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Hot Essence


Cool Mask

First in the world, skin temperature control mask using hydrogen! Hot & Cool Pore Care Mask Pack



Hot Scaling Essence created by only technology of Lisse provides the energy of life deep into the skin when hydrogen base ingredient keeping warm thermal feeling combines with cooling mask pack to generate over 1000ppb high concentration hydrogen, the best antioxidant ingredient.

With warm thermal feeling, open the pore to melt extra fine waste & old dead skin cell Permeate nutrition of hydrogen deep into the skin With the combination of essence nourishment and hydrogen Help skin blood circulation to recover the tired skin fast

Active oxygen (OH)

Combine Active oxygen (OH) and Hydrogen(H)

Became Water

�With cooling sheet using eco-friendly and human-friendly cotton material, ke ep cooling for a long time to skin without skin stimulation and contain the nu trition ingredient and moisture and develop to deliver the essence ingredient to s kin effectively � Spread natural bio polymer to the sheet itself to carry the active ingredients Contain the nutrition ingredient and moisture and develop to deliver the essence ingredient to skin effectively Add coolant so that the cooling effect to appear when contact with water Use the eco-friendly and human-friendly cotton material from natural cotton Adhere the fine adherence to curved skin side closely to deliver the active ingredients effectively.

Adhere the fine adherence to curved skin side closely to deliver the active ingredients effectively

Before Absorption

Infrared camera

Adherence (survey after Clench and unclench fist 10 times)

After absorption

• Approximately 2 degrees lower than normal mask after adhering to cooling mask •  Sustained Cooling Effect after until 20 minutes after attaching •  Immediately after removal, the temperature increase is greater than the normal mask, thus maintaining the cooling effect

[ Normal Mask ]

[After ataching]

Before attaching [ Cooling Mask ]

[ after 5 min.]

[ after 10min.]

[ after 15 min.]

[ after 20 min.]

[ after removal]

Trinity System, created by Lisse’s unique technology, provides an amazing skin transformation within a short period of time through the perfect harmony of 3 key functions.

3 step care as black head care, pore elasticity and skin texture improvement available at once! Double action of thermal hydrogen essence and cooling hydrogen pack for perfect skin texture and pore care Containing EGF and peptide ingredient to make skin more elastic and volume

1. Peppermint, Portulaca oleracea L. and Gold extract §  remove the harmful ingredients and wastes.

2. Cinnamomum Cassia Bark extract §  Discharge accumulated waste from the skin

3. Propanediol §  Provide moisture to skin to keep moist skin without pulling

1. Origanum Vulgare Leaf extract §  Remove skin harmful substance to raise skin immunity

2. Peptide and EGF ingredients §  Make the pore more elastic and smooth

and provide elasticity to aged skin

1. Organic Centerlla Asiatica extract

2. Chamaecyparis Obtusa Leaf extract

§  Provide moisture, supplying nutrition and skin calming effect

§  Improve the skin tone to be clear and bright, also strengthen

§  Madecassic acid ingredient help dermatitis and injury

immunity. .

3. Plant stem cultured cell extract §  Make the skin barrier strong and healthy to make the glossy skin texture.

4. Squalan §  Form the skin protective film to the skin to prevent to accumulate dead skin cell and help to make skin smooth

Lisse REAL HYDROGEN Hot & Cool Pore Care Mask  
Lisse REAL HYDROGEN Hot & Cool Pore Care Mask