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Black Jelly Hot Cleanser Super Fine hydrogen water

Opens pores with warm thermal pack effect to cleanse fine dust, dead skin cell, waste and make-up residue completely

Hot pore-care pack

Hydrogen Water100%, Rich hydration deep inside skin with hydrogen water

honey & collagen charcoal powder

Firmer and smoother skin with various nourishing ingredients such as honey, collagen, charcoal powder, etc.

Thermal pack & Fine hydrogen water & Cleanser in one! Fine-particle hydrogen water, pore-care pack and cleanser in one for better cleansing and skin nourishing care~

Super Fine Hydrogen Water The tiniest matter in the world, hydrogen is excellent in removing toxic oxygen in the skin and aging prevention, and is reported in numerous studies and mass media to have antioxidant activity that is 176 times more than vitamin C and 865 times more than co-enzyme Q10.

Active oxygen (OH)

Combine Active oxygen (OH) and Hydrogen(H)

Became Water

Special Ingredients of Black Jelly Hot Cleanser Naturally derived natural oil ingredients Orange oil, sunflower seed oil and oil peel oil for smoother and softer skin!

Excellent in skin aging/acne improvement and aroma therapy effect

Excellent in hydration, prevention of dehydration and antioxidant effect

Supplies good nutrition to skin through rich protein, lecithin, vitamin A&E, etc.

Special Ingredients of Black Jelly Hot Cleanser Charcoal powder and shea butter Charcoal powder eliminates skin waste completely and shea butter enhances moisturizing power! Effective in waste absorption, skin purification, dead skin cell improvement, skin firmness improvement

Honey and Collagen

Maintains skin health, prevents dehydration and supplies moisture.

Protect skin barrier and provide vitality

Protects skin and has anti-aging effect

Forms skin film to gently hug skin, vitalizes skin and helps beneficial ingredients to be absorbed quickly.

Special Ingredients of Black Jelly Hot Cleanser Vegetable placenta and patented Aquaxyl Vegetable placenta ingredient promotes skin regeneration and patented Aquaxyl retains fine moisture in skin for a long time. Natural vegetable placenta extracted from soybean promotes skin’s regeneration and helps protein synthesis.

Aquaxyl is a patented ingredient that stimulate hyaluronic acid, which adjusts moisture circulation in skin layer to the best condition and forms a barrier to retain moisture for a long time. It also is outstanding in anti-aging and wrinkle care effects.

Strengths of Black Jelly Hot Cleanser

Jelly Balm Chewy black jelly texture with charcoal powder removes dead skin cells and makeup and gives moisture without stiffness


Eliminates fine dust and waste in pores

§  Tube type container for easy and sanitary use §  80g of minimal size for portability

Fine foam

Thermal pack & Fine hydrogen water & Cleanser in one!

Soft and fine foam cleanses residue once again

§  Cleansing and skincare at the same time with hot steam effect §  Chewy jelly type texture that isn’t too watery or too firm, easy to adjust amount and improved the inconveniences of existing oil cleanser

Surfactant, silicone, mineral oil, phenoxyethanol

§  No oil residue after use, a one-stop cleansing that doesn’t require secondary cleansing

Black Jelly Hot Cleanser Recommended for below users and skin types Skin that is easily irritated with fine stimulation If you are worried about make-up residue even after multiple cleansing If you want soft skin without tightness after washing face If you want skincare pack and make-up remover at the same time If you have wide pores and are concerned about blackhead

A)  Take moderate amount of oil jelly and gently spread on dry face along the skin texture B) Massage with fingertip to remove makeup and waste through gentle steam effect C) Wet face to lather and wash off thoroughly with warm water after deep cleansing

Thorough cleansing and skincare

If you are concerned about blemish and decrease in firmness Dry skin with frequent make-up If you felt the use of existing cleansing balm was inconvenient to use


Black Jelly Hot Cleanser

Lisse REAL HYDROGEN Black Jelly Hot Cleanser  
Lisse REAL HYDROGEN Black Jelly Hot Cleanser