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==== ==== If you want the REAL truth on eating the correct foods for permanent fat loss, you can also watch our video on a strange tip on how to slim down fast by clicking here: ==== ==== What In The World Is A Detox Diet And How Does It Work? DETOX , the word refers to a method or a process which a person undergoes to detoxify or get rid of toxins from his body. In this process the individual experiences weight loss. Detoxification is prescribed to people with high fat content in an effort to curtail their extra fat and also provide them with a healthier life. Detoxification essentially aims at clearing the body of all toxins( harmful chemicals in the blood stream or other organs). Harmful chemicals or toxins accumulate in the sheaths of various organs like arterial walls or the spleen. This accumulation generally causes undulations in the otherwise normal working of the human body. Henceforth the person experiences health problems. A detox diet is necessary for the detoxification program. Detox mainly aims at making liver,lungs,bowels and the blood stream free of chemicals. The diet aims at removal of toxins or fortifying the above stated entities nutritionally. Foreign chemicals will enter the human body and this phenomenon cannot be forbidden. When these enter the blood stream the immune system reacts to them and acts towards getting rid of these toxins. The liver is responsible for converting these chemical compounds into other compositions which could be easily handled by the human body. The final chemical compounds are either assimilate by the body or thrown away. During the process of the formation of the simpler chemical compound from the original toxin the liver utilizes various chemicals produced by the body itself. All these phenomena occurring inside the body effects the weight of an individual. Undergoing fasts is best method to stem the rot of chronic ailments but the human body needs ingredients for its perfect working. The undelying menu is a diet plan which has given very good results for people. A detox diet plan is ought to be followed accurately for getting desired results. Breakfast: This meal should strictly consist of melons. Watermelon,cantaloupe, gala. Honeydew is generally prescribed by doctors. Lunch: One should have lunch until he caters to his hunger. Oranges, grapefruit, plums etc can be taken. Evening: Apples, bananas, pears. During and after the detoxification program the person should not exert too much physically. The individual may experience nausea, light headedness etc but he/she should persevere. Persevearance is the key to completely detoxify. Considerable amount of sleep is essential during this phase. The above mentioned plan is the first phase of the detox diet. This should be followed by a one month program during which the individual must dwell only ono raw food. There are numerous herbal detoxification diet programs prescribed by doctors.

For proper detoxification and functioning of the liver LIV-A Dandelion, gentian, red beet,goldenrod, parsley, horsetail,birch leaves should be included in the daily diet. The kidneys are the organs which are responsible for dispensing considerable amount of toxins from the bosy in tangible as well as intangible forms. For detoxification and hence effective functioning of the kidneys dandelion and uva ursi should be taken. The mentioned herbal items have been medically proved to be effective in detoxification. Lungs are the mainstay of the hamun body. Lh comfrey and chinese ephedra are some of the herbal products that should be used. While these herbal items are being taken the individual should not have junk food or fatty food. There is a profound reason behind this. There is no use for detoxifying the liver if the bowels contain a high percentage of junk food,oil etc. This would also have effected the kidneys before leaving the human body. Detoxification is process catering many other entities. There are various types of detoxification procedures which detoxify different parts of the body. Detoxification baths help in skin cleansing. Skin is one of the organs which dispense the toxins from the body. Various harmful heavy metals are dispensed off the body when we sweat. Rome was not built in a single day. Hence the toxins that one has accumulated in the blood over a number of years needs time to be removed. Patience and persevearance should be strictly doctored.

==== ==== If you want the REAL truth on eating the correct foods for permanent fat loss, you can also watch our video on a strange tip on how to slim down fast by clicking here: ==== ====

What In The World Is A Detox Diet And How Does It Work