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Horizons Animal Hospital

Reception/Lobby Perspective

My vision for Horizons Animal Hospital was to create a space that would make their clients and their pets to feel welcome and at ease. I designed a fresh, harmonious, and balanced space with a natural, clean color scheme of light sage green, pale yellow, clean whites, and accents of muted apricot orange. The space created is airy and bright, where employees can freely interact with each other and their clients. In order to create the feeling of openness within the long enclosed space, I’ve included glass doors, half glass walls, and bright colors. By adding glass elements to the space, the element makes it so the space doesn’t feel confining while still creating distinct functional spaces with boundaries where needed. This space is contemporary with a natural, country feel and provides a functional pet hospital facility that is also aesthetically pleasing.

Preliminary Sketches and Concepts Orininally the idea for the animal hospital was very structured and lots of plain tall walls. In observing that the ceilings were very high and the space was narrow and long, I decided to open up the space more so it didn’t feel so confined and uncomfortable. I used lots of glass along the corridors in spaces that were appropriate as well as in the lobby area opening it up to the rest of the hospital.

Adjacency Diagram

Geometry Diagram

For cirrculation I thought it was appropriate to have two corridors with a break in the middle. I thought it would be good to use one as the main hall for clients and their pets and one for the doctors and staff. By using these two corridors it was easy to decide what spaces should go where.

Bubble Diagrams

Space Layout and Sketches

Floor Plan The floor plan for the Horizons Animal Hospital utilizes the space given in downtown Chico. It is a long building in between two other elongated businesses. You enter through one of two doors, either the dog lobby or the cat lobby. There you greet the receptionists and wait for the doctor. If you are just picking up medications for your pet you can go straight to the pharmacy through the right hand side glass door. If you have an appointment the doctor takes you down the left hand side corridor into one of the exam rooms.

For doctors, the convience of having surgery rooms, holding kennels, the pharmisist, and the nurse’s station in all one area is given. In the back of the building an area for staff is given for privacy and communication. There you will find the staff break room on the left, veterinarian’s offices and a conference room in the back, the administration office on the right, and also a private bathroom provided. By doing some research and interviews, creating a floor plan that will function for the staff and clients was acheived.

Bamboo Flooring

Wall Tile

Reception/Lobby Perspective

Colonade Wall Sconce

Interior Perspectives The interior materials and finishes that are used are to be very user friendly, green, and easy to clean. I used a lot of light, bright colors to open up the space even more and accentuate the brightness of the space. For flooring, I used two kinds to break up the spaces. Bamboo flooring can be found throughout all the public spaces, the lobby, corridors, conference room, and offices. The cork flooring is used for places where doctors and pets will mostly be, surgery rooms, kennels, exam rooms, etc.

Pharmacy Perspective

Granite Countertops

Office Perspective Surgery Room Perspective Backsplash Tile

Interior Perspectives The interior materials and finishes that are used for the staff and doctors in the office are very durable, easy to clean and asthetically pleasing. By using constrasting colored materials against the pastel color scheme, it brings a pop to the space. For flooring in the spaces that will need to be cleaned regularly is natural colored cork. This can be found in the surgery rooms, exam rooms, and kennels. Stainless steel appliances, accents, and surfaces can be found in different spaces to keep it consistant. For countertops, white quartz is used to contrast against the dark backsplash.

Nurse’s Station Perspective

Cork Flooring

Stainless Steel Accents

White Quartz Countertops

Arregui Residence

Living Room Perspective

Canyon Oaks is a residential neighborhood in the hills of Chico, CA. It is surrounded by Upper Bidwell Park and a large magnificent golf course. The vision for this residence was to create a space that brought the rustic elements of the outdoor surroundings, while also keeping a contemporary, clean design. The initial problems with the space were the extremely tall ceilings, an awkward shaped fireplace/entertainment center, and the odd placed windows in the master bedroom. In order to address these issues, the design features a “dropped ceiling� by bringing in low hanging light fixtures and furniture. For the fireplace and entertainment center a bookshelf system was created that pulls together the focal entertainment wall. Lastly, for the windows in the bedroom a bed/night table system framing the windows was created to make that the focal element in the room. By solving these problems and implementing a design that uses rustic elements inspired by the views of the home, a functional, enjoyable, and contemporary space was created for the owners.

Options for Living Room Space Plans

Floor Plan The floor plan for the Arregui Residence was an existing plan but the program called that we couldn’t move any walls but could change other asthetic components and doors or windows. As one enters the home they are created by the beautiful views of the golf coarse outside the nano doors through the great room. Straight is the living room with the focus being the fireplace and entertainment center wall. To the right is the kitchen with a small breakfast nook and large island seating four. Straight through the living room is the patio overlooking the pool below and the coarse.

If one goes to the left after they enter they go through a wide hall way leading the the powder room on the right and the master suite straight through. As you enter the master suite, one is greeted with the lounge. A comfortable area to read, watch tv, or just lounge. This room also offers built-in cabinetry and shelving for photos, books, etc. To the left of the lounge is the master bedroom featuring a fireplace to the left. To the right are large nano doors overlooking the pool and golf course. The circulation and flow of the residence works perfectly for the couple as well as their guests.

Reflected Ceiling Plan The reflected ceiling plan for the Arregui Residence is based on the circulation pattern and space plan of the home. Although there is plenty of natural light coming from the large windows and nano doors in the great room and bedroom, the residence has such high ceilings that it seems somewhat dark and dim. In the kitchen recessed lighting is used in the traffic pattern and pendants over the bar on the island. There are also undercabinet lighting and lighting over the island. In the breakfast nook there is one large pendant that accentuates the walnut finished wood table.

In the great room there is recessed lighting as well as a large chandelier hanging over the main living area. Theres uplighting on the ledges of the fireplace to accentuate the wall and main focal point of the room. In the entry and hall ways are all recessed with a large pendant in the main entry. In the powder room there is also recessed can lights with wall mounted lighting above the mirror. In the master suite is a combination of recessed lighting and large pendants to make an intimate environment.

Walnut Hardwood

Southwest Ledgestone

North-East Elevation-Kitchen

Kitchen Perspective From Living Room Stratton Chair by Elite

Great Room The great room features southwest stacked ledgestone elements with hardwood floors, walnut hardwood elements and soft textures such as an area rug and the furniture. With the contrasting colors of the natural stone and textiles and the dark hardwoods of the cabinets and entertainment center, the design program of contemporary meets rustic is completed.

Living Room Perspective From Entry

Custom Coffee Table

Artfort Sectional

East Elevation-Lounge

Master Suite Lounge Perspective

Dreams Panel Collection Kravet Pillow Fabric

Master Suite The master suite features similar materials as the great room but is much different in the feeling of the space. The suite is intimate and comfortable with plenty of texture to create some softness to the space. Hardwood is used in the lounge with carpet contrasting in the bedroom. A textured accent wall in the lounge gives a pop to the space and brings in those natural colors. Different fabrics help to bring some fun into the space with lime green pillows contrasting to the crisp white linens.

South-East Elevation- Master Fireplace

Master Bedroom Perspective

Kravet Pillow Fabric

Presentation Boards

Great Room

Master Suite

Materials Board

Johnson Powder Room The Johnsons are a young couple living in a loft in New York City. They enjoy the music and entertainment industry and especially jazz music. For their remodel they wanted to reflect their love of jazz music for their small loft guest bathroom. The vision for this powder room was to create a playful, contemporary, jazz-inspired space where one could enjoy the experience of music through the materials being used. By using simple and limited materials like concrete, tile, and paint the space was transformed to be functional yet pleasing space.

Powder Room Floor Plan

Preliminary Sketches and Concepts For this guest bathroom the project called for construction documents. Yet, in order to create a functional and enjoyable space, concept sketches were drawn to see how the space would look once finished and how the materials came together. Brainstorming and keeping in mind what materials work well in bathrooms was very important. This design needed to have clean lines and a contemporary jazzy look and feel.


Preliminary Floor Plan

Finalizing on materials of concrete, paint, wood, and glass tile was the building blocks of the design.

East Elevation Sketch

Construction Documents The construction documents for this project are very detailed and communitive to the contractors and designers for building purposes. The documents communicate floor plans, elevations of all aspects of the space, and details that are needed.

Materials and Finishes Board A materials board was constructed to help the clients visualize the actual materials and see the fixtures and finishes for the project. Reds, greys, and blacks, became the color scheme for the project based on the old jazz style. Given the space is small, the materials used needed to be exciting and different. Achieving this feel was accomplished by using a limited amount of red tile as an accent in the room to create that pop and then integrated the greys in the concrete flooring and countertops as well as grey and black tiles on the walls, around the bathtub, in the shower and in niches to create that moody feel of jazz. By using these materials and colors, the bathroom became a place of excitement in a controlled atmosphere.

Coffee Break

Final Model Photo

Coffee Break is located in Chico, California, a small college town with a real sense of community. The company is hopeing to become a franchise and want to open more coffeeshops in other college towns like Chico. The design is constructed so that some elements of the design can be altered for other locations. The vision for this franchise is based on what the original coffeehouses in Europe were about: entertainment and socialization. This concept will aim to bring in all kinds of people by providing different kinds of entertainment including musicians, poets, speakers, etc. The design idea was to create a space that has an old world social rhythmic feel like the first coffeehouses. With a stage, conversation seating, acoustic materials, rhythmic design aspects, and level changes in the architecture, the space will create a comfortable, relaxing, urban, yet social atmosphere.

Preliminary Sketches and Concepts The existing space in located on the corner of Nord Ave. and West 2nd St. Next door is a nail salon and accross the street is burger king. It is also close to California State UniversityChico and an elementary school. The space is long, somewhat narrow, and dark so creating good circulation, getting more light into the space, and utilizing the outdoor space was important.

Geometry Diagram

Rythmic elements like curves, bands, and, more literal, lyrics are design elements that make the concept of the coffeehouse come to life.

Perspective Sketches

Space Planning Diagrams

Study Models and Designing Through Sketching The floor plan for the space was determined through the circulation of the existing building as well as the existing entrances and exits. as you walk in through the entrance there is group bar type seating to the left and small table seating to the right. Straight forward is the barista with plenty of storage and an area for transactions. one the right wall are large sliding glass doors which open up the space to integrate outdoor seating. By keeping the concrete flooring material the same, it brings together the two spaces. Towards the back is the stage designated by seperate flooring and lounge coversation seating. In the back left corner is the ADA restroom and the back exit which leads to a large parking lot.

The reflected ceiling plan is designed based on the space planning of the coffeehouse. Dropped ceilings and dropped ceiling panels are used to designate the different areas of Coffee Break. A full dropped down ceiling of two and a half feet is situated over the bar for wayfinding to the transaction and coffeemaking area. Dropped ceiling panels are used to designate seating as well as wayfinding to the stage, restroom, and exit. There is a seperate dropped ceiling panel in a darker paint color to designate the stage and it’s importance.

South-East Interior Elevation

North-East Section

Interior Elevations and Sections The section of the space shows how interior and exterior elements work together. The North-East section shows how the outdoor seating works with the interior seating as well as the POS system and workspace. The section also shows the ceiling conditions of the space. How there are panels that are lowered in some areas for wayfinding and show the seperation between different spaces (i.e. stage vs. seating vs. pos/workspace). The interior elevation is an illustration of the main wall in the coffeehouse. It features a lowered ceiling over the workspace, rhythmic lyrics on the wall, circular menu boards, and seating flanking each side of the bar.

Presentation Materials This presentation was very informal with a lot of conversation between the designer and the client. The model was the main way of commuication with sketchy drawings and actual materials also presented for visualization.

Interior Photo from Entry

Interior Perspective from Entry

Final Model Ceiling Removed to Show Interior Materials Board

Pacific Palms Resort Pacific Palms is located on the island of Fiji where aside from the gorgeous views, you can participate in many different water and land activities. The design concept of the resort is to create the feeling of a care-free vacation. The spaces are designed to be as open as possible so guests can enjoy the island from anywhere in the resort. The design style keeps the traditional Fijian architecture but adds a contemporary twist with mohogany elements in beams and room seperation and materials that are native to the island. The Presidential Villa is located over the water so the main vision was to tie in the surrounding waters with the room so there are very few walls and water elements integrated into the design. Presidential Villa Floor Plan

Research and Inspiration Research on the island as well as other resorts was very important in designing this space. It was important to figure out the Fijian lifestyle and some of their delecacies to make this resort solely for Fiji. Food, activities, culture, architecture, and island specialties were all important aspects to research. Inspiration for the Presidential Villa was the use of a lot of dynamic elements like beams and clearstories, light color schemes, and open space plans.By doing this research creating the perfect atmosphere to achieved.

Inspiration Photos of Tropical Resorts


-Accommodates both adults, children, and families -Offers activities such as volleyball and tennis courts, a gym, hiking, snorkeling, paddleboarding, kayaking, sailing, fishing, scuba diving, golf, kids crafts, kids crab hunting, and a spa -Offers three types of restaurants/bars. The Reef Restaurant, The Vuda Bar, and The Rocks Bar. all offering local foods and offering Fijian music, and cocktails. -People can come and have special events at this resort such as weddings, family reunions, conferences, and other big events. -Accommodations include Villas by the beach which have private sundecks, Villas on the hill which provide expansive views, The Residence which is a seperate house, and The Royal which is a house with three large bedrooms.

The Culture

-They have cultural nights throughout the week including shows and their Traditional Lovo night which is a dinner with entertainment and stories of the Fijian people and legands. -All the food provided is local with meals that are traditional to the land yet also provide foods geared towards children.

The Design

-The overall space of the resort gives the vibe of modern beach with elements of dark woods and light colored textiles and furniture. -They make the environment relaxing and peacefull with not a lot of clutter and unneccessary “things�. -The restaurants and bars use lighting to create the atmospheres and natural woods and grasses to give the feel of the Fijian culture. -The resort is located on the beach yet there are some rooms in the hills and they create different feelings to each room to intigrate them into those surroundings.

Case Study on a Fijian Resort

Ivory Quartz Stacked Stone

Mohogany Hardwood

Bedroom Perspective

Native Mango Wood

Travertine Flooring

Lounge Perspective

Interior Perspectives and Materials As you walk into the Villa you enter into a hallway that is completly open to the elements and looks out over the water. To the left is the sunkin lounge with a glass and travertine floor. This tie into the water is one of the main elements along with the large mohogany beams. This space serves the guests with a space for relaxation with a large screen tv and bar area for drinks and some food.

To the right as you enter the Villa is the bedroom which is also designed with elements of mohogany beams, travertine floors, and also a clearstory and nana doors opening to the deck area. In the bedroom has a custom designed bed and shelving unit made of native mohogany and mango wood. The color scheme represents the sunsets of Fiji with reds, oranges, and pinks. As you sit back and relax, you can enjoy every aspect of the island of Fiji.

Presentation Boards This project was a team design where each person was given a space in the resort and we had to communicate and collaborate on design elements and presentation. This is the presentation boards that we put together to show the overall resort and what we wanted it to represent to the clients. This project was presented in front of several design professors, an architect, a hotel owner, and fellow classmates and design students.

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Janelle Baldock Portfolio  
Janelle Baldock Portfolio  

This is my design portfolio with work from my academic career