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Preparing the ground for your hottub Every time when one wants to begin a new project, preparations are always in order so as to be found prepared. Whether it is a dairy or a horse project, sheds must be built and fodder bought early before one can bring the animals to their home. This is not only an issue of animals but a case of every kind of expansion that takes place in our lives. Now, with that idea already driven home, let us go to our main business in this article. We want to look at the necessary steps that are supposed to be put in place when one needs to buy a hottub or even to rent one for use at home. Many homeowners find themselves in trouble especially when it comes to the slanted patio for the installing of the hottub. The slab patio must be leveled properly in order to allow for the installation of hottubs in the right way. There are numerous methods which one can use for the leveling but the most popular method is that of cutting out the concrete slab. Other methods include the use of 2 by 4 shims or adding extra concrete for this purpose. The earlier method is however workable only if one has a slab that is not less than 8 inches in thickness as the beginning point. The slope should be at least 3 inches minimally. Below are some of the steps that you can follow in order to come up with a proper place for your hottub. 1. The first thing that you should do is to take measurements of the area where you would like to install the hottub. The area can be marked out clearly either with a chalk or whiteout. From where the initial measurements reach, add some 4 inches more on every side so that there can be sufficient room where some decorative rock or brick around the hottubs. 2. You should then determine the slope using a level to establish the distance between the marked area from each other. 3. Get a concrete cutting saw from a friend or local tools shop. One can also use a jack hammer for the purposes of breaking the concrete block which is cut off from the slab. 4. You should cut clear the part that you had marked off on the slab. Do not forget to use a level when cutting so that you can be sure that the ground is plane after the concrete removal. 5. Once the ground has been prepared. You should lay the level within the hole. Continue cutting off the concrete until the hottub bed is completely even. Place the hottub on the ground and make the necessary connections. 6. After this is done, you can go on and add water into your hot tub. You can then plant some flowers around hottubs for the purpose of decoration which makes the area more attractive. Make sure that you have the proper tools such as goggles and gloves which should be worn when doing all the cutting. All this is meant to be protective when preparing the ground for the hottubs.

Preparing the ground for your hottub