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WEEKLY NEWS 40 News, Results & Dates for Your Diaries The Week Ahead: Mon 18 Mar 2019 08:00 Clubs: Monday Maths & Debating 08:00 Maths Club: selected Y6s (Y6 classroom) 15:30 Club: Homework Club KS1 & KS2 15:30 Club: Monday Squad with Miss Rayner (selected Y3 & Y4) 15:30 Club: Multisports with Miss L Creegan 18:30 Club: Junior Chess Club (Pimlico Library) Tue 19 Mar 2019 08:00 Maths Club: selected Y6s (Y6 classroom) 13:20 Club: Tuesday Maths Club (Science Lab) with WUS 15:30 6th Form Club: Chess Club (Class 4), Rubik's Cube Club (Science Lab) 15:30 Club: Football with Miss L Creegan (selected Reception Year 3) 15:30 Club: Homework Club KS1 & KS2 15:30 Club: Tuesday Choir. Pick-up from St Gabriel's School SW1V 3AG at 5.00 pm (Choristers at 5.30pm) 18:45 Scouts (selected Y5s & Y6s) at St Gabriel's Hall Wed 20 Mar 2019 08:00 Club: Latin Club (Mr Hill's classroom), Italian Club (Class 6), Art Club (Science Lab), KS1 Reading (Mrs LeNeveu's classroom), Cricket (playground) 11:00 KS2 Strings: 11.00: Y6, 12.00: Y5, 1.00: Year 4, 2.00: Year 3. 15:00 Concert Group rehearsals (violin, viola and cello). 15:30 Club: Choristers. Pick-up from St Gabriel's Church SW1V 2AD at 5.30pm. 15:30 Club: Homework Club KS1 & KS2 15:30 Club: Wednesday Squad with Miss Rayner Thu 21 Mar 2019 08:00 Club: Early Morning Fitness 12:45 O2 Choir with Miss Gale (ICT Suite) 15:30 6th Form Club: Violin & Recorder Club (middle hall) 15:30 Club: Gardening 15:30 Club: Homework Club KS1 & KS2 15:30 Club: Thursday Squad (selected Y5&Y6) with Miss Rayner Fri 22 Mar 2019 08:00 Maths Club: selected Y6s (Y6 classroom) 10:20 Grammar Club (selected Y5s/Y6s) Y6 classroom 15:00 Whole School Assembly: Y4 presenting 15:30 Club: Homework Club KS1 & KS2 Sat 23 Mar 2019 09:00 Saturday Sports Y3&Y4: Football 9am, Street Dance 10am & Netball 11am 09:00 Saturday Sports Y5&Y6: Netball 9am, Football 10am, Street Dance 11am, Basketball 12pm & Table Tennis 1pm

Announcements: Last week’s whole-school attendance was 94.1%. This is well below our target of 97%. It was very disappointing to see that it was just a small group of 24 pupils who let us down last week. A special congratulations to Class 2 who achieved 98% attendance last week and had 22/23 pupils at school with 100% attendance. Aaisha Abderrahman Alfarouk Amir Andre Aya Alan Ayla

Erina Farida Hannah Jaiyana Jannat Joshua Kassem

Khadija Mariam Omran Ranya Saljana Sja Syeda Yunus

Saturday Sports:

Congratulations to the following pupils who attended Saturday Sports on March 9th. Year 6: Rana Ÿ Sana Ÿ Adam Ÿ Widad Ÿ Nuha Year 5: Yasmin Ÿ Eyad Ÿ Mohammed Year 4: Abdulrahman Ÿ Nasif Ÿ Moud Year 3: Gloria Ÿ Wasim


Thank you to all of the children and families for your efforts on Red Nose Day. Thank you also to all the Churchill Gardens staff who made this day possible.

Birthdays We are very sorry to have missed off Aara’s birthday in last week’s issue Lighting the Candle Thursday – Teena Friday – Amna Reading the Prayer Thursday – Rayan Y3 Friday – Jeremiah

22nd March Year 4 Assembly* 25th March Westminster Talks: Adriana DeLorenzo* (Tennis and lacrosse enthusiast) 3rd April KS1 Family Assembly* 4th April Worshipful Company of Musicians – Brass workshops* 4th April Year 6 Assembly, 3:00pm* 5th April Prize-Giving Assembly, 9:15am*

Diary Dates: 21st March Westminster Talks: Raghav Nayak* (Chess champion)

* items with an asterix denote events that parents are invited to attend.

" Mathematics Challenge 40 (Please give to Mrs Jurek by Thursday) Hard What is twelve thousand plus twelve hundred plus twelve? A 12 121 B 13 212 C 121 212 D 132 012

E 1 212 012

Puzzling Jamal tried to work out 12.7 + 3.85 on a calculator but he made a mistake and got the answer 397.7. Which of these is most likely to have been his mistake? A He pressed x instead of + B He pressed 21.7 instead of 12.7 C He pressed - instead of + D He pressed 35.8 instead of 38.5 E He missed out one of the decimal points Very Challenging Work out three times a quarter of four times a third of 12. A4 B 12 C 24 D 36 E 48 Write your full name: ………………………………………… Class: ……

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Weekly News 40  

Week beginning March 18th

Weekly News 40  

Week beginning March 18th