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There are a number of top baby name lists out there. You can find a variety of baby name lists including unique and unusual baby names. There are lists for Indian baby names and Irish baby names, Italian baby names, celebrity baby names, and even Hawaiian and Japanese baby names. What is the best baby name? Obviously, the best baby name is one that resonates with the mother. Some are chosen based on names of relatives or friends, while others may be based on the names of famous historical figures or celebrities. If you are looking for a little king there's Elvis. A starlet perchance? Try Marilyn or Madonna or Lindsey or Britney.

This might sound a little out there but some sources say that if the mother sits quietly and opens herself up to receiving the perfect baby name it will come to her. If you are searching for weird or uncommon baby names they are out there. You can also make up your own to be totally unique. Two that I made up are Velika for a girl (it has that Transylvanian ring to it!) and Karvanian for a boy. Who knows these may become the next popular names for boys and girls - or maybe not...

You might consider choosing your baby name based on the actual meaning of the name. For instance, if you are looking for a little princess you could name your baby Sara, which means princess from the Hebrew. If you want a strong boy try Ethan which means strong from the Hebrew again. The most popular boys name means Supplanter, while the most popular girls name means Industrious. You'll discover the names below. If you can't come up with your own unique baby names why not try some of the popular ones below. Below you'll find a list of not just the top ten baby names but the top 25 most popular boy names:


1) Jacob

12) Ryan

2) Michael

13) Nicholas

3) Joshua

14) David

4) Matthew

15) Alexander

5) Ethan

16) Tyler

6) Andrew

17) James

7) Daniel

18) John

8) William

19) Dylan

9) Joseph

20) Nathan

10)Christopher 11) Anthony

21) Jonathan 22) Brandon 23) Samuel 24)Christian 25) Benjamin


Below you'll find a list of the top 25 most popular girl baby names: 1) Emily

13) Grace

2) Emma

14) Alyssa

3) Madison

15) Sophia

4) Olivia

16) Lauren

5) Hannah

17) Brianna

6) Abigail

18) Kayla

7) Isabella

19) Natalie

8) Ashley

20) Anna

9) Samantha

21) Jessica

10) Elizabeth

22) Taylor

11) Alexis

23) Chloe

12) Sarah

24) Hailey 25) Ava &id=175371


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Do you know the top 100 baby names?  
Do you know the top 100 baby names?