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Looking back at the Project 1 Goals, I felt like I went above and beyond with seeking peer response. Not only did we have our peer review in class, but I also asked one of my study buddies to look over it and today, just before turning my final in to blackboard, I emailed it to my friend, Olivia, up in New York to have her look over it. And good thing she did, because right in the first sentence I made a mistake that she caught upon reading my paper! I love that I was able to include pictures because I thought it really brought my writing to life; although, I do wish I had a few pictures of my Grandpa and I to include because then I think it would have evened out the paper a little better. Surprisingly enough, I didn’t include as much dialogue as I had imagined I would and I think that is mainly because my most vivid memories were the thoughts that were going through my mind at a certain time, not really what was said. Besides the dialogue goal, I still think all of my goals remained the same throughout the writing of my paper, and instead of the use of dialogue, I used voice in my writing. My goals definitely factored into my writing because if I wanted my paper to be the best it could be, then each of my goals had to be met. I see the most improvement and change in my final draft, I corrected grammatical and spelling mistakes and also included huge chunks of writing that didn’t even make an appearance until that final draft. Also, I felt the need to switch around the order of the CROTs and include pictures to make the writing, as a whole, more enjoyable to read. I feel like my topic was my favorite part about writing this paper. Looking back at how I was originally going to construct my writing, to my topic of “letting go”, I think the change really helped to improve my voice. I love how my first CROT was about emotionally letting go, then my second CROT being about physically letting go, and then my last CROT being about me both emotionally and physically letting go. I am really satisfied at the way my writing turned out!

Project 1 reflection