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Ø Warm thermal effect of hydrogen oil and pack cleanser for dual deep cleansing inside the skin Completely eliminate invisible waste and fine residue through 3~4 times of use a week. Ø Firmer skin, tighter pores and slimmer line through Glycine max (soybean) phytoplacenta extract and collagen! Ø Healthier and stronger skin through immunity strengthening ingredients such as honey, propolis, royal jelly extract, etc.

“Hydrogen water oil that dissolves tiny dead skin cells and opens pores with heat to completely remove fine waste” Born with Lisse’s unique technology, EXFOLIATING OIL generates high concentration hydrogen water with over 1000ppb as the hydrogen water base in the oil combines with Gold Rose Hot Steam Pack, providing the energy of life deep into skin Now, you can conveniently feel the energy and power of hydrogen anytime, anywhere.

Active oxygen (OH)

Combine Active oxygen (OH) and Hydrogen(H)

Became Water

Trinity System, created by Lisse’s unique technology, provides an amazing skin transformation within a short period of time through the perfect harmony of 3 key functions.

skin barrier reinforcing

Enhancement in skin’s self-regeneration, reinforcement of skin barrier, improvement in cutaneous circulation. 3-step Premium skin immunity reinforcement solution Dual action of hydrogen water and hydrogen oil to provide high concentration nutrition to skin Firmer and healthier skin with premium ingredients such as rose oil, propolis, royal jelly, etc.

Self- regeneration

skin circulation improvement

Rich in protein, lecithin and vitamin A & E to provide beneficial nutrients to skin

Aquaxyl is a patented ingredient that stimulate hyaluronic acid, which adjusts moisture circulation in skin layer to the best condition and forms a barrier to retain moisture for a long time. It also is outstanding in anti-aging and wrinkle care effects.

Gently hugs the skin with the formation of film and gives vitality to skin barrier

Gives strength in skin regeneration through rich vitamins, minerals and amino acid

Has moisturizing and soothing effect of skin troubles

Known for being consumed only by the queen bee, it contains protein to help declined skin immunity

Maintains skin health, prevents dehydration and supplies moisture

Glycine max (soybean) phytoplacenta extract that is extracted from germinated soybean, which promotes self-regeneration of skin and helps protein synthesis in skin

Maintains balance of female hormone and facilitates blood circulation in skin to make skin healthy and soft

Skin that is easily irritated with fine stimulation If you are worried about make-up residue even after multiple cleanser If you want soft skin without tightness after washing face If you have wide pores and are concerned about blackhead If you are concerned about blemish and decrease in firmness

A) Lightly shake hydrogen oil and use the pipette to place a drop or two on dry face. Lightly rub. (Massage until the heat disappears) B) Take moderate amount of Pack Cleanser using a spatula and rub all over the skin. (Rub a little longer if you have make-up on.)

Dry skin with frequent make-up

C) Wet face to make fine, milky foam. Rub lightly once again and thoroughly wash with warm water.

Saggy skin with dark circles

D) Finish off by lightly patting with cold water.

If you want deep cleansing

* Use 3~4 times a week. (The heat generated on skin may vary depending on skin condition. It is not a product defect, so you can use it at ease.) * Please avoid getting the product in the eyes

If you have frequent skin troubles due to decreased skin immunity If you want skincare pack and make-up remover at the same time

Lisse REAL HYDROGEN Gold Rose Oil Pack  
Lisse REAL HYDROGEN Gold Rose Oil Pack