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Learning through Lockdown


An Interview with Mrs Wells


Southbrook School Writer’s Zone


A Trek up Mount Richardson


Whānau Fun Evening


2020 Swimming Sports


The Enviro’Group


Learning Buddies


Weird and Random Facts


Art at Southbrook

Learning through Lockdown Written by Reeni-Rose Dolan

to stay strong, stay safe and stand as a team. At Southbrook we have also had to adapt our learning by bringing school into our homes.

2020 got off to a rocky start. The Whakaari White Island explosion, the Australian bushfires and now a Covid 19 global pandemic have made the last few months a year like no other. Kiwis have experienced ups, downs and some craziness too, like panic-buying toilet paper, overuse of the word ‘bubble’ and the sudden appearance of teddy bears in strange places. Despite this New Zealanders have come out stronger than ever. Everything changed for us with the announcement on 23 March by Jacinda Adern. School, work, hobbies, taking a dip in the public pool; we had to change our daily activities to meet the challenges of 1

a global pandemic. While this has been scary at times, and many of us have had to make sacrifices (for Aoraki it means we have missed out on our Wellington Camp) we knew we were all going through this together and needed

Our teachers changed to using tools like Google Hangouts and Google Classroom, Seesaw and Studyladder, and we managed to educate ourselves in our homes.

Mrs Walls and our teachers recorded messages for us, and we even had virtual assemblies. There are a lot more destinations in home learning and it was a very different school experience to what we were used to. Now we are back at school and we can finally see our friends again but at the start it was important to remember to socially distance. When I first saw my friends again I wanted to give them the world's biggest hug, but instead we created a cool new way to interact - we used our elbows. In Teoteo they used some eyebrow wriggles. And everyone used lots and lots of hand sanitiser!

Te Awa - ‘if it’s in our hands, let’s take care of each other.’

With an incredible government and a team of 4.886 million we have this virus under control. I believe Jacinda Ardern and Dr. Bloomfield deserve a special thanks as they made some of the tough, life changing decisions that saved Kiwis lives.

We are so proud to be living in Aotearoa, knowing that the New Zealand government has worked around the clock to keep Kiwis safe.


Te Awa (Year 5-6) My Memorable Lockdown Moment: - Was making tortillas for my family. (Hazel) - I liked baking biscuits. (Elijah) - Seeing my Dad after Level 3. (Isabella) - I enjoyed taking out my dog with my Dad and baking with my Mum. (Grace) - I loved being able to do my work in my time in lockdown. (Quinn) - Doing science experiments with my children and seeing how excited they were with the results. (Mrs Owens) - Being with my cat, some drawing, sometimes baking and hanging out with my family. (Janaya)

Learning happened at home and, at Level 3, in our school bubbles too.

Teoteo (Year 0-1)


Mrs Wells

Written by Elise Reid and Nikki Hare

Mrs Wells has worked at Southbrook School for a very long time. Some of us have known Mrs Wells since we were 5 years old and some of us have parents who remember Mrs Wells when they were at Southbrook.

Mrs Wells is very humble and doesn't talk about herself but we asked her a few questions to get to know her better.

How long have you been working at Southbrook School? Probably about 20 years. Mrs Wells is the person we see What do you call your role at when we are hurt, when we’ve Southbrook? ​Admin. lost our jerseys, when we need a What is your favourite thing about plaster or something printed and working here? when we have left our lunch boxes Dealing with the children. at home. No-one has ever seen Do you have any pets? Mrs Wells grumpy. She is a Yes, I have a cat and a dog. kind-hearted and friendly person, What is your favourite song? and she knows everyone’s name, Shotgun and everyone's families.

What do you do in your spare time? Lots of gardening, looking after my pets and reading books. Who is your celebrity crush? (laughing) ​I wouldn’t have a clue, I'll have to think about that. What is your biggest pet peeve? I will have to think about that as well. If you weren’t working at Southbrook School what would you be doing right now? Reading a book. What is your favourite ice-cream flavour? Hokey pokey. Do you prefer sweet or savory? Sweet. What’s your favourite food? ​Roast chicken. What do you enjoy most about helping people at Southbrook? Making them feel good.


Southbrook School Writers’ Zone

Southbrook School writers have amazing imaginations. They have used their writing skills to weave exciting tales for us to enjoy.

The shed became a shop. There was… a ship and an old dish.

By Liam, Year 2

The Big Bad Wolf

The wolf is big and fast like a Lamborghini. He has pointy ears that are soft like velvet. He has sharp teeth. He has big black paws with sharp claws. Written by: The Pīwakawaka Literacy Group (Teoteo Learning Space)

By Amber, Year 8

Seth put red ketchup on his finger and said “help, help, a possum bit my finger,” and he laughed.

By Jordan, Year 2

The Big Wind Day Me and my family went up the hill. Mum wore her best hat and the wind went hooooo.

By Bella, Year 2


Kiwiana By Evelyn, Year 2

The King and the Cockerel

Little Pig

There was a little, pink pig. He was scruffy and dirty. The little pig has a wet snout. His hair was coarse and short. He had a curly, twirly little tail. The little pig made a loud snort noise. Written by: The Pīwakawaka Literacy Group (Teoteo Learning Space)

Illustration by Xanthe, Year 2

The King had big, baggy pants. He was cross with the rooster, but he did not sit on him.

It was the big wind day. Dad’s wig blew off and the wind went hooooo.

By Elise, Year 2

Illustration by Chloe, Year 2

Written by: The Pukeko Group, Year 2-3 (shared writing - Ngā Manu Nui)

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Mum wore her best hat on the big wind day.

By Maisie, Year 2


Toothfairy, Santa, forgot...

Dad was cross and the wind went hoooo. By Aria, Year 2

This is a quick write where we had to use the three words above somewhere in our story. One sunny day the Tooth Fairy and Santa forgot what their job was. It was bad because someone had lost a tooth and it was Christmas Eve. In the morning the person that lost the tooth didn’t get any money. No one got any presents and, because that had happened, the universe turned into a dark and horrible place. Everyone was mean and horrible to each other. A tornado appeared out of nowhere… but no one saw it because everyone was too busy fighting. Everyone got sucked up in the tornado and was transported to another dimension. But this dimension was a super happy place which made them calm and happy. They got transported back and the universe was saved. By Casey, Year 4

The King and the Cockerel

Illustration by Stellan, Year 3

The King is so big. He has baggy pants and he likes gold and diamonds and treasure. The king is mean.

Butterfly Life Cycle

First there are eggs. Then the eggs hatch and they are caterpillars. The caterpillars eat leaves and grow, After that, they attach to a leaf and make a j shape. Then the caterpillars make cocoons. We think the caterpillars will turn into butterflies. Written by: The Kiwi Literacy Group (Teoteo Learning Space)

Illustration by Natalia, Year 3

Written by: The Kereru Group, Year 2-3 (shared writing - Ngā Manu Nui)


The King and the Cockerel

Illustration by Leyton, Year 3

The King has the biggest pants in the world.

By Oscar, Year 8

Illustration by Jordan, Year 2

Written by: The Tui Group, Year 2-3 (shared writing - Ngā Manu Nui)


It was a big wind day. There were quizzes and cats and dogs in the wind. By Xanthe, Year 2

By Nikki, Year 7

Locally Owned and Operated Family Business Thank you for supporting us

By Shaylee, Year 3 ​9

Kiwiana By Bella, Year 2

Mrs Marsh and the team at the top of Mt Richardson

A Trek Up Mt Richardson Written by Oliva Broderson and Meaghan Reid

It was a cold morning, and all the Aoraki kids gathered in the classroom. The teachers called out the role to check everyone had arrived and then teachers called out the car groups and the walking groups. If you had a parent with you on the trip then you already knew which car you would be in, if not then you had to listen carefully. Everyone was excited but some were nervous too. Soon everyone was ready to leave. We raced to the parents’ cars and drove to the track.

We gathered in the steep car park and stood with our parent groups. Group 1 went first up the mountain then group 3 then finally after a few minutes group 2 went.

We started walking on the Mt Richardson track and it was fine at first but it soon got ​very​ steep. It was such a steep angle most of the way, we had to stop every 5 minutes just to catch our breath. We were all sweating and panting a lot when we finally reached the top.

It soon got v​ ery​ steep


The top of the mountain was warm and sunny, so we all relaxed and ate our food. The teachers took a class photo to remember this day, then we took our separate group photos and went back down. We were at the top of the mountain for about 30 minutes.

It was really hard to come down the mountain because it was so steep! Everyone was slipping on the loose rocks and stones. Some people ended up with grazes and bruised bottoms (including some of the adults). But soon enough we all got to the bottom of the mountain. While the first groups back were waiting for other groups, Mrs Sollitt showed us where to find and pick some wild blackberries off the bushes. They were YUM!

All the teachers, parents and students were very tired. But we were really proud of ourselves.


Aria enjoying a Pedalmania bike ride.

Whānau Fun Evening Written by Faith Gutsell and Tayla Gutsell

The sun was shining in our eyes, the air was hot. Families were gathered around the school. It was the 2020 Whānau Fun Evening.

The Whānau Fun Evening is a great chance for families to spend time together, meet other families and enjoy our school pool or a hāngi. This year the Whānau Fun Evening was held at the start of Term 1. Pedalmania was a real highlight, and everyone enjoyed going on the bikes, even the adults. At one stage

we counted about 30 people riding around on the bikes. Some of the bikes were crazy and funny looking - there were 5-wheelers, triple tandems, bikes with sidecars, choppers with banana seats, and even some bikes made out of wood, metal The 3 seated bikes were really popular pipes and pram wheels!


Little kids, big kids and adults were all excited to play on the crazy bikes and also try out different bikes to ride on. Some people went over to Hegan reserve to hang out together, but most families set up blankets and found a space to sit and have dinner near the pool and Pedalmania area. Some families brought a picnic dinner with them and others had ordered some kai from the hāngi. The Campbell family enjoyed some hāngi food and commented that “the hāngi is delicious.” The Hide family brought their own food and we asked them why they chose to come to the fun evening.

Mrs Hide said that ‘we remembered how much fun it was last year, and the boys are really looking forward to riding the bikes’

Lots of children had fun in the pool. We saw people jumping off the slide, doing front flips and trying to make the biggest splash. The belly flops looked painful, but everyone was laughing and having fun. Mya shared with us that the pool was ‘a little bit cold, but I’ll get used to it.’ It was far too cold for us reporters!

2020 Swimming Sports Written by Elise Reid, Cullum Morgan and Nikki Hare

The 2020 swimming sports were held in Term 1. We travelled by bus to Dudley Pool on a cool morning. Everyone was chatty and a bit nervous. The races we were about to compete in were freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and the three length race with a different style for each length.

In the weeks before the swimming sports Aoraki whānau groups practised in the school pool. Mrs Sollitt taught everyone to do backstroke and freestyle and how to breath properly. Lots of us found it really helpful, especially the breathing part. Mrs Sollitt is really good at giving feedback to help us learn.

Every swimmer gave it their best shot and some people had sore throats from cheering for their friends. After everyone finished the races, we had a free play in the water, which was really fun. We came back to school with red eyes, wet, exhausted and sore but really proud of ourselves and each other. The swimming sports was a great part of the term.


The Enviro’Group Written by Stevie Chinnery-Johnson

The Enviro Group is important to many of our Southbrook kids. The work they have done has made a big difference to how good our school looks. Although lots of other people put work into the Enviro’ Group we decided to interview one of the most regular members, Cullum Morgan. Mrs Reid said that Cullum and his friends have been working super hard and have come to every Enviro’ Group meeting and activity. They have been involved in creating a path to the gate near Hegan Reserve, weeding out the vege patch, digging holes for wood poles in the native area and lots of other projects. Here are some of the things we asked Cullum. What is the most difficult thing about being in Enviro’ Group? Getting everyone to work as a team. What made you want to join? My dad made me want to be in an Enviro’ Group. What are some of the achievements for the Enviro’ Group this year? The path and the whare we are making.

Cullum and his friends Troy and AJ have put a lot of mahi into Enviro’ Group projects.


Learning Buddies Written by Rose Walker and Tayla Gutsell

One of the best things about being in Aoraki is that you get to be a learning buddy to some of the children in Teoteo. We asked some Aoraki kids about their experience as learning buddies.

Piper:​ “It’s great, it's really cool hanging out with them and sharing secrets.” Taylor Low:​ “I very much enjoy spending time with mine.” Reeni:​ “It is good if your buddies are focused and they respect you while they’re learning, as you're teaching them. I am pretty connected to my buddy. We’re like siblings, you know!” Olivia​: “Yes, I enjoy spending time with my learning buddy because she listens to me. We pretty much have fun together. We also enjoy doing our mahi with each other.” Faith​: “I enjoy seeing my buddy and helping her with her numbers and giving her hugs. And teaching her games and with her mahi. And helping her with her reading.”




Weird and random facts!​


Written by Meaghan Reid

The Queen owns all the swans in England.

Spider webs were used as bandages in ancient times. The shortest war in history lasted 38 minutes.

A cloud can weigh more than a million pounds. Shadows are darker on the Moon

Crying makes you feel happier.

The Russians arrived 12 days late to the 1908 Olympics because they were using the wrong calendar.

At least one of the colors of the Olympic flag appears on all the national flags

Australia has pink and purple lakes.

Candy floss was invented by a dentist. Ice blocks were invented by an 11-year-old by accident.

Elvis Presley's manager sold "I Hate Elvis" badges. In the Philippines, McDonald’s serves spaghetti.

Most wasabi paste isn’t real wasabi.


People used to say “prunes� instead of “cheese� when having their pictures taken.

Before toilet paper was invented, Americans used to use corn cobs

Art at Southbrook

Bubbles By Mikayla, Year 2

Ratty Tatty Cat By Jordan, Year 2

Bubbles By Hiyori, Year 2

Kiwiana By Bella, Year 2

Bubbles By Leyton, Year 3


Tapa Cloth designs By Te Awa, Year 6-7

Double Dip Ice Cream By Jayde, Year 4

Bubble By Stellan, Year 3

Chocolate Bar By Leighton, Year 3


Pizza and Ice Cream By Victoria, Year 4

Self Portrait By Tynan, Year 0

Self Portrait By Bella, Year 0

Self Portrait By Jett, Year 0

Tapa Cloth designs By Te Awa, Year 6-7

Kiwiana By Liam, Year 2

Kiwiana Maisie, Year 2

Bubble Natalia, Year 3