there, there’s surely alchemy in the bread that’s made in the great outdoors.

Heir Island is located South West of County Cork and boasts over 200 species of wildflower, making it a unique and

Patrick’s wood fired oven is located at the back of the Firehouse Bakery and he bakes his bread there rain or shine.

dramatic setting for the Firehouse Bakery. The island, home now to only thirty people can be accessed by a short ferry

Patrick’s infectious passion for bread is clear and he takes time to explain in detail every step of bread

trip departing from Cunnamore Pier. It was once inhabited by over 400 people evidenced by the ruins of a schoolmaster’s

making from the dough to the baking process.

house on the main road through the island.

- 10 -

- 11 -

Commercial Print

Marine Harvest Brochure

Our Story Our organic salmon thrive in the wild pristine waters along Ireland’s exposed westerly coastline. Our site at Clare Island was the first salmon farm in the world to achieve organic certification back in 1995. This site is regarded as one of the worlds most exposed and challenging sea farms. It is the knowledge and expertise of our team that has allowed us to develop a reputation for producing the finest quality organic salmon in the world. We have been involved in rearing salmon for over 30 years, in some of Ireland’s most remote locations. Over this time we have learned a great deal and by working in partnership with our suppliers, we have been able to tailor our process and equipment to meet the unique needs of the challenging sites we operate. We feel a great deal of pride in what we have achieved during this time. At the centre of everything we do is an absolute commitment to best quality at every stage of the production cycle.

Our Salmon Our organic salmon thrive in the wild pristine waters along Ireland’s exposed westerly coastline. Clare Island is where we first started to produce organic salmon back in 1995. It is the knowledge and expertise of our team that has allowed us to develop a reputation for producing the finest quality organic salmon in the world.

CO. DONEGAL OPERATIONS: 1 Lough Swilly Sea sites, Anny Point 2 Kindrum Breeding Unit



2 3

1 6



8 CO. MAYO OPERATIONS: 8 Clare Island Seafarms

Product of


THE IRISH ORGANIC SALMON CO. Rinmore, Fanad, Co. Donegal. Telephone: 00 353 (0) 74 9192820 Fax: 00 353 (0) 74 9192825 E-mail:

IE-ORG-04 Ireland Agriculture

3 Altan Smolt Unit 4 Pettigo Smolt Unit 5 Donegal Bay Sea sites, Inver 6 Mulroy Bay Sea sites, Glinsk, Millstone, Cranford, Broodstock 7 Rinmore Processing Plant


CO. KERRY OPERATIONS: 9 Kenmare Bay Sea site, Deenish

CO. CORK OPERATIONS: 10 Bantry Bay Sea sites, Roancarrig, Ahabeg, Inish Fanard

Not only is this critical in the sites we select to rear our salmon, but is also important to understand the role we play in the coastal regions of Ireland, where what we do has a direct impact upon the community in which we work. We have made considerable investments in our people and processes to ensure a sustainable business which will continue to grow into the future for the benefit of everyone.

Commercial Print

Brown Thomas sunglasses Flyer

10 page accordian fold








Fold to 143.5mm x 143.5 mm

10 page accordian fold 143.5mm


Fold to 143.5mm x 143.5 mm

TIFFANY & CO , €260




BEACH GETAWAY WHO IS WEARING WHO: Habitual beachcombers Jessica Alba & Cash Warren rock Ray-Ban, Miu Miu, Bulgari and Dolce & Gabbana on the shoreline.



WHO IS WEARING WHO: For day time summer occasions stay sleek like Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake, with Prada, Tom Ford, Miu Miu and Persol.


RAY-BAN, €155 TIFFANY & CO , €260

WHEN TO WEAR THEM: Style up with a printed kaftan & board shorts for beach break chic. Metallic details ensure you complement the sunshine.





Must Have

RAY-BAN, €159

Must Have

WHEN TO WEAR THEM: Keep your shades classic with a touch of embellishment, offsetting a print or bright colour dress, while guys should choose timeless styles to complement a sharp suit.

RAY-BAN, €202


TOM FORD, €273



BrownThomas SunGlasses.indd 1

TIFFANY & CO , €260

WHO IS WEARING WHO: Habitual beachcombers Jessica Alba & Cash Warren rock Ray-Ban, Miu Miu, Bulgari and Dolce & Gabbana on the shoreline.


WHO Fo oc l Jus Prad


RAY-BAN, €155

WHEN TO WEAR THEM: Style up with a printed kaftan & board shorts for beach break chic. Metallic details ensure you complement the sunshine.

WHE K cla emb ap dres choo com

RAY-BAN, €159

Must Have

143.5mm DOLCE & GABBANA, €228


BEACH GETAWAY WHO IS WEARING WHO: Habitual beachcombers Jessica Alba & Cash Warren rock Ray-Ban, Miu Miu, Bulgari and Dolce & Gabbana on the shoreline. WHEN TO WEAR THEM: Style up with a printed kaftan & board shorts for beach break chic. Metallic details ensure you complement the sunshine.





PRADA, €330

RAY-BAN, €148

SUNGLASSES DIRECTORY Brown Thomas Dublin Tel: +353 (0)1 605 6666 Burberry, Bulgari, Carrera, Cartier, Chanel, Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Miu Miu, Oakley, Oliver Peoples, Paul Smith, Persol, Police, Polo Ralph Lauren, Prada, Prada Linea Rossa, Ralph, Ray-Ban, Stella McCartney, Tiffany & Co., Tom Ford, Versace


RALPH, €99

Brown Thomas Cork Tel: + 353 (0)21 480 5555 Bulgari, Chanel, Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani, Gucci, Oakley, Police, Polo Ralph Lauren, Prada, Ralph, Ray-Ban, Stella McCartney, Tiffany & Co., Tom Ford


Brown Thomas Cork Tel: + 353 (0)21 480 5555 Bulgari, Chanel, Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani, Gucci, Oakley, Police, Polo Ralph Lauren, Prada, Ralph, Ray-Ban, Stella McCartney, Tiffany & Co., Tom Ford


WHO IS WEARING WHO: Courtside regulars Jay Z & Beyoncé exhibit a sport luxe vibe with Tom Ford, Ray-Ban, Burberry and Prada.

Brown Thomas Limerick: + 353 (0)61 417 222 WHO IS WEARING Tel: WHO: Bulgari, Chanel, Christian Dior, Emporio Armani, Gucci, Oakley, Police, Polo Ralph Lauren, Prada, Courtside regulars Jay Z &Stella McCartney, Tiffany & Co., Tom Ford Prada Linea Rossa, Ralph, Ray-Ban,

Brown Thomas Limerick: Tel: + 353 (0)61 417 222 Bulgari, Chanel, Christian Dior, Emporio Armani, Gucci, Oakley, Police, Polo Ralph Lauren, Prada, Prada Linea Rossa, Ralph, Ray-Ban, Stella McCartney, Tiffany & Co., Tom Ford

Beyoncé exhibit a sport luxe

Brown Thomas Galway: vibe with Tom Ford, Ray-Ban, + 353 (0)91 565 254 Burberry and Prada. Bulgari, Chanel, Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani, Gucci, Oakley, Police, Polo Ralph Lauren, Prada, Ralph, Ray-Ban, Stella McCartney, Tiffany & Co., Tom Ford

Brown Thomas Galway: + 353 (0)91 565 254 Bulgari, Chanel, Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani, Gucci, Oakley, Police, Polo Ralph Lauren, Prada, Ralph, Ray-Ban, Stella McCartney, Tiffany & Co., Tom Ford

WHEN TO WEAR THEM: Show your off-pitch support

WHEN TO WEAR THEM: Show your off-pitch support and complement your casual look with pared-down shades that feature tough


DOLCE &hardware GABBANA, detail.€195

*50% discount cannot be applied to Chanel or used in conjunction with any other offer. If you wish to update your details or want to opt out of our communications please and complement yourcall our Loyalty Team on 01 6677222 or email

Purchase any pair of full price sunglasses from now until 10th June and receive 50% off a second pair.

*50% discount cannot be applied to Chanel or used in conjunction with any other offer. If you wish to update your details or want to opt out of our communications please call our Loyalty Team on 01 6677222 or email

RAY-BAN, €159

Must Have

RAY-BAN, €202

PRADA, €348

casual look with pared-down shades that feature tough hardware detail.

BrownThomas SunGlasses.indd 2

Take inspiration from our celebrity styleguide and choose your frames from the very best international designer collections only at Brown Thomas.

BrownThomas SunGlasses.indd 1

28/05/2013 19:44

PRADA, €330

PRADA, €403

MIU MIU, €250


Brown Thomas Dublin Tel: +353 (0)1 605 6666 Burberry, Bulgari, Carrera, Cartier, Chanel, Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Miu Miu, Oakley, Oliver Peoples, Paul Smith, Persol, Police, Polo Ralph Lauren, Prada, Prada Linea Rossa, Ralph, Ray-Ban, Stella McCartney, Tiffany & Co., Tom Ford, Versace RALPH, €99

Brown Thomas Cork Tel: + 353 (0)21 480 5555 Bulgari, Chanel, Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani, Gucci, Oakley, Police, Polo Ralph Lauren, Prada, Ralph, Ray-Ban, Stella McCartney, Tiffany & Co., Tom Ford

Brown Thomas Limerick: Tel: + 353 (0)61 417 222 Bulgari, Chanel, Christian Dior, Emporio Armani, Gucci, Oakley, Police, Polo Ralph Lauren, Prada, Prada Linea Rossa, Ralph, Ray-Ban, Stella McCartney, Tiffany & Co., Tom Ford Brown Thomas Galway: + 353 (0)91 565 254 Bulgari, Chanel, Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani, Gucci, Oakley, Police, Polo Ralph Lauren, Prada, Ralph, Ray-Ban, Stella McCartney, Tiffany & Co., Tom Ford *50% discount cannot be applied to Chanel or used in conjunction with any other offer. If you wish to update your details or want to opt out of our communications please call our Loyalty Team on 01 6677222 or email

BrownThomas SunGlasses.indd 2





WHO IS WEARING WHO: Courtside regulars Jay Z & Beyoncé exhibit a sport luxe vibe with Tom Ford, Ray-Ban, Burberry and Prada.

WHO IS WEARING WHO: Festival favourites Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish pay homage to retro styles from Ray-Ban, Prada and Oakley.

WHEN TO WEAR THEM: Show your off-pitch support and complement your casual look with pared-down shades that feature tough hardware detail.


OAKLEY, €169

RAY-BAN, €180 BURBERRY, €240

WHEN TO WEAR THEM: Festivals are the opportunity to make a statement so declare yours with unique, colourful & fun frames.

RALPH, €99


BrownThomas SunGlasses.indd 2

WHEN TO WEAR THEM: Keep your shades classic with a touch of embellishment, offsetting a print or bright colour dress, while guys should choose timeless styles to complement a sharp suit.


PRADA, €330

WHO IS WEARING WHO: For day time summer occasions stay sleek like Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake, with Prada, Tom Ford, Miu Miu and Persol.

RAY-BAN, €155



SUNGLASSES DIRECTORY Brown Thomas Dublin Tel: +353 (0)1 605 6666 Burberry, Bulgari, Carrera, Cartier, Chanel, Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Miu Miu, Oakley, Oliver Peoples, Paul Smith, Persol, Police, Polo Ralph Lauren, Prada, Prada Linea Rossa, Ralph, Ray-Ban, Stella McCartney, Tiffany & Co., Tom Ford, Versace




MIU MIU, €272





BrownThomas SunGlasses.indd 1

Must Have

28/05/2013 19:44




Logo 3

Commercial Print

Various Thick cut, dry cure

Back Rashers Some bumph about the Goldrive ethos here, Alan to supply. Some bumph about the Goldrive ethos here, Alan to supply. Display until

Use by

Other date

Thick cut, dry cure

Back Rashers Some bumph about the Goldrive ethos here, Alan to supply. Some bumph about the Goldrive ethos here, Alan to supply. Display until

LOGO1.indd 3

Use by

Other date

10/01/2010 22:11










087 268 2803

Sheridans.indd 2

16/04/2013 09:20


Bernadette on +44 (0) 774 130 4356 or email me on

Bernadette Flyer.indd 1

05/08/2014 20:14

New Format


Cars registered between January and June will have a 1 after the year, while cars registered between July and December will have the number 2 after the year.

6% DEC















This causes many problems sales and employment become seasonal.









Unlucky 13?

WHY DID THEY CHANGE? Is it to do with the number 13? No, the new format is here to stay. From now on there will be two registration periods, the 1st starting in January, and the 2nd in July



The solution

A more even distribution of sales throughout the year

100% 80% 60% 40%

SIMI Flyer.indd 1









22/03/2013 12:13



SIMI Flyer.indd 2


The problem

Current figures show 80% of new cars are sold in the first half of the year




These will be the following format:


Change for the better

At the start of this year, new number plates were introduced.



5 4 3 2 1 D 1 13 CLIATH





There will also be many beneficial side-effects:, increase Job stability in the industry, cars will be more fairly valued, no shortage of used cars at the end of the year.



With the new system in place sales will be spread out more evenly throughout the year.


(this has already work ed in the UK.)


The Benefits


22/03/2013 12:13


n Taxatio


TAXATION ADVICE Do you know the VAT implications of trading in UK Imports? We do. Do you know what BIK to charge your staff on your vehicles? We do. ★ VAT ★ VRT ★ BIK



Selling Cars? Our Order Forms (Sales Contract/invoice Book) help to ensure all aspects of the sale are covered, VAT, Data Protection etc.

Do you have employment contracts in place? If not, it could cost you! We can help.

Have an issue with a customer? Our complaint service helps prevent you going to court.

Having employment Issues? Make sure you follow procedures that we can provide. Didn’t follow procedures and have to go a, Employment Appeals Tribunal? We can represent you.



DAY TO DAY BUSINESS INFORMATION Having an inspection from Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Unit or Data Protection? We have guidelines. In your database you have personal data? Do you know what you should do?

Servicing/Repairing a vehicle? Are you compliant?


★ ★ ★ ★

Trade Plate Regulations Dealer Contracts Competition Law Environmental Law

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Customer Mediation Code of Ethics Trade Sales Arbitration Legal Advice ng Traini


★ Sample Contracts of Employment ★ Employment Law ★ Health & Safety

Selling Finance? Are you compliant?

ts Conten



Do you want to help your business? Develop you staff! We offer Industry specific training courses. n


Comm s


STATISTICS Do you know how the Market is doing? New car sales are a good indicator. ★ Online Stats ★ Figures every 10 days ★ County Analysis

SIMI COMMUNICATION Do you know what’s coming down the line? Stay up-to-date. ★ ★ ★ ★

Weekly E-Zines Newsletters Annual Directory Motor Managers Magazine

Technical Upskilling Management, Sales & Aftersales Consumer Credit CDP Training SIMI Skillnet 2013 (Funding provided from the National Training Fund) ★ VAT & VRT Training ★ ★ ★ ★

FR EE IssuE 2 | WIntER 2014

Commercial Print

Supervalu Uncorked


Port and food

Blue cheese, such as Ireland’s famed Cashel Blue, is a magic match with port.

There is so much more to port than just pairing it with cheese or as a post-meal digestif.



“It is very versatile,” says Chris. “A glass of 10-yearold makes a delicious apéritif, but is equally good matched to a hard, nutty cheese or a pudding such as apple pie. Ruby ports are the ideal partner for a cheeseboard or chocolate dessert, like a chocolate brownie. They are also just as good with a bar of chocolate.” My own all-time favourite match is a vintage port and a chunk of Cashel Blue. And what would Chris recommend to a first-time port buyer? “Croft Triple Crown, made from a blend of fruity, ripe ports, is a great value, full-bodied, ready-to-drink port.”


Croft Late Bottled Vintage 2009 Port Now €16, was €19.99

Fonseca Quinta Do Panascal Vintage Port 2001 €38 selected stores only

Taylor’s 10 Year Old Tawny Port Now €26, was €29.99 selected stores only

Croft Triple Crown Now €13, was €19.99

Alluring aromas of blackberries and cassis on the nose of this full-bodied port. Beautifully smooth on the palate, with great structure and concentrated flavours of liquorice, blackberries, raisins and spice with a long aftertaste. Drink it with A rich chocolate cake.

Ageing in large casks gives this exceptional wine its ruby to tawny colour. Mellow yet full-bodied and sweet, warming and nutty on the palate with notes of chocolate, ripe figs, toffee and a long finish. Drink it with Gorgeous with most desserts, particularly dark chocolate, as well as fruits, hard cheese and blue cheese.

Full-bodied, ripe ports from across the Douro’s finest vineyards are selected for this approachable bottle. Aged in seasoned oak for three years, this exceptionally fruity ruby is perfect at the end of a meal. Drink it with Perfect to end a meal, either on its own or with Cashel or Crozier Blue cheeses.

A rich purple colour in the glass, with an aromatic nose of black cherries and plums. Elegant and complex on the palate, with concentrated fruit flavours of ripe black fruit and hints of cocoa and mocha with a lovely intense finish. Drink it with A wedge of Stilton or Roquefort and biscuits.

Port is one of the world’s greatest wines, says Matthew Nugent, the Irish Sun wine correspondent, and he shares his passion for its ancient traditions here.

Christmas 2014 UNCORKED | 15


013 Uncorked_Xmas_Port V12.indd 13

06/11/2014 21:03

Untitled-1 15

07/11/2014 12:27



hiskey is one of life’s great miracles. From a modest gathering of barley, water and yeast, we have created the worldrenowned Irish whiskey. We may not be blessed with sun-baked beaches or rows of grape-laden vines, but we have a mild climate, plentiful supplies of water and the cleanest soil in Europe. Our barley thrives in this rich landscape before it’s transformed into Irish whiskey. Others claim superiority over our golden drop, like American bourbon, but in reality bourbon and whiskey are the products of two very different landscapes and traditions. Like Irish whiskey, American bourbon must follow certain legal requirements in order to call itself ‘bourbon’. It must be made in the USA with a minimum grain content of 51 per cent corn, but you’ll find rye in there too. The ageing in new, freshly charred oak barrels is part of their distinctive tradition too. Interestingly, Jack Daniel’s


From a simple gathering of ingredients comes two great drinks, whiskey and bourbon. Apparently Santa likes both.

call themselves a Tennessee whiskey, though they sit beneath the bourbon-making tradition. They are not alone, as other Tennessee producers tend not to use the term ‘bourbon’. That said, they do things slightly differently from the normal bourbon-making process. Jack Daniel’s use a filtering process, called the Lincoln County process, where the whiskey is filtered through sugar-maple charcoal before it’s aged in barrels. This is an entire extra step to the usual bourbon-making process. It’s no surprise, then, that after the first taste of vanilla and spice you’ll get a pleasant wash of clean charcoal and burnt sugar. It’s quite a contrast to Jameson whiskey’s fragrant, floral nose and nutty palate with a whiff of sherry and a smooth wash. But then again, we have a lot more in common with our Tennessee friends than we think. The Jack Daniel’s distillery is in Moore County, Tennessee, where the consumption of alcohol is illegal. They can make it there, but you can’t buy it. Sounds very Irish to us.

What’s in a name?

The rules of IrIsh WhIskey

To use the term ‘Irish whiskey’ distilled spirits must be ...


IrISh whISkey IS TrIPle dISTIlled And MATured on The ISlAnd of IrelAnd. unlIke ScoTTISh


whISky (no e!), whIch IS dISTIlled TwIce.

Produced AT 70% And Then dISTIlled To A MInIMuM of 40% for SAle AS IrISh whISkey.


Aged In wood bArrelS for A MInIMuM of 3 yeArS.

There are four differenT Types of Whiskey: single poT sTill Whiskey, grain Whiskey, MalT Whiskey and Blended Whiskey. Single pot still Irish whiskey is unique to Ireland. It’s made from a mash of both malted and unmalted barely, which is then triple distilled in copper pot stills and aged in oak casks. Ireland is the only country in the world that can produce single pot still Irish whiskey, giving Irish whiskey its characteristic full-bodied, rich and creamy mouthfeel. Most Irish whiskies are distilled three times, producing a spirit that is extremely smooth and perfectly balanced, as opposed to Scotch and bourbon, which are typically distilled twice. Most of the Irish whiskey produced uses a malted barley that is dried using clean, dry air. This is in contrast to many Scotch whiskies, which are typically made using malted barley that is dried with peated smoke, which lends its smoky, peaty character to the final whiskey. This is why you will rarely find a peaty Irish whiskey. Christmas 2014 UNCORKED | 35

34 | UNCORKED Christmas 2014

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See P22 for details.




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Top 1000 companies irish times



THE ALL STARS PERFORMING COMPANIES 2013 This year’s survey of the TOP 1000 shows growth – even vibrancy – in sectors of corporate Ireland. FIONA REDDAN reports.

of recession, unemployment, insolvency and restructuring that continues to dominate the headlines, it’s heartening to note that this year’s survey of the TOP 1000 companies in Ireland, as compiled by The Irish Times, points to seeds – and in some cases, shoots – of recovery.


004 TOP13_Top100.indd 4


This year’s survey shows that more companies are growing their businesses than are declining; some companies are posting profits of in excess of €1 billion; and in sectors such as technology and health/ pharma, more companies are growing their profits than seeing them slide. Overall, this year’s survey shows that of those companies where year-on-year comparisons are available*, 47 per cent grew their turnover in their most recent financial year, compared with 28 per cent who reported a decline. And, two thirds (66%) of companies providing such a figure reported a profit this year – even if this figure was less than €1 million for almost a quarter (23%) of such companies who found themselves in the black. In total, profits among the 920 companies included in this year’s survey came to about €16 billion. Strong performances were in evidence among the Top 10 companies. Eight out of ten grew their turnover levels in their most recent financial year, with Oracle the outlier (figures for Pfizer have been estimated). When it comes to profitability, the figures are steady, if not buoyant, with 50 per cent boosting their profits. Collectively, the Top 10 companies reported profits of some €2.7 billion according to this year’s survey. There was also little change at the top in this year’s survey, with CRH holding firm at the top, with sales of €18.7 billion, followed once more by US tech groups Microsoft and Google. And sectors that have been crucified in recent years are showing that they are finding their way back to recovery. In the construction sector for example, some 41 per cent of companies reported a boost in turnover levels, compared with 32 per cent whose businesses are still in decline. And 27 per cent reported an increase in profits. On the other hand, out of the 920 companies, some 12.5 per cent reported a loss, with profitability challenged pretty much across the board. For example, some 34 per cent of companies where comparisons are available saw their profits slide in their most recent financial year, compared with 31 per cent who grew their profitability.

Sectors Sectorsthat thathave havebeen beencrucifi crucified ed ininrecent recentyears yearsare areshowing showingthat that they theyare arefifinding ndingtheir theirway wayback back totorecovery. recovery.In Inthe theconstruction construction sector sectorfor forexample, example,some some41 41per per cent centofofcompanies companiesreported reportedaaboost boost ininturnover turnoverlevels, levels,compared comparedwith with 32 32per percent centwhose whosebusinesses businessesare are still stillinindecline. decline.And And27 27per percent cent reported reportedan anincrease increaseininprofi profits. ts.

* comparable figures are not available for companies whose turnover has been estimated, or who did not feature in last year’s survey.

Amidst the ongoing daily dialogue



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As in other years, tech firms continue to dominate the TOP 1000 survey, with four out of the Top 10 firms falling into this sector – and possibly another, Paddy Power, given its predominance in e-commerce. The sector also accounts for some of the fastest movers in this year’s survey, with LinkedIn, Facebook and Zynga all racing up the rankings. Unsurprisingly then, Irish-based technology firms are growing their businesses at a fast rate, with 50 per cent reporting a rise in turnover, and 41 per cent an increase in profits. While names like Google and Microsoft often make the headlines, there are plenty of other tech companies quietly growing their businesses in Ireland. Adobe’s Irish operation, for example, now accounts for about €1.7 billion of the software group’s global business, having risen from €1 billion back in 2009. Its profits are equally impressive, with a €401 million return in 2011, up from €393 million in the previous year. Another strong performer is SAP Business Objects, which recorded profits of almost €400 million in its most recent financial year, on turnover of €704 million. Its Dublin- and Galway-based operations engage in support services, R&D, and IT shared services, and employ about 200 people. At other tech firms, however, profitability can be challenged. Mobile software provider Openet, for example, which has been tipped as an IPO candidate, grew its revenues by 20 per cent, up to €88 million, but reported a loss of €2.7 million, due in part to increased costs as a result of litigation and other corporate funding activity.

If some companies are still languishing in the economic quagmire, others are roaring ahead. So who’s in the €1 billion profit club? According to this year’s survey, three companies posted profits of more than €1 billion in their most recent financial year: Abbott (€1.11bn; Boston Scientific (€1.09bn); and Microsoft (€1.01bn). This means that when it comes to profit per employee for example, it’s a staggering €841,000 per employee at Microsoft. Other notables when it comes to profitability are Eircom (€919m); CRH (€674mn); Dragon Oil (€613m); and Belgian pharma group, UCB (€573m). Eagleeyed watchers of the ongoing cross-border tax debates, should note that Google posted profits of only €24 million in Ireland in 2011, its most recent financial year, despite reporting revenues of in excess of €1 billion. Profits were also subdued at social media giant Facebook: despite reporting a jump in turnover to over €1 billion, the social media giant reported a loss of €18 million. Some of the more dramatic boosts in profitability, were, unsurprisingly, among smaller companies. Organic food producer Glenisk posted profits of €154,000 in 2011, a dramatic turnaround on its previous year result of just €1,185. Similarly, pork and bacon products manufacturer M&M Walshe reported a three-fold increase in its profits, up to €2.5 million. In the financial services sector, Barclays Bank Ireland grew its profitability in its most recent financial year, reporting a return of €26 million, up by 26 per cent on its prior year.

TheThe fastest movers: fastest movers: THE FASTEST MOVERS: WHO’S WINNING AND WHO’S LOSING IN TOP 1000 COMPANIES 2013? who's winning and who's losing in Top 1000 companies 2013? who's winning and who's losing in Top 1000 companies 2013? companies 2013? Name

Name Name

Turnover (€m) in ChangeininTurnover Turnover Turnover (€m) % (€m) Change Sector Turnover %%Turnover Change

Zynga Zynga Zynga 285 Facebook FacebookFacebook 1051 LinkedIn LinkedIn LinkedIn 133 ITX Fashion (Zara online143 sales) ITX Fashion (Zara online sales) ITX Fashion (Zara online sales) Honeywell Measurex 160 HoneywellHoneywell MeasurexMeasurex Fónua Fónua Fónua 297 Cable&&Wireless Wireless Cable & Wireless 72 Cable InverEnergy Energy Inver Energy 449 Inver Amazon DataServices Services196 Amazon Data Services Amazon Data Procter Gamble 90 Procter &Procter Gamble&&Gamble Greencore GreencoreGreencore 1461 Scottish PowerRenewables Renewables Scottish Power Renewables 239 Scottish Power Stryker Stryker Stryker 515 LimerickAlumina Alumina Limerick Alumina 471 Limerick Airtricity Airtricity Airtricity 701

Sector Sector


Name Name

Turnover (€m) in ChangeininTurnover Turnover Turnover (€m) %(€m) Change Sector Turnover %%Turnover Change

Sector Sector


WINNERS WINNERS WINNERS 285 285 1051 1051 133 133 143 143 160 160 297 297 72 72 449 449 196 196 90 90 1461 1461 239 239 515 515 471 471 701 701

433 359 306 233 162 86.07 77 74 74 69 58 50.44 46 40 37

433 433 359 359 306 306 233 233 162 162 86.07 86.07 77 77 74 74 74 74 69 69 58 58 50.44 50.44 46 46 40 40 37 37

BpiTelecom Telecom Technology Bpi Telecom 16 Technology Bpi Technology Nordex EnergyIreland Ireland 21 Technology Nordex Energy Ireland Technology Nordex Energy Technology Novell Technology Novell Novell 91 Technology Technology NokiaIreland Ireland Retailing Nokia Ireland 90 Retailing Retailing Nokia John PaulConstruction Construction50 Technology John PaulJohn Construction Technology Paul Technology JonsCivil CivilEngineering Engineering 20 Technology Jons CivilJons Engineering Technology Technology PopulisIreland Ireland Communications Populis Ireland 38 Communications Populis Communications SHS Energy SHS 24 Energy Energy SHS GemPlastics Plastics Retailing Gem Plastics 24 Retailing Retailing Gem Geodis Ireland Manufacturing Geodis Ireland 29 Manufacturing Geodis Ireland Manufacturing Siemens Foodand andBeverage Beverage Siemens Siemens 125 Food and Beverage Food Diesel CardIreland Ireland 454 Energy Diesel Card Ireland Energy Energy Diesel Card EndesaIreland Ireland Health Endesa Ireland 90 Health Health Endesa J.A. Boland&&Sons Sons 16 Resources J.A. Boland & Boland Sons ResourcesResources J.A. (Ford and Jaguar dealership) (Ford and Jaguar dealership) (Ford and Jaguar dealership) Energy Energy Energy RPSConsulting Consulting Engineers RPS Consulting EngineersEngineers 26 RPS

1616 2121 9191 90 90 50 50 20 20 38 38 24 24 24 24 29 29 125 125 454 454 90 90 1616

-62 -61 -55 -55 -52 -34 -34 -29 -29 -28 -27 -26 -25 -24

-62 -62 -61 -61 -55 -55 -55 -55 -52 -52 -34 -34 -34 -34 -29 -29 -29 -29 -28 -28 -27 -27 -26 -26 -25 -25 -24 -24

Communications Communications Communications Energy Energy Energy Technology Technology Technology Communications Communications Communications Construction Construction Construction Construction Construction Construction Technology Technology Technology Media andMarketing Marketing Media andMedia Marketing and Manufacturing Manufacturing Manufacturing Transport TransportTransport Manufacturing Manufacturing Manufacturing Energy Energy Energy Energy Energy Energy Transport TransportTransport

26 26


-23 -23

Consultancy Consultancy Consultancy

Notechanges annualchanges changes inturnover turnover are based onindividual individual company's mostfinancial recentfinancial financial accounts and these years may differ fromcompany company tocompany company Note annual in turnover are based onbased individual company's most recent accountsaccounts and these years may differ from company to company Note annual in are on company's most recent and these years may differ from to 6 | THE IRISH TIMES

004 TOP13_Top100.indd 6


If furtherIf evidence was needed show to theshow extremely challenging environment further evidence was to needed the extremely challenging environment that is facing – in addition to the recent ongoing spate of spate closures/ that isretailers facing retailers – in addition to theand recent and ongoing of closures/ examinerships/insolvencies etc – it could foundbe infound this year’s survey. examinerships/insolvencies etc – be it could in this year’sWhile survey.40While 40 per cent per of such grew their turnover in their most recent year, year, centcompanies of such companies grew their turnover in their mostfinancial recent financial just a third a boost in profitability and losses feature names justreported a third reported a boost in profitability and lossesheavily, feature with heavily, with names such as B&Q (-€3m); Easons (-€5.2m); Carphone Warehouse (-€9m); and Arnotts such as B&Q (-€3m); Easons (-€5.2m); Carphone Warehouse (-€9m); and Arnotts (-€10m) (-€10m) all in theall red. Xtra-vision, which recently entered entered receivership, in Beleagured the red. Beleagured Xtra-vision, which recently receivership, is also inisthis losses oflosses €482,000 in the year to January 2012. Outalsogroup, in thiswith group, with of €482,000 in the year to January 2012. Outperforming in this category are discount retailer TK Maxx, its grew profits performing in this category are discount retailer TKwhich Maxx,grew which its profits by 42 perbycent to €20 the year to October 2012, although its sales its slidsales to slid to 42 per centmillion to €20in million in the year to October 2012, although €137 million; and ITXand Fashion, which operates Zara’s e-commerce businessbusiness from from €137 million; ITX Fashion, which operates Zara’s e-commerce its Dublin reported a 254 per centper jump in jump profits, to €18upmillion, in itsoffice. DublinItoffice. It reported a 254 cent in up profits, to €18 million, in its most its recent year. And, while Harvey may have struggled in mostfinancial recent financial year. And, while Norman Harvey Norman may have struggled in recent times, oflosses some of €23 million, in the year to June 2011, its2011, just- its justrecentposting times, losses posting some €23 million, in the year to June published accountsaccounts for 2012for show a return profitability. published 2012 show atoreturn to profitability.


Depending on how you lookyou at it, theatfood andfood beverage/ Depending on how look it, the and beverage/ agribusiness sectors performed comparatively better, with agribusiness sectors performed comparatively better, with more than half (53%) companies reporting an increase more than halfof(53%) of companies reporting an increase in turnover levels, with business declining in 17 perincent of cent of in turnover levels, with business declining 17 per companies. A fifth ofAcompanies grew their profit companies. fifth of companies grew theirlevels, profitwith levels, with larger companies such as such Glanbia (+7.6%);(+7.6%); Total Produce larger companies as Glanbia Total Produce (+17.1%)(+17.1%) and Dairygold (+22%) all in this Almost half and Dairygold (+22%) allcategory. in this category. Almost half (47%), however, saw profitability decline,decline, with companies such such (47%), however, saw profitability with companies as Campbell Bewley, Bewley, Greenfield Foods and Western Brand Brand as Campbell Greenfield Foods and Western Poultry,Poultry, all reporting falling profits. some companies all reporting falling And profits. And some companies reportedreported losses, although they were very much the minority. losses, although they were veryinmuch in the minority. These included Nestlé Ireland (-€2m); (-€2m); Britvic (-€12m); and These included Nestlé Ireland Britvic (-€12m); and KFC Ireland (-€2m). (-€2m). KFC Ireland

If further evidence was was needed to show the extremely challenging environment If further evidence needed to show the extremely challenging environment thatthat is facing retailers – in –addition to the and and ongoing spatespate of closures/ is facing retailers in addition to recent the recent ongoing of closures/ examinerships/insolvencies etc –etc it could be found in this year’s survey. examinerships/insolvencies – it could be found in this year’s survey. THE IRISH | | 7 THETIMES IRISH TIMES | | 7


14/05/2013 004 10:41 004 TOP13_Top100.indd 7 TOP13_Top100.indd 7

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