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VMR6512 HIFI Audio Transmition Board


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VMR6512 HIFI Audio Transmition Board



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HIFI Audio Transmition Board

General Description This is a simple board designed to demonstrate the basic function of V-Module’s HIFI Audio FM transmitter. It has a power connector, a stereo earphone jack and two buttons. Power supply is connected to the power connector, the voltage must be 2.7V3.6V. The audio signal is input from the earphone jack. 2 buttons are used to adjust the working frequency of the board. Each time the UP/DOWN button is pressed, the working frequency will increase/decrease 0.1MHz. It’s extremely easy to build some garget like in-car MP3 transmitter or in-house audio transmitter with this small board.  Characters * Supply voltage: 2.7-3.6v * Working current: <40ma * RF Power: 115dBuV * Working frequency: 76.0-108.0MHz * Transmitting range: >50m (open area, 75cm antenna, 100MHz) * Board size: 46mm x 30.5mm x 18mm * Weight: 12g User instruction * Power Connector:    2.7-3.6V DC power input. * Stereo Jack:  3.5mm jack,  Stereo audio input. * External Connector:    external pins used to control the on-board VMR6512 by external controller.

TESTIMONIALS IMHO Siliconray is the best online electronics store ever. I couldn’t finish my university project without their service. Before them I couldn’t find any supplier that has all the things I needed for my project within the budget. Siliconray not only sold me the components and tools at very good price but also gave me a lot of advice on my project. Thanks Siliconray!

Fabio Moris - Nigeria I searched a transistor on Siliconray one day, but found no result. Then I Sent an inquiry online and I got feedback from their customer service immediately. The transistor I needed was listed on the website the very next day. AMAZING!!

* Button UP/DOWN:   Buttons used to change the working frequency of the board. Each time they are pressed down the working frequency will increase/decrease 0.1MHz. * Antenna pad:   RF output. Simply connect a wire to this pad. Optimized length is 1/4 wave length of working frequency, for[2012-1-31 10:31:54]

Jim Groove - USA Today I received my first order from SiliconRay. One word: EXCELENT! All the components were well packaged, and really liked the package-box. Thanks for the great

VMR6512 HIFI Audio Transmition Board - Boards | Kits | Components | Modules | Tools example, 75cm for 100.0MHz

service, will buy more in the future for sure!


Fausto Junior - Brazil

* Default working frequency is 100.0MHz

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* When up/down button are pressed simultaneously, the working frequency will be reset to 100.0MHz. * Do Not power the board with voltage higher than 3.6V. If a li-on battery is used, an 1N4148 diode(or other silicon diodes) should be connected between the battery and the VCC pin of the power connector.

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VMR6512 HIFI Audio Transmition Board