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Jane Yajing Huang

Jane Yajing Huang 609.865.6173. yhuang

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Bachelor of Architecture, 2006 – 2011 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Architecture, 2006 – 2010 RISD Scholarship Program, 2006 – 2011

American Institute of Architecture: Rhode Island (AIA RI) Scholarship Recipient, 2010

Daroff Design + DDI Architects, Philadelphia , PA. USA designer | 2011- present

Maria Guest Studio, Boston, MA. USA collaborative study internship | 2010

L.E.F.T LLC, New York, NY. USA Intern | 2010

Crossboundaries Architects: the International Studio of BIAD, Beijing. China Intern | 2009

HDR | CUH2A, Lawrenceville, NJ. USA Intern | 2008 - 2009

RI Historic Preservation & Heritage Commission, Providence, RI Office Assistant | 2008 - 2011

Rhode Island School of Design : Architecture Department, Providence. RI Teacher Assistant | 2009 - 2011

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work samples


selective academic work

la salle cultural center

scaffolding circulation

founduok of workshops

house for 2, restaurant for 40

selective professional work

nbc universal 51st floor Interior

shijiazhuang marriott hotel

selective academic work

la salle cultural center course: advance studio elective instructor: Andre Schmidt & Yu Morishita spring 2009 partner: Sean Lee

general project description design a cultural center that is located inside the central loop in downtown chicago. since the site is close to the interchanging cta line and next to the la salle train station, it allows the proposed cultural center to attract a large number of people from different layers of society. the design should show the understanding of different forms of transportation that brings people to the site. the building itself will become a space that produce and experience art and culture. a set of program was given with approximate square footage.

the mile Chicago grid grid 1/2 mile grid


large performance hall

small performance hall exhibition spaces cafe meeting rooms shop social spaces cinema workshop


site existing building existing street

future development

existing building

administration meeting rooms training room cinema workshop mediatheque cafe


exhibition spaces future development

large + small performance halls

programmatic distribution

using the chicago grid as a funnel, the given programs are divided accordingly into two separate categories. the theaters are separated to create a contrast between the rest of the programs. the theaters reflect the surroundings during the day and glows during the night. the rest of the programs along with two empty lots open for future developments creates a shield for the theater building.

circulation diagram

La Salle Train Station

scaffolding circulation course: fes, morocco instructor: peter tagiuri + stephan rutz spring 2010

general project description: to propose a program to rejuvenate this old founduok in the old medina of fes morocco. by introducing a new circulation that is scaffolded into the existing structure, the integrity of the structure still remains it’s heritage, but a new life is introduced to revive the building.

the angel of the extended circulation inside the founduok retraces and maps the existing orientation and direction of the streets that contains these different crafts.

map of the medina

founduok for renovation

carpet suq pottery suq booksellers’ suq carpenter’s suq

precious fabric+jewllery

traditional clothing suq

diagram of added elements

screens added to provide privacy for the work/sleep spaces


et e



added circulation for the public secondary/private circulation





founduok of workshops course: fes, morocco instructor: peter tagiuri + stephan rutz spring 2010

general project description: to propose a program to rejuvenate the median as a studio and individually design a section of the old city. a series of studios and shops are being proposed to increase commerce and bringing people into the medina. the existing buildings are proposed to be torn down and the new buildings are to be built in using the same materials and technics but architecturally modernize the 13th century city.

in order to create a porosity between the plaza and the south side of the medina, the buildings that are being rebuilt are reconstructed on the existing footprint while leaving glimpse of alleyways in between. this allow for visual and physical connections between the two sides of the river. these buildings that are proposed to be rebuilt are going to house a series of workshops that have store fronts for commercial usage. they will provide spaces for jewelers, weavers, traditional Moroccan clothes makers and sellers. N




the gaps between the rebuilt buildings allows for circulation to the other side of the plaza when the water level is low. the gaps also allow direct passage that links beyond the plaza so the changes implied on the plaza could begin to develop throughout the medina.



house for 2 restaurant for 40

collaborative study instructor: maria guest partner: irene guzman fall 2010

general project description: located in san paolo, brazil, we designed a house for a couple and a restaurant for forty. the site is located on the steep hill of morro, san paolo. the starting point of the project is the built environment, the steepness of the hill serves as the holding ground for the house, which sits on the 60m set back line. the restaurant is built on the existing foundation on the site closer to the water. these two buildings deals with the ground condition accordingly yet they create a juxtaposing dialogue between each other.

the restaurant the only way we could build pass the 60 meter set back line from the ocean is to build on top of the existing foundation slab. the programmatic requirements allowed the formal execution of restaurant to be divided into three “bars�. these three bars shift on the horizontal axes on the existing foundation to create views and circulation in and out of the restaurant. the zigzag circulations bring visitors from the shore into the restaurant.



the house the zigzag path continues from the restaurant into the steep hill into the house for the owners of the restaurant. the house is consist of three distinct cubes. each of the cube volume contains a separate program, connect by circulation with each other. the twist and rotational relationship between roof and ceiling is angled according to views, orientations, and site.







view from the master bedroom towards the restaurant and the ocean

view from the beach towards the restaurant and the house

selective professional work

nbc universal 30 rockefeller center 51st floor

Daroff Design + DDI Architect currently in construction space planning ceiling design 3d modeling of selective spaces using sketchup 3d modeling of furniture photoshop and render floor plans photoshop perspectives

rendered floor plan

perspective of reception

prefunction bar perspective

prefunction bar on site detail photo

multipurpose screening room: rendered plan options

multipurpose screening room: perspective views

meeting room rendered plan detail

meeting room perspective

meeting room current site photo

shijiazhuang marriott hotel standard king mock-up room design

Daroff Design + DDI Architect currently in design development phase compose mood board space planing design and develop elevations materials selection markup materials for renderer coordinate with renderers in china render 2d plans and elevations prepare presentation packet for client

mood board for typical guestroom design

standard king guestroom headboard wall elevation

standard king guestroom tv wall elevation

standard king guestroom perspectives

please contact for additional work thank you

jane huang sample work  

sample work

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