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English Afrikaans Who Is the Real Ghislaine Pierre On October 17, 2013 by Catalina Nielsen Being a writer is a gift. Being a singer is no ordinary either. However, being both, that would be extraordinary like Ghislaine Pierre. She is one of the few people who never fail to enlighten the mind of people because of the inspirations she gives off out of her system. Not only through the words composed into a poem. But also through the music where she also sings her heart out. It is true that not all people re gifted to sing. But then, not everybody is good with the field that you are good at. So you have nothing to worry about because the loving Father is fair. He has given you an extraordinary skill that can be harnessed if you only have chosen to. Writing is a freedom of expression and the talent that is only received by some. If you aren’t got this gift, then you still have to be thankful because you are good at things that writers are not. And if you are a writer yourself, you have to be grateful too for you have the capacity to transform your thoughts into words that will be a great deal of inspiration to any person who happen to read it. Also, not all people can sing without going out of tune. All for the reason that only the chosen few can sing without breaking the glass walls surrounding them. This is the vibration of the vocal chords that sends the sweet music through the air coming from the diaphragm of the person. But if you both got it, consider yourself too blessed to be gifted white such. Not only that you can send the beautiful and sweet melodies levitating in the mid

air. You can also write the lyrics that are all a product of your experiences. Thus, considered to be a hard job by most individuals. Another great thing about her is that she talks and relate to her listeners. She speaks her heart out and tells them something that never fail to lighten up their fading glow. All of which were related and were experienced somehow by the entertainer herself to enjoy life an deep going despite of the million problems faced. If you do not have any idea who is talked about here, she is the girl who had once dreamed. Who had been beaten by miseries but she still never cease to see the brighter things in life. Thus, inspired her to move on and be better. Be better and do better to be a shining example to other people. It is needed that one person will be thankful for all the blessings that were received a well as the problems. All for the reason that it will brings lot of lessons that will guide her in her daily walks of life. Thus, will make her better, stronger, bolder, wiser, and better individual which has the ability to inspire other through her works that came from all the struggles and everything she went through. Ghislaine Pierre is one of the multi talented women of her generation. A writer and a singer, what more can you ask for. She has her website where she updates regularly to make sure that everybody will be well informed about the signing of books or gigs where we will keep inspiring people. Ghislaine Pierre at is known for being one of the greatest multi-talented artists of her time. To learn more about this amazing woman, visit today.

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