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Fab Placez invites you to explore the world, with our Weekend Escapes to exciting destinations. Browse our popular vacation locations. Select one and take the virtual tour with our video vignettes to preview hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues.

You can customize our suggested itinerary to make the most of your time and favorite activities. Weekend Escapes are really all about YOU! We’re just here to help.

Walk Beijing is designed as a pointto-point walking guide for the adventurous, first time visitor to the Chinese capitol. Each walk begins at a Chinese landmark then proceeds to lesser touristy locations.

Walk Beijing serves best as a companion guide to major guide books. You won't find list upon list of hotels or restaurants. What you will find are five concise, easy-tofollow walking tours.

5 Walks Through Ancient Beijing: •Point-to-point maps •A proposed agenda •Direction Keys in English, Pinyin and Chinese to help you communicate easily •Subway directions •Health warnings

Whether you are a first time visitor to London or a frequent visitor, Walk London will enable you to explore the city in an organized and efficient manner.

Walk London offers ten selfdirected walking tours of the United Kingdom’s most recognized landmarks. Stops include museums, historical places, restaurants and entertainment venues.

It’s easy to personalize your London experience: • Overview: a summary of what you can expect to see and do. • Agenda: a list of each suggested stop with a brief description.

• Maps: easy to follow, point-topoint routes from arrival to departure. • Direction Key: direction guides, located before each new stop, take away the fear of getting lost in an unfamiliar location. • Information: stories, historical information and facts enlighten you and enhance your appreciation of that famous place.

All you have to do is have fun!

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Paris Walking Tour -  
Paris Walking Tour -  

Fab Placez invites you to explore the world... Find Weekend Escapes to exciting destinations, travel guides and self guided walking tours de...