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Jane Yajing Huang

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Bachelor of Architecture, 2006 – 2011 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Architecture, 2006 – 2010 RISD Scholarship Program, 2006 – 2011

American Institute of Architecture: Rhode Island (AIA RI) Scholarship Recipient, 2010

Arata Isozaki & Associates, Shanghai, China junior architect | 2012- present

Daroff Design + DDI Architects, Philadelphia , PA. USA designer | 2011- 2012

L.E.F.T LLC, New York, NY. USA Intern | 2010

Jane Yajing Huang

Crossboundaries Architects: the International Studio of BIAD, Beijing. China


HDR | CUH2A, Lawrenceville, NJ. USA


Intern | 2009

Intern | 2008 - 2009

RI Historic Preservation & Heritage Commission, Providence, RI Office Assistant | 2008 - 2011

Rhode Island School of Design : Architecture Department, Providence. RI Teacher Assistant | 2009 - 2011

Autocad 2D Autocad 3D Autocad Architecture Revit Rhino VRay Maxwell Grasshopper 3ds Max Sketcup Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Microsoft Office

Zhengzhou Sub CBD -120m Office Tower selected professional work

Arata Isozaki + Associates October-December 2012

建筑体量向上方渐渐收缩,周边的柱子向上方渐渐消失,某些 形成属于外围组成部分的小办公空间逐渐退去,内部的大办公 空间渐渐清晰。反之也如此。 白天,大小空间的交替变化提供了空间的透明度,柱距、柱子 形式以及阳台的错落关系形成了建筑外立面特征。 夜晚,大小空间的不同的照明形式让这种变化特征更加明显。 形成由空间本身带来的、自然的规则斜纹光带,并显现在建筑 的外立面上,与常规高层水平均一的办公照明的方式形成了本 质的不同。

general project description: This 120m office tower is located in Zhengzhou China. It is one of many towers built for the Sub CBD of Zhengzhou new economic zone. My main role for this project include code research, material research, parking structure layout, typical office level and double story level office level layout. For presentation and report, I worked on renderings, diagrams, model making, and report layout.

功能与消防分区 program and fire compartment

Typical Office Floor

标准办公层 标准办公层 typical office space typical office space

标准银行办公空间透视图 标准银行办公空间透视图 标准办公层由两种不同的办公空间组成,即四个角部的小柱距办公和中间十字型的大柱距的办公空间。 标准办公层由两种不同的办公空间组成,即四个角部的小柱距办公和中间十字型的大柱距的办公空间。 十字型的大柱距办公空间: 十字型的大柱距办公空间:

 大柱距提供了可自由布局的敞开式办公的可能,同时不设置梁底吊平顶, 大柱距提供了可自由布局的敞开式办公的可能,同时不设置梁底吊平顶, 吊顶形式直接利用梁的结构形式,既确保层高又具有形象特点的空间, 吊顶形式直接利用梁的结构形式,既确保层高又具有形象特点的空间, 并突破以往办公楼的均质平淡的室内效果。设备管线考虑设置在楼板下方。 并突破以往办公楼的均质平淡的室内效果。设备管线考虑设置在楼板下方。


大空间照明采用梁边采用间接照明照亮天花,因此, 大空间照明采用梁边采用间接照明照亮天花,因此, 大空间内部具有了不需室内装饰也可能得到的,土建自身所形成的优雅,整洁,独特的空间效果。 大空间内部具有了不需室内装饰也可能得到的,土建自身所形成的优雅,整洁,独特的空间效果。

四个角部的小柱距办公空间: 四个角部的小柱距办公空间:

小柱距办公空间主要分布在建筑四周,可作管理人员用房、小型会议及阳台之用。 小柱距办公空间主要分布在建筑四周,可作管理人员用房、小型会议及阳台之用。 小柱距空间的梁身较小,因此考虑梁下吊平顶,亦能确保足够的净高。 小柱距空间的梁身较小,因此考虑梁下吊平顶,亦能确保足够的净高。 设备管线直线设置在吊顶内,易于对应不同使用功能的特殊需要。 设备管线直线设置在吊顶内,易于对应不同使用功能的特殊需要。


小柱距整体的空间环境照明仍然主要采用间接照明,与大柱距空间在结构梁上的设置照明不同, 小柱距整体的空间环境照明仍然主要采用间接照明,与大柱距空间在结构梁上的设置照明不同, 这里采用在结构柱上设置圆盘型间接照明的方式,吊顶内暗设筒灯以满足办公空间的照明需要, 这里采用在结构柱上设置圆盘型间接照明的方式,吊顶内暗设筒灯以满足办公空间的照明需要, 并形成室内空间装饰上的点缀。大小空间之间可没透明隔断,可自然过渡。 并形成室内空间装饰上的点缀。大小空间之间可没透明隔断,可自然过渡。




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ĺ&#x160;&#x;č&#x192;˝ä¸&#x17D;ćś&#x2C6;é&#x2DC;˛ĺ&#x2C6;&#x2020;ĺ&#x152;ş program and fire compartment

Double Story Office Floor

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ĺ?&#x152;ĺą&#x201A;ĺą&#x201A;éŤ&#x2DC;ç&#x161;&#x201E;ĺ&#x160;&#x17E;ĺ&#x2026;Źĺą&#x201A; ĺ?&#x152;ĺą&#x201A;ĺą&#x201A;éŤ&#x2DC;ç&#x161;&#x201E;ĺ&#x160;&#x17E;ĺ&#x2026;Źĺą&#x201A; double void office space


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double void office space

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Technical Drawings

Elevator Section Drawing

Parking Level Drawing

Red Chamber of Dreams selected professional work

Arata Isozaki + Associates January 2013

general project description: This is a culture visitor center for a park developed from a traditional Chinese novel Red Chamber of Dream. This is one of three schemes presented to the client and was picked for the final development. My main role for this portion of the project was to develop this scheme from hand sketches, creating the form from the landscape. I also worked with the rendering company to create the final rendering and worked on the plans and section drawings.



nbc universal 30 rockefeller center 51st floor selected professional work

Daroff Design + DDI Architect Fall 2011

general project description: This is an interior renovation project for NBC Universal headquarter in New York City. My main role for this project was basic space planning, ceiling design, 3D modeling of the interior space as well as the furniture, photoshop and render floor plans.

rendered floor plan

reception area detailed study finished onsite reception interior

A – Bar Doors Open A – Bar Doors Open Bar: Lacquer Wood / Calacatta Marble top Bar: Lacquer Wood / Calacatta Marble toptop Buffet: Lacquer Wood / Calacatta Marble Buffet: Ash Lacquer Wood / Calacatta Marble top Doors: Wood Doors: Ash Wood

prefunction onsite interior

B – Bar Doors Closed B – Bar Doors Closed

prefunction study

Buffet: Lacquer Wood / Calacatta Marble top Buffet: Ash Lacquer Wood / Calacatta Marble top Doors: Wood Doors: Ash Wood


21%:(9*4+6'*&/5"4%&: ;5+6'*&. 21%:(9*4+6'*&/5"4%&:21;5+6'*&. JULY 2011

21 JULY 2011

5 5 16 MAY 2011 16 MAY 2011

multipurpose screening room

for screening

for functions

multipurpose onsite interior

meeting room rendered plan detail

meeting room perspective

meeting room onsite interior

shijiazhuang marriott hotel standard king mock-up room design selected professional work

Daroff Design + DDI Architect Spring 2012

general project description: This is an interior design project for the Marriot Hotel in Shijiazhuang China. My main responsibility for this project is to compose mood board, space planning, design develop elevations, material selections, markup materials for render, coordinate with renderers in china, render 2D plans and elevations, and prepare presentation packets for clients. I was responsible for the designing process of the mock-up rooms.

mood board for typical guestroom design

standard king guestroom headboard wall elevation

standard king guestroom tv wall elevation

standard king guestroom perspectives

scaffolding circulation selected academic work course: fes, morocco instructor: peter tagiuri + stephan rutz spring 2010

general project description: to propose a program to rejuvenate this old founduok in the old medina of fes morocco. by introducing a new circulation that is scaffolded into the existing structure, the integrity of the structure still remains itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s heritage, but a new life is introduced to revive the building.

diagram of added elements

screens added to provide privacy for the work/sleep spaces

the angel of the extended circulation inside the founduok retraces and maps the existing orientation and direction of the streets that contains these different crafts.

map of the medina

founduok for renovation


et e


added circulation for the public

carpet suq pottery suq booksellersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; suq carpenterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s suq


precious fabric+jewllery

traditional clothing suq

secondary/private circulation





house for 2 restaurant for 40 selected academic work collaborative study instructor: maria guest partner: irene guzman fall 2010

general project description: located in san paolo, brazil, we designed a house for a couple and a restaurant for forty. the site is located on the steep hill of morro, san paolo. the starting point of the project is the built environment, the steepness of the hill serves as the holding ground for the house, which sits on the 60m set back line. the restaurant is built on the existing foundation on the site closer to the water. these two buildings deals with the ground condition accordingly yet they create a juxtaposing dialogue between each other.

the restaurant The only way we could build pass the 60 meter set back line from the ocean is to build on top of the existing foundation slab. The programmatic requirements allowed the formal execution of restaurant to be divided into three â&#x20AC;&#x153;barsâ&#x20AC;?. These three bars shift on the horizontal axes on the existing foundation to create views and circulation in and out of the restaurant. The zigzag circulations bring visitors from the shore into the restaurant.



the house The zigzag path continues from the restaurant into the steep hill into the house for the owners of the restaurant. The house is consist of three distinct cubes. Each of the cube volume contains a separate program, connect by circulation with each other. The twist and rotational relationship between roof and ceiling is angled according to views, orientations, and site.







view from the master bedroom towards the restaurant and the ocean

view from the beach towards the restaurant and the house


thank you.

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2013 jhworksample