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even if approval was previously granted on the basis of fabricated information. Sabotage is the damaging or impeding of the academic work of another student. Sabotage includes ruining another student’s lab work, destroying another student’s term paper. Aiding and abetting academic dishonesty is knowingly facilitating any act defined above. Individual instructors will set specific policies regarding academic integrity. In general students may expect to receive a 0 on any assignment, exam, test, or quiz and perhaps fail a course when a violation of academic integrity has occurred. Violations of academic integrity have a broad impact on the University and will result in University review and action. Faculty who observe violations of academic integrity are asked to report all violations to the Office of Academic Affairs where records of violations will be maintained for five years. University review and action may include tutorials on the appropriate use of materials, academic probation, or expulsion, depending on the nature of the offense. All procedures for disciplinary actions are detailed in the Griffin Scratch and Fontbonne policy manuals. Students with disabilities Fontbonne University offers accommodations to students with documented physical, visual, hearing, learning or psychiatric disabilities. Any Fontbonne student is eligible for special services or accommodations if: 1. The student self-identifies that he or she has a disability and needs accommodation. 2. The student provides appropriate and verifiable documentation of the disability. 3. The student provides notification in a timely fashion. For accessibility and resident hall needs, contact Student Affairs at 889-4523. For academic accommodations, contact the Kinkel Center for Academic Resources at 8894571. Academic accommodations must be requested each semester. Veterans Particular questions dealing with the educational benefits of veterans should be directed to the financial aid office.

CAMPUS GOVERNANCE AND ORGANIZATION Faculty, administrators, and academic administrative staff participate in the academic governance of Fontbonne University through the Faculty General Assembly (FGA). Students participate through standing and special committees. Ad hoc committees and task forces are established to meet temporary needs and are automatically dissolved when their special work is completed. Ordinarily one or two students are appointed to the following standing committees at the beginning of the fall semester. Curriculum Committee Responsible for monitoring the quality of the curriculum, including the departmental strategic planning process and general education review process, and for recommending to the FGA curriculum changes, such as the addition or elimination of courses, minors, concentrations, certificates, and majors. Undergraduate Academic Committee Responsible for developing, and when appropriate, implementing undergraduate academic policies and procedures pertaining to undergraduate retention, probation, dismissal, Latin (academic) Honors, the University Major, and other issues related to undergraduate academic standards, regulations, or requirements. Academic Appeals Committee 27

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