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Miami University Ghana Design Build

Florence Architecture Workshop XS Gallery

Savannah College of Art & Design Encountering the Urban Position MOXIE Innovation through Hummility


Miami University

This seven-week design build brought me to Ghana, where myself and seventeen other students were granted the opportunity to design and construct two buildings to improve the small rural community of Abrafo Odumasi. Learning from the community we found that the local school was in need of teachers and to bring teachers to the community required incentive. By providing the community with two homes that would provide qualified teachers with the living arrangements they desire this incentive was reached.

Summer 2010 | Abrafo Odumasi, Ghana

Ghana Design Build

The Florence Architecture Workshop is a four day international competition open to architecture students of all nationalities. It was an urban design and architecture competition that provided participants with different educational backgrounds and experiences, the opportunity to collaborate and exchange ideas on issues of common architectural and urban importance of a historically significant open space within San Miniato, Italy. For this competition we took on the challenge of designing a museum engrossed by the urban context of historical San Miniato. We designed a structure that is meant to stimulate the human experience. A museum that pays reverence to the ancient architectural context of San Miniato while simultaneously introducing a new more modern visual language. We stitched the urban fabric by completing the site, in both a horizontal and vertical manner.

Our group believed that the best way to deal with this focal point was by defining the directional path of the urban movement into a nexus of energy. We finished the location by bringing back an ancient courtyard and un-birthing a higher source of unity, where individuals could gather in a courtyard and experience the view on a personal level. Overall we have managed to create a space, where people can come together by achieving our goals of respecting the cities history and completing its city plan.

Fall 2010 | San Miniato, Italy

Florence Architecture Workshop

plan key 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

ground floor

^ north


^ north

first floor

^ north

entrance hall ticket office / coat room museum shop cafe study center archive permanent exhibition spaces temporary exhibition spaces storage areas workshop for exhibition construction toilettes offices small conference room storage of conference room


section A

vertical connection

horizontal connection

site plan

^ north

Through exploration and experimentation this capstone studio provided an environment to understand how we as people interact with our surroundings. By focusing on specific locations both on campus and within Cincinnati, many shortterm projects were conducted to better understand ways to alter perception of space and material. These explorations lead to a Final Gallery show in which each student displayed an instillation constructed from locally sourced materials. As a studio we curated the exhibit, promoted the event, and held a gallery show open to the public.

Fall 2011 | Cincinnati, Ohio

XS Gallery

By laying canvas’s on the most traveled path on Miami Universities campus I observed the way in which art and alter a persons perception of a place. Those who passed by the canvas weren’t told what to do but were presented with various mediums in which they could express themselves with. The experiment was a success and was re-interpreted for the studios final gallery.

Perception | Oxford & Cincinnati, Ohio

After exploring and documenting three cities in and around Cincinnati I noticed each of them contained an unused railroad track. From there I collected copious amounts of dilapidated railroad ties and experimented with the different ways the wood could be manipulated. After cutting many of the pieces in half I discovered intricate patterns in the wood that I wanted to exploit. From there each piece was hung from the galleries ceiling and lit in a way to best show the piece in both its individual pieces as well as in its entirety. * This piece was purchased and is currently part of a collector’s gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio. Experimentation | Cincinnati, Ohio

Savannah College of Art & Design

By encountering the urban position of Savannah, GA this urban planning studio presented a possible answer to the cities need to expand. By developing Hunter Army Airfield, a 5,370-acre plot comprised primarily of wetlands, into an extension of the current city. The base, located within a few miles of Savannah’s Historic Landmark District had to pay homage to the historic district and connect to the area around the base, which has developed haphazardly throughout the bases history. By identifying primary circulation patterns and nodes of intersection, a grid was formed based on the historically significant and successful savannah ward.

Fall 2012 | Savannah, Georgia

Encountering the Urban Position

phase 1

phase 2

phase 3

phase 4

master plan

^ north

This vast, empty site accentuates the desolate, urban context of downtown Jacksonville. A mile from The Landings, where families and business people come together, this site is full of potential. MOXI is a museum is designed as a destination, an easily accessible area for people to experience nature within a dense, green-less city. With a program designed to educate and entice people of all ages, the site hosts a wide range of activities that the building teaches you about. Both the site and building encourage people to come into the downtown area in hopes of revitalizing downtown Jacksonville.

Spring 2013 | Jacksonville, Florida

museum of extreme interactive eucation


site plan key

1 2 3 4

site plan

^ north

boat docks community area bio swales slacklinning

5 6 7 8

yoga wind stalks hammocks stand-up paddle boards

9 10 11 12

minnesto underwater kites outdoor learning kiteboarding climbing wall

ground floor key 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

ground floor

^ north

lobby retail rental kitchen resturant janitorial storage utilities loading dock mechanical electrical technical

structrual plan

13 14 15 16 17

theater indoor stage outdoor stage green room courtyard

detail wall section

This thesis is a case study intended to demonstrate an alternative approach to humanitarian architecture; a process based in collaboration, education, and mutual understanding.

Spring 2014 | Kore, Ethiopia

Innovation through Humility

thesis timeline






Engage Community to Build Community

ity bil na i a st Su


Inf ras tru ctu re





process change share














clinic plan





site building plans



site development



exsisting site

front elevation

west elevation

section B

section D


2010 | Kumasi, Ghana

2010 | Abrafo Odumasi, Ghaha

2010 | Venice, Italy

2010 | Rome, Italy

2010 | Cairo, Egypt

2013 | Cheung Chau, Hong Kong

2014 | Yrgalem, Ethiopia

Fall 2012 | Kore, Ethiopia

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