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Our best collection to date Strength in numbers is especially true in our case. Each world-class brand in our portfolio brings a distinct personality and unique perspective to our company and our customers. 1

This is an original story It’s a story of passion and of creativity. It’s a story of timeless design and of global collaboration. It’s a story of our product and of our people. But most importantly, it’s an unfinished story. That’s where you come in.

At Fossil, we do a lot of things. We create watches, jewelry, leather goods and apparel that represent our own passion. We test boundaries regularly, and we use words like “relentless” and “authentic” daily. We understand that our products are only as strong as the stories they tell. So we create with heart, and we sell with soul. We’re able to do all these things because passion is at our core. In fact, our passion is what drives everything around here, including our two core businesses: the Fossil brand and our portfolio of licensed brands. Founded in 1984, the Fossil brand was the springboard for everything the company has become over the past 30 years. From our beloved Austin handbag line to the classic Machine watch collection, Fossil prides itself on its commitment to American vintage inspiration.


Alongside the Fossil brand is our licensed portfolio, a collection of proprietary brands and licensed partnerships that widen our reach within the fashion accessory landscape and we feature in our Watch Station stores. We work with some of the most renowned fashion brands in the world, from Karl Lagerfeld to Michael Kors. We know. We can’t believe it, either. Simply put, we took something small and we made it big. We then extended our reach and made that big thing even bigger. Today, we are a fashion accessory brand with a significant presence in six continents, and it’s all because of our commitment to our story, our dedication to hard work, and our desire never to stop learning. If you’re excited about this, keep reading.

We have this saying around our company: Greater Together. It’s a testament to how much better we are when we work together.

Together, we make great things happen. We create watches, wearables and accessories like no one else. We care about the things that matter: our people, our customers, our communities and our planet. And, in everything we do, we’re out to make the biggest impact that we can, in the way only we can. We design experiences that make people feel something. A little happier. A little more connected.

Any success Fossil has ever had can be directly attributed to our team members. We never stop raising our own bar, and we cruise outside the rules of convention constantly. Novelty is cool, and seeing things from a different angle is what shapes good companies into great companies. Lucky for us, we employ some of the most innovative and creative minds in the industry. We have product designers who can transform ideas effortlessly. We have merchants who know the recipe for sell- through success by heart. We have stylists who combine products to tell a bigger, more dynamic story.


The Watch Collection Classic design meets modern proportions. An artful construction inspired by the girl with a certain charm, our signature Jacqueline puts a sophisticated spin on a classic. More accurate than a mechanical movement, our electronic watch movement features a quartz crystal that oscillates when a current is applied to it. Our high-quality leather is well-known for its softness and ability to look good over time. Information about our product sizing and options is located below. Before you buy, measure for perfect size and fit for all our watches and jewelry. If for some reason, you can not find the sizing information you need, please contact us with questions.


The Q Touchscreen Smartwatches Where classic design meets smart technology. Get notifications at a glance, customize everything from face to strap and control your music, all from your wrist. Interested in accessorizing a little smarter? Meet Fossil Q touchscreen smart watches, which are here to change the way you think about your wristwatch. And with a wide variety of options for customization and personalization, think interchangeable straps and the power of choice when it comes to the color and design of your touchscreen smart watch face. Fossil Q watches will keep you connected while making your life a little easier and more organized. Plus, thanks to its always-on display, you’ll never miss a notification again.

Behold, the perfect pairing of classic design and smart technology! Fossil Q touchscreen smart watches have a sleek and streamlined aesthetic that packs a mean technological punch, too. Your new Fossil Q watch can receive smartphone notifications, serve as an alarm clock, track your daily activity and fitness goals as well as remotely control your music with the click of a button. You can even use these touchscreen smart watches as a flashlight! And thanks to wireless syncing and charging functionality, there won’t be any pesky cords holding you back, though you’ll always be connected.


Our Bag Collection

We make our bags out of the finest, genuine leather. To keep it looking good over time, clean with a soft dry cloth. Leather stained by cleaning is not covered under our warranty. Will your leather weather the elements? Watch out for water and don’t let it sun(bathe). Our high-quality leather is well-known for its softness and ability to look good over time. Our bags carries just enough of what you need (and always a little bit more) whether you’re heading out across town or across the street. Made of soft-pebbled leather, it’s designed to keep your essentials safe and (stylishly) sound. Our all time favorite Estate collection is updated in the finest, scratchproof Saffiano leather. Shades of cognac, chocolate and teak adds an elevated finish, while retaining the elements expected in a classic Fossil: traditional design, craftsmanship and long lasting style. Clean in line, lightweight in design.


We encourage you to be curious about Fossil’s bags. Go ahead. Our collections are meant to be explored. You’ll find crossbody bags, shoulder bags, satchels, wristlets and even backpacks throughout each collection of handbags. Our collections include names like Preston, Harper, Emerson and Sydney because who doesn’t like naming something they love? Each collection has its own personality and attitude (in a good way of course). You might be surprised by or enamored with what you see, but above all, we hope we’ve also piqued your curiosity. Maybe you’re wondering if we have a favorite handbag? We’d never tell because to us, the most important thing is that you’ve found yours.

Men Collection When it comes to carrying your daily accessories, our leather bags for men are a great companion whether you’re traveling the globe or simply heading to the office. Casual, lightweight and perfectly portable, these collections are dependable essentials of the highest quality design. Fresh and functional, our highly practical and easy to carry backpack, duffle and weekend bags make travel look stylish. New neutral shades capture the richness of the season, while innovative materials, brushed hardware, refined leathers, add a modern twist. Your 9-to-5 commute just got more stylish. Our must-have men’s shoulder bags, work bags and crossbodies are iconic, impeccably crafted and unquestionably Fossil.

Women Collection It all starts with a little curiosity. The friend-to-friend curious compliment, “Where did you get your bag?” to the curious musings from afar, “Where did she get that handbag? I must find it.” And so it begins. Curiosity leads to creativity. And it’s responsible for our beautiful handbag collections. We are inspired by innovative things we see every day in nature, in fashion, in literature and of course, we are inspired by all things authentic vintage. We hope you’re able to see that in our ladies’ purses. There’s lots of color, loads of details and rich leathers throughout each of our handbags. You see, we set out to create ladies purses that go beyond just something to hold your essentials. We want our bags to fit your lifestyle, your look, and your personality— we care a lot about the details. And is it too much to hope that you’ll think of them as part of your outfit rather just a necessary accessory?



Brochure design for Fossil  
Brochure design for Fossil  

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