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Effect on my product

SD Camera

In pre-production here the camera was not at use yet as planning stages were happening at this time. The camera wasn’t used but was going to be in production.

In production I used this piece of technology to film my product. This was a successful piece of technology as I found no faults with using it. I found that this piece of technology was very good to use as it allowed me to try out shots and then watch them over to see if it really suited what I was trying to show from my script.

I used the camera again for any shots that needed to be refilmed. After feedback was given this piece of technology was still there and available for me to go back and reuse for any of the shots I did not think were good enough and could be improved.

This type of camera allowed me to film my product they way I wanted it to be shot and this effected my product by how the shots were filmed and how they turned out as a whole. It was one of the main pieces of technology that was used throughout my product as it enabled me to film my shots the way I wanted them to be shown to the audience and is why it was key to have this technology available.

Flip Camera

I used a flip camera to film my vox pop videos on my audience to ask for feedback on my idea. This new piece of media technology allowed me to gather information quicker and efficiently in terms of media and technology today.

I did not use a flip camera during this process due to I was using a SD camera at this stage to film my product. The flip camera was used before for my planning and research and my evaluation.

I used the flip camera again to film my evaluation. This helped my evaluation and the pieces of technology that I used within it break it up a bit. The video of me talking was another way of using technology today and was also a much faster process than writing on my blog.

The flip camera allowed me to film my audience and myself to gather information and also use it as a piece of new media technology. This was a great advantage as it saved time for me rather than typing it all onto my blog the flip camera allowed me to film myself and talk to the camera instead about what I intended to say about my product. It was very effective towards my work.


Blogger was used here to put all my research on that went towards my product and how it was going to effect my product. This allowed me to put on whatever and whenever I needed to put on work to show what has been put forward as my research and planning. This was a major advantage at this stage as it helped me branch my ideas out and put them as one.

I used to post weekly production logs to what challenges I faced and what went well during my filming. This allowed me to post onto my blog my daily actions throughout this stage for my production to show what I have been doing and how it was effecting my product. I thought this was a very effective way as it allowed me also to keep up to date with changes and work that I had done over this stage.

I used to put all my work up on and progression throughout the editing process like screen shots of what I edited whilst in class. I also used blogger here to put all my evaluation work up on all about my product and how it has been effected throughout the whole course.

Overall blogger has been a key piece of technology that I have used throughout my product as it has enabled me to put information together to put towards my final piece. This too was a very successful piece of technology that came good use to me.


I did not use iMovie at this point as I had nothing to edit with this programme at this point until it came to the production and postproduction stage.

I used to upload the footage I had at the time of filming. During the filming stage it allowed me to save the shots I had filmed so far and keep it safe.

I used to edit most of product to create the final piece. This also allowed me to put on any extras to my product to make it more appealing to my audience.

Again too this has been a key piece of technology towards my product to enable me to create the final piece. This has been a major advantage towards my product as without this certain piece of technology I wouldn’t have been able to edit my work they way I have.

I used to put my titles on and make sure the shots and sound where in sync.

This helped me finish my product as a whole.

Final Cut

final tech table  

table to show what tech was used in my product